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Just hold on// Louis Tomlinson imagine

Titel: Just hold on// Louis Tomlinson imagine

Summary: After Johanna dies, the reader helps Louis during this awful time..

Warnings: Crying and sadness

Louis had been in the bedroom for at least one hour. You didn’t know why, what made you more worirerd by the second. You knew he was calling someone, but who was still question. While watching a TV progamme, the door opened. It was Louis. You smiled at the first, but the smile soon faded as you saw that Louis was crying.

 ‘ Louis! What’s wrong?’ You asked worrierdly. Then it hitted you: Johanna. Johanna, Louis’ mom, had cancer. She had been hospitalized since May and Louis and you often visited her. You were really close to Jay. When you were in Doncaster, you always helped Jay with cooking and stuff. To be honest, you looked up to her. She was great selfless woman, who gave everything to her childern. ‘ It’s Jay…. isn’t?’ You asked, your voice cracking at the end. Louis nodded. ‘ Oh Louis’ You said, hugging your boyfriend. His arms were wrapped your waist, while his face was buried in your neck. Loud sobs were heard in the house. Mostly from Louis, but you couldn’t stop the tears that were now streaming down your face

. You kissed Louis’ forehead and looked at him. ‘ Don’t cry, love. Everything is gonna to be okay’ You said. Louis looked down at his feet and whispered: ‘ Why her?’ ‘ I don’t know. But I do know, is that Jay was so proud of you. Everything you did with or without the boys, she was your biggest fan. You can’t let her down, Louis’ The blue eyes of Louis were still filled with tears, but he smiled. ‘ She adored you so much, Y/N.’  You nodded, knowing it was true. ‘ She loved it when you were playing with Fizzy or Daisy, or anyone else.’ Louis went on with the story, and it only made you more sadder. ‘ Remember when you and me were having a food fight in their kitchen?’ You asked. Louis laughed out loud, he clearly remembered it. ‘ Yes. It was funny like hell’ He said, smiling at the thought of the memory. ‘ Are you gonna to perform on Saturday?’ You suddenly asked. Louis was supposed the sing at the final of X factor on Saturday, but you didn’t know if he was still gonna to do it. He was going to sing his new song, Just hold on. It’s a collab with Steve Aoki, a DJ. You already heard the song and you thought it was an amazing song. ‘ Yes I am. In honour of mom’ Louis said, You smiled. You knew how brave Louis is, but this was unbelievable. Just a couple of days after he lost his mom, he was going to perform on the final of X factor! It was going to be emotional, that’s thing you are sure of. ‘ I’m so proud of Lou. What you are going to do, is unbelievable. I love you’ You said. ‘ Jay would be so proud of you’ You added, making Louis looking up to you. He was not crying, is eyes were only red and pufffy from the cries. ‘ Just hold on, Louis. Everything is gonna to be alright’  You said one time more. 

Pea Coat

I don’t think this came out as well as I wanted it too…

The first picture I found in one of aurora1dpreferences writings and every time I look at it, it makes me think of Liam snuggling with you and I can never thank her enough for bring this couch cuddle to my attention because it’s all I want out of life. Enjoy xoxo

You know I’d fall apart without you / I don’t know how you do what you do / ‘Cause everything that makes sense about me / Makes sense when I’m with you… / You’re more than everything I need / You’re all I ever wanted / All I ever wanted

Liam swore he never stopped smiling at you or when he thought about you. Everything he did made him fall harder for you. Everything was heaven with you. He had never felt like this before about anything (well, except maybe his best friend, Zayn). All you did was just so beautiful to him. It didn’t matter if you were eating, reading, or for God’s sake brushing your teeth. He was in awe of you—all of you.

You were everything to Liam and he wondered how on earth he could ever describe how much he loved you. Liam’s favorite memory in the world was one of the first few weeks you had moved into his apartment. You were exhausted after the move and you spent a long time organizing everything just so and cleaning until you felt like you were home.

However, it sadly got you sick as a dog and you struggled to get to work and spend the whole day some days. You were the receptionist at the local spa and salon (but you were fucking good at your job) and everyone knew that and you would never let sickness keep you from going to work. Despite this, your coworkers (and your boss of course) all but begged you to go rest your lovely mind and get some sleep so you would feel better.

So you went home, attempted to do too many things that did not help with your illness, but you couldn’t help it. You were a busy girl with a wild mind and you wanted to do your school work, clean the bathroom, or even let the students you tutored know that you were sick, but you couldn’t even do that. So you sent a text to Liam asking him to send an email for you. The text was so garbled and sleepy that he smirked as he read it.

Go to sleep, baby girl

You did not have to be told twice. That’s where Liam found you, a mess of tissues surrounding your sleepy body while you curled up on the couch. His heart fluttered at the sight of you, his heart was so full of love for you. You were the sweetest thing in the world. He cleared the tissues, looked at the pile of stuff on the coffee table you had before he pulled your sock on your foot more since it was sliding down a bit. You moaned sleepily and he kissed your forehead, frowning when he felt how warm you were. So he lifted the blanket that you had draped over you and he crawled in next to you. You rolled over and cuddled into his chest. Gently he kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back. “Hi pretty baby,” he murmured.

You sniffled in response causing him to chuckle. “I love you,” he whispered. You smiled.

“I love you too,” you promised.


Liam was very stressed with all the assignments he had to do and you hated seeing him all worked up. It made him miserable and you wanted nothing more than to make him feel one hundred percent better. He was getting snappy, he barely spoke to you at dinner. Even though you were being the princess you always were. He felt like a dick, but you didn’t see it that way.

So when he was finished, and working on his assignments, you cleaned the dishes up and then went to the bathroom. Liam probably thought you were showering—that’s usually what you did. But instead you came to the living room, in nothing but one of his long T-shirts. You pushed his work away, ignoring his protests and tugged him back with you to the bathroom.

His heart melted as you stripped his shirt off your body. You were unbelievably beautiful to him. Your skin was so soft and gorgeous, it made him ache to be around you sometimes. You were so simply beautiful. “Get in the tub, Payno,” you ordered as you pointed at the bubble bath.

He smirked. “I have a lot to do, baby—”

“And you can spend twenty minutes being naked with your girlfriend and your work will still be there,” you said. “Now get in the tub,” you repeated.

Liam had heard people dying of having a heart too big, and he was almost positive he was going to be one of those people.


