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YOU GUYS! You guys. My inbox is like a funeral dirge at the moment, a veritable wasteland of sad and disenchanted Zayn stans in the wake of Harry’s smooth and non-fucky rollout of a tour announcement. Let me just say, I’m glad for Harry! I’m all for Harry doing the things and having the dreams.

That said, I totally get it. Is it a bummer that our own best Zayn concert bras have gone unused for two years? Sure. Is it a bummer that our own best promo boobs for Zayn have been all but neglected? Yep. But I’m gonna need every last one of you to snap out of this. Right the very fuck now. 

Zayn’s gonna be fine, you’re gonna be fine, we’re all gonna be just fine. Whatever this fucky contractual purgatory is, it’ll end eventually - so watch some soothing cat memes, eat some fruit snacks, and keep the faith. 

Is Zayn alright? Is he eating well? Is he warm enough? Is his heart happy and full with the knowledge that he’s loved and appreciated? Does he know he is an inspiration to so many? Is he aware that I love him the very most and would swallow all the flies on earth thus damaging the fragile balance of our ecosystem if he asked me to? Does he know that every time I see him smile, my soul and my futre brighten? Just!!!! Is Zayn aware that he’s a good dude and I wanna hang?

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Hi, I would like your opinion about something. I have just learnt harry will go on tour and I am so happy that things are going so well for him. But I can't help thinking about zayn's sabotaged solo career. I mean doesn't media said he left to go solo and yet in two years has done few interviews and most of them printed and twisted. Ofc he did well too but its bc he's talented and thanks to his fans. I don't like comparing. I love them both. They're great and talented.

Yeah, it’s upsetting me even more that Still Got Time is getting 0 promo since we can directly compare it to the promo Harry is doing.  I’m glad Harry is getting the promo he is because he deserves it.  I just wish Zayn could get the promo he deserves too.

Harry obviously isn’t clear and free of the old team since The Sun got several exclusives Harry’s team would have had to cooperate with and his Rolling Stone article had some clear OT style BS.  Despite that, there’s no denying he’s getting a hell of a lot more promo than Zayn has.

Part of it might have to do with his status as the face of 1D and the one everyone has always said would go solo.  A few other bloggers, like @that-regular-chick, have already pointed out that since the old team was the one that pushed the idea of solo Harry throughout the entirety of 1D’s career, they’d want him to succeed if only to say that they were right.  That might be why he’s getting better promo out of all this.

I also saw someone speculate that Zayn is getting treated worse by his team because he refused to stick to their image for him.  He wouldn’t badmouth or pretend to hate the other boys during interviews even though print!Zayn was much harsher and more bitter.  I don’t think his new team ever had his interests first in mind, but it’s possible that they screwed over his promo even more as punishment for refusing to play along.  Harry simply isn’t in that position because his official image is more neutral in relation to the other boys.

I don’t know what happened with PartyNextDoor.  I thought it was a bit odd that he wasn’t in the video, but I figured he must not have wanted to be in it.  Now all the UK press is reporting about him unfollowing Zayn, so I feel like Zayn’s team has once again screwed him over.  

The whole “Zayn wanted to shoot the video at his house so he called someone at the last minute and told them to catch a plane to London to direct” didn’t sit well with me even before this.  Now I’m thinking the purpose of that story was to put all the responsibility for the video on Zayn so that it looks like his rudeness/carelessness was why PartyNextDoor wasn’t in the video.  It’s another set up feud like 1D vs. Naughty Boy, 1D vs. Bieber, and Zayn vs. Calvin Harris.

It’s hard to say for sure what’s going on right now.  All I know is that 1DHQ is still involved in the boys’ business somehow even though it really should have been over by now.  All we can do is hunker down and wait since trying to speculate about what’s going on BTS is nearly pure guesswork.

You’re right that the way things have turned out make all the reasoning given for Zayn “quitting” look even shadier, though.  The only way you can look at what’s happened and think it makes sense is if you think Zayn is a lazy, rude idiot and that his team is the same.  Zayn used to sleep in a bit and he doesn’t suffer fools or haters lightly, but otherwise he’s always put in effort, been professional, and shown that he’s very intelligent and passionate about music. It doesn’t match up.  

