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In da Club

So, some of you had requested one in a club so I’ve just put all of these requests in one :) then it’s done in … one … shot! haha :D okay, I try too hard to be funny here! 

You know all eyes are on you when you enter the club. You always have this effect. It doesn’t matter if it were women or men. Everyone had to look at you.

Well, you earn your money with your looks because you’re a freaking model everybody knows about.

Today you just want to have some fun with your girls and see if you maybe got lucky tonight.

You immediately make your way to the dancefloor and start to sway your hips to the beat of the music. Some old hip hop tunes are played which make you lose yourself on the dancefloor.

Guys make their way up to you but you don’t care. Firstly, they weren’t exactly what you want a guy to be like and secondly, it is too early for some action.

So you decide to go to the bar for a couple of drinks. The bartender shoots you a wink when he hands you your shots and you’re quickly to take them all down.

With the alcohol in your system you turn around swingfully and accidentally bump into someone.

“I’m so sorry”, you start to giggle until you look into the eyes of the stranger.

He was beyond beautiful. His black hair is styled in pefection, his stubble makes his cheekbones and jawline more permanent and his eyes … you’re completley lost in them.

“No problem, beautiful”, he tells you and shoots you an adorable smile. 

“Care to join me for a drink?”, you ask him with a seducive grin. He bites his lips and looks you up and down. Clearly affected by your short black dress and your heels which make your legs look longer than they already are.

“Sure”, he says and rests his hand on your hips when you lean over the bar to order another round of shots.

You give him his glass and quickly swollow the bruning liquid that’s in your mouth.

“I’m Zayn”, he whisper-shouts in your ear and you grin at him widley.

“I’m (Y/n). And you, Zayn, are going to dance with me now.” Without waitng for his permission you pull him onto the dancefloor and start to grind against him. 

50 Cent is played with In Da Club and you can’t help yourself but lose yourself into the song, grinding and swirling your hips against Zayn’s. 

His hands are all over you, touching your curves and pull you even closer too him.

“We’re going to have so much fun tonight, love”, he whispers into your ear and starts to kiss your neck. You bite your lip and tangle your hands into his hair.

He turns you around and presses his lips against yours. You moan into his mouth and wrap your hands around his neck.

“Your place?”, you ask him. He nods and leads you out of the club. Well, your party night ended quickly.

But you’ve never met such a hot guy like Zayn. You’d be stupid to let him go so easily. 

Zayn hails a taxi and tells the driver his address. As soon as the car starts to drive, your lips are back on Zayn’s. He is such a good kisser. His lips were soft and rough at the same time, his tongue faught for dominance and his grip was tight on you.

The drive is short and Zayn quickly pays. When he closes the door, he grabs you by your waist and pulls you close to him.

“Jump, babe”, you obey and wrap your legs around his waist. He carrys you inside, no time for you to take in your surroundings, and lets you down on a huge, fluffly bed. 

His lips attack your body hungrily and soon he finds the spot under your ear that makes you a moaning mess.

“God, Zayn”, you groan and throw your head into the huge pile of pillows.

He starts to undress you and kisses his way down, from the valley to your breasts, over your flat stomach, down to your underwear. 

Zayn watches you when he pulls down your panties and is quick to disappear between your legs. His hands fly up to your breasts, squeezing and freeing them out of your black laced bra.

His tongue disappears in and out of you and you try to sqeeze your legs together because the pleasure is just too much to handle.

But Zayn won’t let you. He spreads your legs widley and starts to add more pleasrue with his thumb that is circling your clit.

“Fuck, Zayn”, you cry out and arch your beg. “I-I … I can’t hold it anymore”, your scream and come undone underneath him. Zayn licks you clean and smirks at you. His face glistening from the wet of your coring heat. 

He is still fully dress which has to change … like now. So you sit up, rip his shirt open and press him down onto the mattress, so you were straddling him.

Zayn still has the smirk on his face when he watches you above him. His hands still over your body and gently squeezing your breasts. He tries to sit up but you quickly push him down again to show him you’re in control right now.