It was a snow day. Snow days made Liam very happy because he and you both got to catch up on work that was essentially taking over your lives. But that didn’t stop either of you from spending time in bed that cold winter morning gazing longingly into one another’s eyes.

You gently touched Liam’s strong jawline while his fingers brushed a small spot of your hair. “You’re the prettiest thing in the world,” he whispered across your cheeks.

“Stop,” you giggled. “You’re too sweet, LiLi.” He did everything in the world not to physically shiver at the way your lips said “LiLi.” Nothing ever sounded so sweet. “You’re the most handsome man I know,” you told him.

He felt his cheeks warm and he inched forward to press a gentle kiss on your lips. “Not to be melodramatic, darling, but I think I would die without you,” he mumbled.

“You’re stupid,” you said sweetly.

“Wouldn’t you die without me?” He asked in embarrassment. “Maybe I just love you more than you love me,” he pouted cutely. You shook your head and smiled gently at him. The smile you gave was teasing, as if to say, “Oh you silly boy, you have no idea.”

“Liam Payne, I would die a thousand deaths without you,” you promised him. The tone of your voice, how you said it so simply, he was just so amazed.

His heart all but flew out the window and into the snow. It was probably for the best, because he just felt so warm and maybe he was dying with you or without you. But he didn’t mind it so much. You were the sweetest death he could imagine.


Liam wanted to be closer to you. He wasn’t sure it was possible to get much closer, but he would try anyway because nothing made him happier than holding you close to his chest and gently swaying you from side to side. He let his lips hover by your ear so he could whisper the lyrics as the two of you danced in your living room.

The night started out as a simple movie night but then the power had gone out but it was still too early for bed so Liam plugged his phone into the cordless speakers and he tugged you into his arms letting his hands brush over your back.

You smiled so stupidly. You felt like an idiot, your cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. But how could you not? Liam was a prince and all you wanted was to dance in your pajamas with the love of your life in candle light.

You curled toward him more and smiled against his shoulder. “I don’t think I could be happier Liam,” you muttered.

He kissed the side of your head and smirked. “We can hope,” he said squeezing you tightly to his chest.

You grinned and sighed happily. “I don’t want to hope. I think it’s perfect right now,” you said softly. “I love you, Liam.”

“I love you too, princess,” he answered and pulled your chin up to kiss you sweetly.


You were both a bit giggly after the formal ball. The two of you were done with university and while it was a blessing you, along with your fellow classmates were a bit scared.

But you couldn’t be too worried, because you had Liam by your side. The two of you were laying on the springy hotel mattress and he was smiling at you. “You’re pretty,” he said softly.

You blushed. “So are you.”

He leaned forward and kissed you softly on the lips. Just a gentle brush was all he place on your mouth. It was sweet and perfect. And it was very Liam. “Are you happy baby? With everything?” He wondered.

You nodded. “Very,” you answered. Gently, he pressed another kiss on your forehead. “We’re gonna be adults,” you wrinkled your nose at him. “I don’t wanna do that,” you grumbled and nuzzled against his chest. He chuckled skimming his hand up and down your back.

“You’re going to be an awesome adult,” he said knowingly.

“Yeah?” You questioned. “You think?”

“Yeah. I do think. That’s why I’m so excited to have you in my life,” his fingers gently combed through your hair making you very sleepy. “We’re going to be the best adults ever,” he promised. You couldn’t argue with him. Everything was going to be wonderful with Liam by your side.


The two of you found your second wind and after jumping on the bed for a while and then ordering room service. Liam’s hips were molding against yours parting away and coming back to you. Just like Liam was the ocean coming back to kiss you, the shore. That’s how Liam thought a lot of the time too.

To him it didn’t matter how far away from you he was, as long as he came back.

You were spent. Laying pliantly in Liam’s arms you sighed happily against him. His hand skimmed you back as his lips ran gently up and down the side of your face. His deep voice hummed against his chest and vibrated right through you.

“Liam,” you said quietly.

“What’s up butter cup?” He murmured.

You smiled sleepily and nuzzled closer to his naked chest letting your lips kiss his chest. “M’so lucky.”

“You’ve stolen my heart, babe,” he hummed gently in response. “Luck had nothing to do with it.”

You rested your cheek against his firm chest listening to his heart beat flutter erratically around his ribs. When the two of you first started dating Liam used to be embarrassed by his unsteady heart. “Why would you be embarrassed of that?” You pouted.

“I don’t know, it’s just odd, don’t you think? To have you know, I’m being crazy about you?”

You shook your head. “No…to be honest, I find it flattering,” you shrugged. “But if you don’t wanna—”

“Why do you find it flattering?” He interrupted you abruptly. Taking hold of your lip between your teeth you thought for a moment.

“It just means that you can’t control how you feel around me and so your heart tries to account for that…and it’s just another way of you showing me that you like me.”

“Really?” he asked in surprise.

You nodded and shrugged. “But it’s okay if you don’t wanna—”

“No,” he interrupted quickly. “I wanna,” he whispered. And so you smiled, resting your ear against his spastic heart. His hand tickled your back more and you were pretty sure that life would never be better than Liam’s hand on your back while you cuddled up to his erratic heart and breathed him in, in a lavish hotel room.


Your phone call was broken and sad and he was shaking. He couldn’t even call for a cab so thankfully someone just drove him to your office building. Everything about this hurt. But he had heard your voice. You were fine.


You had to be. He couldn’t let himself think anything else but it would all be so much better if he could just fucking hold you. The studio was kind enough to let him leave—but he would have anyway.

He would have gotten fired for you if he had to.

The cab couldn’t drive fast enough and he was just so, so upset. He wouldn’t be happy until he had you safely in his arms. Nothing would make him happy.

He might have over tipped. He might have just tossed a hundred note to the driver when he got out of the car and it maybe cost twenty. It didn’t matter. Nothing was fast enough. He needed to have you and see you.

He ran like a mad man around the building as it smoked and flamed. He was all but whimpering as he desperately searched for you. “Liam?!” You shouted.

He spun around just in time for you to fling yourself into him. Your heart hammering. He almost cried in relief as he clung to you. “Hey,” he whispered softly trying to be brave for you—so you could feel him and you were safe. That’s all that mattered. “I’m here,” he promised. “I have you.”

“Oh, Li,” you cried. “I was so scared.”

“S’alright, now,” he squeezed you and buried his face in your neck happy that you were okay. He wanted to take your nerves away, he knew you were scared and he didn’t like that. “I have you, baby girl. You’re okay,” he promised. “I have you.”

