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Shame on the styles (Harry styles one shot)

can the one shot be about how you and harry get into this huge fight the biggest fight you guys have ever been in. then he says something really hurtful and you leave to sleep somewhere else. you both are super stubborn but then you somehow see each other again and make up? thanks (: !!!

Bang. You look up at your bedside alarm to check what time it is. Its two in the morning and your boyfriend Harry is only just home. Your relationship was starting to drastically fall apart as the months went by, and Harry’s late nights home were only adding more pressure.  

Dropping your feet onto the floor, you clambered out of bed wrapping your dressing gown around you. Walking downstairs you were greeted by your boyfriend making himself comfy on the sofa. ‘What time do you call this?’ you asked. 'Not now y/n’ he grumpily answered. 'Why not now?’ you snapped, having just about enough with his attitude. 'Because I’m not in the fucking mood!’ he growled, curls bouncing in anger. 'For what reason harry, do you think its acceptable to keep going out, getting shitfaced whilst you could be spending time with me. You know, your girlfriend? Or did you forget? You’re going away and leaving me in a few weeks, and all you can be bothered about is going out with your friends! Friends I don’t even know about! When are you actually going to focus on me for a change?’ Harry decided to sarcastically clap. 'Wow great performance, you deserve an Oscar for that y/n!’ He viciously laughed. He quickly sat up, and removed himself from the sofa, before going to grab his coat off the dining room chair. 'Where are you going now?’ you ask, tears threatening to fall. 'Out’ he simply mumbled. 'Out where?’ 'Away from my pathetic clingy girlfriend who gets pissy all because I’m going out. Do you really want to know why I don’t let you come and spend time with my friends? Because I’m too ashamed to take you out with me. What would they think of a nobody like you?’ He aggressively pulled his coat on. “You know what, I’m leaving. I’ll be back tomorrow for my things.” And with that the man you were head over heels in love with was out of the door.  

You didn’t really know what to do or say. What harry said had hurt you. You felt like a knife had been stabbed straight through your heart. He always said not to worry about your lack of fame, and that it didn’t matter. When clearly it does. You broke down into tears, and slid down the kitchen counter. How could he be so nasty? You just wanted him to see your side. You crawled over to your phone that was on charge nearby and dialed Louis’ number.  

“y/n? whats up love, its late, your really should be in bed sweetheart” your friend spoke.  “Louis” you breathed down the phone. “Whats wrong? Wheres Harry?” “H-he left” you stuttered, struggling to find your words. “What? Why, whats happened?” You took a deep breath. “H-he came in late, l-l-like he has been doing lately. So I went downstairs to ask him, and he was r-really -g-g-grumpy with me. So I erm, I told him that he needs to remember me and he said some really n-nasty things to me.” “What nasty things love?” “He.. h-he.. I..” you burst into tears for the thousandth time that night. “Its okay love, stay calm” Louis’ voice soothed through the phone. “He told me I’m a pathetic clingy girlfriend, and he’s too ashamed to take me out with his friends” you said, voice cracking towards the end. “The fucking dickhead. I’m going to kill him!” Louis shouted, just as a knock could be faintly heard at the other end of the line.  


I knocked on Louis door, hoping he could help me sort out this mess. He opened the door and glared at me. “I’m going to have to go y/n. Try and get some rest and hopefully things will get sorted. If you need me just ring okay. Stay strong sweetheart.” He hung up the phone and I realised I was in deep shit already. “You heartless prick!” He yelled, dragging me inside. “I can explain!” I yelled back. “Oh go on then Harry, because i’m very intrigued as to why your girlfriend just rang breaking her heart down the phone at 2 in the fucking morning!”  He looked infuriated. “Look, I came back from going out. I had a shit night, she came downstairs nagging at me, about where id been. She wouldn’t let it drop! I didn’t mean what I said it was just a spare of the moment thing. I didn’t know she hated me going out so much!“ Louis sighed. “You’ve fucked up Haz. I’m not sure if she will even take you back after this.” I couldn’t bare the thought of loosing y/n. I love her so much. I cant even believe I said what I did. It was all so wrong! I just wanted to get at her. Shut her up so she would just leave me to go to sleep. “Ive fucked up lou, how am I going to sort this out?” “I don’t know pal, but you can start first thing tomorrow.”


