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I keep realizing how anti black this fandom can be. Apparently POC arent allowed to worry about Louis rapping, or question when people say he's gonna save the rap industry. If white people arent dissing rap, they're trying to infiltrate & claim it as their own. sorry I'm ranting, but people are being called out as haters or having double standards for having issues with this & I'm tired. These people are the ones that turned up their noses when Zayn had Wayne on his track & the Usher remix.

Sorry for the rant, Sasha. I love Louis, but I’m not about to let anyone say a white boy saved the rap industry. Not when black people have worked their asses off for decades to have it be recognized and included and respected. But as a POC to hear I’m just hating on him or having my words brushed aside when I say I have issues with white fans out here preaching that Louis or any white person saved the genre is infuriating.

Boy, this was a hot topic over the weekend. I’m gonna assume people who said Louis would save the rap industry were being hyperbolic in that way enthusiastic fans often are. No way could they be serious. The rap industry is thriving anyway. But if they were serious, then LOL. That’s a real clueless Becky move.

This fandom tends to indulge in fake “wokeness” which is always revealed anytime the rubber actually meets the road. If we’re talking big, somewhat abstract issues of general equality, sure they’ll reblog the fuck outta that. If you’re talking about white privilege being used to marginalize POC in this very fandom…crickets. If you’re talking how POC can and should decide what is and isn’t offensive or inappropriate when it concerns our race or culture…you’ll get shouted down or shut out. 

So it’s no suprise that this fandom as a whole is tone deaf on matters of POC and our culture. They’ve never been on beat to begin with. This fandom is full of self indulgent princesses who think they’re doing us a favor when they deign to tolerate us. Fuck that. That’s why I stay out here on the fringe calling bullshit like it’s my job. 

As for Zayn and not supporting his efforts, as always a big part of this fandom is hugely jealous of him and really much of is attributable to white people’s own internalized racism. He’s a man of color. He’s gorgeous. That ticks the “exotic” box. He’s genuinely talented. That’s makes other 1D fans insecure about their fave (they shouldn’t be though). Most of the fandom thinks he’s legit free of 1DHQ. So haters gonna hate. He’s perceived as everything they aren’t and even (however wrongly) as everything their fave isn’t. White people don’t like to be made to feel insecure. And the conditioning of white supremacy dictates that they react badly to that emotion. Typical.  


“I Haven’t felt this bad since that guy left One Direction!″

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My issue is that Zayn clearly copied Wayne and then he’s tweeting like he didn’t using AAVE n shit tryna pretend like his ass ain’t clearly copying multiple black artists to a t. Its not just the baby picture TBH it’s not just the album in itself but he’s gonna keep pretending like it’s nothing and give no credit to the OGs. No one is saying he can’t use a baby picture but it’s the way he did it bro. Y'all are gonna get mad at me and I’m sorry but I just had to say it.


It’s only been two months since ZAYN dropped his debut solo album, Mind of Mine, but today we receive a remix of his standout track “Like I Would” courtesy of London producer TroyBoi. On the remix, TroyBoi warps the original with his signature trap style, lacing the cooing vocals with booming production that takes the cut deeper into grime’s clubby underworld. The whole thing has the coiled intensity of a ‘00s Justin Timberlake and Timbaland collaboration.

Previously, ZAYN crushed a performance of the track on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with The Roots as his backing band. The track is also the second of his singles to receive a remix. His breakout record “Pillowtalk” received the remix treatment from none other than Lil Wayne.

ZAYN has been pretty quiet on the music front lately so it’s definitely nice to hear from the artist in the form of new music, and we can expect more versions of “Like I Would” as a remix EP is coming very soon. Listen to TroyBoi’s excellent take on “Like I Would” above and be sure to revisit our recent cover story with ZAYN where he opens up all about his solo break here.