You shook in anxiety and fright…but he was there, he was there holding you and making everything better. “Please don’t let go of me,” you begged breathlessly.

“Never, ever baby,” he whispered back.


You weren’t perfect. Your job stressed you out as much as Liam’s job tortured him. The two of you were busy and tired and you were getting snippy with each other. It came in cycles. It happened while you took harder classes and just being so close to one another you screamed and yelled sometimes.

Unfortunately, today was a bad scream. Your throat felt raw and you wanted to kill Liam a bit. But you knew you were no princess, either. Liam wanted to kill you too.

It was important to have tiffs like this. The two of you found it healthy.

But Liam’s heart almost flew straight out the window and splattered on the sidewalk when he saw you walking for the door.

“No!” He gasped. “No,” he said yanking you back to him and curling to your body protectively. “No, you can’t leave me,” he was so stressed out the poor thing was in tears.

He had no idea you were just locking the door for the evening. “Whoa, hey, Li,” you whispered and you pulled him back gently. “I was just gonna lock the door. It’s okay,” you hummed. The evidence of your little spat was long gone. Just like that.

“You’re everything I’ve ever wanted,” he told you brokenly. It wasn’t necessarily the time for this confession, but he just felt it so deep in his bones. “Please, I know it’s selfish, but please don’t leave me,” he whispered.

“Never, baby. Never,” you answered rubbing his tears off his cheeks. “I’m here for the long run, Li,” you promised. “I love you so much,” you swore.

His heart felt like it was sighing. He took a deep breath and kissed your forehead before he squeezed you more tightly to him.


Liam couldn’t believe he was here. Sure, he imagined it time and time again with you and only you.

But part of him never believed you would say yes.

He never imagined a world in which he would get everything he always wanted. He never pictured the love of his life in his arms. Spinning around this dance floor with loved ones watching. And yet Liam didn’t know anyone else was there.

It was only you.

He thought it was a little odd considering the two of you spent so much time together. Liam never got sick of you—that was a miracle.

However, you were here with him. Spinning in front of all your love ones. But you didn’t really notice them.

It was only Liam.

It was hard to believe that you were going to have Liam for the rest of your life. No one else, just the two of you (and maybe, in the future, some little ones) in utter happiness.

Just flashes of your lives together thus far passed in front of Liam’s eyes as he gazed down at his beautiful love in his arms. You were so angelic in your pretty dress and your hair just so. Liam never wanted to stop looking at you.

He thought of all the dances he had been to with you, the weddings, the clubs, and even dancing in the kitchen with you. The way you kissed and how you got dressed in the morning. He thought about how you smelled like maple syrup on Sundays. How you always smiled brightly when you saw him when you got home from work—even if you had had a bad day.

You couldn’t imagine a better life than finding Liam laying in bed gazing up at the ceiling, his hand over your arm with his thumb lightly scraping over your skin. His mouth moving to lyrics that popped into his head and he had to write down before he forgot them. But Liam would never forget them. Not if he could look at you.

He imagined you folding your laundry, your wedding ring getting caught on the towels and you giggling because that wasn’t there even a year ago and you didn’t have this problem.

You couldn’t believe that Liam wanted you for the rest of his life. Your morning breath, and bed head and all.

Liam was yours.

You were his.

It was all the two of you had ever wanted.

Reverie, Come Together...(right now,over me)

“Hello”, Eilidh answered her phone cautiously, blinking around her as she realized where she was, groaning inwardly. She felt relieved that she hadn’t had a drink the night before when she realised that she was in Rudy’s room, in his flat, and rolled her eyes as she berated herself. Her eyes scanned the room, puzzled as she noted the empty bed beside her.

“Where the fuck have you been?”, Harry snapped down the phone, and Eilidh braced herself, her heart picking up.

“I…I’m at Nina’s”, Eilidh replied lamely, her eyes closing over the lie as she felt her whole body erupt in uncomfortable goosebumps. It was the first time she had ever lied to him.

Harry sighed with relief as he lay back against his pillows. “Babe, I’ve been calling you for like, hours”, he said, his brow creasing behind his sunglasses. “Why haven’t you answered?”

“I’m sorry”, Eilidh apologized quickly bringing her phone within her eye line and rolling her eyes when she realized. “My phone is on silent, I must have done it last night. I just haven’t even looked at it”.

“Cool”, Harry accepted, although something felt off.

They fell silent, and Eilidh rubbed her head absent-mindedly, feeling sick and confused.



They laughed softly as they interrupted each other, the ice broken at least. “You go first”, Eilidh offered, her guilt ebbing somewhat as his warm voice filled her ears.

“I’m just sorry for everything”, Harry admitted. “Just…so sorry for all this shit. I don’t wanna fight with you babe”.

“Me neither”, Eilidh exhaled. “I’m sorry for being such a bitch, Harry”.

“You aren’t a bitch”, he laughed. “I can be thoughtless, I know that”.

“Look, I’ll be down in the next couple of hours and we can talk then”, Eilidh smiled, finally feeling lighter as they spoke.

“Yeah”, Harry agreed. “I can’t wait to see you”.

“Me neither, H”

“Bye babe”.


Eilidh clicked off her phone and gazed out of Rudy’s window, guilt engulfing her again and a roll of nausea hitting her in a wave now that he was gone from her earshot.


“Rudy?”, Eilidh moved cautiously round his flat, feeling like an intruder as she sidestepped his work boots, ashtrays full of cigarette butts, empty beer bottles.

She let her face curl into a soft smile as she examined the black and white pictures that adorned his walls, of all of their gang, some of them dancing, posing, some just gathered round a lasagne on a hungover Sunday.

She noticed more recent ones and frowned, noting her absence, making her sigh heavily. She really had been out of the loop while she was busy chasing a pop star all over the world. She felt her stomach contract as she looked at the photos, of the heads thrown back in laughter, drunken half-closed eyes, and felt her heart throb with need and regret. She missed that life, her life. Her life before Harry.

Finally, when Eilidh had combed the flat pretty thoroughly, she realized that Rudy wasn’t there. It made her uneasy as she puzzled over why he would have left without saying goodbye, or waking her at least.

Still, she was late, and she hurried as she scraped her hair into a ponytail and shrugged on one of Rudy’s jumpers over her leggings.