Looking in the mirror, I noticed the heavy bags under my eyes. Sleep was my worst enemy last night. Its not really any surprise though after everything that’s happened. I figured that harry must have been the knock I heard at Louis’ last night. I’m dreading the moment he walks through the door to pick up his things. I know this is the end. He practically hates me and thinks i’m an embarrassment. And all those days, and nights he’s told me i’m beautiful, the most amazing girl he’s ever laid eyes on. The love of his life. And now im just an annoying, clingy girlfriend who he’s ashamed of. Where did it all go wrong? This relationship has been going downhill for months, but we both kept burying our heads in the sand. Last night was the final blow. 


I resulted in watching tv on the sofa. The only thing I had energy to do. Hearing a key turn the lock, I instantly knew who was back; Harry. Hearing his footsteps trudging through the door I pretended to be asleep. I couldn’t bare to face him, to hear anymore of his venomous words stab at my heart. I felt warmth radiating from his skin. He felt close. It was then I heard him speak. 'y/n’. He stroked my cheek. 'My beautiful baby. What have I done’ he sighed. I tried my best not to flinch. 'I’m so so so sorry, I never meant what I said. Id just had such a hard day, it all got on top of me. I just wanted to stop you from asking me questions. And I did it in such a cruel way. I’m so sorry baby. I love you so much’ he whispered, kissing my head. I felt my heart warming from his words. I fluttered my eyes open, and started into his green, dreamy pupils. 'Your awake?’ he asked. I feebly nodded. 'Please forgive me my beautiful girl. I love you so much, i’m not ashamed of you! I love showing you off! I didn’t think you were bothered about me going out. But now I realise. Of course you would be bothered. I promise that I will make everyday we are together from now on a special one. We can do whatever you want to do. If you will forgive me’. He then grabbed my tiny hand and started to plant small kisses all over it. 'Please forgive me, I don’t know what id do if you didn’t’ he whispered.  

'I forgive you’ I whispered back. His beautiful face lit up and his dimples rose to his cheeks. 'Thank you so much kitten, you wont regret it I promise!’. He then pulled me into a warm embrace, and smothered my face in loving kisses. "Baby, I think you need to do a bit more before you can have my full forgiveness” I smirked. 'Oh really’ he smirked back. I innocently nodded. I was going to have lot and lots of fun with this. Your not getting away with what you said that easily Mr styles.

Fancied writing again, and this was requested a long time ago but i never got round to writing it. Not sure its my best, but Ive given it a go. Hopefully you enjoy and please leave me feedback so i can see whether its worth me writing. Also if you want a one shot, then just ask.

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Daddy’s little kitten (Part Eleven)

All Parts


Harrys POV

I need to win y/n back, there’s no doubt about that. Everything she had said was right. I do throw money at problems, but that’s just me. It usually works, especially when it comes to women. All the past women i’ve dated usually quietened down once a new pair of Tiffany&Co earrings were sent her way. But y/n isn’t like that i’ve now learned.

She isn’t a materialistic kind of girl. She prefers a night in watching a movie compared to a flash posh dinner date. She would be happy with a holiday camping instead of a trip to Dubai. That’s just the way she is.

But i’ve been blind to it all and now it might be too late. Every girlfriend i’ve ever had has used me for my money. Yeah, they’re probably attracted to me physically as i’m hardly an ugly looking guy, but they didn’t give a flying fuck about me as a person.

I usually stuck with these kinds of girls just for the convenience. I could have sex whenever i wanted, they’d always be there waiting after a long day in the office. They were easy to please as i could just throw cash at them. And most of them were fairly attractive, even if they were false.

I didn’t intend to fall in love with y/n, it just kind of happened. When i saw her alone in the bar looking as glum as i felt i knew i had to speak to her. She was beautiful. I’ll never forget the way her eyes sparkled under the spotlights of the newly refurbished bar. The way she used to tuck her brown chestnut locks behind her ear and giggle whenever she was nervous. She listened to me and all my problems.

