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yOOO how wild would tHAT BE IF Z PULLED A SWIFT AND LURKED ON TUMBLR AND KINDA LET OUT A CHUCKLE AT HOW WE GOT HIM FIGURED OUT AS THE BITTER BUT IN LOVE EX AND WE AINT WRONG BUT WHY CANT THOSE TWO SEE IT FUCK IT and yeah juet whenevr he sad he lurks the zouis or zarry tag on his fave blogs and yeah gets sadder but he distracts himdelf a lil by going thru the headcanons & muttering confirmation/denial regarding each like 'yeh we'd do that' 'nah bro this ones all wrong' 'the other way around mhm'

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Not all of his work does this. It is also the people who help him as pick the songs and help him which notes and octaves and so forth. Not all of his new work does not show case his range. The man is mega talented. The most talented person out there right now. If not for a very long time and I think more people should know the name Zayn Malik. Maybe it’s his previous work or racism or the fact that he mumbles when he sings some songs could be it?? And I don’t know why when the man is gifted.

i mean you could argue that the way they were trained during x factor and beyond was probably not… extensively professional or at least reputable. so if zayn has some mumbling or makes his words run-on, then that might be something that was never properly addressed.

zayn is extraordinarily talented, and if people are trying to diminish that then i don’t know if they even have ears? lol anyway i love him

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Don’t wanna sleep cause we’re dreaming out loud. Trying to behave but you know we never learned how. Won’t you stay til the AM?

Part Five

{New Year’s Eve 2015}I have some news. Can we get together before the party tonight?It was a text from Camille. It was quite cryptic and it made Maya curious and a bit anxious.I don’t know if…

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How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
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Niall Horan thought he was over Bonnie Anderson but now that she’s standing here in front of him, cheeks wet with tears and red-rimmed eyes wide with surprise, he knows, even after all these years, he still loves her. A story about a man in love with a woman who’s lost everything.

Chapter 2

2033He hadn’t been here before. Since the break-up, Niall had never visited the Styles. He didn’t know whether or not this was the house that Harry and Bonnie lived in when they lost the thing…

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A list of my favorite parings and how long I’ve shipped them.

  1. Zarry - Harry&Zayn. One Direction/ 3 years
  2. Moreid - Morgan&Reid. Criminal Minds/ 2 years
  3. Jaylos - Carlos&Jay. Descendants/5 months
  4. Grahamscott - Warren&Nathan. Life Is Strange/6 months
  5. Markson - Mark&Jackson. Grey’s Anatomy/2 months
  6. Stoley - Justin&Alex. 13RW/1 month
  7. Zalex - Zach&Alex. 13RW/Now-


I got back into stoley/justlex right before season 2 came out