You slowly pull down his tight jeans along with his boxers and his erection immediately springs free.

Zayn was huge. The biggest you’ve ever had. 

You start to take him into your mouth, twirling your tongue over his tip and taking in as much as you could.

Your hand bumps the rest that can’t fit into your mouth and you start to moan around him when you bop your head up and down, giving him the pleasure he gave you earlier.

Zayn groaned and bit his lip. watching you carefully when his length disappeared in your mouth. You take him deeper until he hits the back of your throat. Zayn hisses and you feel him twitch inside your mouth.

With a plop you release him and grin at him widley.

“Fuck”, he breathes and changes positions once again, so he’s on top again.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you can’t walk tomorrow”, he says and without a warning he slams himself into you. 

You let out a scream of joy and pain and try to hold up with the rapid speed he’s taking. He rocks his hips in and out of you, circiling his thumb over your clit again which makes you to a moaning mess.

“Fuck, Zayn, harder”, you beg him and he obeys. You didn’t think he could go any faster, but fuck, you were wrong.

He slams himself in and out of you, kissing you hungrily, giving you no mercy.

“Do you like it fast, huh? Can you take it?”, he talks dirty to you. You stare him into his eyes and can’t answer him. All you can do is scream out his name and dig your nails into his back, leaving scratches that would remind him even weeks later about you.

“Come, babe. Come for me. I know you want to”, he says and kisses you again. With a few last thrusts you come all over his cock and he releases himself inside you. 

Zayns stays inside you for a while, lets you both catch your breaths again. 

He kisses you again and tucks your hair behind your ear.

Zayn smiles lazily at you and pulls the blanket over both of you. You rest your head on his chest and listen to his soft breathing while you try to sleep.

His hand is around your shoulder, holding you close to him.

One … no, two things are for sure.

Firstly, Zayn is some guy who you won’t only keep for a night.

And secondly … he was right, you won’t be able to walk tomorrow. 

Finally!!! I wrote something! Yay!! Something smutty! Yay! Gosh, I love In Da Club by 50 cent …

I’m in such a party mood haha!!! 

Hope you guys liked it and think it was worth the long wait :D

Anniversary surprise ~Zayn smut~

Anniversary suprise (zayn)
You’re in your senior year of high school while your boyfriend of two years Zayn Mailk, from One Direction is on tour. You haven’t seen him in almost a year because of the tour and you live in America. Today was supposed to be happy day for the both of you, your 1st anniversary. You drag your self out of bed not even planning in dressing up. I mean what’s the point when your boyfriend is most likely on a whole other continent.

You throw on leggings,boots,and zayns hoodie and you head to school. Right after you park your ranger rover your text tone specifically for zayn starts going off.

~New text message from: bae😘
” I miss u sooooo much boo, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I am so sorry I be with you today but im gonna make it up after the tour i promise! only two more months ✌️👍😎😘".

You smile a little at the message and reread it 10 times .“ At least he remember I think I can hold out for two more months” you mumble to yourself. Throughout the day you kept seeing couples all around you and it did nothing but crack your walls you’ve built up. “2 months” you chanted over and over in your head. Luckily with the help of your hilarious bestfriend you made it through the day without falling to pieces.

Now its your last hour of the day Choir. You’ve got 45 more minutes until you can just go home and watch netflix an maybe Skype zayn for a bit. You love this class anyway so it’s not like you’re rushing to leave. Today the class is working on choosing a song for the choir competition.

This years theme was ‘Love songs by Famous Popstars’. “Omg! We should sing 'You belong with me'by Taylor Swift” Chelsa yells. You and your best forensic look at each other with the same stank face expression. “Uh, sorry to bust you bubble but.. Wait I’m not sorry but they said FAMOUS pop stars not irrelevant wannabe country stars” your bestfriend sasses to Chelsa . “How about we choose something that a has more of a group vibe if you know what I’m sayin'” you chime in and mostly everyone agrees.

