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Friends With Benefits (SMUT)

A/N: Just a head’s up; the scenario in this comes off as extremely unrealistic or something like that. But I needed something to work for what I have planned and this fit the bill. After all, it’s fiction :P Also, I apologise for the lack of dirty talk and rough sex!

Character: Louis, Zayn

Warning(s): Smut, dirty talk, rough sex, threesome

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Ok but since you're in the Liam mood, in a Ziam is real world, what is Zayn's reaction to Liam coming out of the room looking like that? What does he do??

Zayn’s not expecting it, is the thing. 

He knows that Liam looks absolutely fantastic in suits, he does. He’s been in the band with him for five years, he knows more than anyone that Liam in a suit is better than his dad’s samosas on a Saturday night, and that says something. He’s prepared, he thinks.

Turns here’s no way he could ever be prepared for what Liam actually looks like this evening, so when Liam walks into the living room looking like everything Zayn used to fantasize about before he actually met Liam and immediately knew he wouldn’t want another person anymore, ever, it’s like his brain stops having any kind of functioning thought beyond ‘what the fuck’ and ‘oh my god’ and ‘please’.

What actually ends up coming out is a whimper.

“What do you think?” Liam says with a smile, and it’s supposed to come across as bashful, but it’s not what it looks like at all. It’s filthy, is what it is. 

When he doesn’t answer, Liam stares at him, his eyes twinkling behind the frames of his glasses, and Zayn didn’t even know that Liam had these glasses, has only seen him with his old frames on, but it’s taking his breath away. The way his hair is carefully styled into a wavy part is making him ache to run his hands through it, to mess it up until a strand falls into his face as he pounds into Zayn, and the way his suit fits around his waist, the edge of the sleeves stopping just where the handtattoo peeks out, force the thoughts about Liam fucking him quickly to make way for Liam fingering him open, rose petals meeting with Zayn’s arse cheeks the deeper Liam’s fingers bury themselves inside him, and –

“Z?” Liam inquires, and Zayn has to drag his eyes up from his hands to actually look his boyfriend in the face.

“You look like my wet dream come true,” Zayn breathes out, his body humming with arousal. It’s running through his veins, quickening his heartbeat, and he’s already starting to get hard in his jeans. Why isn’t he getting a grip?

“Is it the glasses? Are they just artsy enough for you to finally give me that hipster look you’ve always wanted?” Liam teases, but his blush gives him away, and Zayn has the feeling that he knows exactly what kind of filth is going through his brain right now.

“It’s everything,” he says, but it doesn’t quite seem to cover what he’s feeling. “You’re everything.”  It still doesn’t cover it, and something in him snaps at the realization that he can’t say what he means, easing forward and tugging Liam into his chest until he can kiss him properly, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth and biting down on it hard until Liam cannot help but groan into his mouth.

“This is unfair,” Liam sighs in between kisses, stepping forward so their groins align, and god, Liam is just as hard as Zayn is, but they have no time, there’s only five minutes to spare until he has to leave -

“Do you know what’s unfair? You looking like this and me not being able to fuck you like this,” he groans in return, giving Liam’s dick a squeeze while he kisses his neck, “You do know Malik means king as well, yeah? What does she have that I don’t, babe?” 

“Please, ah – fuck, I might be meeting the queen, but you know the only one that will ever rule me is you,” Liam whines as he arches into the touch. His hand goes down to Zayn’s arse cheeks, thumb catching where he knows Zayn’s hole is situated, and Zayn shudders as he realises it’s the hand that has the rose carved into its skin.

“Prove it.” Zayn bites down on a moan, shuddering against Liam’s body and arching into his touch, and embarrassingly, he can feel he’s getting close just from this, just from Liam looking like a businessman while knowing what he gets up to behind closed doors, and it’s hotter than it has any right to be, hotter than Zayn’s brain can handle. His dick twitches in his pants as he ruts against Liam’s leg, hands roaming beneath the back of Liam’s jacket. He can feel his release approaching, can feel his fingers starting to shake, that delicious feeling of almost there burning in his stomach, the adrenaline making his brain foggy.