Eilidh moved expertly through her beloved city as she jumped on a bus, then the underground in order to get her back to the West, her knee bouncing impatiently the whole time.

Finally crashing into her flat and jamming a loose beanie over her unruly hair and throwing underwear and her toothbrush in a bag before jumping in a taxi to the airport.

She felt relieved that Harry had arranged for her to fly privately, especially as she was running so late. At least she knew that the plane would wait for her.

Eilidh was rifling through her work bag at her various brushes and sprays and dyes that she had brought with her when she jumped as her phone vibrated in her lap.

Hi babe, that’s us at Earls Court. Have a good flight and I’ll see you soon. Let me know if you are hungry and I’ll order you something-anything you want. Can’t wait to see you Eil. So sorry for fighting again. Love you 

Eilidh inhaled sharply and let her head drop back onto the car seat headrest as she felt guilt ripple through her again. She shook her head harshly at herself, reading the text again. So sweet, so thoughtful, so kind. And here she was, fresh from another mans bed. Nothing had happened, as far as Eilidh was aware they had slept on opposite sides of the bed but still…Eilidh held her hand over her stomach, feeling suddenly ill. She resolved fervently to treat Harry like a prince that weekend, to finally behave the way that she should towards such a good boyfriend.

Eilidh’s thoughts then slid uncomfortably to Rudy, and she sighed. She wondered if he was angry with her, as she frowned at her phone, contemplating calling him. Her confusion deepened when she recalled how happy she had been the night before, with him, in his company. Even when they went back to his, it was easy, it was comfortable. He had tossed her a pair of tracksuit bottoms to get comfortable while he fetched pints of cider and blackcurrants for him from the kitchen, then they had lain together but apart, watching The Departed on the massive television at the foot of his bed, passing a particularly stinky joint back and forth. The gaps in conversation had become wider as they both became significantly stoned, the pillows feeling like clouds as they dozed in a smoky haze, before eventually falling asleep.

There wasn’t one part of the evening that she hadn’t loved, Eilidh realized, goosebumps erupting on her skin as she recalled. It was so relaxed, so comfortable, so easy. Such a welcome comparison to her time with Harry, which seemed constantly hurried, urgent, wild. Sex, drinking, no sleep, travelling, a constant whirlwind that scared and intimidated Eilidh.

Holding her phone hesitantly to her ear as her taxi buzzed through the city, Eilidh pressed call, huffing in frustration as Rudy’s phone went straight to voicemail.

Sitting back in her seat, Eilidh gazed out the window, her expression troubled as she wondered where her wild, precious friend was, and what he was thinking.


Eilidh was in much higher spirits as her car rolled into the stage entrance for Earls Court, feeling a ripple of excitement as she took in the massive, famed venue. She enjoyed a little shudder of pride at the realization that her boyfriend was not only performing here, but up for no less than four awards that night. She had spent her flight texting Lou and flicking through a make-shift look book she had compiled of ideas for the boys hair. Despite her initial reservations and her fear of being a bit green when it came to television work, she was excited about the challenge that awaited her that night, and felt grateful to Harry for the opportunity.

Eilidh kept her head down against the cold as she marched towards the stage entrance, pulling out a cigarette and lighter as she walked and lighting up when she reached the door. She took a couple of puffs to gather herself and was about to stub it out when the stage door creaked open and out stepped Louis.

“Hello!”, Eilidh greeted him cheerfully, her face splitting into a wide grin. She liked Louis, and where his confidence had once intimidated her, she now enjoyed his sense of humour and cheek.

Louis was silent and took her in before nodding slowly and giving her a slow smile. “Eilidh”, he greeted, lighting his own cigarette before standing back to survey her appraisingly. “Nice to see ya, love”.

Eilidh’s eyes raked over his face in mild confusion, his greeting muted to what she was used to. “Everything alright?”, she asked timidly, and Louis nodded quickly, softening somewhat.

“Yeah, everythings fine love. Harry’s looking forward to seeing ya”.

Eilidh smiled involuntarily, letting the thought of Harry’s curls, eyes and arms around her envelope her now they were only minutes away. “I can’t wait to see him”, she replied openly, her brown eyes meeting Louis icy blue ones.

“That’s good”, Louis let himself smile as he tapped the ash off his cigarette. “You know, Eilidh”, he looked up at her again, and Eilidh felt the full power of his gaze, his eyes like cobalt lasers. “H means an awful lot to me…and my family. He is my family”.

Eilidh stared, her cigarette dangling by her side, forgotten. Like a dam, her brain flooded with recognition as she realized that Louis was concerned about their relationship, and his frosty demeanor was suddenly explained.

“I know, Lou”, she stuttered, her own voice feeling far away, guilt from the night before mingling with her despair that his friends were concerned for him because of her. 

“I just don’t want to see him get hurt”, Louis finished, his tone clipped as he ground his cigarette beneath the toe of his plimsole. “I’ll see ya inside love”.

With that, Louis turned on his heel and went back inside, the heavy fire door clanging behind him, leaving Eilidh out in the cold.


Backstage hummed with electricity as show time drew closer, and Eilidh revelled in the excitement of it all. She enjoyed working massively, choosing to style both Harry and Zayn, while Lou did Louis and Liam, and whoever was finished first would style Niall. That turned out to be Eilidh, and she giggled along with the Irish blonde as they sipped champagne, the nerves of the boys adding to the charged atmosphere in the hair and makeup department.

Eilidh couldn’t believe the celebrities that passed by her and smiled and waved, and felt in awe of Harry as he converesed and bantered easily with them. Then, she realised with a pang, he was one of them. 

She had managed to avoid Louis for most of the day much to her relief, and he studiously ignored her, which made her nervous. She found herself looking at the other boys and Lou for signs that they disapproved of her also, but came up short. Lou seemed genuinely delighted that she was there and was her usual chatty self, Zayn quietly sweet, Liam attentive, and Niall funny and adorable. 

Eilidh teased Niall about his recent dalliance with Ellie Goulding as she sculpted his ash-blonde hair into a quiff at the front, feeling familiar eyes on her as she worked. She stole a glance over her shoulder, and sure enough, Harry sat up on one of the worktops, his arms folded, his eyes soft as he watched her. She grinned at him, and he smirked back, butterflies erupting in her tummy, reminding her how he made her feel-feather light, excited, wild.