When i introduced her to my business nothing changed. She was still the same girl. She didn’t ask for anything and used to refuse any gifts i bought her.

She’s too beautiful and in my eyes she deserves everything in the world.

I didn’t want to catch feelings for her at first. My guard was up and for months on end i tried to convince myself that i wouldn’t fall for her, that it would strictly be a sex only relationship with no strings attached. But who were we both trying to kid?

As the months passed i fell deeper and deeper in love. And then it dawned on me. She is the one. The one i want to marry, the one i want to make beautiful babies with, the one i want to grow old with, the one i want to die peacefully with. She was everything i needed, but now she’s gone.

I was trying to protect her from Scarlett. I thought it was the best solution. I know that money will make Scarlett keep her trap shut. But y/n didn’t see it that way.


Knocking on her front door my palms began to feel hot and sweaty. I’ve never had to beg for forgiveness in my life. Girls are usually the ones begging to me, not the other way around.

A dainty frame which belonged to y/n soon opened the door. She was wearing one of my baggy tees i must have left, but it was strained with tears which must have escaped from her red puffy eyes.

“Babe…” i spoke and went to stroke her cheek.

“No…” she whispered backing away from the door. “Please just go Harry, i dont want to see you.”

“I’ve come to solve this kitten. I just need to explain my reasons for doing what i did. Please just hear me out baby” i pleaded. She stared at me dead in the eyes whilst sniffling. A few seconds later she walked back into her living room area leaving the door open. Taking that as my cue to enter i walked into her apartment and sat next to her on the leather sofa.

“Okay, i’m just going to say it all and you can listen, then you can think about what i’ve said. Okay?” i spoke.

“Fine” she huffed and crossed her arms.

“I paid Scarlett off as i knew it would shut her up. I didn’t want to you going to prison and i saw that as the only solution. I’m sorry if it hurt your feelings because i went behind your back but id do it again if it meant that you would be out of trouble and out of harms way. When i first met you i tried to convince myself that things wouldn’t get serious and that our relationship would just be a casual thing but i was fooling myself. I started to catch feelings for you but i tried my best to put them aside. But i’m tired of ignoring these feelings now y/n. Before i met you girls only wanted me for my money and looks. They didn’t care about my background, my feelings, or my personality. They didn’t listen to my rants at 1am after a long day in the office. They never refused gifts like you do. But you’re different and that’s what i like. When you’re someone like me its hard to find a girl that’s genuine and that’s why i am so scared of loosing you y/n. I know you’re only 19 and i’m 29 but i honestly couldn’t give a shit. What i’m trying to say is i’m in love with you and have been for a while but because i’m stubborn Mr Styles i have been trying to keep it cooked up inside of me. I know you’re angry with me but please dont leave me. I dont know if i would be able to cope with it. I love you so much kitten” i spoke, laying my heart on the line.

Looking back up from my lap i noticed the crumbling mess she had become. Tears were streaming out of her bloodshot eyes sending a wave of panic through my veins. “Darling, whats wrong?” i asked, pulling her into my chest for a cuddle.

“Nobody has ever said such kind words Harry. N-nobody has ever said they love me before” she sniffled whilst cuddling into me.

“I meant every word kitten. I promise.”

My little crumbling mess sat back and tucked a strand of my messy hair behind my ear.

“I love you more than you will ever know” she whispered whilst leaning in and resting her forehead on mine causing me to smile.

“Move in with me?” i absentmindedly asked causing her to look at me with a confused glint in her eyes.

“I’m serious. Move in with me” i repeated.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Certain. That way i can wake up to your beautiful smile every morning.” I gently stroked her tear stained cheek whilst her eyes lit up. She nodded her head vigorously. I then leaned down and pressed a loving kiss onto her forehead causing her to snuggle back into my chest. I held her tightly in an aid to calm her frantic breathing down.

“Only if i can have a walk in wardrobe though” she giggled a few minutes later.

“Anything for you kitten.”

