zayns stomach

Have you ever freaking watched the clip for this?! It’s sO FReAkING CuTE like OMg. So Liam completes a challenge of doing 20 keepie uppies in 30 seconds and everyone starts celebrating. The boys start like “mugging” Liam or whatever except Zayn and eventually, Zayn stops them, insisting they’re hurting Liam (I’m sure they weren’t). He then fucKING PICKS LIAM UP OFF THE DAMN FLOOR. When they sit back down together, Zayn puts his arm around Li like in this and pats his stomach. Zayn pulls Liam in for a brief hug and his arm stays against Liam’s lips and I swear I’ve watched it a thousand times and each time i see Liam push his lips up ever so slightly so he discreetly kisses Zayn’s arm. I SWEAR TO GOD AND IT’S SO FUCKING CUTE I MIGHT DIE. I think the interview is the You Generation interview or something like that if you wanna look it up and watch for yourself. I think this happens toward the middle or end… :)