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i was always thinking that liam was oblivious to zayn's feeling at the beggining. But then I saw this interview and it was so funny watching liam trying to get zayn's attention. www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=yHvFAvIQSE4 watch this and observe liam, it's so funny:P

Funny? FUNNY you say? It’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen! Get this away from me! 

‘Zayn..Zayn pay attention to me..’

'ZAYN, hello? I’m heeere ZaynZaynZayn..’

'Zayn? Okay…just keep talking to Harry…’ *insert sad puppy look face*

But of course Liam can’t let it go. He’s so used getting Zayn’s attention, so naturally he has to try a second time. 

Liam ‘smooth as a mofo’ Payne 

Still not good enough, maybe the other side..

SUCCEED!!!!! Conceal, don’t feel Liam, conceal don’t feel.

'I’m gonna pat his shoulder like the good boy he is.’

(thx for the gifs Val

A little bonus; after the interviewer says “You keep pushing each other”, Zayn gives Niall a little push and guess what Liam ‘You better not ignore me’ Payne does in return:

Once again, mission completed! ‘I’m just gonna act extra silly, maybe Zayn likes me better then, look Zayn, I’m so cute haha!’

Zayn, what are you doing at Liam’s thigh? Was that really necessary? Was it? 


Hide and Seek: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (#5)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, the fifth installment in the Hide and Seek series.

Parts 1-4

Word Count: 4165

A/N: Here’s part 5! It’s long (sorry if you’re on mobile!). We’re back to present time. And we’re getting domestic.

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