honestly Rav (zaynsmalabamibarbie) has inspired me to “be” the tattoo for a moment

so here’s me…. (Sorry I look g-d awful right now)

Mine and Rav’s point is… that ANYONE CAN BE THAT TATTOO, even you. It could even be Zayn’s dream girl, not Perald. Rav and I were just talking about starting a movement:

Post a photo of yourself in similar attire to the tattoo and tag it as #IAmTheTattoo, to show that it can be anybody and that we’re all beautiful Zayn girls/Non-Zerrie shippers. C'mon guys spread the love :) and if you’re a guy just wear a leather/denim jacket and a beanie. 

I will be tracking the I am The Tattoo tag, I wanna see if we can start a movement. 

So im doing this because my lovely friend insane-over-zayn tagged me and cuz im bored rn lmao

1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you wrote and write 11 new ones.
3. Tag 11 new people.
4. Actually tell them you tagged them.

Questions for me:
1) What’s your favorite book? I don’t have one fave book but my fave SERIES is Harry Potter YeaHA
2) If you could speak any other language fluently, which would it be? why? Omg definitely ARABIC cuz it’s such a cool language and it would be rather useful for me to learn cuz i visit the middle east every now and then
3) What’s your favorite Zayn hair? I LOVE the msg hair and the way his hair is right now (plus flat hair omg)
4) Favorite song from TMH? THEY DON’T KNOW ABOUT US
5) If you could have one wish come true, what would it be? That Zayn would become single hmmm i cant think of anything.. WORLD PEACE
6) What was/is your best/favorite subject in school? Biology :)
7) Celebrity crush (besides 1D)? No one besides Zayn.. wow..
8) If you could travel to one other country, expense free, which would it be? Omg i really dont know.. maybe EGYPT
9) What’s something on your bucket list? …to meet zayn……. (maybe go scuba diving)
10) If you could say one thing to your favorite member of 1D, what would it be and to who? To zayn: why u so fake
11) If you could say one thing to me, what would it be? hehehe Kay why do i have to say only one thing to you?? Well here’s one: I LOVE YOUU

Questions for the people I tag:
1) Which 1D album by far is your fave?
2) If you could choose a superpower what would you choose?
3) Did you think zayn with a goatee was hot? lmaoo
4) What is something you wish you were good at?
5) What is your 1D order? (Most fave to least fave)
6) Is there anywhere you’d rather be at the moment? If so, where?
7) Favourite movie of all time?
8) Would you rather be stuck in a room with perrie or louis? lmao
9) Least favourite Zayn tattoo? (hmm i wonder) Most fave?
10) Which family member of Zayn’s do you think is the most sane? loool
11) Do you like clean shaved zayn, stubble zayn, or full beard zayn?

Soo im gunna tag: zaynsmalabamibarbie zaynshookah wtfuckzaynno tastefulmalik polyzourry zanemalic zaynisfake lordzayn or anyone else that i didnt tag :)     [if you guys want to haha]

What we have is really so unique to me,
Whatever it is.
And I am so thankful for it everyday,
I really am.
I don’t ever want to lose it,
Even if we lose touch.
I don’t think I’ll ever lose it personally.
You will always be with me in some way,
And I am just so glad.
Even if it pains me sometimes.

Even at 2:30 am.

—  Will you please love me the way I love you?

A brief moment to share my irrelevant opinion: 

Honestly the only person I’d approve of Zayn being with besides myself but that won’t happen cause im almost 16 and he’s 20 is Rav (Zaynsmalabamibarbie). ‘Cause she’s damn right stunning and one of the nicest people I’ve spoken to on here. While you’re reading this why don’t you go ahead and follow her too :)

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on the top 10 people. One rule: no skipping.

so i used to only use pandora for music until recently so MOST of the songs on my ipod are pretty recent…

