zayn singing to niall

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"Styles might need the assist more than some of the other members of One Direction... given that he doesn’t have the same kind of strong singing voice as, say, Niall Horan or Zayn Malik." If you do nothing else today, look up the Mercury News review of the Harry Styles show. It's a revelation.

oh my GOD. I LOVE WHEN PPL SEE THE LIGHT but holy hell…this guys was harsh hahaha 

also hes already getting hate from harries in the comments lmao 




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Always In My Heart (Larry Stylinson Song) - Tia Lynn 

Hey Guys! This is the first song i’ve written in full, and it is pretty much about larry stylinson… enjoy, and let me know what you think! :)


Wasn’t prepared for when i met you
When ivy green saw a sea of blue
And darlin’, you can be the saint, i’ll be the sinner
I was endeared from the first ‘i love you’

You said, give me some space, well don’t you linger
I’ve grown accustomed to having you around
'Cause if you were the ship, i’d be the anchor
Keep me in place, but you never weigh me down
Yeah, you never bring me down

If I could bottle up your laugh for just one day
It would keep my company while you’re away
And if you ever feel alone in what we’ve made
I want you to know…

You are loved
You are felt
You are kissed
You are held
Maybe this will be our year
Maybe this time, my dear

Ring to connect, but you don’t answer
Only your breathing fills the other end
Don’t need a puzzle to fit the pieces together
That you are with her again

Now this has gone too far, when will it end?
Can’t keep track of what is real and what’s pretend
It’s okay if you choose her instead of me
But will answer these truthfully…

Are you loved?
Are you felt?
Are you kissed?
Are you held?
If the answer to these questions is no
You can always find your way back home
Where you’re loved
And you’re felt
Where you’re kissed
And you’re held
Never again will we grow apart
Sincerely, you’ll always be in my heart

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