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Thank you so much. Honestly I'm so grateful that Liam has stans like you who aren't just stupid assholes. Like all those 'ziams' who are claiming that Liam hates Zayn and is an ignorant fool and all that, like honestly how can you be that blind. It's fucking clear that anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that is even associated with stupid Wootton is full of crap, much less a fucking podcast from him. Like don't be a fool. All these idiots need to be educated.

Hi friend, 

THANK YOU for seeing through the BS and doing Liam right. 

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I’ll tell you something. These “ziams” who apparently used to love and support both boys and cry about their matchy aesthetic and how they were pulling outfits mirroring each other are NOW saying Liam’s album artwork is copied from Zayn. LMAO, give it up for the royal fuckery and direct 180. These very people are NOW talking about how they are not a fan of the matchy lighting at Zayn’s performance and yesterday at Liam’s GN performance, meanwhile Niall is out there doing the same. I crie. XD

Let’s just accept the basic problem with these people. They would rather Liam be painted in the most negative light right now, notwithstanding the repercussions on his rep. More than half this fandom has a very distorted notion of love, tbh. They’d either buy stuff like z*gi or ch***iam or would rather think that Liam and Zayn do not have a life outside of each other and must do everything revolving each other and this mindset is permeates into the way they respond to stuff these days. 

Like you said, anything associated with dickpad is crap. I have some sharp friends and I am thankful for them, and one such lovely person made an excellent point: why did Dan get pictures with both Harry and Niall to advertise his fucked up podcasts but none with Liam? Liam’s been doing a lot of pictures, yeah? Then why? How many times do you think they recorded that bit to get it to sound the way they wanted? Another sharp friend remarked, if none of the boys are free, Liam isn’t free either. And yes, Liam’s narrative will always have been different to Louis’. They are stuck in a similar situation, not the same.

These people saying Liam deliberately signed up for a stunt…. UMM??? Which artist who respects and understands and loves music would want his solo promo to revolve around namedropping and talking about his personal life only? I have seen tons of interviews of new parents where the congratulatory talk happens and it’s done, they proceed towards work talk. Honestly, all the people thinking negative of Liam and painting Zayn as some hapless scorned lover need help. 

Remember when Liam wore the yellow jacket and Zayn that red sweatshirt like thing? Also remember when Liam posted the yellow jacket pic captioned with 5 hearts, rainbow hearts. If this were Louis or Harry, people would be calling them LGBT icons and Kings and savior of the fandom but anyway. 

Too much fandom negativity, look at this pretty boy now:

Liam AU//Just To Hear You Again

[Part 1] Part 2

FBI Profiler Liam AU

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Numb and exposed.

You sat in Liam’s office feeling numb and exposed. You looked at his desk. It sat bare with nothing on it. There wasn’t a single photo of anything on his desk. You could see his teammates working on the case from the looking glass. You could see that they were working vigorously to find Liam. You had been here for hours waiting for updates. You saw the sun at its peak around noon, and now, it was gone; it had been gone for hours. You could only imagine was Liam was going through right now.

“Y/N?” Harry asked, pointing his head into the office. “It’s almost midnight, and we all need to get some rest.”

“How can I rest when Liam is out there…” You fell quite for you could only remember was Kevin had put you through in the past. “It’s my fault that Liam is gone. The put the man that I love in danger because of my past. He doesn’t deserve him; I don’t deserve him.”

Harry came over and placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. “This isn’t your fault, Y/N. Don’t let Luck win by thinking like that, okay? But we need to go home so we can have fresh eyes for this case. It’s what Liam would want.” You sighed as you got up from the chair and followed Harry to the elevator. “You’re going to have some protective detail at your home tonight for your own protection. I’ll drive you home, and if you want to come in tomorrow, Zayn can pick you up around seven.”

You agreed to come back in tomorrow before you got into Harry’s car and on your way home. You thought about how yesterday was. Liam had just gotten back from a four-day case, and he took you out to dinner, you made love, and then you slept in his arms. You would give anything to be in his arms again. Just one more time.

Liam’s entire body ached. He felt the gauges that were unattended begin to sting again. He could barely hold his head up anymore and limbs felt useless. He could only guess it was night, but there wasn’t a clock or window to confirm it. Kevin left the photos of you on the desk from earlier.

Liam didn’t want to look at some of them; they didn’t remind him of the woman he loves. But there was a more recent one of you. This is one was taken on your birthday. Your face was filled with joy and happiness.

It was the only thing that mattered to Liam at the moment.

“I’m coming back, Y/N. I promise.”

You slept only two hours last night. Thoughts about Liam and yourself in the past haunted your sleep, but you knew Liam wasn’t doing any better. He was strong. You hoped he would be alright.

