LMAO THIS IS SO FUNNY. I thought it’s just fans who’ll lost their shit when we get noticed by zayn. Anyway, both songs are good but Worth It really is the better song and i’m not even biased.

Now stop reaching so hard to hate on zayn because of this. To each their own. He just simply think Worth It is better. IT’S. NOT. THAT. DEEP.

This Day in 1D History - August 21


  • The X Factor UK series 7 premieres!!
  • Liam plays his last solo gig at Bridgnorth Party in the Park


  • Louis is charmingly inebriated at V Fest


  • Zayn briefly deletes his Twitter due to harassment :((((


  • Nouis record their fic-reading interview at Radio 1 with Greg James
  • Josh posts a Keek of Liam smashing it (literally) at rehearsals


  • Niall visits the Johnson Space Center (just under a year before recording Drag Me Down there!) 


  • oh, Des

All Zayn cares about is living his life, making music he likes, interacting with his fans, tweeting faving and rting whatever the hell he wants. Why yall being so extra giving Zayn so much shit for rting that tweet. He’s out there rting tweets normal 22 years old would rt, hell even me had rted that tweet long before Zayn did. Yall been chanting that normal 22 years old like an anthem now when he does exactly that, yall flipped. And the fucking media are so quick on labeling him the bad guy. SMFH