Title: Hooked on a Feeling

Author: StormDancer

Collection: zaynmas 2k15 for lazy_daze

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Harry Styles

Rating: Explicit

Tags: Alternate Universe - Non-Famous, Alternate Universe - Bakery, Non-Famous Harry, Baker Harry, Solo Artist Zayn, lots of sugar (the literal kind) 

Word Count: 31,287


It might be borrowed time, but Zayn never wants to give it back. He’s happy. Happy for the first time in longer than he’d thought. He has his music and he has Harry, and that’s what he needs. And if even Louis is skeptical whenever he talks on the phone, well. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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only fools rush in (louis/zayn)

by gravitycentered for postscript
words: 21,966
rating: explicit
warnings: none
side pairings: none

The night feels like it moves quickly, melting away as they all get steadily drunker; Zayn watches the boys eat and laugh and shove each other around and feels suddenly very glad to be with them, incredibly lucky to have all of them to himself.

Especially you, Zayn thinks, looking over at Louis. The bar lights are dim, as usual, but there’s a dull little ceiling lamp above their table and it illuminates Louis just enough as he smiles back.

fic: only fools rush in (louis/zayn)

by gravitycentered
21,966 words, explicit
(uni au, friends with benefits, friends to lovers, No Angst Whatsoever) 
for zaynmas 2k15

The night feels like it moves quickly, melting away as they all get steadily drunker; Zayn watches the boys eat and laugh and shove each other around and feels suddenly very glad to be with them, incredibly lucky to have all of them to himself.

Especially you, Zayn thinks, looking over at Louis. The bar lights are dim, as usual, but there’s a dull little ceiling lamp above their table and it illuminates Louis just enough as he smiles back.

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keep you like an oath (louis/zayn)

by lexxel for alwayseven
words: 18,102
rating: mature
warnings: none
side pairings: none

Zayn doesn’t recognize the man through the peephole, but he looks harmless enough, so Zayn swings the door open, barely able to get out a greeting before,

“Hello, would you be interested in being my boyfriend?” The stranger asks.

“Uh,” Zayn mumbles, looking between the man and the space behind him, waiting for someone to jump out at him and tell him what’s going on. No one does. And the stranger is still grinning at him, blue eyes shining and teeth on full display as he waits. “Who are you?” Zayn finally asks, when the stranger makes no move to give him more information about what’s happening.

if we could only rewind (niall/zayn)

by groundopenwide for beingothrwrldly
words: 15,873
rating: mature
warnings: none
side pairings: none

 Zayn is stoic as he sits in the wheelchair they’ve provided him, staring down at his fingers as though he doesn’t even recognize them. And in many ways, he doesn’t—these hands aren’t his. This life isn’t his. It’s the product of some other Zayn in some far off, distant universe that he doesn’t recognize at all.

Or: Zayn wakes up from a six-month coma to a life that’s far different from the one he remembers.

you so know me (pinch me gently) (ot4/zayn)

by dinosaur for groundopenwide
words: 16,189
rating: teen
warnings: none
side pairings: none

Zayn thinks even if he wasn’t less sexually inclined than an off-white paint chip, the running line of One Night Stand Hall of Famers rotating through his doors at 5 AM would put him straight off the practice. Wednesday is, sadly, one of the least sad ONSHOFs. Zayn seems to pick them up like strays.

One day, he’ll put it on his CV.

and the end comes too soon (like dreaming of angels) (harry/zayn)

by jinxfabray for gravitycentered
words: 17, 932
rating: teen
minor character death, minor violence
side pairings: nick/liam, louis/niall

 At some point in the past two weeks, Zayn realized if this is a game, it’s an eternal one, where they have to keep on playing until they lose. And losing means dying, and dying means becoming one of them, brainless, homicidal. But they can still pretend.

a zombie apocalypse au where a virus spreads through england and zayn meets harry at the most inconvenient of times.


if you’re a zayn stan, you’re probably aware that the pickings can often be slim for fic that features zayn as a well-developed central character (or even just zayn fic that doesn’t reduce zayn to a unrecognizable stereotype in general) — which is why we’ve decided to hold a zayn-centric fic exchange in honor of our favourite nerdy aha-ing king and his 22nd birthday! 