“So last night we found one of Luck’s henchmen, Henry Welter, trying to leave the country,” Zayn told you as he drove you to his headquarters. “They have had him since last night and have been questioning him. Hopefully, we can get something out of him and find Liam.”

“I remember Henry,” you mentioned. “He ways always nice to me. He always told me that he wanted to get out and start and new life. He actually encouraged me to leave. Maybe he wants to help because Luck and his guys rarely get caught at the airport, and they never travel alone.”

“Do you think he knows where Liam is?”

“He could have an idea.”

Later, you found yourself watching from behind the glass on the interview. Zayn led the interview with Henry. Henry always looked soft and like a follower. You understood why he followed Kevin, you even understood why he turned himself in.

“Why did you get caught?” Zayn asked. “You could have gotten away, but you placed yourself to be caught by authorities.”

Henry took a long pause before responding, “You don’t get to escape Kevin. Even Y/N didn’t get the chance to escape him, and that’s honestly my fault because I kept tabs on her and Liam for Kevin. But I wanted to turn myself in because I saw Y/N change and become what she dreamed. She found a guy who literally gives her the world. I can go to jail for whatever, but I can’t ruin her life.”

Zayn nodded, “Do you know where Liam is?”

“I don’t know exactly where he is, but Luck has buildings in his helpers’ names because he knows that no one knows us.”

“I need a list of the buildings and the names that they are under,” Zayn said, sliding him a pen and paper. “If we find Liam, I’ll put in a good word for you to the DA.”

Henry nodded and quickly jotted the names down. He finished and passed the paper to Zayn. Before Zayn could take the paper and walk out, Henry stopped him.

“Can you tell Y/N that I’m sorry?” he asked.

“I will,” Zayn nodded before leaving Henry alone and joining you. “I’m going to run these and hopefully we can find Liam in a couple hours, but you have to stay here because–”

“You don’t know how you’re going to find Liam, dead or alive?” you wondered.

“It’s not safe, but we’ll call you as soon as we get him. Just hang tight,” he said. “If you want, you can wait in Liam’s office.” You nodded before leaving the small, black room.

Thirty minutes passed before you saw Liam’s teammates leave the bullpen together. You knew they had an address, and they were going to find Liam, but how were they going to find him? You were still hoping you were dreaming, and you just couldn’t wake up. You just wanted to wake up.

You feared every minute that passed by. Every minute that passed pained you to the point that you wanted the call to come. You needed to know.

The phone on Liam’s desk rung loud, but each ring did not bring the pain that time did.

You slowly picked up the phone and placed it on your ear, “Hello?”

“Y/N?” you heard Louis say through the phone. “We’re on our way to the Lancaster Hospital. You have Liam; he’s breathing, walking, and talking.”

“He’s okay then?” you asked, hopefully.

“They have to run some test on him, but if you want to see him–”

“Yes, yes! I’m coming.” You never ran out of a building so quickly. You made it to your car in record time before starting it and speeding onto the streets. The hospital was close, and you made it there quickly without anything stopping you. When you got there, every step brought you closer and closer to Liam. You ran to the front desk, and before you could say anything to the man in front, Harry’s voice interrupted.

“Y/N, follow me,” he told you, motioning you to him.

“Hey, is he okay?” you asked as you followed Harry into the elevator.

“Yeah, they’re just running a few test; it’s very standard. If he shows to be okay, he can probably come home at the end of the week,” Harry told you. The elevator door opened on the seventh floor. “He’s in room 710, and he really wants to talk to you.”

You stepped out the elevator with Harry, but you felt frozen. “Harry, do you think Liam will look at me differently now?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t change his feelings about you,” he told you. “When we got him, his first question was if you were okay and if you were safe. He knows more about your past, but I know that doesn’t matter to him, okay?”

“Okay,” you slightly smiled. 

Harry went into the waiting room on the floor as you went down the hall. You walked passed rooms with doors opened and closed. You could see loved ones together until you got to Liam’s room.

You slowly walked in to find him looking out the window. The TV was off, and he was hooked up to an IV, but he was mobile.

“Liam?” you asked, leaving the door ajar behind you.

He turned away quickly. His smile was a little weak, but it was there nevertheless. 

“Y/N,” he got up slowly before you stopped him.

“No, no. Sit down. I don’t want you to move too much,” you said, walking over to his side and helping him sit back down. He groaned in pain. His wincing only made you upset. “Liam, I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you about Kevin or my past. I didn’t think this would ever happen.”

He placed his hand on yours and intertwined his fingers into yours. “Did you feel like you couldn’t tell me?”

“Yes because I thought if I let you into my past life, you wouldn’t be able to see past that,” you told him. “I worked so hard to get my life on track so that I would never have to go back to who I was…but I want to tell you the truth about me and my past.”

