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Friends With Benefits (SMUT)

A/N: Just a head’s up; the scenario in this comes off as extremely unrealistic or something like that. But I needed something to work for what I have planned and this fit the bill. After all, it’s fiction :P Also, I apologise for the lack of dirty talk and rough sex!

Character: Louis, Zayn

Warning(s): Smut, dirty talk, rough sex, threesome

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Preference 120-Your Child Asks an Awkward Question

Master List
This was requested! Thanks to my lovely followers (3 of them) for helping w/ the questions! I don’t think they’re soooo awkward, but… Requests are welcome for preferences and imagines! :)

Niall: Your 5 year old walked into the kitchen, sitting in hear seat and waited for you to grab her breakfast. Niall had walked in just as you set down bowl of cereal, dripping wet from the shower he had just taken. She was into her food as she innocently sat in hear seat. You were talking to Niall when her small voice interrupted the two of you. “Mummy, I know I was in your tummy when I was a baby, but where was I before that?” she asked, her big blue eyes staring at you. Your eyes widen while Niall choked on his cereal, both of you completely taken back. She kept her eyes on the two of you waiting for her answer. “Well?” she asked, pushing the two of you with her attitude. Niall looked at you and chuckled. “Eat your cereal,” you said, ignoring her question and making her mope. “Why didn’t you just make something up?” he chuckled, eating his food. “Like what?” you asked, glaring at him playfully. “Like you were in daddy’s di-“ You didn’t let him continue, slapping your hand over his mouth and telling him that was inappropriate. 

Zayn: He was thrusting into you, making you moan out loud. The two of you were so into the moment that you didn’t notice your son walking in. He was whimpering as he approached the bed, making the both of you pull away quickly. You both wrapped the sheets around you as he stared at you. “What’s wrong, baby?” Zayn asked, sitting up and looking down at him. Both of you were mortified, but he was too young to know what was going on. “Why were you hurting mummy? She was screaming and you weren’t stopping,” he whimpered, looking at his dad with big, watery eyes. Zayn looked at you and chuckled before whispering, “Should’ve been quieter, babe.” “Are you okay, mummy?” he asked, walking over to your side of the bed. You smiled and looked down at him, not wanting to pick him up since you were still naked. “Yes, baby, I’m fine. Daddy and I were just… Wrestling. I’m fine,” you smiled, touching his cheek. “Come one, sonny, let’s get you to bed,” Zayn said, getting out of bed and taking your son to his room. When he came back, he picked up where you left off, but remembered to lock the door and told you to be quieter.

Louis: Your daughter had gone shopping with you, her mouth was working a million miles a minute and it was the cutest thing ever. She was a splitting image of Louis, who was also with the two of you. Having the both of them with you was a lot of work when you were trying to get things for the house. They often distracted you, Louis being the biggest kid as he complained with her. “What else is on the list?” you asked, looking over at him. He picked up the list and smirked. “The things that keep your period at bay,” he chuckled, making her giggle thought she didn’t know what he was talking about. “Mum, what’s a period?” she asked, making people’s heads turn as the two of you walked down the aisle. You stopped in your tracks and looked at Louis who was laughing his butt off. A couple of people were sending you glares, but you ignored it, already embarrassed as it is. “It’s something that happens to girls when they get older,” you said, not wanting to explain it yet. “But when? What is it?” she asked, urging you. You looked at Lou for help, annoyed with him the most. “We’ll tell you when you’re older,” he said, trying to hold in his laughter. 

Harry: He was holding your daughter as the two of you made your way into the restaurant, like he always did. She was a Chatty Cathy all day, asking questions and talking to random people that she saw. It was a quality she had learned from her dad. Her unruly curls, her eyes, everything about her just screamed mini Harry. The three of you sat down, he next to him in a booth while you were on the other side. As you and Harry talked, she had turned her attention to the other customers in the restaurant. She had taken a notice to a guy who was on the bigger side, saying hi to him as he walked by. He had been kind enough to stop and talk to her, causing you and Harry to turn your attention to them. Just in time to hear her ask, “Are you going to have a baby?” He looked at her with furrowed eyes brows and shook his head with a laugh before telling her by. “Why would you ask him that, love?” Harry asked, looking down at her, ready to laugh. “He’s got a tummy. A lot of people with tummies have babies.” Her reasoning was all over, but he had laughed. “Boys don’t have babies, princess. Not every with a tummy has a baby in their tummy. That’s not a nice question to ask, okay?” he said, looking at your for help. “But why?” she asked, still lost. You chuckled and took a turn at it, getting through to her with the fact that people are all sizes and it’s perfectly normal. “Okay,” she said, seeming to accept her answer as she turned her attention back to the room. 

