zayn's selfie

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im 20 this year and i also never had a bf and i never kissed anyone and honestly i dont even feel a need to date someone rn but my family is being annoying and keeps telling me to get a bf like theres something wrong with me??? and whenever i go out they always ask "were handsome guys there?" especially my grandma lmao so seeing other people saying they havent dated yet makes me feel better, thank you for posting other people asks here! ;)

okay so i’ve been in the same situation (sort of) and you know what i did to shut everyone up? 

i used a selfie of zayn sleeping as my dp on whatsapp and when my mom’s bf asked me who that was i told him that i just started to date this guy but hes really shy so he cant meet him yet. after a few months i told my mom’s bf that we broke up. ;)))

niall takes a selfie with the interviewer

all looking good

you can see everybody

great lighting 

over all great quality amazing selfies 

interviewer does not let niall take the selfie 

you cant see half of them because of the lighting and its just over all a crappy selfie