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…in which Louis maybe didn’t hear the first part of what James Corden said. February 2014 xx

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Zayn finding the ring before Liam proposes

Liam’s pacing up the stairs to their apartment when his phone vibrates in his hand, ‘Zayn’ abruptly appearing across the screen. He accepts the call and puts the phone to his ear, searching his pockets for his keys with his spare hand.

“I’m literally coming in no—”

“Yes!” Zayn blurts into the phone, voice scratchy with excitement.

Liam frowns, slotting his key into the lock.


“I found the ring, Li — I’m so sorry, but —”

Liam pushes the door open to the flat, standing in the open doorway with his lips breathlessly parted.

Zayn is standing across the room with the tiny velvet box pressed into his palm, his phone up against his ear. His eyes are wide, teeth biting over the smile stretched to his lips.

He tosses his phone onto the sofa beside him and strides across the room, throwing his arms around Liam’s neck. Liam holds him instinctively, but remains silent — in shock as he looks at Zayn’s teary eyes.

Zayn giggles beneath his stare, fingers tangling into Liam’s hair as he stammers a desperate kiss over parted lips.

“I didn’t even ask you,” Liam eventually says, but a smile finally reaches his lips, crinkles drawn intricately around his eyes as he holds Zayn to his chest and easily lifts him off of the ground.

“I don’t care,” Zayn whispers, blurting a laugh before he sobs over Liam’s lips.

He tangles his legs around Liam’s waist, swallowing.

“You didn’t need to ask, I. You. I didn’t even need to answer, love.”

Liam presses his grin to Zayn’s, kicking the door closed with his foot and resting beneath hands at Zayn’s thighs.

“How d’ you know it’s for you?” He teases with a raised eyebrow, smiling at the tear slipping over Zayn’s flushed cheeks.

He feels like crying, too — but can hardly acknowledge the situation as he beams at Zayn with nothing but fondness and love focused on his fiancé.

“Shut up n’ kiss me,” Zayn breathes, the two of them laughing through smiles as Liam complies with his request.


zayns a prominent member of the mafia and he doesn’t really care all that much about a lot of things and then he meets this girl that reminds him of the moon and hes in love but things dont always go according to zayns plan


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reading this made me laugh so i’m going to share it with you. i wrote this maybe two? years ago, after I watched Sleepless in Seattle to avoid studying. It doesn’t feel like my writing or me at all lol.

It’s called “Wandering in WolverHampton” lol and this is all that I wrote (I would end it the way I did and never start back up lmao) 


“Hello this is The Sound of London, you are live with Dr. Zee Javaad. What’s your name?”

“Lia Karen.”

Zayn stares at the mic for a moment, hesitating before he readjusts his head set to hear better. “Hello there, Lia. You sound much younger than our normal callers. How old are you?”

“Eight,” Lia says without skipping a beat.

Zayn bites his tongue around a ‘I’m not Santa, kid.’ He’s been doing this gig part-time for about three years now, and he’s not sure he’s ever gotten a phone from anyone under the age of forty. “Well, Lia. What’s your Christmas wish this year?”

“It’s not for me, Dr. Zee. It’s for my Papa. My wish is that he finds a wife.”

“A wife?” Zayn repeats. He bites around a smile, hoping to hide the fact that his words kind of came out as an amused chuckle more so than anything else. “D’you not like the one he has?”

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#384 - Insomnia

Harry: Like clockwork, 2:30am rolled around and you were awake, wide awake. You felt beyond exhausted and wished that you could just close your eyes and go back to sleep, but the insomnia didn’t work like that, no. You felt Harry shift beside you in the bed and looked over at him. He was fast asleep. The first few times after he learned about things, he would try and stay up with you, but that didn’t last long. Not that you minded. Slipping out of bed quietly, you went out into the hallway and made your way to the living room. Having to be up in a mere four hours for work, you hoped you could get at least another hour of sleep, just to get yourself through the next day.

Liam: You made yourself another cup of coffee and came back to your computer, reading over the fourth paper you had worked on this week. Sleep had not been a priority. You began typing again, blindly at this point.  You knew what you were writing about so you just wrote, spilling words out of your ass. “Babe,” Liam yawned, coming down the stairs. “You need to come to bed,” he continued. “I couldn’t sleep even if I tried,” you shook your head. “Well you need to try anyways, come on,” he waved you over but you weren’t moving. “(Y/N),” he started, but you shook your head again. “I just had coffee, I need to finish this paper and I physically can’t sleep. So go back to bed and when all this school shit is over, I’ll sleep.”

