omg omg omggg

So my friend stayed at the same hotel as 1D when they went to Dallas! Okay so she told me she was going to grab her bags from the car & she saw them coming out of a black van. (mind you it is 12:30am) So she’s running around screaming because it’s only her, her family and the boys!

They all came look at her, waved and smiled. So she ran up to them and asked for a hug & she said Zayn was like “Of course babe.”

So she gets a hug from each of them and while she’s fangirling asks, “Can I have a picture?!” LOL.

Paul was like, “No..”

So here’s the sweet part, as my friend is leaving to go back to her room she tells the boys, “Please don’t forget me, I love you all so much..”

Then freaking Liam goes, “We never forget any of our fans.”

btw: she said they all look flawless in person. :o

Maryam, you lucky babe :’)