Liam: Your son had been very curious lately. Every time he heard of something new, he would ask questions about it. He had the memory of an elephant, never forgetting things that had come up days ago. While you three had been out getting ice cream, he had asked something that you didn’t he would ask so soon. “What?” you asked, looking at him with a slack jaw. “What’s sex?” he asked, licking his ice cream cone. Liam looked at you and furrowed his eyebrows before looking back at your son. “Where did you hear the word, sex?” he asked. Your son continued to eat his cone, getting it all over his face. “I heard you tell uncle Zayn that you and mummy had sex. What’s sex?” You coughed and looked at Liam, glaring at him as you raised an eyebrow. “Why would you be telling Zayn that, Liam?” He chuckled and shrugged and then turned his attention to his son, getting a jab on the side of his torso from you. “You don’t need to know what sex is yet. I’ll tell you when you’re older. Don’t talk about it until then, please,” Liam said, reaching over to clean his face while chuckling.
Was Harry’s okay? I hope so….

Beyond The Past// Zayn Imagine

Here is part one and two



You tears couldn’t hold back any longer when you entered the cab. You felt stupid. You let Zayn lead you on for three months; you wasted three months with a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere. The driver looked through his mirror every once and awhile you let out louder sob, but you probably weren’t his first crier. Moving wasn’t a option for you on your budget. You would have to stay there and watch him like you used to, but with a different view.

You arrived at your apartment and paid the driver more than you probably should of before running into your building. Luckily, you had the elevator to yourself so you could ride up alone. By the time you made it to your flat, you knew your face was a mess. Your back slid down your closed door. You were able to see Zayn’s flat making memories flood back like a hurricane. You kicked off your heels as tear fell from your eyes.

“Y/N,” you heard a voice belonging to Zayn. You were unresponsive. “Y/N, please, I know you’re in there and I know I fucked up. I just need you to listen if you don’t want to talk about it,” he began. “I know my intentions were wrong. Yes, it was an asshole move; I’ll admit that, but I got to know you. The moment we had our first conversation, I knew you were different. I never thought I would love someone, honestly. I know the stuff people said were true, but I wanna change, Y/N; I wanna change because I really love you. I do. I actually wanna go and meet your parents and maybe move in with you one day. I want to get serious with you, and I mean that. I love you, Y/N. ”

You were still listening. You softly smiled at his sweet words, but you still felt hurt in your heart. You sighed as you got up from the ground to open up the door.

“Zayn.” You opened the door to meet his troubled face. “You wanted to use me.”

“And I hate myself for that. If I knew I was going to love you one day, I would have never did the shit I did in the past, and I mean that.” His hand ran against yours. You could see how nervous he was. His hands were a bit clammy. “And I wanna kiss you right now because I’m looking at you now and-”

Your lips moved over onto his causing you to melt. His nerves slowly went away as your hands caressed his face.  His tongue grazed on your lower lip, begging for entrance. You allowed it as his lips moved onto your neck.

“Jump,” he mumbled in your neck, placing his hands on your bottom helping lift you up.

His mouth was still attached to your neck while your arms were around his.He carried you to the back of your flat to your bedroom. Tiny moans left your lips as you held on for the ride to your room.

“Wait, Zayn, no,” you sighed out, moving your neck away from his lips. You had almost made it to your room. “I feel like if we do this, I’ll just be another notch in your belt, and I don’t wanna be that for you,” you told him.

“Y/N, you aren’t gonna be that for me. I really love you,” he smiled. “I wanna make love to you.” He placed his forehead against yours before kissing you softly again.

You gave into him as he walked you into your room without breaking the kiss. He laid you on the bed.

“I love your lips.” He leaned downed, his knee between your legs, pressing his lips on yours. “I love your eyes and your hair.” He brushed some out of your face. “I love your body,” he smirked, unzipping your dress and pulling it off. Instinctively, you covered yourself making Zayn chuckle. “I love that you don’t think your body is beautiful, even though you should, because I can tell you it everyday.” His lips moved down to your stomach, leaving small love bits.

“I love it when you don’t shave still,” you smiled as he undid your bra.

“Well I love you breasts because they’re perfect,” he mumbled, cupping your breasts into his hands.

You let out a soft moan as his fingers rubbed both of your nipples. He replaced with his fingers with his mouth sending chills down your spine.

“Zayn,” you moaned out as you took off his blazer, and unbuttoning his dress shirt. Your hips moved up, trying to create some friction.

“Someone is a little impatient,” he chuckled. His hand moved over to your underwear, “and little soaked as well.”

His hand moved slowly rubbed your sex through you underwear causing you to sigh in pleasure.

“Zayn, I need your mouth,” you whispered. “I need your tongue.”

His response was removing your panties and throwing them behind him.

“Who made you this wet, babygirl?” Zayn asked as he rubbed his thumb over your cilt.

“Y-you, Zayn,” you stuttered out, letting your head fall back.