Niall: The new medication you were on had messed your sleep schedule up completely. You had never had problems getting to sleep before, but these new pills were making you beyond exhausted during the day and when it was time for you to sleep, you wouldn’t be able to. “I think you need to go back to the doctor and see if you can get a different medications,” he sighed, brushing his thumb underneath your tired eyes. “I know… but I haven’t been able to get an appointment,” you murmured, grabbing his wrist gently and pulling his hand back. “Did you try calling today?” he frowned. “Not yet,” you shook your head. Niall rubbed your arms up and down gently, biting his lip. “Let me try okay? I’ll see if I can get anything.”

Louis: Both of you were completely thrown off now that you were home, all the travelling and time changes were catching up to you. “What time is it?” you asked, looking over at him. “It’s 4:24am,” he commented and you looked back at the television. “We should probably go upstairs and try to sleep… we gotta get back into a schedule,” you chuckled, throwing your legs over his lap. “Probably,” he smiled softly, resting his hands on top of your knees. “But I’m kinda comfy…” “Me too,” you hummed out softly, yawning out deeply. Louis pulled you closer and kissed your cheek. “You can sleep on my lap,” he cooed and you chuckled, resting your head on his shoulders. “You’re very comfy… I just might.”

Zayn: You found yourself staring at the ceiling as Zayn slept soundly beside you. Sighing out deeply, you tried as hard as you could to fall asleep, but nothing was working. In his sleep, Zayn slung his arm over your stomach and you turned your head to look down at him. He cuddled up to you, the warmth radiating off of him and helping you relax a lot more, but not sleep just yet. He must’ve sensed something before his head shifted on your shoulder slightly before he pulled it back. “Why aren’t you sleeping…” he slurred out, half asleep. “Just can’t,” you whispered, kissing his forehead. He hummed out and nodded slightly, dropping his head back to the pillow. You smiled softly, knowing that there wasn’t much he could do anyways, looking back to the ceiling.

I am re reading one of my old fics for inspo and I can’t believe I wrote a dramatic rain scene and then made fun of myself for doing so in it lmao

Zayn hates the rain. Seriously. It is pouring, smacking against the pavement angrily. There is no way his backpack isn’t going to get soaked in that, because it takes at least ten minutes to get back to his dorm. Thankfully he can leave his art in the studio so it doesn’t end up ruined by the rain pellets.

He kind of hates himself at the moment, because even though it had been raining when he left his dorm, he hadn’t thought about changing into boots instead of  his converses, he didn’t bring an umbrella or even a thick enough jacket to somewhat keep him dry. He is wearing a jean jacket over a hoodie, and seriously, what had he been thinking?

His phone vibrates, and fuck, he didn’t think about that either. He shoves it under his hoodie, securing it under the waistband of his jeans so maybe, he prays, that it doesn’t get ruined too.

Zayn runs, trying to dodge the drops of rain that are coming down like bullets. He needs to start working out or something because his lungs are on fire, legs aching by the time he spots his dorm building. A warm shower would be so nice, and his bed, oh god his bed –

Zayn fumbles to find his keys, slowing down to a jog as he tugs them out of his backpack. Yeah, everything is soaked, his notebooks starting to curl around the edges, the cardboard covering his pencils turning a dark shade.

“Zayn, wait up!”

Liam is running towards him, just as wet as him. Zayn squints his eyes because it is dark and the rain is messing with his vision. He really needs to work on not seeing Liam in everything, everyone.  

It is Liam though, hair matted to his forehead and a blue cotton shirt clinging to his chest. At least he was smart enough to wear boots, but he isn’t wearing a jacket and it is freezing, so they are both equally out of their minds.

“What the fuck, Liam. It is pouring – what are you doing here?”

“Have to ask you something,” Liam gets out.  He is out of breath, and Zayn isn’t sure why, because Liam could probably run laps around this campus without getting too tired.

“So you were waiting in the rain? Do you know how to text?”

“Tried that. I have been calling too, but you’ve kind of been ignoring me.” He grimaces at himself before adding, “And I was waiting in my truck.” He nudges his head towards the parking lot, where Zayn can almost make out the shape of the truck.

As much as Zayn hates the rain coming down on him, his feet are rooted to the ground, gaping at Liam.  He considers turning around and just going inside, but Liam looks serious. It has been two days since Liam last tried texting him, and Zayn had thought he had given up again.