Once Niall’s hair was done, Eilidh walked quietly over to where Harry sat and stood in ront of him. His hair was erfectly coiffed, but he was still dressed in a slouchy wooly jumper and jeans, his Burberry suit hanging on a nearby door, ready for him to slip into.

“Hello”, she said softly, her eyes searching his.

“Hello, you”, he whispered quietly back. “You look very pretty”, he observed, his green eyes raking over her.

“No I don’t”, she laughed, putting her hand over her face, embarassed by her lack of make-up and baggy jeans and beanie.

Harry put his arm out and cradled her into him between his legs, exhaling softly into her neck and hair, letting the scent of strawberries and lemon wash over him.

“I missed you, Eil”, he whispered in her ear, and she gripped his waist, wishing they were alone. 

“Missed you more”, she whispered back fervently.


The show was well underway as Lou and Eilidh remained backstage, still armed with brushes and hairspray ready for any minute the boys came back and needed touched up. They watched the awards on monitors backstage and cheered and hugged when the boys won an award for best video.

“Going to the loo”, Eilidh informed Lou, who nodded, engrossed in the monitors as Eilidh downed her second flute of champagne.

She wandered out into the warren of corridoors in the bowels of Earls Court, swinging her arms by her sides and whistling as she searched for a ladies room. 

“Eil! EIL!”

Eilidh jumped when she heard Harry’s voice behind her and turned to see him hurtling towards her, his face elated from his subsequent award. “Did you see? We got best video”, he told her breathlessly when he reached her, scooping her up and kissing her hard as she giggled into his mouth.

“I saw”, Eilidh confirmed, taking his face in her hands and kissing him deeply. “I’m so proud of you, baby”.

Harry kissed her back, his arms circling her waist and bending her back, his lips hungry. 

Eilidh responded immediately, her hands running over his shoulders that were encased by his expensive suit, squeezing the strength there, feeling his muscles ripple.

“Fuck this”, Harry pulled away from her, his eyes wild as he led her by the hand down the corridoor. Eilidh trotted behind him, confused, then realising what he was doing when he began trying doorknobs, finally finding one that opened.

They fell into the dark room, kissing hungrily, his hands everywhere, sliding up her side, in her hair. Eilidh moaned beneath him as they staggered backwards in the pitch black, squealing as they fell onto something that resembled a couch. They laughed softly into one anothers mouths as Eilidh felt Harry’s nose nudge hers and blow gently over her face. “I missed you so much, baby”, he whispered again, his voice ghosting over her, making her arch her back with need.

“I missed you, Harry”, she whispered back, feeling down between his legs for his manhood and massaging him gently, feeling him groan softly. She unzipped him carefully, the noise appearing loud in the silent room, and withrew him, her long fingers probing at his impossibly long shaft, her other hand cupping his balls and rolling them gently. 

“Is this alright?”, Eilidh asked, feeling timid and virgin-like though she was anything but. 

“Everything’s right”, Harry croaked harshly into her mouth, his top lip breaking out in a sweat. 

“Make love to me Harry”, Eilidh whispered in his ear, pulling his jacket from his shoulders and down his arms, and feeling beneath the collar of his crisp, paisley dress shirt. Meanwhile her other hand never left his cock, stroking it slowly, painstakingly, while she felt it strain with need.

“Oh, baby”, he moaned, pushing her further backwards and lifting her legs around his waist, helping her pull off her jeans and knickers, before pulling her t-shirt over her head. 

“I love your nipples”, he mumbled into her breasts, taking them to his mouth and sucking them, moaning at their hardness and shape. “Fuck, I love all of you. I love you, Eilidh”.

“I love you, Harry”, Eilidh replied, a soft, whimpering cry as he lined himself up against her entrance, pushing insie the slick, pulsing slit with a long, pealing groan, gathering her legs up to his hips, beginning to pump deeply, while Eilidh held his forearms and huffed around him.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha”, Eilidh barked out her moans as Harry fucked her, reaching down between them to play her clit, pinching it between his thumb and forefinger and rolling it deliciously.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck”, Eilidh wailed, being quiet forgotten as she felt the ecstacy of his cock overcome her.

“Wait, wait”, Harry ground out, slapping his fingers to her clit once more making her cry out loudly in the silent room. “Bend over, baby”, he growled. “I want to do you doggy”.

Eilid obliged quickly, perching her ass high in the air while Harry massaged it, slapping one of her cheeks. Unable to help himself, he bent down suddenly and spread her cheeks to tongue her ass, grinning when Eilidh bucked in surprise. He rimmed her sloppily while she moaned, loving the new sensation, slapping her hand against the couch as she moaned, bucking her ass into his face. She cried out again when he entered her from behind again.

“Oooooooh”, Eilidh let her moans become languishing, delicious as he fucked her from the back, knowing that he loved the visual of her ass bouncing back on him. “Oooooh, baby, that’s right. Fuck that pussy. Ohhh, Harry you fuck that pussy so good”, Eilidh purred, while Harry began to hold his breath, his cock straining, desperate to come.

He began to play her asshole with his pinky finger again, noting how her moans became shorter and more breathless as he rubbed his little finger over the hole and lightly around.

“Oh, I’m close”, Eilidh ground out. “Oh, baby”.

“Fucking love your little pussy,baby”, Harry ground out, still pumping, his face puce with the effort not to come.

“Oh, Daddy”, Eilidh whimpered, bringing her own hand down between her legs to play her clit. “Oh, your gonna make me …oh, OH, Harry, I’m COMING!”

As she pulsed around him with her orgasm, Harry let rip inside he with an almighty roar, yanking her hair to spill his seed deep inside her, his pleasure eclipsing anything he had previously felt for any other girl.

“Jesus Christ”, Harry finally managed to speak, easing himself out of her and tucking himself back into his trousers as Eilidh giggled.


Harry and Eilidh’s eyes met, panicked in the semi-darkness as they heard Lou scream down the corridor outside. They were frozen in time for a millisecond before they sprung into action, shrugging back into their clothes at the speed of light.

“Stay here”, Harry whispered, kissing Eilidh firmly while shrugging on his jacket and smoothing back his curls. “Wait till I’m gone before you come out”.

Harry stepped cautiously out into the hall and closed the door behind him only to run smack bang into Lou, Paul and Preston who all roared in his bewildered face at once.

“You WON!”

“Where the FUCK have you been?!”

“Quick, MOVE get up on stage!”.

