This is late, but I was asked for a Slow and High Tempo Father’s Day Drabble and I saw the gif of Zayn in a flower crown so it inspired me to finally write it lol (sorry to the anon who sent it to me that it took so long)

Liam watches on as Oliver strings together the flowers laid out in front of him. There is a look of concentration his face, with his brows furrowed and tongue pressed between his lips. He gets frustrated here and there, huffing out and wrinkling his nose but he has refused every one of Liam’s attempts to help.

“I can do it myself, Papa.”

His little fingers fumble over the stems as he weaves it through the wire. Pink and white petals litter the floor but Liam’s heart swells with pride as he watches his son. He had came up with the idea all on his own, picked out each flower himself, insisting on the pink and white ones because he misses when his Baba’s hair were those colors.

Ollie glances up at him nervously before letting out a frustrated sigh and placing the crown on his lap. “Baba’s gonna hate it.”

Liam frowns before he comes over and seats himself across from Oliver. He picks up the crown, inspecting it carefully. “I think you’re wrong. This is amazing, babe. He’s going to love it.”

Oliver gives him a doubtful look. “Would you wear it?”

Liam nods seriously as he carefully places it on his head. He tilts his head, showing off. “How do I look?”

Oliver claps a hand over his lips, giggling quietly. “Like a babe ma'net.”

Liam feels his face grow hot, eyes rolling to himself as he waits for it.

“A Baba ma'net,” Ollie giggles.


Two hours later, Oliver wiggles where he sits on the couch, constantly looking over his shoulder as he waits for Zayn to come home from work. He is supposed to return early, since they have a reservation at a fancy restaurant in the next town over to celebrate Father’s Day.

The crown sits beside Oliver, and he glances at it here and there before touching the flowers gently like he is afraid of breaking them. Zayn and Ollie had woken him up early this morning for his surprise, a breakfast big enough to feed the neighborhood.

The door handle wiggles and Oliver gasps, bouncing on the couch as he peeks over the back of it. Liam’s heart jumps in his chest, just like it does every time Zayn comes home.

There is a smile on his face as he peeks his head through the door, making his cheeks round over his sharp cheekbones. There is a brightness in his eyes that goes straight to Oliver and it makes Liam’s chest ache as it tries to hold the amount of love he has for Zayn.

“Happy Baba’s day!” Oliver screams, wiggling with excitement as Zayn pads over. But Oliver holds his hand out, telling him to stop.

Liam curls an arm around Zayn’s shoulder to plop a kiss to his forehead as he stops, nose wrinkling with confusion.

“Our boy made you something. Nervous about it,” Liam whispers as Oliver scrambles off of the couch. He knows Zayn will genuinely love it, loves everything Oliver makes. Their house is practically covered in his drawings, their phones filled with videos of him attempting to play the piano and sing like his Baba.

Oliver’s cheeks grow redder than a tomato as he pads over to them with his hands behind his back. He looks up with big eyes before presenting it to Zayn.

“I made it wiv flowers from our garden,” Ollie tells him as he hands it to Zayn. Zayn’s eyes grow wide and his expression proud and glowing. “Pink and white like your old hair.”

“Oh my,” Zayn gasps, falling to his knees so he is closer to Oliver’s height. He admires it for a moment before placing it on top of his head. “It’s beautiful.”

Oliver beams, chest puffing out as Zayn pressed a kiss to his rounded cheek. “You like it?”

“I love it,” Zayn corrects, tickling his fingers under his chin. “Almost as much as you.”