"Heyy, how about 'Little Things’ by One Direction” your friend smirks knowingly and pretty happily oblivious to your face 'I’m gonna choke you out’ expression on your face. "I’ve heard of it from my Niece it’s a beautiful song but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to play it correctly . "Well glad you mention that cause Y/N knows it by heart"she smirks at you while you slowly slide down in your seat. "Great come on up miss y/ln and everyone sing along if you know the song” Mr.Leach smiles and steps away from the expensive grand piano.

You walk over to the piano taking a deep breath before you get lost in the beautiful melody as you play all the right notes with no error. You start to sing along a little bit yourself after most of the girls in class start singing the lyrics in perfect harmonies.You start to think about how Zayn always sang it to you when you felt a little insecure.

This song held so much meaning that you cry almost every time you hear it. Everytime Zayns part came up you felt like he was in the room. You just shook it off you and chalked it up to missing him so much. You can’t shake the feeling of him being right in the room with you. After the song ended the class is deadly silent and all eyes are on you. You turn around looking at the floor biting back tears, when you run into someone with a musular chest. ” Are you alright ?” you hear a familar voice say.

You look up to see your gorgeous boyfriend Zayn with his thick black hair down and swept to the side. He was wearing his favorite leather jacket, a maroon shirt ,black skinnies and combats holding a big bear and balloons. You smile so big you think your face might crack an a few tears fall on down your cheeks. ” Awe, boo dont cry ” Zayn says with a fond smile as he pulls you into a hug and squeezes u with his strong arms, You’ve miss that feeling.

You both stare into each others eyes for what seems like forever and kiss each other passionately forgetting about the room full of people including you teacher.”AWWWW” the class coos. You both smile still staring into each others eyes. “Sorry for interrupting Mr. Leach” Zayn laughs uneasily while still holding you. ” Yea don’t do it again, but thanks for the free concert” he says with a chuckle and everyone joins in. “Well I’ll see you at home boo” zayn says softly so only you can hear. “Ok zayne” you hug him once more and give him a quick peck on the cheek. “Alrighty then moving on,get out your concert music and we’ll run through parts if we have to”. Mr. Leach says as you make it back to your seat. ”You guys are so cute but save the PDA for the magazines” your bestfriend whispers to in between a song change.

You giggle at the comment and blush a little. Before you know it class is over and you text Zayn to tell him that you’re half way home.
You make it to your apartment and on the front door is a note
“Follow the rose petals -zayne”. You unlock the door to see rose petals leading to your bedroom. You follow them and walk all the way in your room to see it fully lighted by candles with rose petals all over the floor and bed. You’re always amazed at the thing he does for you and this is one of the things you love,random romantic acts.

You almost call his name because it was oddly quite. Before you open your mouth he walks out of the bathroom in just a pair of black boxers, muscles looking way bigger from all the training and a lot more tattoos which is always a turn on. The way the candle light hits his toned muscular body with his huge bulge out and proud gets you instantly wet. He walks up to you biting his lip looking into your eyes with his dark lust filled eyes. “Welcome home babe”. He knows his sex voice is knee weakening that’s why he did it with a smug smirk painted in his full lips .

You tried so hard not to make a sound but you let out a soft whimper and his smirk grows as he backs you up into the king size California bed. "Zaynnn” you moan as he sucks hard on your sweet spot, you will defiantly have a huge hickey to cover for tomorrow but your too horny to care. His hands start feeling the dips and curves of your body making you groan out in frustration.

“Tonight is about you and me babe” he whispers in that deep sexy voice that makes you wanna do some very sinful things to that man. He strips you down in seconds leaving you only in your soaked panties he peppers kisses down your body from your stomach, to your thighs, and your inner thighs.

You can feel his hot breath in between your legs,right where you want him. He slips your panties off with his teeth. He the looks up at you eyes full of lust and grins “Mm,who made you this wet”? “Only you babe,mfh hurry up zayn” you whine.

You almost snap at him for taking so long but he catches you off guard and dives in. Your toes curl,you throw your head back, grip the sheets, and moan “Zayynn…ughfh.” Your fingers dance in his thick black locks. His mouth did things no other man could ever to you. He flicked,dipped, swirled and so much more.

