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That One Night H.S.

So I was going to do this all in one, but it was kind of long, so I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!

*You meet Harry and have a one night stand. You get pregnant and he doesn’t know, but five months later he sees you and your pregnant belly.

Soft snores came from beside you as you sat up and looked for your shirt. The room was dark making it difficult to see, but you found your button down by the door. You held it up and frowned; over half of the buttons were ripped off. Sighing, you threw it back on the ground and grabbed Harry’s shirt that was next to it, pulling it over your head. Once you had your shorts on, you grabbed your phone and keys and snuck out of the room, breathing a sigh of relief once you made it into the bright hallway.

It only took about fifteen minutes to get to your apartment, but you were exhausted the moment you saw your bed. Falling face first onto your mattress you let sleep come over you.

You pulled a shirt over your head, staring down at your five month pregnant belly peaking out of your shirt. Your belly finally popped two weeks ago and now nothing fit you right. Thankfully, your best friend, Liza, was going to go shopping with you for new clothes. You sat on your couch thinking back to the moment you found out.

Harry had left the next day after their concert and only a couple of weeks later you were sitting on the edge of your bathtub with Liza staring at the multiple pregnancy tests with two lines. At the time, you felt like your world was falling apart. Your apartment wasn’t that big and you were working and going to school full-time. You didn’t have room for a baby in your life and that terrified you. Thankfully, your parents had been very supportive, so at least you didn’t feel alone. As much as you wanted to tell Harry, you didn’t have his number or any way to contact him, and part of you was thankful. You didn’t know if you could handle the stress of all the fans on top of how much your life was changing, so you let it be.

Your phone chimed, bringing your mind back to the present. Liza was outside waiting for you, so you made your way down the stairs and into her car. She liked to listen to One Direction just to annoy you, and that’s exactly what was playing when you opened the door. After the two of you had been driving she spoke.

“So, did you hear that they’re back in town today? They’re going to be here for three days,” she told you, but you already knew that. Though you wouldn’t admit it, stalking Harry had become a way to pass the time when you weren’t working. You also had contemplated buying a ticket, but they were sold out the minute the announced the reunion. 

“Yeah? So what?” You shrugged and looked at the store while Liza found a parking spot close to the front. You didn’t want to think about it. Truth is, you were afraid of telling him. You had no idea how he would react. You’d like to imagine he’d be excited and drop everything to help, but you tried to be realistic. He had a career that caused him to be away for months on end, and why would he want to give up One Direction for a baby he didn’t even want.

“So? Are you going to try to find him? He needs to know, Y/N.”

“He doesn’t. He’s a big rockstar, and I don’t need him or his money to take care of my baby,” you denied, while grabbing a cart. The two of you walked towards the maternity section and began picking out clothes. This wasn’t you at all. You liked to wear crop tops and booty shorts, not big stretchy bras and pants with elastic at the top.

“It’s not just your baby though. I could understand when you thought you’d never see him again, but now he’s here. He’s literally somewhere in town. You can’t just ignore it.”

The argument when back in forth for awhile while you finished shopping. Once you were done, Liza waited for you to pay and then the two of you left, deciding to stop somewhere to eat.

You were about halfway through your burger when a bunch of screaming came from outside the store. Dread filled you as you recognized the sound. You turned to face the doorway to see Harry and Liam walking inside the restaurant, waiting for the hostess to seat them. You sunk down in your booth and hoped that they wouldn’t notice you, but as fate would have it, they were seated in the booth in front of you.

Harry hadn’t noticed you yet and you debated running out of the restaurant, but Liza refused because ’she wanted to finish her steak’. She smirked at your disdain as you drank your water to the point nothing left was coming up the straw. The noise caught Harry’s attention and he looked at you. You hoped he wouldn’t recognize you, but of course that wouldn’t happen. He grinned when he saw you and motioned for Liam to look as well.

“Hey! Y/N! It’s so great to see you!” Liam said, speaking across the booth. Liza was still slightly awestruck due to the fact that she had never actually met either of them and that she always had some sort of crush on Liam, but she played it off cooly.

“Hi, I’m Liza,” she greeted, reaching behind her to shake Liam’s hand. He smiled greeted her back as did Harry, before focusing back on you.

“Hey, Y/N. How long has it been?” he asked, as if you hadn’t been running through his mind since the moment he woke up alone.

“Um, I’m not sure. Like five months?” You posed it like a question, like you didn’t have a very obvious way to keep track of the time. You began picking apart your bun, nervous for what might happen. There wasn’t an obvious way around him finding out, and somehow, a public restaurant didn’t seem like the best scene to have this kind of conversation. To top it all off, you had bought a nice loose-fitting dress that would’ve somewhat hid your bump, but it was currently in one of the bags in Liza’s car. You were still in your tight shirt that barely covered your stomach.