“Mmm I thought so.”

You felt like you were on cloud nine as his tongue licked up the juices. You fingers ran through his hair causing him to moan sending vibrations through your core. His tongue thrust into you deeper and quicker as his thumb was working on your cilt in circles. The familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach made you realize how close you were. His hands hooked around your thighs to pull you closer into his mouth.

“Z-Zayn, I’m so close,” you whimpered, tugging on his hair.

“Mmm but I wanna see you cum,” Zayn mumbled in between licks on your core. “Do it, Y/N. let it go.”

You knew holding on for much longer wasn’t a option anymore for you since your breathing was getting heavier as his tongue worked faster in you. Before you knew it, you hit your high. You felt the pleasure take over almost making you forget where you were.

“If only we could see how you look when you cum,” Zayn chuckled, wiping his mouth and looking up at you.

You smiled as he climbed back up to meet your face. You felt your self-confidence build up as Zayn’s lips reached around your clavicle leaving small marks.

“I wanna know how you look,” you whispered, turning him over. “I wanna you see you cum,” you said, giving him a sly smile before moving down to his black jeans. You undid the button which gave Zayn’s member some relief. He grabbed your hand, stopping you.

“It’s about you, Y/N. It’s not about me right now,” he reminded you.

You blushed as you still undid his jeans, “Fine but we really can’t get anywhere wit these on,” you smiled, sliding down his jeans. He sighed out in relief as you slid down his briefs next. He let out a throaty moan as his erection sprung out. You bit your lip almost feeling embarrassed at your actions.

Zayn took notice softly kissing you again. He partly did it to distract you and he couldn’t resist your lips. He placed you back on your back as his hands explored your sides making goosebumps rise on your skin.

“I know it’s been awhile for you, so I’ll go slow,” he promised you with a reassured smile.

You nodded before Zayn took his member and slowly guided into you. It had been awhile since you had sex and you could feel it when Zayn entered you. He kept going in deeper causing you breath in hitch in your throat.

“You good?” he asked, his hand holding firmly on your hip.

“Yes please move, Z,” you begged him.

He slowly started moving in and out of you. Zayn wasn’t used to this type of pace and you could feel that in the rhythm of his thrusts. This was different for him, and you both felt that.

“Oh-h Zayn,” you moaned out, grabbing onto the sheets under you.

“Christ, Y/N, you feel so good,” he groaned out. He leaned down into your neck, kissing down your neck and whispering into your ear in the process. “I love you so much, babe.”

His pace quickened a bit as his rhythm started coming together. Your hands hooked onto his shoulders as you became blissful. He filled you up perfectly. Your nails dug into his back has his thrusts became deeper but quicker. You clenched around his member causing him to become closer than ever.

“Shit, Y/N, do that again,” he groaned out, his forehead nearly touching his.

You did so making Zayn thrust in all the right places. You were coming close again, and you couldn’t take it anymore.

“Z-Zayn, I’m so clo-”

“I know, me too, baby,” he interrupted. “Cum for me. I wanna see you cum again. Come on, baby.”

You knew Zayn would be there too, sooner rather than later. His thrusts were getting sloppier and his profanities were falling out his mouth quickly.

“Fucking shit, cum, Y/N,” he told you.

You felt your loosen underneath Zayn as you came, and he was right behind you. Your tried muffling your yelling into his shoulder since you didn’t realize how loud it was going to be. You and Zayn both rode out your highs together. You felt yourself quiver from the orgasm you just had. The only noise left was the breathing between you and Zayn.

“I’ve never made love before,” he mentioned, breaking the silence. “But I like it with you.”

You blushed before kissing his lips again.

“I like it with you, too. I like it a lot.”

You both chuckled at how cheesy you both sounded, but it was real; it’s how you both felt.

“And you’re not just another girl to me, Y/N  because I truly love you,” Zayn told you. “And I’m not used to loving someone else or being serious, but I want to be with you,” he admitted.

“I love you, too, but promise me you’ll  be honest with me about your past because I love the Zayn I met a couple months ago regardless of what he did in the past, okay?”

He nodded slowly making you chuckle. “But that doesn’t mean we have to take it slow all the time. The only thing I want different from you is commitment, but I still want other parts of you,” you smirked, running your hand through his hair. “And I think you’re holding back on me.”

He smiled at your remark, “We’ll get there. I just want to enjoy you right now.”

#355 - How He Finds Your G-Spot*

Harry: Using his long, slender fingers, he presses his middle finger in first as far as it can go. You keep your eyes on him, smiling softly and letting out a sigh. “Now try curling it up,” you instructed softly, lifting your head slightly. He nodded and curled his finger up, bringing it towards the front wall. “Now just… feel around and press down a few times…” you said softly, relaxing back into the pillow. You could feel him changing pressure against the frontal vaginal wall, looking for the g-spot. You weren’t really feeling much until he actually did hit it. You let out a gasp and he stopped, looking up at you. “Did I..?” he started and you nodded your head. “Yup, keep doing that,” you said quickly, and he started up his movements, pulsing his finger over the rough patch inside of you. Your mouth fell open and you dug your fingers into the sheets next to you, pulling your legs apart a little more.