The anxiety thing may be partially true, but 1) why would Zayn go solo and think his anxiety would be better performing solo rather than with the buffer of a group?, 2) there are ways to handle anxiety, exactly none of which his team has employed, and 3) there are ways to promo Zayn’s stuff without him making appearances, none of which are being used.

We’ve got a lot of solo releases coming up, so I plan to enjoy those to the fullest and not deal with the BS more than I absolutely have to.

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i've never really understood why 1d's team would want to make it seem as though zarry hate/won't associate with 1d. like is it profitable in any way?

This goes back to the basics of the relationship between 1DHQ and 1D.

They’re not friends and 1DHQ isn’t looking out for 1D’s best interests or even trying to get optimal profits.  

That last one is because optimal profits would require developing the band and planning for the long term and 1DHQ never intended on doing that.  They were using a formula where they expected the band to be popular for only a few years.  While riding out those years, they set Harry up to be the break out solo artist so that they could launch him and continue making money even after the band wasn’t profitable anymore.

That was the plan anyway.  They didn’t expect Harry to be the sweet, loyal person that he is and they didn’t expect 1D’s popularity to last longer than the original 5 year plan.  They burned their bridges with 1D, so they don’t have the option of changing strategies now, especially since the original contract is up (or almost up??).  All they can do is minimize damage by sabotaging 1D and try to salvage what remaining profits they can.

The reasons Harry and Zayn are portrayed as at odds with the band are:


  • they planned for Harry to leave the band to go solo, having his image be distant from the band helps set that up, it also makes the narrative between being in the band and leaving the band look more believable
  • 1DHQ didn’t want Harry and Louis to be noticeably gay because they were worried about losing sales in the US, so they closeted them and eventually separated them, keeping Harry away from everyone looks less weird than those 2 being the only ones separate


  • Zayn “quitting” was supposed to be short term originally, so the feud aspect wasn’t nearly as heavy handed at first, as the time period stretched out further, the feud kept getting pushed over and over and that reinforced the narrative more than it otherwise would have been
  • Zayn being at odds with 1D is a marketing strategy for solo Zayn, I would wager one he never agreed with, it’s a way to separate him from the band, make him look cooler, and make him look more credible


  • it’s pure image sabotage in some ways since 1DHQ didn’t hold onto their biggest act after the original contracts, if 1D looks like a rude, ungrateful train wreck all around, then 1DHQ looks like a victim/martyr instead of the perpetrator
  • it’s also in 1DHQ’s interest to detract from 1D’s worth as much as possible since 1D will be competing with their clients in the future
  • 1DHQ aren’t nice people, so 1D refusing to lie down and play dead could very well have inspired a petty personal vendetta on 1DHQ’s side

you know what would be wonderful and would make my hair stop falling from my skull? It would be REALLY great if everyone got through their thick skull that Zayn is not interested in big sales and doing things to please people. Now, don’t get me wrong, of course we want Zayn to do well and be successful so that he can keep doing what he loves. And I’m sure Zayn does to. But honestly I’m tired of the whole why won’t Zayn promote/perform blah blah blah discoure y’all have been yipping about ever since pillow talk was announced. Like a LOT happened since then and we learned a lot about Zayn as an artists and the struggles he has to put up with. So can we just fucking chill about the whole Why Won’t Zayn Suck My Ass And Do Things How I want Them To Happen So That I Can Win Petty Fights On The Internet Against Stans of Zayn’s Ex-Colleagues And Ex-Fiancé mentality? Like seriously, Zayn said he wants to do music he feels good about and that we as fans can appreciate. He’s not here to sell himself so that people can abuse his name time and time again for the sake of leisure. Last point but!!!!!!! it’s a vital!!!!!! one! Zayn isn’t fit yet to perform. He suffers from anxiety and has been working on it for months. LET! HIM! DO! THAT! God!!!! This fucking toxic fandom and it’s awful entitlement!!!! Like where do you get off demanding things like they’re owed to you when you’ve proven to be such shitty people all around? Honestly, check yourself!


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