“Why did you stop talking to me?” he says before Zayn can decide what to do. Do they really have to do this here? “I need to know why you stopped talking to me.”

“Liam, what – “

“Zayn it’s important,” he interrupts, sounding just as desperate as he looks. “I just need to know.”

Liam’s busy schedule is clearly starting to get to him because he is insane.

“You won’t talk to me, but you’ve given Soph all of these drawings of me. I found one in my car, and that night at your sisters - I don’t know Zayn, maybe I shouldn’t try to figure out how you feel by the look on your face, but you’re not really giving me a choice.”

It seems like Liam can’t stop the flood of words rushing past his lips and he looks apologetic when he pauses, taking a deep breath before he continues.

“Niall told me,” Liam goes on, slower this time, not waiting any longer for Zayn to respond. “About how you brought me home drunk the night of the cupid party. Does it have to do with that?”

Zayn glares, finding his voice. “Did I stop talking to you because you were drunk? No.”

“How about me telling you I love you?”

Zayn stares at him, mouth falling open. He was sure Liam had been drunk enough that he could get away with pretending Liam never told him that, that he never heard Liam tell him that he felt the same. Feels the same.

Liam comes closer, closing the space between them in just two steps. Zayn can just make out the scent of his cologne through the smell of rain and he wants to press his face into Liam’s chest to comfort the hurt seeping through him.

“I didn’t know if I did or not, but the expression on your face confirms that I did.” Liam huffs out a breath, a ghost of smile on his lips but it isn’t a happy smile, really. “It’s true, you know. I meant it, in case you didn’t think so because I was drunk when I said it. I just didn’t mean to tell you that way though.”

“Did you come to tell me in the pouring rain? Like we are in some romance movie?”

“I am a romantic,” Liam grins. It slips off his face though when he realizes Zayn isn’t going to laugh at that. The only kind of laugh Zayn could muster right now would be full of tears or frustration. “I mean, that isn’t why I planned on coming here. Like I said, I have to know -

“Go home Liam,” Zayn says tiredly, turning around to unlock the door so he can finally go inside. The clothes sticking to his skin are heavy, dragging him down worse than the feeling in his chest is.

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heeeeey can you write some drunk Liam and Zayn having to take care of him and liam just keeps telling Zayn how pretty he is or something :)

“How much did you - fuck - have to drink?” Zayn asks, stumbling in the doorway as Liam all but falls onto him, giggles poured into Zayn’s neck as he secures arms around his shoulders. 

“It started with just one or two, I promise, but then Lou suggested shots and then…maybe six, or seven. Maybe eleven?”

Zayn stares at Liam in amusement, biting over his bottom lip.

“Are you mad at me?” Liam demands, his expression suddenly very serious with his lip pushed into a pout. 

Zayn rolls his eyes, wrapping an arm around Liam’s waist and guiding him through their apartment to the bedroom. “Of course I’m not mad at you.”

Liam beams, crinkles pulled around his eyes. 

“Good, because I love you.”

Zayn can’t help but smile fondly, snorting as he gently pushes Liam to sit at the end of their bed. 

“Stay here –”

“Where are you going?” Liam whines, reaching for Zayn’s hips before he can move away. Arms curl around his middle and he’s pulled into Liam’s lap, both of them knocking heads.

“Shit, Li. I was just getting you pyjamas,” Zayn hisses under his breath, rubbing his forehead with the palm of his hand. 

The pout returns to Liam’s lips, a sigh poured into Zayn’s neck as he strokes soft fingers over Zayn’s spine. 

“Sorry, you’re just too pretty to let go.”

Zayn snorts, pulling back. “What?”

“You’re just really pretty, babe,” Liam says innocently, confusion tugged at his brow as he stares up at Zayn’s grin. “Don’t ever wanna let you go.”

Zayn cups Liam’s cheeks with his hands, whispering a soft kiss over his lips. “I think you’re going to have to at some point, love.”

“No,” Liam refuses, huffing as he pulls Zayn in again, burying his face into the crook of his neck. “I love you.”

Zayn shakes his head, brushing laugher into Liam’s hair. 

“I love you too, Liam - but you’re kind of suffocating me right now and you need to get some sleep.”

Liam sighs against Zayn’s skin, reaching up to press a soft kiss to his cheek before he lies back against the mattress. He’s asleep in a matter of seconds, leaving Zayn at the foot of the bed with silent laughter spilling from his lips.