sign-ups are OPEN NOW and will remain open for one week, until january 19th. the rules of the exchange are posted in detail on the ao3 profile page, but here is the abridged version:

  • you will have 3 months to write one 5,000 word minimum fic based on one (or several) of the prompts you are assigned after sign-ups close.
  • you must request 3 prompts that you would like to be written for you.
  • obviously, all ships you are requesting and offering MUST INCLUDE ZAYN! 
  • we suggest you provide 2-3 ships in order for us to more easily match you with prompts you’ll feel capable of writing.
  • your work must be beta read! we will have beta signups later in the exchange, so you can find someone to help you if you don’t have a trusty beta already.
  • this is an anonymous exchange, so please do not talk about your prompts or fics until authors are revealed!

below is the current schedule for the exchange:


january 12th - january 19th


february 1st - february 8th


february 9th - february 16th


march 12th


april 12th

we would like to emphasize that EVERYONE IS WELCOME to sign up for this exchange, including those who have never written fic or participated in an exchange before! please reblog to spread the word and SIGN UP to fill the ao3 tags with more wonderful zayn-centric fic 8)

if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an ask and we’ll clarify the best we can!

tell me now and i won’t ask again (louis/zayn)

by outofcases for pigslay
words: 12,624
rating: teen
warnings: none
side pairings: none

“You said you couldn’t live without me,” says Louis casually, eyes sparking a bit, and Zayn wants to tell him don’t ruin the moment but he can’t deny this boy anything.  “Didn’t think you cared so much, Zayner.”  He pretends to swoon, eyelashes fluttering ridiculously, and he’s messing around but it doesn’t make him any less lovely in the lamp light.  “You’ll give a girl the wrong idea, there.”


Louis and Zayn as best friends, boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands.

so it goes (louis/zayn)
by pendragoh for stigmata
words: 15, 931
rating: explicit
mentions of depression
side pairings: niall/zayn

on these mornings, when louis’ arms tighten around him and he looks painfully young, it’s hardest to keep from just blurting everything out. from spilling every single word he’s ever wanted to say, from confessing every secret he’s ever kept, every sinful thought he’s ever had about the pair of pale lips resting on his hairline with his hand wrapped tightly around his cock, from licking into his mouth and chasing away the taste of stale beer and weed and her or her or her, until all he can taste is louis. pure, unadulterated, louis tomlinson, with his fiery blue eyes and messy, spiky fringe; with his squinty piercing stare, and the creases by his eyes he gets when he smiles, and that one laugh he has where it’s practically a giggle; with his stupid snappy comments he always makes; with the way he loves, and protects, and cares; with his everything.

he has no idea, none at all, of how he affects zayn; because, to zayn, louis hung the moon, the stars, the entire fucking galaxy. louis is a part of him, he reckons, is imprinted on his bones, carved into his ribcage, in the crevices between his knuckles and behind his knees, the dirt underneath his fingernails, the grease in his hair that he will never wash out.

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)  (niall/zayn)

by sunnybun for pixies
words: 6,421
rating: mature
side pairings: harry/louis,

“This is the part where you say thank you because we’re going to get you a much needed boyfriend to go along with your essay, you can have study dates in coffee shops and make out under the bleachers at football games, it will be adorable and disgusting.” Louis says, nodding to punctuate his sentence.
“I’m not going to say thank you.” Zayn deadpans, “And you can’t get me a boyfriend in three days, that’s impossible.”
“Romeo and Juliet did it.” Liam says.
Zayn snaps his head around to look at him, “They all died at the end Liam!” He cries and Liam flushes,
“At least there was romance?”
“Oh my god.”
“So it’s settled!” Louis cries, smacking his hand down on the table and knocking over three empty Red Bull cans, “We’re getting Zayn a boyfriend!”
“I hate all of you.”

Or: Zayn needs help with his homework and his massive crush on Niall and Niall himself is more than willing to help out.