Harry took in this information, cursing under his breath and taking off at a sprint, the monitors rushing by him showing the other four boys on stage, accepting an award. Letting a satisfied giggle leave his lips as he burst into the arena still at a run, hearing the crowd erupt around him.


Harry was on a high and he mingled backstage at Earls Court after the awards, sipping his champagne and feeling elated, not least because of his tryst with Eilidh earlier. He eyed the boys with affection as they posed for photographs with their awards, laughing and goofing around. His career was such a blur sometimes, moving so quickly, it was hard to sometimes stand and smell the roses. However, on nights like these, he felt compelled to take a step back, to take it all in, really bask in what they had achieved.

His eyes searched the crowd for Eilidh and he wandered back to hair and makeup searching for her, finding Lou applying her makeup in the mirror, fully dressed for the after party in a long white dress.

“Scrub up nice, love”, Harry teased, dropping a kiss somewhere near her ear as she grinned and swatted him away.

“Wheres Eil?” he inquired, leaning back on the counter where Lou sat.

“Gone to get changed”, Lou replied. “You should see her dress, H”, Lou’s eyes met Harry’s in the mirror. “She’s gonna be so lovely. You’re gonna die”.

Harry grinned, excited at the prospect.

An abandoned IPhone by his elbow suddenly lit up with a text message and he grinned when he saw it was Eilidh’s, taking in his face as her lock screen.

His eyes narrowed and clouded with confusion when he read the text message, his knuckles suddenly turning white around his champagne flute.

Babe, you left your glasses here when you stayed over last night. Call me and I’ll drop them off, I know you need them. Ruds. 

Pref #28: Articles About Your Relationship


Boybander, Liam Payne, was seen out with a mystery woman last night. The two arrived at his favorite nightclub, Funky Buddha, together and walked in holding hands. Of course Payne was ushered right in, being a frequent visitor. His lady love tried to cover her face but our cameras got a few snapshots and boy is she a looker. She seemed to be a little on the shy side during the walk in but exclusive pictures from inside the nightclub showed that wasn't her usual demeanor.

The pair met up with a few of Payne’s friends (and since we didn't know the whole group we figure she had some friends there as well). They wasted no time in getting on the dance floor, Payne’s mystery girl always had a drink in her hand. She was all smiles as the two danced close together (closer than just simple “friends” would!) and Payne didn't seem too glum either. They stayed a few hours, even sending a look out to see if some of the commotion had died down outside. When they deemed it alright, the two left out of the back hand in hand.

We don’t want to jump to any conclusions but it seems like Payne had a new woman in life. Check out the pictures below of the two and see if you approve of this relationship. We’re giving it a huge thumbs up!


External image


We think that a certain popstar is ready to take things to the next level with his girlfriend of about four years. Our cameras saw him shopping at a jewelers with his mother and his older sister, Gemma. It is possible that he was just being a good son and brother and getting them something nice but we don’t think so. Sources close to us tell us that the relationship has been getting even more serious (as if it could get more serious after dating for four years) between the two. They already have two dogs and made a trip to the pet store again, leaving with a couple fish. Usually buying pets means that a couple is preparing for children…but let’s not jump the gun.

An inside source, that would like to remain anonymous, gave us a little insight on the two.

“Harry can’t stop talking about her. It would be really annoying if it wasn’t so cute. It’s clear how much he loves her and I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t popped the question yet. When he does–which may be verrrrry soon–we’ll all just stare at him and go ‘duh, it took you long enough.’ There’s no way that she can say no when he does ask. And there’s no ‘if’ here. He’s going to do it.”

Aw, how cute can you possibly get? Well, when the happy couple decides to announce their engagement, don’t forget that you heard about it here first. Also, if it turns out he was just buying (another) necklace for her, this little article never happened. Okay?

External image


Has anyone told Niall that he should probably choose better women to get involved with? Now, when he and (Y/N) first started dating and she was seen smoking a cigarette with a group of, ahem, not-so-friendly-looking people we decided to let it slide. It was one time and even a few of his bandmates smoke, right? Wrong. That seems to be her regular crowd and when she’s around (shall we say, softer?) people, she just looks uncomfortable. Sure, we’ve been afraid of the fandom before but never have we been afraid of a girlfriend… before her.

Whenever she walks out without Niall we have the sudden urge to hide our wallets and lock our car doors. However, she does clean up nice when he takes her out. No amount of makeup can cover up the way she behave on social media. Less than a week after openly dissing a female popstar for recording a song that (Y/N) deemed “an embarrassment to women everywhere”, she posted an equally embarrassing picture on her Instagram.

In the photo, she seems to be in Niall’s house (it’s not like we stalk him or anything, we just watched the Twitcams) and she’s on his bed. Now, the two have been dating for a while and that simple fact wouldn’t be very alarming in itself but it gets better. She is in nothing but her underwear! But wait, there’s more. More distracting than the fact that she’s in her unmentionables, she has a very large bong to her lips.


Yes, you read right. We don’t know exactly what she was smoking but there aren’t a lot of possibilities. That raises the question, if she was in Niall’s house with this, where was Niall? Scarier than her being in his house without his knowledge is the fact that maybe she corrupted our sweet, sweet baby. We are ready for her to leave and we mean NOW.


External image


Trouble in paradise? The recently married couple seem to be out of the honeymoon stage earlier than most. They arrived at a birthday party for one of (Y/N)s friends hand in hand, all smiles that a happy couple should do. Pictures from the first half of the party show Malik hugging her around the waist and sneaking kisses when he thought no one was looking. Aw. But it seems that the cheerful air evaporated rather quickly.

In a few more pictures (Y/N) is seen hugging a male friend that appeared in her wedding to Malik. Maybe that didn’t sit so well with her hubby because once she returned to him, he was holding her hand but the fingers weren’t clasped. As if that wasn’t enough to send off big red flags, there’s a video of everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and the couple isn’t among the ranks. If you look closely, you can see the two in the corner, waving their arms expressively. It’s too loud in the rest of the video to hear what they’re saying to each other but it doesn’t look very nice.

Just when everyone was settling into the idea that a member of 1D is off the market for good, it seems like the fandom isn’t the only one having second thoughts. Fights are usual but we’ll keep our eyes peeled to see if anything else happens. Maybe a divorce is on the way; don’t give up hope just yet ladies.