“Y/N, I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again: I love you. I don’t care what you did in your past. All I care about is who you are now. And you are a strong woman, and I don’t want to let you go.”

He kissed your forehead and then your lips. His lips on yours only made your heart flutter. 

“In a couple minutes, doctors are going to come in pump me with all kinds of meds because I’m in all sorts of pain. If you want, you can watch me become loopy,” he smiled, grabbing both of your hands. 

You kissed his lips one last time, “If I can record it, then yes.”

Series: Becoming Mrs. Styles (part 4)

–Part 2 of the proposal!


By the time you and Harry had made the drive into the city, you still had an hour or so until your reservation time at the restaurant, so you decided to take a walk together on some of the smaller streets you could find close to the restaurant - being right in the center of the city, however, made it a bit difficult to find less busy streets. So naturally, the paparazzi quickly spotted the two of you and followed you with cameras in your face and asking questions. Fortunately, there were only about three of them at this point. You smiled as usual, though also slightly uncomfortable with the three men trying to join yours and Harry’s conversations. Harry had his arm snaked around your waist, holding you tightly as he always did when paparazzi were around. You both tried your best to ignore them as you walked and talked - your conversation couldn’t go much beyond the weather and how pretty the city looked this time of year as the flowers were blooming and the trees were green again. Anything said that was personal would immediately be picked up by the paparazzi, so small talk was the way it had to be.

However, after a few minutes of this, the paparazzi were getting bored and anxious for some juicy gossip, so the questions you always hated started being asked, not to anyone’s surprise, though.

“Y/N, are you pregnant?” “Yeah when’s the baby due, Mr. Styles?” You naturally looked down at your stomach as you always did when they asked this question, just to see if it actually looked like you were. Harry laughed as he saw you do this like you always did.

“Don’t worry, love, you look perfect,” Harry smiled at you before glaring at the paparazzi. 

“Okay well when’s the wedding you two?” “Yeah, gotta put a ring on it Harry!” “Can I get an invitation to the wedding, Harry?” 

Your face flushed as it always did when this question was asked. But you felt you had gotten more embarrassed each time it was asked because it was never true. Harry noticed the expression on your face and, although it tore at his heart just a little thinking that you might think he wouldn’t want to marry you, he also smiled at the thought of tonight and how the next time the paparazzi asked this question, you would actually be engaged, hopefully. 

“Alright, a pleasure as always, gentlemen,” Harry smirked as he led you into the tall building where you would be dining tonight. And also where he would propose to the love of his life. 

A man standing behind the desk smiled at the both of you when you entered and, seeing your attire, guessed you would be looking for the building’s only restaurant on the top floor. “Welcome, please take the elevator up ahead and to the left and press floor number 30 to arrive at the building’s restaurant. Enjoy.”

There was something about the way the man was looking at Harry, with a smirk on his face and a twinkle in his eye, that made you think the two of them had met before. Maybe Harry had lied and had actually been to this restaurant before?

Once you finally arrived at the top floor and stepped off the elevator, you were stunned seeing the decor and the ambiance of this place. And the view! Glass windows from floor to ceiling on three of the four sides allowed for the perfect view of the city and, right now, of the sun setting and filling the sky with your favorite colors. 

“Good evening, Mr. Styles?” The woman waiting to seat you asked Harry to make sure she had the correct reservation name. You always were amused when people pretended like they didn’t know it was Harry Styles standing on their presence, like they weren’t preparing for a celebrity. 

After being led to your table, you sat down across from Harry, slightly disappointed. Out of all the tables, they had to seat you at one against the wall and next to a pillar so you couldn’t really see out and look at the city below.

“Oh I’m sorry, baby. They must be very full tonight,” Harry told you, a smile on his face. Something told you he wasn’t actually that sorry… 

You were a little miffed that Harry had brought you to this amazing restaurant with the best view you’d ever seen but didn’t even try to get a table by the window and not right behind a pillar. But you weren’t going to push it. Plus, once your food was served, you couldn’t help but be happy as the delicious tastes of your favorite foods filled your senses. 

For dessert, you both shared a slice of chocolate cake that looked so pretty you didn’t want to eat it at first. There was a sugar rose on top of it and chocolate shavings and frosting - it was delicious. Right when you were finishing up the last bit of cake, Harry told you he was going to use the restroom. 

He’d been gone longer than normal, you noticed, when the hostess came up to your table.

“Mrs. Y/L/N? Could you please come with me.” The way she asked, it was more like you had no choice but to follow her. But this was all starting to get too  weird for you.

“Um, do you know where my boyfriend is? Where do you want me to go?” You asked, your brows furrowed at the thought of something happening to Harry.

