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Mamma Mia

So I just remembered that 1D did a short ABBA cover a while back. It starts at :34.


<[ Y O U N G & B E A U T I F U L ]> <[VELVETOSCAR]>

-“You gave me a world I didn’t know was there,” Harry whispers in response.
-“The moon knows,” is what he says, breath colored in liquor and a smile.
Louis stares at him.
“What are you talking about?”..
Another manic grin from Harry, and then he pulls him in again, his hand travelling to the side of Louis’ face, cradling his cheek.
- “I’m filling up the sky with my love for you,” Louis says simply, catching his breath with a shrug. “So whenever you look up, it echoes back.
“Yeah,” Harry breathes in response, breathless and light, nodding. He smears a kiss to the corner of Louis’ eye, warm, wet, entrancing. “’M in love with you.”
“Love you, too. Trust you.”
“Trust you, too

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Todos mis 11:11
Todas las estrellas fugases.
Todas las velas de cumpleaños.
Todo algún día dará resultado.
You and Harry are Friends with Benefits (pt. ii)

A song.

He wants me to help him write a song.

“Why me?” Was the first question that escaped your lips when you both met up one weekend.

The On The Road Again Tour ended a week ago and Zayn wanted to start as soon as possible.

The now-platinum-blonde boy boy in front of you shrugged and took a long sip of his coffee, “Our music taste was always the same and your poems are very artistic. Besides, you’re the only person you would talk to me now.”

You laugh and your phone buzzes in your pocket and see it’s a text from Harry.

Where are you? You wanna come to my place? 😏

You have never refused an invite from Harry before.

“You can go fuck Harry if you want,” Zayn sighs softly.

“No no no,” you immediately put your phone away, and you decide to act as if yo have never seen the text in the first place. “It wasn’t Harry. It was just my roommate. Nothing important, though. You were saying?”

Zayn smiles and you can’t help but feel a knot twist in your stomach.

You didn’t know if it was from the lies or from his warm, hazel eyes.

“Where have you been?” Harry appears on your doorstep the next night, his hair wet from walking in the London drizzle.

You are quick to knock your bag to the floor, hiding all of your brainstormed lyrics on the floor. You hesitate, then you snap, “I’ve been busy. Don’t act as if the only reason why I’m alive is to be your sex slave.”

Harry is taken aback. “Sex slave?? Y/N, what’s wrong? Did someone say anything? Or–”

Then his eyes dart to the coffee table.

You turn around and then your heart stops.

In a hurry to sweep your bag to the floor, you forgot to pick up your phone. Zayn’s caller I.D. lights up your whole screen. For a moment you both are frozen, eyes transfixed upon each other. Until the rings stop and the voicemail kicks in.

“No–!” You try to knock Harry out of the way but he’s too fast. Too strong. He grabs the phone and holds it high above your head. You don’t have a chance to protest before Zayn starts talking.

“Hey Y/N! I just called to say I thought yesterday’s session was great! We really got a lot done and I hope you still have the papers in your bag! Uh…call me back as soon as you get this and we can maybe plan for a second time?”

When it clicks off, Harry drops his arm and he hands your phone back to you silently.

“Harry?” You didn’t bother pretending you were mad anymore.

“Zayn?” He just says, green eyes torn with hurt. “How–you betrayed me. You betrayed us. How could you do that? What were you two doing?”

You couldn’t speak. Words failed you when you needed them the most. But then Harry doesn’t even bother waiting for you to speak. He just kneels down and empties out your bag. Pages and pages of lyrics poured out.

Harry kneels there, eyes pressed shut.


“What do you care?” You didn’t deserve to get this shit from him. Zayn was your best friend too. “Aren’t I just your fuck buddy? What do you care what I do in my free time? Unless you want to hook me to a lease and tie me to a pole? Huh?”

Harry looks as if he’s about to cry. “Y/N–”

“Save it,” you point to your door. “I don’t want to hear it anymore. You can, from now on, fuck yourself.”

Harry has been off the radar for a month, with the occasional picture of him in Saint Laurent’s.

But besides that, he has been huddled in LA, far far away from where you are.

Not like you have been keeping track, of course.

The only light in your life has been those frequent meetings with Zayn at a small cafe where no paparazzi would catch you. He would joke around and always say how you are the only one who he can trust these days and you would blush, pretending it didn’t hurt a little to hear those words come out of his mouth and not Harry’s.

And after weeks, the song was finally done.

PILLOWTALK was composed.

The day Zayn released it, you both were hunched over his computer in his living room, excitedly grinning because you both weren’t sure what to expect.

You certainly didn’t expect it to blow up that quickly.

That night, Harry had sent you one text.

One text to break the silence.

It read: Congratulations.

You didn’t bother replying.

“Y/N!” Zayn calls you up the next day. It was a sleepy Sunday and you didn’t understand why he sounded so thrilled.

“What?” You ask, rubbing the tiredness out of your eyes.


