zayn watching harry sleep is the cutest thing

Preference #2 : The baby falls asleep on him

Niall:  He shifted his arm, careful not to wake his little girl up. The love and adoration as he looked at his little girl reflected in his eyes and smile. “Sleep tight princess,” he said in a very slow soft voice, kissing her forehead and bringing her closer to his chest.

Harry: You leaned on the door frame with your arms crossed over your chest. It was the cutest thing you’ve ever saw. Your husband reading your little baby boy a bedtime story in a hushed voice. You couldn’t help but to take your phone out and capture the sweet moment.

Zayn: He was rocking his baby girl in his arms, singing her a lullaby with that soft voice that he always uses when he’s with her. You watched him quietly from the other side of the bed and it’s moments like these that you will never forget.

Liam: Fingers brushed over chubby cheeks as he cooed a few sweet words, trying to calm the little one down. He couldn’t help but smile as her lips parted in a yawn making her forehead crinkle. He rocked her till her eyes where tightly closed and her breathing became heavier.

Louis: Soft giggles echoed around the room as Louis made another funny expression. A few moments later his eyes were dropping and he nuzzled deeper in his father’s chest. Strays of hair fell over his forehead as he tucked his son in bed, watching his child sleep was the most precious thing he could feel.