External image


We couldn’t be more excited about the new announcement that Louis and long time girlfriend (Y/N) are expecting a baby. We didn’t really expect it but the two have been spending a lot more time with family and friends. This little break seems to have done more than rest Tomlinson up for the upcoming tour. Although she isn’t showing, Tomlinson looks to be extremely protective.

He usually doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for paparazzi but he seemed testier when he took out (Y/N). He walked halfway in front of her, to which she laughed and tried to push him away. Tomlinson was having none of it. We can all see how he’s going to be as father. He may just hand build a bomb shelter for the little guy–or girl. We can’t wait to see how he’ll act once the pregnancy progresses.


External image

A/N: I don’t own any of the images, and none of them are meant to be offensive. None of the preferences as based on any of their lives (I feel like I have to say this or else someone will claim that I don’t like the girlfriends or whatever). I hope you enjoyed everything and yeah, like it if you like it. You can request anything at any time. I love you all. 

Preference #48: He Surprises you on your Birthday

merryharrydays asked: for the preferences, could you do something like surprising you for your birthday? Sorry if you have already done this?

A/N: So I did do a birthday preference a really long time ago, and forgot, but it wasn’t like this preference really. BUT Niall’s was and still is perfect for this so I just left it the same. If you want to read the other preference, it’s here. But please, I hope you enjoy this one too Xx (Also if you have an idea send it in :))


Harry: “So… Harry… guess what today is.” You hummed resting at the back of the couch as he looked up behind him to look at you.
Usually, Harry was the type to practically jump onto the bed yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, before making it up to you by laying out a nice breakfast, but this time, nothing.
“Hm? Oh. Happy Birthday baby.” And he leaned in and gave you a kiss, quickly turning back to what he was watching on TV.
It surprisingly ended up being a lazy day. Just you and Harry, cuddling, kissing, munching on snacks, and cause it was your birthday, he was cooking dinner, and for some reason was narrating what he was doing as if he was on some cooking show.
After all that, and dinner was eaten, you laid on the couch, now suddenly wondering where Harry had disappeared to.
“Harry?” and suddenly all the lights were shut off, “What the- Harry? Where did you go? Why did the lights go out?”
Suddenly, coming from the open doorway, lit only by candlelight was Harry with a cake, singing to you softly.
When he was done and sat next to you, you couldn’t help but giggle, “I was waiting for something like this from you all day.”
“Yeah. I’m not the greatest at surprises, as you know. So figured if I did the opposite of what I always do is surprising enough.”
You laughed again, “Thanks baby.” And you closed your eyes and blew out your candles.

Liam: You sighed to yourself, trying to keep it as silent as possible, not meaning to sound too rude… but at the same time, your patience was wearing thin.
With Liam gone so often, he had a certain guilt that actual dates were so rare between you both.
And with it being your birthday, and he was home, he wanted to make the night extra special and take you out to a fancy restaurant.
But everything was going wrong.
First the car had problems starting, and delayed you about 15 minutes, and then there was traffic, all causing you to be late for your reservations, and once you were finally seated, they didn’t even have your favourite meal served for the night.
Tonight was sucking, and Liam didn’t help, mostly spending his time on his phone.
You both ate your meals, only now enjoying each other’s company, and it started to lighten your mood, until it was time to go home and the car decided to get jerky, causing Liam to pull over in the middle of nowhere.
“Oh my god seriously?” you breathed frustrated as Liam got out of the car.
But after he disappeared for about 5 minutes you suddenly began to feel really worried, and you quickly got out of the car, “Liam?!” and you looked about, you had no clue as to where you were.
But then you heard someone call out your name from behind you, “Happy Birthday!” a group of your friends yelled out from a glow of stringed lights and other decorations.
You soon felt a hot breath against your ear and Liam’s strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you close, “Surprise.”

Louis: Things around you was beginning to get very stressful, and there was a hope that you’d both get a break on your birthday… at LEAST.
But there was no such luck, and you had to settle with a simple “Happy Birthday” from everyone, including Louis.
You came back home and ended up just collapsing on the couch.
“And hello to you.” Louis chimed, somehow sounding much happier than usual as of late.
“Why do you sound so happy?”
“Well why shouldn’t I? It’s your special day, why aren’t you happy?”
“Because. I’m so busy! Everything is going crazy. I don’t know what to do. I’m tired.” You complained sinking further into the comfort of the couch.
“You know what you need?” he suggested.
And with that, he got up and disappeared around a corner.
What the? “Louis? Where are you going?” But you stayed in your seat, not feeling up to whatever game he was playing.
A few seconds later he came around the corner, a birthday hat on his head, a cake for two in his hands and poorly scribbled writing in icing.
“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too.” He finished singing with a smile.
“Gee thanks Louis” you said somewhat sarcastically as you blew out the single candle.
“That’s not my real surprise though.” He said with a smile.
You glanced at him nervously.
He’s not shoving this cake in my face is he?
And instead he pulled out two small rectangular sheets of paper.
“We’re going away on vacation baby. Next week. So maybe that’s somewhat the reason you’ve been busier than usual at work. But we’re going. It’s all planned out.”
You felt pure excitement as you jumped in your seat and kissed him.

Niall: You never really liked surprises, and though he always did try to surprise you in the past, he knew not really to bother to do any sort of surprise this time and instead made other plans. 
You were both in the car and after about ten minutes into the ride, he had yet to mention where he was going and what you were doing, that is until-
“So. Where are we off to?”
You gave him a surprised wide eyed look, “But Niall. You’re the one driving.”
“You may be immune to surprises, but I’m not. Where should we go?”
You smiled and after much thought, you told him where to go, and enjoyed your time out with him. 
When you got back home, you were as happy as you could be as you immediately went to the TV and turned it on, only for a minute later for all the lights to be shut off.
“Ni?” He appeared again from the kitchen with a cupcake with a single candle glowing in his hands, shut the TV off, and knelt down with the cupcake’s candle now being the only thing lightning up both your faces. 
“How did-”
“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear [Y/N]. Happy birthday to you.” He sang and you smiled, “I guess I surprised ya good in the end didn’t I?” And you nodded, “Make a wish.” 
And when you did and blew the candle out, you were both enveloped in the darkness.

