zayn youre in my way

dear zayn, you’re an extremely wonderful human being and i hope you know that. i cant believe there are people out there who are messed up enough to say things like your anxiety is fake or you shouldnt have become famous if you have anxiety. you are such an inspiration to me. i have anxiety too. i really do unfortunately. i cant place phone calls to people because im SO afraid - to people who know me, to people who dont know me, regardless. even to order goddamn food, i cant muster up the courage to make a damn phone call. talking to people face-to-face is even worse, my heart beats so fast, my skin gets all hot, im panicky and i stutter. its so bad. but when i found out you had anxiety too, it made me feel a little better. because i was always afraid id never get to meet new people. try new things. get opportunities. because i was deathly afraid afraid afraid of everything. but i saw you. living your dreams. making it big. and it showed me that maybe i can do it too. if i try. maybe i can overcome this monster that inhabits my head. maybe i can be stronger than my anxiety. maybe i can win this tiring, mentally and physically, battle. on top of that, youre such a gentle wonderful human being because despite being treated so badly on numerous events, you are still the wonderful lovely you that you’ve always been. you inspire me, zayn. every single day. i want to meet you. i love you. dont let the haters get you, my love! you’re stronger than that. my hero.

louis: saw that photo of you signing the new contract, congrats
zayn: thanks bro
louis: you know what contract you can’t buy your way out of
louis: the one to my heart
zayn: bro