My darling deserved everything. She deserves the world. And i am going to make sure the world is what she gets.

Okay so i’m really sorry this took about 27 years to write but i got back off holiday and was so tired. Hopefully it was worth the wait. Please like if you read and message me with feedback. Requests are open.

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Daddy’s little kitten (Part Seven)

Opening the door of the small cafe I spotted Mr Reynolds straight away. He was pouring himself some tea out of the small tea pot. Typical old man. He was so adorable, it was beyond me how Scarlett could be so vile towards her father. I’d do anything to know who my actual dad was.

I walked over to the table and cleared my throat causing him to look up. “Ahh, here you are! Do take a seat!” he gestured. “I ordered some tea. Do you like tea? I can get you some coffee? I got us some scones too. Buttered with jam.” “Tea is fine Mr Reynolds”’ I giggled. “Good good. Least your not fussy like Scarlett” he laughed back whilst pouring some tea into my mug. I added my own milk and sugar before giving it a quick stir.

“So, how come you’ve invited me out?”i asked curiously. “Well, I have a business proposition for you…” the older man spoke. “Aren’t you meant to be doing a business deal with Harry. Not me” I giggled. “Wellllll. This does involve Harry. Sort of..” he drifted. “Go on, i’m all ears” I smiled.

“Well. You’ve been in the company of Scarlett for a while haven’t you” “Unfortunately” I replied. “What do you think of her. Be truthful.” “She’s okay I guess. I don’t think she likes me. I’m not exactly sure why though, I haven’t done anything to her.” I spoke feeling at ease. “She doesn’t like anyone darling. Unless they have a wod of cash they’re willing to spend on her.” This was escalating. Did he really say that about his own daughter? “She’s probably only sniffing around Harry for the money. She is the definition of a gold digger.” “This is your daughter were talking about Mr Reynolds” I reminded him. “She’s no daughter of mine” he spat angrily.

My usual smiley face was soon empowered by confusion. “I’ll let you in on a secret” he began. “When Scarlett was around the age of 17, she stung me dry. Her mother was in hospital dying of cancer at the time. In order to get her the treatment she needed I had to get her into a private hospital. I had a savings account for health care purposes as we knew that Cancer ran in Elizabeths family. When I went to draw from that account I was told that there was no money to be drawn. Not a penny. When I got home to ask Scarlett about it she wasn’t there. I rang one of her friends who told me that she had moved to America to become a ‘model’. She had told her friends that she had inherited some money, when infact she had stolen this money from mine and her mothers savings account. I wasn’t making much of a profit at the time so I couldn’t get the money together to pay for Elizabeths cancer treatment. She unfortunately passed away a month later.” he spoke, acting surprisingly calm. I gasped and looked at him with a horrified expression on my face. “Thats disgusting” I shouted. Mr Reynolds nodded.

“Around two years ago she arrived at my door looking a mess. She fell to my feet and begged for my forgiveness. I let her in as she is my daughter and its my job to. I’ve managed to get her back onto her feet with a stale income, but now I want revenge. I know for a fact that she’s trying to string me along again, and i’m not prepared to let it happen. She caused my beautiful wife to die in pain. She caused it” he welled up.

“I need you to help me y/n” he looked at me, the hurt evident in his eyes. “What would you like me to do?” I asked. “Please just tell me if she’s stringing me along” he pleaded. I hesitated. Harry had asked me not to tell anyone. But this could mean that Scarlett gets whats coming to her. Fuck it. Lets make this bitch pay for what she’s done.

“Okay. Me and Harry have had a casual thing going on, until Scarlett appeared. She’s blackmailing Harry because she knows that he needs companies to invest in his business in order to keep it running. She agreed to persuade you to invest if he showers her with gifts and effectively becomes her sugar daddy, which he reluctantly agreed too. Harry is not a bad person though, he just cares about his business” I defended. “I don’t blame Harry in any of this.” “Harry heard from Scarlett that your health is deteriorating and you need to invest as soon as possible. When we were discussing your health she said she’s not close to you so she doesn’t care if you die. It was horrible to listen too.”

