#9 Christmas w/ Kids! (4/5)

Zayn was doing something in the family room, but you and your son were going over some math homework. “Guys, come here for a minute. I have a surprise for you.”

After sharing a confused look with your son, you both went to the other room to see what Zayn was yelling about. “What? What’s so important that you had to take us away from math?”

“Mommy, why is Daddy painting on the wall?” Your son asked, looking up at Daddy’s work.

You didn’t have an answer. You actually had no idea what your husband was doing. “Uh, Zaynie, what the hell is this?”

He flinched when you cursed in front of your son, but still explained. “Well, you were all bummed that we couldn’t put a real tree in the apartment, so I decided to paint one.”

Slowly, you nodded, “So we’re just going to have a Christmas tree on our wall for the whole year?”

He shook his head, “No, babe. This is just a curtain. I’m not painting on the real wall. See?” He showed you what he was talking about. You told him that the tree was absolutely beautiful and you loved his creativity.

Liam walked through the door, using the key that Zayn had given him and asking if he can have your old stockings since you bought new ones this year. “Hey, guys!”

“Uncle Liam!” Your son ran to give Liam a hug, then Liam saw the painting.

“Wow. Is that your tree?” He asked, looking at Zayn.

“Yeah. I painted it myself.” Zayn stood proudly, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Good job, mate.” Liam smiled, then bent down by your son, asking him what he wants for Christmas. The rest of the time, you helping Zayn paint ornaments and ask what his bandmates wanted to do for the holidays. After agreeing with Liam to have a party at your apartment, you decided that you were going to text the rest of the guys about the plan. They all seemed on board, which was exactly what you wanted to hear.