“Can you come for me just like this?” Liam whispers into Zayn’s ear, breath warm against his neck. Zayn nearly mewls, thrusts getting more eratic, and he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t, he wants to be fucked properly, wants to take his time with Liam but they can’t.

“No,” Zayn whines, refusing to look Liam in the eye because it will do him in, but it’s useless to fight Liam’s dick hard against his or to stop his hands on Liam’s back from pulling him impossibly closer.

“I think you can, babe, and I know you want to, so just do it, yeah?” Liam whispers, free hand going up to Zayn’s hair as he tugs, and, well, fuck.

“Liam, ah, fucking hell,” he moans, everything coming to a halt right there and black hits his eyes, the whole world spinning beneath him as he blindly bites down on Liam’s tie, orgasm hitting him and warmth flooding his pants. 

It’s quiet for a few seconds, until Liam laughs quietly above his head and tries to untangle Zayn from his body.

“If I knew this is what it would do to you, I would’ve worn this much sooner,” he smirks, leaning in to give Zayn another lingering kiss, slipping him just a bit of tongue that’s enough for Zayn’s brain to get foggy again. 

Zayn pulls back, forcing himself to take a step back and smooth out the few wrinkles in Liam’s suit that he’d put in there.

“Just get out,” Zayn sighs, his cock giving a hopeless twitch, and he already knows he’ll spend the rest of the night wanking himself silly. 

It’s worth it, though.

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James corden: "choose which box you fancy" James talking to Liam. Niall: "hold on where's Zayn?" I dunno if you still remember this moment from the late late show, but I've always wondered whether this was a ziam moment. Like why did Niall say that 😂

Hi anon

I know.   It kills me.   Louis’ laugh as well.  (it’s at 2.50 if the timestamp doesn’t work)

To joke about it just felt so out of place, and what I mean by that is that if Liam didn’t fancy Zayn then what’s the point of even saying it?  Most people didn’t pick up on it as Niall turned his face away from the camera as he said it so why bother?

And if Ziam had by that point split up, why even go there anyway and risk hurting Liam by mentioning it?   I know Niall was tense cause of the thing that was to come but even so.

Just a coincidence, just our imagination,  like so many other things,, we get excited about silly things and all Zayn ever did was thrust his groin in Liam’s direction, that’s all so we’re the crazy ones, right?

Wrong.  If that isn’t cherry picking I don’t know what is. 

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yo why was tmh tour so ziam af like for sure fucking was going on?

UM YES tmht was a literal ziam goldmine esp the european leg like i get the shakes just thinkin abt it but that tour on a whole was ziam AS HELL we were blessed w so MUCH like u could just cut the sexual tension with a KNIFE am not even lying tbh we got shit like this on the daily

what the actual FUCK no wonder that vid got deleted jesus chrisist n then theres all the buttslaps n thrusting 2wards eachother (i swear i got like 50 gifs saved solely of liam thrusting at zayn irfl) n things like zayn checking out liam n then saying ‘nice’ bc liams tshirt was wet and u could see his nipple and zayn wiping between liams ass w. liam’s bandana like ???? LMFAO #nevr4get :’-(

thrusting makes us happy

should we take a look at all the best thrusting moments?

because group thrusting should become a thing

liam really knows how to work it out

go niall go niall

zayn doesn’t thrust often but when he doesssss omg

is this real life

ahhhh my ovaries

i think i just fainted

i mean at least you tired haz

group thrusting???? come on

now you are getting the hang of it haz

you just killed all of us zayn

i can’t i just can’t


are you still with me or have you died?

the most sensual thrust i have ever seen

way to join us liam

i am so turned on

ooooo louis louis louis

niall i am dead. dead.

i don't think i can breathe…

they really know how to get to us