“I’m not actually dying love. I just told her that to test her. To see if she really has changed like she claims she has. But obviously it was all a lie, so now we need to get revenge” he spoke angrily. “And what do you have in mind” I asked, intrigued. “Well, its your lucky day.” he beamed. Ehhhh, what was this guy going on about.

“You know how I was going to invest in Harrys business on behalf of Scarlett. Meaning that she gets a share.” “Yeaaaah?” “Well i’m changing that name to yours. She doesn’t need to know that though.” he winked. “What?! You can’t do that Mr Reynolds! You hardly even know me!” “I know that your a good kid y/n.. besides, I don’t need the money. I’ve made my wealth. Id rather see the look on Scarlett’s face than have a share with Harry. You might as well drop out of uni whilst you still can kiddo” he chuckled. “Are you serious about this?” I asked again. “Never been more certain.” “Well I don’t know what to say!” “Just say you agree to become a part of this” he laughed. “Okay I agree!” I beamed.

“Okay, so this is the plan. I’ll ring Harry, tell him i’m going to go ahead with the deal. But what he doesn’t know is that i’ve changed Scarlett’s name to yours. Then at the investment party, I start my speech. I inform everyone of how evil and scheming my daughter is, and then I announce that you own 20% of Harrys company. Does that sound good?” “That sound amazing” I smiled widely. “Are you definitely sure though?” “Yes! Now run along kiddo, I have a phone call to make” he winked. I stood up from my seat and shook his extended hand. “Pleasure doing business with you y/n” he spoke. “Likewise” I replied. “Ill see you soon young one” he smiled. “See you when we kick some ass!” I laughed, before walking out of the cafe and straight to my car.


Walking into my flat, I took a moment to process what had happened. Some random guy who wants revenge on his daughter is prepared to let me have a 20% share of Harrys business. The guy who I love, and admire. I’ll be set up for life.

Now now y/n don’t get your hopes up. It might fall through, you never know.

BUZZ BUZZ.. my phone was ringing. “Hello” I spoke through the phone. “Hey kitten! Guess what?” Harry spoke excitedly. “What?” I asked, already knowing what he was ringing about. “The deal is done! I can finally get rid of her!” “Oh Harry thats great!” I tried my best to sound shocked. “I know! It will only be me and you now kitten. I’m all yours” he spoke huskily down the phone. “I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen” I whispered. “Me too baby. I cant wait to call you mine” he spoke.

“When is it all made official?” I asked. “The investment party is on saturday where Mr Reynolds makes his speech and confirms the investment. I want you to come kitten” he replied. “Of course i’ll come Harry, anything for you.” “Wear something short” you could tell he was smirking down the phone. “Oh I will, just for you daddy.. I might even put my suspenders on if your lucky.” “Don’t, your getting me all worked up kitten. Don’t want to make daddy frustrated now do you?” “Of course not” I giggled.



“I’m coming around. I need to you right now kitten. I cant wait any longer.”

“Your kitten is waiting for you Daddy. She’s all yours…” I whispered seductively in the phone, before hanging up.

Its time to celebrate. Lets hope this plan goes well Mr Reynolds.

Okay so we dont see much of Harry in this chapter but a huge bombshell has been dropped… Did anyone see that coming? Let me know if you did, i want to know if i’ve shocked anyone haha.. let me know if you like it and like if you read! Part eight will be up very soon!

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Daddy’s little kitten (Part 10)

Work had been really good lately. Well, i’d hardly call it work anymore. Harry had been letting me take control, and boy did it feel good. I’m still going to go back to Uni in September. Harry insisted that my education is still important, so i am definitely going to finish my degree.

Me and Harry are officially a couple, however it is heavily criticised. Many people say that were too young, but Harry tells me to ignore it.

However its hard to ignore. Girls in the office are forever eyeing me up and down, as if i’m unworthy of Harry’s love and that’s what hurts me. People disapprove of our relationship.

And i always feel under pressure too. Pressure to impress, so he doesn’t grow a wandering eye and go off with someone else. He says he wont, but can that really be trusted? Girls are forever throwing themselves at him, fluttering their false eyelashes and pushing up their boobs.

