zayn wins

zayn possibly attending the bbmas and serving looks and possibly accepting an award that he deserves because he deadass is one of the best new artists and he d e a d a s s deserves every form of recognition there is???? hell yes

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M, 5h won best music video for the iheart awards. They posted it on their official website. Harmonizers are calling the awards fixed. However iheart just tweeted afterwards that Zayn won break out solo artist. I don't know what happened, but this makes even less sense for GG to be brought into his acceptance speech. I think they had him for best video, but then changed it when they double checked the numbers? Otherwise why intro GG as his costar for his break out solo award?

I’m confused what did Zayn actually win yesterday because 5H won best music video but Zayn posted a thank you for best music video but now they’re saying Zayn won best breakout artist but that wasn’t even a category? ahhhh this has no punctuation because thats exactly how it was in my head

Oh man. OH MANNNN. So the short of it is, it looks like iHeart gave Zayn an award that he didn’t *actually* win, and then to cover up their fuckup, invented a category that never existed in the first place.

Some intern really done fucked this one up, because Zayn sure thought he was accepting an award for Best Music Video (otherwise, Gigith’s presence makes even less sense), and iHeart posted on their Snapchat that he did - you can see the graphic on the original video (that they since deleted):

Hell, the media even reported on it:

Buuuuut yeah, Fifth Harmony actually won that award and accepted it:

In reality, Zayn did not win that award, but actually won a seemingly random category called Best Solo Breakout:

But guess what? Best Solo Breakout is a category that never existed in iHeart’s original list of nominations, as you can see on their page and a screen shot I uploaded here just in case hoes try to update that. 

Here’s the thing. Televised award shows are usually fairly rigged (even socially voted ones), because it makes for shit TV if you’re giving awards to artists that aren’t there to accept them. That said, Fifth Harmony had the analytics for best music video, their win seems legit. 

But this is me at iHeart’s fuckup right now:
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if brits was really fair - 1d would have won for history because no matter what it was cute little video, and its probably the last award they'll win since theyre on an indefinite hiatus for a couple of years lmao. and zayn should have won best single. Pillowtalk really surpassed every record, and it was a great song compared to little mix's snoozefest. and zayn really went out there with pillowtalk.

zayn deserved to win british single. let’s talk numbers

pillowtalk - 4 million copies sold worldwide, 490 million streams, 686 million views, 24 platinum and 4 golden certifications, #1 in 80+ countries, debuted at #1 on 15 charts and in the top 10 of another 22 charts. 

shout out to my ex - 1 million copies sold worldwide, 135 million streams, 177 million views, 3 platinum and 4 gold certifications, #1 in 19 countries, debuted at #1 on 4 charts and in the top 10 of another 4 charts. 

i think i’ve said enough.