1. Jamba ft hodgy beats- tyler, the creator 

2. Bitches- Chris brown and tyga

3.Back for you- One direction

4. FU ft French montana- Miley cyrus

5. Be like you- Ed sheeran

6.Or nah- Ty dolla sign 

7. Muthafucka up ft. Nicki Minaj - Tyga

8. Come thru- drake 

9. Unpredictable- 5SOS

10. Hella hoes- A$AP Mob

So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but never got around to doing it (and quite frankly I’ve been a little nervous to do so).
The girl on the right is me.
What I’m trying to prove is that zayns tattoo can be anyone basically if they’re wearing similar clothing.
If zerrie ever break up all he has to do is fill in the peace sign on the shirt and shade in the hair and it won’t even be her anymore.
It’s just a normal looking girl in urban clothes.

ultrravviolence asked:

Once you get this you must share 5 random facts about yourself. Then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers! 

omg I haven’t answer this ‘cause I have no idea what to say anymore, but anyway

1.- It’s 2am and I’m thirsty as fuck

2.- I love Louis’ last tweet <3

3.- I have some sort of obsessive-compulsive dissorder, and it KILLS ME when something’s out of order, like, as a kid my crayons needed to be in a specific order or I freaked out (I’ll still do)

4.- I love beanies, I can’t wait to buy some more for this year

5.- I really apreciate little details like this ask, it just makes me feel happy, so thank you for this! 

and I think that’s it :)

anonymous asked:

The worst part is that when Zerrie does end they are going to make out so it's all Zayn's fault, he's gonna be the villain and that's what I hate the most

Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier, I was on post limit! D*:

So Yea that’s my biggest fear honestly after it all ends. I’ve said it before, I care about him, I care about his mental state, I care about how people perceive him as an individual. Because when this PR relationship ends, as sad as it is, Zayn will be blamed. I can’t imagine it any other way if I’m being honest. A lot of Zerrie shippers will most likely blame him too, which really angers me, a lot of Zayn girls will either leave the fandom completely or switch to another guy. So many Zayn girls have been lost, he has lost so much support from fans and it’s not even his fault. I will never leave his side and I will always support him, I’ve come close to giving up on him so many times, but I just can’t, he’s just too dear and precious to me.
The media is going to make him the bad guy in the relationship and Zayn already has so much trouble with the media in general and he’s going to be attacked more and it might damage his self esteem which is already pretty damaged from the past. Zayn is really sensitive and vulnerable, he’s human and I’m scared that if it ends badly like I’m predicting, that he will just snap and begin a downward spiral and that just fucking scares me.

I just really hope that the fandom will step up their game and defend Zayn because besides his family, we’re a big part of his support system. And I really hope the boys defend Zayn as well, because Zayn has stood up for them time after time. I will be really dissapointed if they don’t.

anonymous asked:

Why do you have to hate on Zerrie?Can you just fucking mind your own business? Just because you're a desperate little shit doesn't mean you have to hate on them THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE A CHANCE WITH HIM LET HIM BE HAPPY BITCH.

Whadduuuuup. Let’s go

I “hate” on Zerrie because neither one of them are fucking happy okay. That includes Perrie.
I’m not going to mind my own fucking business because I don’t fucking have to. Why doesn’t your bitch-ass take your own goddamn advice and mind your fucking own business you hypocritical, overly zealous, anal bitch?
Why the fuck should I stay quiet about absolute transparent bullshit? I’m going to call shit like that out no matter what and Zerrie shippers like you can’t do shit about it. I’M AMERICAN IT’S CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH YOU FUCK.
I’m absolutely NOT a “desperate little shit.” If anyone is, you are. You feel the desperate need to be all fucking big behind a keyboard and defend some bullshit PR relationship. Like what the fuck? Why are YOU so desperate? Are all Zerrie shippers just fucking thirsty for drama? Shit. Grab a fucking drink if you are, don’t be coming all up in my ask saying shit like that about me because I won’t stand for your fucking behavior you little fuck.


anonymous asked:

honey, i think you need to stfu and listen. Zayn is NEVER going to like you and his happy with Perrie. you need you realize that your an absolute bitch. when zerrie get married your going to be their crying your heart out because you realize that this whole time you have been a deluded dickhead who needs to find out the difference between dreams and real life. and then their going to have a kid and your still going to be crying this time because you realized that your going to be forever alone.

