Niall out shopping in Beverly Hills 12-05 💕💕
The 25 Best Pop Albums of 2016
From Ariana Grande to Beyoncé to Zayn, this is the best pop music that defined our 2016.

Zayn Malik did the unthinkable when he caught a one-way flight headed far away from One Direction, but it turned out to be the right move after all: Mind of Mine is an album full of smooth R&B tracks that (finally!) reflect Zayn’s own musical truth, without ever betraying his Top 40 pop roots or his fervent fan base. To hear his flourishing vocals unencumbered by those other four — all of whom possess varying degrees of both talent and range — is a gift in and of itself, and Mind of Mine does a fair job showcasing all that Zayn is capable of. Long gone are the soft-rock dad-jams thrust upon him by his whitebread bandmates: An esoteric game-changer Mind of Mine is not, but it’s at least proof Zayn may very well someday get there. — Ali Szubiak


HITS OF 2016 | Year - End Mashup (by T10MO) featuring PILLOWTALK, LIKE I WOULD and sHe by ZAYN

NPR Music’s Top 100 Songs of 2016


It took only a year for Zayn Malik to rocket from doe-eyed One Direction tween pop cutie to debauched grown folks’ pinup deity. He got there mainly through a debut solo single that happens to be the loudest song ever sung about whispered personal intimacy. Who shouts the words “pillow talk?” Zayn does, that’s who. Co-written by British Cypriot brothers Anthony and Michael Hannides, up-and-coming scribe Joe Garrett and British hip-hop maestro Levi Lennox (who also produced the track), “Pillowtalk” manages to be surging, ominous, melancholic, sprawling and endearingly romantic all at once. That’s not an easy balance to strike. — Jason King


Niall out shopping in Beverly Hills12-05 💕💕

i still think the most fucked up thing about kevin owens’ character is that he genuinely believes he did nothing wrong to sami zayn

whether he always believed he did nothing wrong, or he lied to himself and sami and made up enough excuses to convince HIMSELF that he did nothing wrong, idk man, but it’s screwed up either way

remember that interview he had in character in he even said he still thought that he and sami were still friends. AFTER he violently stole everything sami had been working for for years