As you reach your climax you grip his hair trying not the scream out. ”Still..the fucking best at that” you pant trying to catch your breath. He kisses his way up your body and pecks you under the ear. “I love you so much boo” he whispers and nuzzles your neck. “I love you too babe” you breath and rub his back. When you recover from that mind blowing orgasim you lay him back on the bed. “Now,for your anniversary gift” you whisper suck his sweet spot making him grunt and bite his lip.

He feel his hard on when you straddle him and teasingly grind down on it twice. “Tease” he he growls in frustration. You kiss down his body tracing his abs with your tongue. You let your fingers dance on the waist band of his boxers and you rub his huge cock through his thin silk boxers. You take his boxers off and give him a teasing stroke as he groans. You lick up and down his long member.

You take the head in your mouth,swirl your tongue around it, and kiss it while still stroking him. “( your name), babe please don’t be a tease I’ve missed you so fucking much” Zayn groans. You smirk and take all of him you can in your mouth. You relax your throat and take all of him in and he almost comes to fast. “Still the best at that I see” he mocks you with a smirk then he flips you over, spreads your legs, and slams into you. “FUCK ZAYN!!!”.

While he’s ramming into you hard the sarcastic little shit grunts “That’s the plan babe”. You’re about to sass him about being an ass during sex but the right thrust in the right angle stopped any words from coming out of your mouth. “Deeper” you moan he smugly slows his thrust and winks at you. "Zayn malik!” You growl.

He rolls his eyes playful and slams right into you you feel like you gonna release as he goes 3 times as fast as he did before. Your nails dig into his back, which turns him on even more and makes him go harder. “M'shit" zayn grunts loudly as you both finish.

You both just stay there basking in the thick sea of euphoria in the room sweaty bodies intertwined. When he pulls out he lays next to you and pulls you closer to him. Your mouth starts feeling dry from all the yelling you did.

(Hey don’t be shame girl we all scream when it’s good 😉)

You stand up and start toward the kitchen until a hand reach out and grabbed your wrist. Your eyes trail up the tattooed arm and meet big brown orbs. “Stay and cuddle boo” he pouts. You kiss his rough lips and whisper “Babe, I’ll be back I just need to get a drink of water before round two ”. You send him a dirty smirk and walk with a big sway in your step to the kitchen.

You take a sip of water an nearly jump our of your skin when you feel and a pair of tatted arms circle your waist. You relax when he starts peppering kisses on your shoulder and neck. “M'ready when you are…”. You both have round two right on the kitchen table!🙊 You dirty, dirty girl.😉 Looks like you had a great anniversary.

Talk Dirty To Me

Liam: It started with the texts. At first he was amused, but as they continued, it got worse and he felt his muscles tighten in a way that told him the only relief would be his body on yours. He was at a press conference to boot, sitting there in front of cameras with his hands fisted together as his phone vibrated against his leg. Luckily Harry was speaking and Liam knew he had at least three minutes to read and respond to your text. He slid it from his pocket and let out a groan, careful to shield the screen from the rest of the lads: are you hard for me yet? blazing on his screen. God, was he ever. His thumbs tapped over the screen as he struggled to control his breathing: Depends, are you wet for me?he sent back. His fingers shook as he waited fr your response. You never did this, talking dirty was only for special occasions and he wondered what made today so damn special-not that he was complaining. He looked down at the screen, your newest text coming in. Come home and find out ;) was all it said. He closed his eyes, imagining you hot and bothered waiting for him, breathing heavy and on his bed. When the interviewer asked him a question he froze, blinking back to attention. He would find out alright, all he had to do was get through this interview.