Oh look guys, the clit-licker is back (: This is the first time I’ve had returning anon hate. So admirable ♥

Honey, I think you should shut the fuck up and listen to me, okay? You’re obviously in dire need for a bit of schooling (:
First of all, you used your and their wrong every single time. Know the difference between your (belonging to) and you’re (contraction of you are) ; and the differences between there (place), their (belonging to), and they’re (contraction for they are). Like shit man, all the Zerrie shippers that have sent me hate are just like Perrie. Stay in school or go back. And take Perrie with you.
There seems to be a correlation between the Zerrie shippers that send me hate and education level or IQ. From what I can infer, they’re relatively low. Maybe that’s why you’re all so gullible.

You can’t tell me that Zayn will never like me because:
1. He hasn’t met me yet, and
2. You don’t know what Zayn likes in a person, and you don’t know all of me, I’m actually a really nice person, ask my followers that talk to me, I just have a zero bullshit policy.
Honey, I don’t need to realize that I’m a bitch, I already know I fucking am when it comes to annoying ass people like you.
So If I’m a bitch because I’m defending myself and my opinion, I have absolutely no problem with that, so fuck you.
Zerrie aren’t going to get married, you can’t convince me otherwise, it’ll have to happen for me to believe it, so we just have to wait and see. And even then, I’ll still consider it PR, because, NEWSFLASH, there are marriages that have been PR.
So you’re the deluded dickhead who needs to find the difference between dreams and real life bitch.
Even if they do get married and have kids or he marries someone else and has kids, divorce happens. I wouldn’t mind being a step-mom. Even if they were Perrie’s kids. I’m not that bad of a person.

And the fact that I think it’s possible for me to end up with Zayn isn’t far-fetched to me. You can say all you fucking want about me being a delusional dreamer, but look at the two we’re actually talking about. Don’t you think they had people say the same bullshit you’re telling me? You don’t know what path I’m choosing to take, or where my destination is. So don’t fucking tell me that. What if I’m actually famous one day? Would I still be delusional?

And what the fuck is it with some of you Zerrie shippers? Like you say we need to “stop hating on Perrie!” But what the fuck are you clit-lickers doing? Why are you hating on me? Why do you hate on other non-shippers? Is Perrie fucking special just because she’s “famous?” Like what kind of knowledge is that?
Is Perrie not a bitch when she’s attacked? I.e. “your a dumbass,” “…the people who are slating you on the internet are probably massively overweight with hairy pits, smelling of BO. Do you know what I mean?”

Like really anon? Really?

I hardly ever see non zerrie shippers sending shippers hate, like you guys are the ones that hunt us down and shit.
What do you think is going to happen if you send us hate? “Omfg a big bad anon just said shit to me, I should start shipping Zerrie even though Perrie’s a thirsty famewhore!!!11! 11!!11!”
What the fuck? NO.
“Omg I should respect Perrie even though she makes fun of people’s looks and stuff even when she’s had plastic surgery herself!!1!!1!!!111!”

No wonder you all are thirsty, rude, ignorant, and stupid. You take after your idol.
I don’t fucking care if you send me hate, you all just sound dumb and thirsty for drama, just like her.

I’m not hurting them with what I’m saying either, because they don’t care about what I say and I doubt they go through the zerrie tag and see what I’m saying.

And to be honest I won’t end up forever alone, I’m waaaay too attractive, smart, and funny to resist (;

anonymous asked:

Idk why but i have a feeling that zayn wont get married to perrie. Even if the relationship is real, i feel like something will happen to turn around their engagement. Plus they hardly know what its like to live together. I mean texting and skyping doesnt advance your relationship forward and establish a stronger bond. That can only be done by spending quality time together. I think thats why zayn hasnt realized that she might not be the one for him idk what do you think?

I actually completely agree with you. I give it six months to a year of the engagement being called off. This bullshit is going to be fed to us for a while. So stay strong. Lol
And yea I agree with the whole texting/ Skype thing. It isn’t the same as actually spending time together. I just really think that relying too much on technology for a relationship isn’t ideal.