Liam: Sitting on his length, you rest your hands on his stomach and lean forwards, trying to get his erection to hit that spot that you wanted so desperately. You rolled your hips around, feeling him move around inside you slightly. “Anything yet?” he breathed out and you huffed, shaking your head. He held onto your waist and stopped you for a moment. “What if I do…” he drifted off for a moment, lifting his hips up off of the bed and letting out a deep breath. You felt him suddenly press against it and a higher pitched moan fell from your lips. “This?” he finished and you nodded your head quickly. He smirked and dropped his hips briefly, before raising them back up into you. You whined out softly, digging your nails into his stomach. He breathed out heavily, sliding himself into you smoothly, hitting the g-spot the best that he could. Your orgasm that hit in only a few seconds was needless to say, quite intense.

Niall: He used the specially curved toy, pushing the silicone end up into you. You gasped out and let out a chuckle, your nipples standing up on edge as your whole body was stiff and at attention. With the curvature of the toy and the way he worked it with his hand, it didn’t take him long to find your g-spot. Every time he pushed it back up into you, it pressed up against the rough spot, there was something inside of you that just build up. It was a build-up of pressure, a constant addition to something that was in your gut. You breathed deeply, moaning out submissively, giving into Niall and the small but intense sex toy. Your mouth dropped open just as your climax hit, and without any warning, a clear liquid started spurting out of your hole. Your eyes opened wide and you looked down, feeling the toy leave your body. Niall had a surprised but satisfied smirk on his face. “I read that that might happen but… jesus, I never thought it would be that great…”

Louis: “Seriously Louis, I can feel it, but like… it doesn’t feel good…” you murmured out softly, propping yourself up on your elbows. Louis frowned slightly, twisting his finger inside of you slightly. “Well it feels rough…” he mumbled and you chewed your lip softly. “Wait, wait… last resort for this but give me your other hand?” you said softly, holding out one of your arms. He stilled his finger in you and put his free hand in yours. You lowered it to the area just above your pubic bone, around the same area as your g-spot was, just externally. “Just like… massage there…” you said softly, moving his hand in small circles. He nodded his head, pressing his fingers against the external spot, trying to keep them at the same level that his fingers were internally. “Is this helping?” he asked softly and you nodded, smiling softly at him. “A bit…” Louis bit his lip and kept up at it for a couple more minutes before you just stopped him. “Maybe we’ll stick to clitoral stimulation babe…”

Zayn: As he thrusted into you, you breathed out deeply, feeling good but not as good as you wanted to be. “Z… Zayn stop for a minute…” you said breathlessly, patting his shoulder. He pulled his head back swallowing thickly. “What?” he murmured, pushing some of his hair back from his face. “I wanna ride you…” you replied and he raised an eyebrow. Before he could really reply, you giggled out softly and pushed him onto his back, grabbing his length and flipping over on top of him, quickly sliding yourself over him. You froze when he curved into you, and your eyes widened. “Babe what’s wrong?” he asked breathing deeply, holding your hips. “N-Nothing I just… fuck…” you breathed out, slowing down but engulfing him as far as you could go. “What?” he pushed, stopping you for a moment. “I just… fuck you found it…” “Found what?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows, swallowing thickly. “Fuck, my g-spot…” you laughed out softly, looking down at him. “Oh baby girl…” he hummed. “That means things are just getting started…”


5. Zayn Malik

Speaking of One Direction, when Zayn left the group in March, Directioners collectively lost their minds. After five years, one of the band’s two most popular members went his own way in an attempt to leave the spotlight, only to have it shine even brighter on everything he does. While he hasn’t really put out any new music, Zayn did thrust himself into the most stylish celeb conversation this year for the first time. He always felt a little too edgy for the polished image his bandmates cultivated. While we’ve seen less of Zayn this year than any other, what we did see of him secured him a spot on our list. Whether it was his entrance to the Louis Vuitton show this summer, complete with a freshly shorn blonde buzz cut and silk Vuitton shirt, or other appearances during Fashion Week that sent him on a path to style stardom, I’m not totally sure, but, for the last half of the year, all eyes have been on him. Zayn’s typical look nails that British aesthetic of slim trousers, dress shirt (often buttoned to the collar with no tie) and boots or chunky dress shoes, but he’s also branched out to different looks with distressed jeans and Air Jordans this year, showing just how much a change of scenery, like leaving one of the biggest pop acts of the era, can do for someone. —Skylar Bergl