am i the only one thats kinda getting annoyed with zayn and this zerrie shit? like i know he has a contract and cant necessarily end it but at the same time he’s way too willing to play he got her tattooed!! no amount of money in the world would get me to tattoo someone. like there’s days where he’s completely done with modest! and their shit and completley ignores perrie…then theres the days where he seems so needy for her, to the point of obsession. i get its hard being famous and stuff and perrie is a “constant” in his life (cause she has to be) but he needs to figure it out. its obvious they’re fake and he clearly isn’t happy 99.9% of the time with her but it annoys me how he’s handling it and driving us all insane…

thats my zerrie rant of the day haha

what to expect in the theaters for This Is Us

  • the annoying squealing girls that wont shut up
  • the stupid bitches that came with their moms (why)
  • the “directioners” that are stuck in the carrot phase
  • ship wars
  • the 12 year olds
  • and me quietly sobbing/live tweeting the entire thing