Zayn: Today was just full of surprises. First off Zayn was up before you for once.
And then he was taking you everywhere and to all your favourite places.
It was all such a rush of excitement and fun.
But as it grew darker you began to feel more tired.
“I’m tired now Zayn. Maybe we should call it a night.”
“Aw come on [Y/N]. Just one more place. I know you’ll love it.”
You sighed, “I don’t know where else we could go at this hour.”
“Good thing I know a place.” He insisted and you smiled.
What’s he up to?
About 40 minutes later, and you’d woken up from a nap you looked up to see that you were parked in front of an unfamiliar house and watching Zayn come around to your side and open the car door.
“Zayn? Where are we? Who’s house is this?” he just smiled taking your hand and leading you into the house.
The house was empty and he turned on the lights every time you both entered the room.
The place was gorgeous, but you were still very confused, “Zayn? Where are we?” you asked again as he stopped now at a glass sliding door to a backyard that was too unbelievable to describe, “Wow…”
“You like this place?” he asked.
“Are you kidding Zayn? This place is beautiful. Who’s house is this?”
“What?” you blinked, wondering if you heard him right.
“[Y/N]. I love you. And I think we have something that could last. If you think so, and I hope you do, that if you want, we can live here. Together.” He said now taking both your hands in his, “So… are you with me?”

Preference #22

He feels the baby kick for the first time

Harry: “Come on. Just kick. Kick for daddy,” Harry whispered against your belly. You laughed and he gave you that cheeky grin. “Why won’t she kick?” he pouted. “Because maybe she’s sleeping,” you replied, rubbing his curls. He sighed and layed down next to you on the wide couch, his hands draping around your stomach. “Maybe you should sing to her,” you suggested, fluttering your eyes closed. “Okay,” he said, turning your body so you were facing each other. You still had your eyes closed, leaning against Harry as he scooted down the couch and rested his head on your blown out belly. Clearing his throat, he started singing to your baby girl, one of your favorite songs. “You might be left with my hair, but you’ll have your mother’s eyes,” his soft, raspy voice sang against your baby bump. His hand roamed all around it, still singing softly. But his singing came to a halt. And you knew why, too. You had both felt the little kick from the baby. “Did you feel it too?” he asked excitedly, causing you to open your eyes. You nodded with a smile. “I think she likes your singing,” you commented, a smile creeping on Harry’s lips as he continued singing to her.

Zayn: You were backstage at one of your boyfriend’s concerts, watching as he sang and jumped on stage. You smiled as he looked back at you, winking. After they finished performing one of their newer singles, Best Song Ever, the boys all calmed down and started looking through the tweets from fans. “If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?” Niall read aloud, and then huffed loudly and put his head in his hands. “Um, chicken. No, um, definitely cake. No no no, chicken. Yes chicken,” Niall decided, frustration in his voice. You laughed. “Zayn, how’s [Y/N] and the baby?” Harry read aloud, looking to Zayn. A smile slipped on his face as he responded, “How about we ask her now?” Zayn comes over to you and brings you on stage. The fans start screaming loudly. Zayn and Louis shushed them, and they quieted instantly. “Hi love,” Zayn smiles, giving you a kiss as his hand runs over your 5 month baby bump. “Hi baby,” you whisper against his lips. “How’s my little girl?” he questions, getting on his knees so his face was directly in front of your stomach. He kissed your stomach, and in response your baby girl kicked hard against your abdomen. Zayn’s face lit up in excitement and wonder. He brought the mic up to his lips and spoke into it, “I just felt my baby girl kick for the first time guys.” The fans awed and smiled as he stood up, giving you a peck on your cheek. 

Liam: His hand brushed against your stomach as you two laid in bed, your small body wrapped in his with your back to his chest. His nose tickled your ear, causing you to giggle lightly. He smiled. “I love you so much,” he whispered, kissing your cheek. You smiled, “I love you too Li.” “And I love our little baby that’s inside your tummy,” he cupped your 5 month baby bump in his hands and rubbed it. You turned over so you two were face to face. “Thank you for giving this to me [Y/N]. To us,” he smiled, his eyes a bit glassy. You nodded and kissed his lips. “You’re going to be a great dad Liam. I know it,” you smiled, grabbing his free hand and entwining your fingers. You felt a little cramp in your stomach, but relaxed when you realized it was the baby that was just kicking. You grinned. “What?” “Here. Feel for yourself,” you said softly, taking his hand and placing it where the baby was kicking. He smiled in awe and a tear escaped his eye. “It’s amazing,” he whispered. You nodded, leaning your head into the crook of his neck.

Louis: With his hand in yours, you two were walking down the pavement in London towards an ice cream parlor. You had been craving it all day, so you two finally decided to go out and get it. Fans stalked you two the whole way there, but not dared to approach as they saw your 4 month baby bump and not wanted to stress you out. Opening the door for you, you walked inside and smiled. “What do you want?” “Double chocolate swirl and a vanilla hardened coat with extra nuts, sprinkles, and whipped cream. Ooh and a cherry,” you smiled widely. He laughed and went to order as you went to sit. Moments later he came over to you and sat down with your ice cream. “Thanks babe,” you kissed his cheek, devouring the ice cream. He smiled at you. “What is it with all this weird stuff? You never eat chocolate ice cream with nuts and sprinkles and all this on it,” he laughed, gesturing to your ice cream cone that was half way gone. “The baby wants what the baby wants. I’m not complaining,” you smiled. “Can I?” he pointed to your stomach, asking if he could try to feel the baby kick. He hadn’t felt him/her kick yet and was dying for it. You grabbed his hand and put it on your stomach, and when you felt it kicking, you let a smile fall onto your lips as Louis jumped up and down. “That was amazing,” he said, smiling widely. 

Niall: You ran your fingers through Niall’s rough blonde hair as he knelt before you, his hands firmly placed on your hips. He sent you a shy smile before looking to your pregnant stomach. He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against it, putting a soft kiss on your bare abdomen. “Hey little guy. Or girl. Whatever you are… It’s your dad here. Just wanted to say hi. I love you, a lot. And I will always love you. I can’t wait for you to get here. It’ll be just a few months now. I can’t wait to hold you. It’ll be perfect,” his raspy voice spoke. You smiled, biting your lower lip. He wrapped his arms completely around you and held your back, with his forehead pressed against your belly. He sighed and stood up as you rolled down your top. “I love you,” he kissed your nose, smiling. You felt a kick from the baby in your stomach and let out a laugh. “I think they love you more,” you said, grabbing his hand and putting it where you felt it kick. He stood there, intently waiting, before a huge grin covered his face. His eyes seemed to light up and then they went glassy as tears fell. You grabbed his face and kissed his forehead as he cried. “I love you too Niall.”