Niall: He’s not the best at dirty talk. He’s too happy go lucky for that, but there are times when he says something, his breath a whisper against your ear and it makes you come undone then and there. And he’s into it, too. He’s into you and the way you make him feel and how he comes undone as soon as you touch him, so more often than not he mumbles against your neck as you writhe beneath him. Like now, as he has you pinned to the bed, his hips rocking against yours. He hasn’t even gotten his clothes off yet and he’d already going mad, his mouth and hands flying around your skin. “I’m going to fuck you so good you can’t walk,” he growled, teeth nipping your earlobe, sending a shudder through your body. It was impossible to speak when he got like this. He removed one hand, still keeping your hands pinned above your head with one of his massive hands. The other trailed down your body, his eyes opaque in the light as he looked at you. His hands went to your jeans, undoing the button with a flick of his wrist and his hand slid down inside. As soon as he touched you, you both groaned. “So god damn wet, so damn tight,” his accent was thicker now, broken words and pants. When he slid his fingers into his mouth and sucked your taste off, he grinned “So fucking sweet for me, baby.”

Harry: He might be clumsy and awkward and just the slightest bit silly, but when it came to the bedroom, Harry knew exactly what he was doing. He had the voice for it too, that perfect little rasp that made you think of dark rooms and silk sheets. But now, he had something else in mind. When he came up from behind you, hands on your hips as he pressed you into the door, you let out a shaky breath. Your chest was to the door, his chest to your back as his teeth grazed the curve of your shoulder.”Have you been thinking about me today?” He asked, his hand trailing down your stomach to the top of your jeans. You nodded, a strangled “yes” passing through your lips. “What have you been thinking?” He asked, his voice coaxing and smooth. You didn’t answer, your voice caught in your throat. “Did you think about me on top of you, my mouth licking and tasting you until you scream?” Just as your knees buckled, he caught you, supporting your weight with his forearms. “Did you? Did you think about what it would be like when I’m inside you?” his hands were pushing off your jeans now, his fingers tracing the lace that covered you. “Did you think of me? Cause baby, I’ve been thinking of you”, and with that he tore the lace away, dropping to his knees and pressing his moth to where you wanted him most.

Zayn: He was the shiest man on the planet, or at least that’s what he thought about himself at least. So as you stood there making breakfast, he let his eyes roam down your legs and back up again. So tan, so perfect and lithe and god, he wanted to run his mouth up the curve of the back of your knee. “Hey babe?” He said thoughtful, the sleep not totally gone from his voice. “Yeah?” You lifted your head from making eggs and sent him a smile. It fell though when you saw his expression and instead you gulped, his eyes almost black in the early light. “Have I told you how much I love your legs?” You waited a moment, your heart beat slamming into your chest. “N-no, I don’t think you have,” you said slowly, watching his lips tug into a grin. “Have I also told you how much I love it when your legs are over my shoulders, and I’m using my tongue to make you crazy, tasting every single inch of you?” The bowl of eggs clanked against the counter as you backed up and he stalked towards you, his long body pressing up against yours. “Zayn,” you rasped out as his hands cupped your thighs and spread your legs apart so he could fit between them. “Be ready for me, baby, because when I get home that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I want you naked, wet, and ready for me.”

Louis: It’s playful at first, just tossing out comments here and there. It’s nothing serious until you actually do as he says, and it’s then that he realizes that this is actually pretty hot, and he’s actually pretty turned on by you following his orders. He ran his tongue along his lips, eyes dark as he looked at you. He wondered how far he could take it, and decided to test the waters. “I want you on your knees,” he said darkly, finger pointing to the floor before him. You licked your lips, eyes twinkling in excitement as you did as he asked. “So good, baby girl,” he murmured, stroking the hair out of your eyes. He was new to this whole “talk dirty to me’ thing, but from what he’d done so far, he liked it. “Tell me what you want,” you breathed, hands already undoing the button on his jeans and tugging the, down. He didn’t have to tell you, you knew but it was so damn hot watching him take charge like that. “I want you to take me as deep as you can,” you smirked, doing as he asked. His fingers tangled in your hair and he tugged, making you moan and the vibrations surrounded him and he let out a curse. “Jesus, your mouth is so fucking hot. So fucking-Jesus, baby,” he gasped as you ran your tongue up the base of him. Letting your cheeks hollow, you bobbed your head making him fall apart above you.