zayumm bae


Literally crying right now. I’m so happy for him. I’m disappointed that I never got to go to Magcon before -we’ve had so many new fans-, to hear him sing, but I’ve watched him sing ‘Badass Girl’ on younow. We all know he would become famous one day, I just pray that fame treats him well. We know how bad it can be for young male artists nowadays. Comparing them and such. Although nobody can compare to him, they don’t know that. I hope that he doesn’t forget us- the Magcult family- once he becomes famous because we’ve been here since the beginning. I’m sobbing right now because I’m so happy for him.  Congrats, we all love you(: Have fun on tour Shawn! :’)

cameron dallas imagine for anon

“cameron no i don’t want to do this!, put me down” i screamed “c'mon their not that bad, they’ll love you i swear” cameron said placing me right outside the boys magcon hotel room. “just be yourself and there is no way they won’t love you” cameron said as he lightly squeezed my hand and gave with a quick peck on the cheek.

we walked through the door and all the boys went silent until nash screamed “zayumm you gotta bae or naaah?” cam and i just laughed as he placed his hands on my waist “yeah i do” as he gently kissed my forehead. “awh so cute” matt said sarcastically.

“let’s watch a movie” carter announced. we all sad down on the floor of the hotel room and started watching some action movie. i didn’t want to watch it so i just started kissing cam’s neck, which made he look away from the tv and begin to make out with me. after a few minutes i could feel people staring. “god stop acting like you have never seen a girl before in your life” cam said laughing at the other boys. i dug my head into his chest out of embarrassment as he pulled me into him