“Wow, long time,” he said, smiling at you. The little growing baby in your stomach decided to give a strong little kick and began rolling around. Maybe it was due to your heart racing now that you were near Harry, but either way, it really made you have to pee. It felt like the fates were kicking you while you were down and nothing could go your way.

Seriously. This city was huge and it just so happened that the one guy you wanted to avoid walked into the same restaurant you were at, sat in the booth in front of you, and now your baby had to make a scene. “I have to pee,” you grumbled, standing up and facing the bathroom. You knew Harry’s eyes must’ve been on your rather prominent stomach, but you kept walking. Your face was red and you let out a shaky breath once you made it to the bathroom, leaning back against the wall.

You stared into the mirror and looked at your belly. Your shirt had risen up, again, and the small purple stretch marks were beginning to form at your pants line. After taking a breather, you went to the bathroom and washed your hands, staring at your reflection for a moment before walking out of the bathroom.

Harry was standing right next to the door and cornered you. “Y/N. We need to talk.”

So there it is! Hope you guys like it and I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!

Part TWO


Preference #6: Você está menstruada e ele quer sexo.


Já fazia alguns dias que eu estava meio que “rejeitando” meu marido, o fato era que eu não poderia me entregar a ele, por alguns probleminhas de mulheres, que eu tinha vergonha de contar para ele.

-Amor, eu quero você.-Harry se jogou na cama

-Hoje não Harry.

-Caralho (S/N), fazem quatro dias que nós não transamos.

-Eu seu amor, mas é que eu não posso.

-Você sabe o quanto é difícil ter que dormir duro por você?

-Harryeuestoumenstruada.- falei tudo muito rápido.

-Não entendi!

- Eu estou menstruada.- abaixei a cabeça de tanta vergonha.

-Poxa amor, você devia ter me falado.

-Eu tenho vergonha.

-Agora que você me contou, vou ali no banheiro resolver meu problema.


Droga! Minha menstruação chegou hoje e pra compensar estou morrendo de cólica, e provavelmente meu marido está querendo sexo.

-Amor!- Liam me chamou do nosso quarto.

-Oi Liam.

-Vamos brincar um pouquinho?- ele me abraçou e beijava meu pescoço.

-Hoje não Liam.- sai de seu abraço.

-Por que não?

-Eu estou menstruada e com cólica.

-Eca, acho que posso aguentar até isso passar.- me joguei na cama e me contorci de dor.

-Ai, tá doendo muito!

-Quer que eu faça um chá pra você?

-Se não for muito incomodo.

-Só faço isso porque te amo.


Essa semana estou dando patadas em qualquer um que vier conversar comigo, motivo? TPM.

-Amor você está tão gostosa hoje!- ele me abraçou por trás.

-Nem vem Louis.- subi as escadas rumo ao nosso quarto.

-(S/N) você está me negando sexo a semana toda.

-Idai, não quero e pronto.

-O que está acontecendo com você?- comecei a chorar sem motivo.- Já sei é a maldita TPM não é?

-É sim, preciso de carinho.-ele veio me abraçar.

-Eu estou aqui meu amor, pra te dar carinho enquanto não posso te dar prazer.


Estava sentada no sofá assistindo algum filme romântico que nem me recordo o nome e comedo uma barra enorme de chocolate.

-Hey (S/N), você está tão linda.- Niall pulou no sofá e me lançou um sorriso safado.

-Sou sempre linda meu amor.- continuei prestando atenção no filme.

-O que você acha de irmos lá pra cima?

-Você não vai querer me comer hoje.

-Por que não? claro que eu quero eu sempre quero.

-Eu estou menstruada Niall.

-Caralho, mais que porra.

-Agora me deixa assistir meu filme em paz.

-Vou assistir com você.


Terminei de dar de mamar pra minha filha e estava indo para meu quarto quando me deparo com Zayn encostado na porta.

-(S/N) eu quero transar com você.- ele me seguiu para dentro do quarto.

-Hoje não vai dar Zayn.

-Por que não? A Melissa está dormindo, ela não vai atrapalhar.

-Não é esse o problema Zayn.

-Então qual é?

-Eu estou naqueles dias, sabe?

-Sério? não acredito.

-Quer ver pra ter certeza?

-NÃO! quer disser não precisa amor, eu já entendi, mas cara eu to precisando.

-Use suas mãos baby!


His Eyes His Eyes Make The Stars Look Like They're NotSHINING