You were so shocked you almost dropped your phone. “W-What? W-Why me? Zayn, I think you need a model or–”

“No, I only want you,” he sounded so sincere. “You’re beautiful, Y/N. Way more beautiful than any agency can provide and besides, you wrote the song too!”

You’re beautiful, Harry used to say. Brilliantly beautiful.

Your heart twists and you snap out of it. You couldn’t possibly let Zayn down. Not when you both had worked this hard. “Okay,” you try to sound happy. Apparently your plan had worked and he hung up with no complaints.

Zayn was amazing.

He is amazing.



You had to let go of Harry.

He, obviously, had let go of you.

Look at him with those other beautiful girls!

You’re beautiful–No. Harry only said that to get into your pants. One too many times.

You pressed your eyes shut. Zayn was a guy who genuinely thought you had something special. He’s the guy your heart should be tugging for. Tugging towards.

And if you hadn’t blocked Harry’s number right then and there, you would’ve received the following voicemail from him, minutes after:

I love you Y/N. I’m sorry it took me so long to tell you, but I do.

part 3 / part 4

Title: I’ll Go     

Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Rating: 13+

Requested?: Nope

Prompt: Y/N asks Harry to stay at his house and she helps take care of his son.

Word Count: 546

Y/N arrived at her best friend, Harry’s, house. Her house was being renovated and she needed somewhere to stay. She didn’t hesitate walking into Harry’s beautiful house.

“Harold, I need a favor!” She shouted. Harry came into the living room with a dish towel over his shoulder. Little squeals were heard from the kitchen.

“Yes?” Harry raised an eyebrow, leading Y/N in the kitchen where his 6 month old son, Derek, was sitting in his highchair.

“Right. Well, I wanted to ask you if I could stay here for a few days? Renovation….” Y/N trailed off. She made faces at Derek, making him laugh uncontrollably.

“Of course.” Harry assured Y/N. She turned away from Derek to smile at Harry. He went back to the kitchen to cook pasta, He looked back to see Y/N spinning Derek around in the dining room He smiled at his best friend. Harry felt that Y/N was more of a mother to Derek than his real mother ever was. She left 2 weeks after Derek was born, without so much as a goodbye.

“So I hear you were thinking about having Derek with Gemma when you’re on tour?” Y/N asked, holding Derek on her hip. Harry shrugged, putting some pasta on a plate.

“I don’t know. Are you offering?” He smirked. Y/N nodded eagerly but was blushing widely. She loved Derek and watching him for 6 months wouldn’t be that bad.

“It’d be fun.” She giggled. Harry handed a plate of food to Y/N, telling her to ‘eat up’. She set Derek back into his highchair, grabbing her plate from Harry.

“So you’ll be in my bed tonight…” Harry explained. Until he realized how wrong it sounded.  “Oh shit. That sounded bad. I meant sleeping in my bed.” He laughed. Y/N laughed along with him. They finished eating in a comfortable silence, letting Derek go halfway through the meal. Y/N and Harry played with the little guy for a little bit longer before putting Derek in his crib.

“Harry, I just want to thank you again for letting me stay here.” Y/N said, playing with a stray strand of her hair. Harry smiled, getting into bed next to Y/N,

“It’s no problem, love.” He said, sincerely. Y/N laid her head on the pillow and within seconds she was sleeping, Harry watched Y/N sleep for a few moments. The way she tangled her hands in her own hair. The way that little snores escaped her mouth every time she exhaled. Harry allowed himself to fall asleep in Y/N’s presence.

At about 2:30 am, a loud crying came from the baby monitor. Derek wanted food. The sound startled both Harry and Y/N awake. Harry yawned, going to take the blanket off when Y/N’s hand prevented him from doing so.

“I’ll go,” She whispered. Y/N stood up, stretching a bit, a walked out of the room. Harry lay back down and listened to the ruckus that was occurring downstairs Y/N scurried across the threshold and into Derek’s room. She began singing ‘Little Things’ to him while she fed him. When Y/N came back, Harry wrapped an arm around her waist.

“I feel like we’re married.” He whispered, placing a single kiss to the back of her neck. Y/N giggled and, finally, she felt happy.

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Stranger (NSFW)

I moaned low in my throat as I felt his lips make their way down my neck. I fisted his hair pulling him up to my lips. The sensual commanding kiss made my panties wet with excitement. His large hand ran underneath my dress hiking it up. “Wait,” I panted pulling away.

“This isn’t right.” A whimper left my lips as his hand made its way to my inner thigh, rubbing me through the crotch of my panties. “Are you sure?” His deep voice washed over me. Bring me back to my submissive state. “I’m going to make you feel so good.” I believed him. He had barely started and I was already on an unbelievable high.