There’s the fake girls, and then there’s the really pretty girls. Like Megan. She’s forever in his office, and always leaves whenever i appear. She looks as though she should be a model and that scares me.

I do trust him, but i can’t help but feel scared. Scared that he will drop me for somebody else. For somebody better.

Harry always reassures me that i’m beautiful, everything he’s ever dreamed of. But its hard to believe. I’m just a 19 year old University student who got lucky. I’m nothing special.


Walking towards Harry’s office, i stopped when voices could be heard.

“I bet you dont even like her really” a girl giggled.

“Just fuck off Scarlett. You’ve got your money now go”

“You didn’t answer me Harry!” she sniggered.

“I don’t have to answer to you now go!” he roared.

“Oh i’m going, thanks for the money! Don’t break her heart too soon babe” the blonde bombshell sniggered before laughing and walking right past me.

“Oh, hello y/n, how nice it is to see you again. Oh well i must dash, need to go and spend all of this money that your boyfriend just gave me, see you!” she giggled before walking off towards the lift.

What the fuck was that?

Harry’s POV

“Oh, hello y/n, how nice it is to see you again. Oh well i must dash, need to go and spend all of this money that your boyfriend just gave me, see you!”

Why was she talking to y/n? Fuck, she can’t have been listening in. Please god no… My question was soon answered when the angry looking brunette walked through the door.

“What the fuck was she doing here?” y/n screamed. “And why did she have shitloads of money!” she bellowed again. I shut the door making sure nobody could hear this.

“Look, just calm down, i can explain!” i held my hands up defensively. “Well you better have a good fucking explanation Styles!” she glared at me. If looks could kill i would definitely be dead.

“She said if i paid her off she wouldn’t go to the police about the injuries you caused to her. Otherwise she would cause you to probably end up in prison.”

She glared at me. “So you paid her off?” she questioned. “Well, yeah…” i replied. “For fuck sake Harry! Like that’s going to get rid of her.” she looked fuming. “I thought it was the right thing to do!” i tried to defend myself. “Yeah well it fucking wasn’t!” she replied.

Her small petite frame then grabbed her coat that was hung up in the corner of the room. She pulled the beige Burberry mac onto her shoulders and grabbed her bag.

“Where are you going?” I asked. “Home.” she bluntly replied. “But i thought you were staying at mine tonight?” “Nope. Changed my mind” she walked towards the door before swaying on her heels, clearly not finished with her little rant.

“You know Harry, im not a baby! I can make my own decisions. I dont need you to throw your money around in order to protect me. I’m an adult therefore i need to take responsibility for my actions. I shouldn’t have hit her, therefore if she wanted to press charges she would have every right too. I dont need you protecting me” she rambled whilst pointing her finger at me.

“I thought it was the right thing to do. I dont want you to go to prison.”

“Bullshit Harry. You can’t even defend me! You can throw your money around but cant speak with words. Every time she made snide remarks like, ‘i bet you dont even like her really’ you kept quiet and said fuck all!” she shouted angrily.

“I dont feel like i should have to explain myself to her” i spoke hoarsely.

“Eugh whatever Harry. I’m going!” My office door was soon slammed and the click of her heels could be heard down the hallway.

I had a strange feeling that this was her way of showing she was walking out of my life forever. I’ve blown it, im sure.


How dare he! How can he have the audacity to do such a thing! To fall for her blackmailing! He seems to think that money can solve everything. Well it can’t solve love or relationships. All he ever does is treat me like a child.

I get that he’s older than me. Okay, i get it. But why does he try and protect me from things as though he’s my father. I’m a fully grown woman, i can make my own decisions.

You know, maybe people are right. Maybe this relationship is a sham. Maybe we should end it. Maybe were not right for each other…

I dont know what to do, say or even think anymore. My life just took a tumble.

Okay so this was kinda rushed but its HERE!!!! The next part will be better. Will probably be up monday as i’m going to write it whilst im travelling as im off on holiday, but it could be sunday. Please like if you read and leave me feeback.

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