“Ok,” I whispered riding his hand desperate to climax. “You like that, baby?” He bit his bottom lip watching my hips gyrate on my masterful hand. “Yes!” I  breathe. His eyes had a dark and dangerous tint to them. Almost as a warning for what was to come. He smiled taking his finger from my sex and holding them up to the light. “

Look at how wet you are, through your panties.” His long fingers glistened in the light the were coated. I almost felt embarrassed. “Clean them off.” He ordered running his messy fingers against my lips. I opened them with earnest sucking his index finger into my mouth tasting myself on him. “Just like that.” He encouraged, I looked him in the eye and enjoyed the heavy lust I saw in his eyes.

“Take off your panties off and and hand them to me.” I reached under my dress and pulled off my cheap cotton panties, lifting up to get from under me the pulling then down my legs. I placed them in his awaiting palm. “Good girl.” He looked me in my eyes as he brought my soiled panties to his nose and inhaled.

I was shocked not only my the action but at my body’s reaction. I could feel myself getting wetter. He spread my thighs wide causing me to fall flat on my back. “So pretty.” He murmured to himself. I felt him spread me open before leaning down and taking a swipe at me slowly sucking on my clit. I gasped at the sensitivity. I fisted his hair once again. “Right there.” I told him, mesmerised by the sight of him between my legs. I felt pressure at my entrance and welcomed  the unexplainable pleasure that came after it.

He stroked his finger at a slow pace. Torturing me in the best way. “More, please.” He added a second finger speeding up his strokes. He pulled away from my sex and gave my clit a slow kiss, before sucking it into his mouth once more. The euphoria was becoming too great. I could feel myself tighten around his fingers.

“I’m gonna-” He enhanced his efforts finger fucking me harder and rubbing against my G-Spot repeatedly. All my breathe left me at a climax on his face, crying his name into the night air. Bringing his face closer to my sex as I let go. Never wanting this to end. He sat up after ward and got out of bed. “Where are you going?” I asked ad he put on his expensive looking jacket.

“I’ll be back, Y/N.” He swiped up my soiled panties putting them in his pocket. “I had a good night.” Then he was gone. I don’t even know his name. How did he know mine?

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They’d insisted you join them while they spent the night with fans answering as many answers as they could. You didn’t think your presence would benefit anyone. You weren’t part of the band. You weren’t even famous. You’d met them while interning at X Factor and stayed friends ever since.

Tonight the get together was being held at Niall’s place. You’d been here more times than you could count; being the closest with him of all the boys.

Also, you knew how most of their fan base reacted when any of them was pictured in public with a person of the opposite sex. The media immediately began painting stories of love and romance and the fans gobbled it up.  According to different gossip magazines you’d been romantically involved with at least three of them at some point or another; which was completely untrue.

You were folded up in the recliner opposite the couch they were all sitting on. You watched them sing, make lame jokes and answer fans questions over and over again. Every once in a while one of the boys would gesture for you to come over which you declined.

Soon enough the fans were all questioning who was the mystery person in the room was.

“It’s Y/N, she’s being shy,” Zayn snitched with a cheeky grin.

Soon enough your twitter feed was blowing up with their fans begging you to join the live stream. You sighed in defeat and made your way over to the couch.

“There’s no space,” you pointed out, ready to turn around.

“Sure there is. Special place for ya right ‘ere,” Niall tugged you down into his lap.

As expected rapid-fire questions started coming in about whether you two were dating.

“No, we’re not dating guys, Niall and I are friends. I’m just friends with all of them,” you replied with a smile.

“What? That isn’t what you told me last night, Y/N! You said we were going to be together forever!” Louis gasped from one end of the couch, hand over heart.

“What?!” you had no recollection of that even being remotely true.

“But she told me we were soul mates!” Harry joined in on the teasing.

“Boys, boys. Y/N wants a real man. What she wants is Daddy Liam, isn’t that right, love?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at their ridiculousness.

“You just love to start shit don’t you?” you’d been around them long enough to know that they loved nothing better.

“Shout out to Zara!” Niall waved to the camera from under you.

“What do you guys want to see us to do?” Louis piped up.

The slew of requests that came in made you dizzy. You weren’t surprised at the amount of tweets asking the boys to strip naked. Everyone knew there would be a cold day in hell before that happened, but you had to give it to their fans, they were a determined bunch.

You ended up playing Heads Up, took turns braiding Harry’s mane and you even grudgingly let them attempt applying your makeup after that request became popular. You looked like a racoon with orange lips when they were done, but didn’t mind at all. You were having fun. It wasn’t often you got to hang out with the boys due to their crazy schedules, but the times you did were golden.

“Ok guys. Thanks for bein’ tha best fans. We love ya!” Niall said as they were ready to sign out.

“Bye everyone, stay beautiful!” Harry waved and blew numerous kisses.

Zayn did his signature smouldering look into the camera while waving and Liam saluted.

“Say bye, Y/N,” Niall prompted you.

“Um, bye everyone… thanks for having me and the makeover,” you grinned as you waved goodbye.

The night had turned out to be a lot more entertaining than you’d expected.