“Yes, he had to go take a call down in the lobby but he asked me if I’d let you know so you wouldn’t be sat here waiting for a long time. Please come with me.” You still didn’t understand where she was going to take you. You were pretty sure you knew how to get out of the restaurant? But also you hadn’t even paid yet!

“Wait, we haven’t paid yet,” you told the hostess, your eyes starting to squint in suspicion.

“That’s all been taken care of by Mr. Styles, please come this way,” she gestured for you to follow her. 

To be fair, Harry had thought this whole thing through minus the excuse for you to follow the hostess. So he’d sent you a text a few minutes before, hoping you’d see it by this point. And before getting out of your chair, you instinctively checked your phone to see a text from Harry that read: “Please follow the hostess. xoxo.” You laughed at Harry’s lack of creativity in persuading you to do as he wished, but you finally agreed to follow the woman, knowing that Harry wouldn’t put you in any bad or strange situation. 

As the two of you exited the restaurant, she motioned for you to go through a door that led to stairs only going up.

“I thought we were on the top floor?” You questioned, puzzled.

The hostess just smiled and held the door open for you to venture up to who knows where on your own.

“Harry I swear if I get freaking murdered because of you,” you mumbled under your breath as you walked the short distance to the top of the stairs. Before opening the door, you noticed rose petals at your feet, which made you feel slightly better about opening the door in front of you. 

As soon as you opened the door and stepped out into the beautiful summer night, your jaw dropped. That feeling in your stomach suddenly appeared, the one that feels like butterflies, and you walked forward, looking around at everything before you.

You found yourself on the top of this building with a view that was to die for. Not only the view of the city and all the lights and the glow of the moon above you, but the view on the rooftop itself. Twinkly lights were strung all over the sides and rose petals covered almost the entire floor. You laughed, exuberant, and it was then that you heard the music coming from the corner furthest from you. And you saw, through the dark as best you could, four figures standing together, one of them playing a guitar… and then Zayn started singing the first notes of Little Things! Zayn! You were currently being serenaded by Harry’s four best mates from afar, and you were so excited that they were there that you almost ran to them, but then you noticed the pictures.

On the floor in front of you, on top of the rose petals, were tons and tons of photographs, all facing up and all spread out all over the floor. You hadn’t realized your eyes were welling up with tears until you found yourself having trouble trying to read the caption under the first picture you picked up.

“When I knew I would love you forever” read the first caption, under a picture of you standing in the kitchen in one of Harry’s t-shirt, your back to him, clearly in the middle of dancing to a song you had playing as you often did. You laughed.

“First time you slept over” read the caption under the next picture that you picked up of Harry lying on his back in bed, clearly taking a selfie, with you curled up on top of him, fast asleep. He had the biggest grin on his face.

“Right before I told you I loved you the first time” and a picture of you watching a movie next to Harry, smiling at whatever film was playing in front of you. How had you not noticed him taking this picture? 

You continued to wonder that as you looked at more and more of the pictures. 

After a few more minutes of smiling, laughing, and letting a few tears escape your eyes as you took a trip down memory lane, you saw a photograph furthest in front of you, close to the part of the rooftop furthest from the door you had walked out of only a few minutes ago and next to Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn who were now midway through If I Could Fly. They all smiled at you as you walked closer and you smiled back, tears welling up in your eyes at seeing the four of them together again. All that was missing was Harry…

You picked up the photograph in front of you and were surprised when it wasn’t another picture of you. You first read the caption, which said: “Right before I asked you to marry me”. The picture was of Harry, wearing exactly what he had on that night, standing in front of the door you had walked out of, minutes before, with all the rose petals and twinkly lights set up just as they were now. 

You turned around to find an exact replica of the image in your hands before your eyes, Harry and all. And somehow Harry had worked the timing out perfectly as the bridge of If I Could Fly was just beginning. You and Harry started walking toward each other as he started singing, much more slowly than the original and with Niall playing his guitar behind you. 

I can feel your heart inside of mine. 

I feel it, I feel it, the other boys sang.

I’ve been going out of my mind.

I feel it, I feel it.

Know that I’m just wasting time, and I, I hope that you don’t run from me.

Harry finished singing as he finally reached you, putting a hand to your cheek and kissing your forehead. The other boys finished the song as Harry rummaged around in his pocket for the thing he had been protecting and keeping secret for awhile now. 

Tears fell from your eyes consistently now as you watched him kneel down on one knee, on top of the rose petals and under the moonlight. The boys had started quietly humming their song 18, in harmony of course, as Niall lightly strummed his guitar.

“Y/N, I have loved you for as long as I’ve known you. And I’ve known since then that I never would be completely satisfied with my life if I didn’t live the rest of it with you by my side. My heart will be forever yours, and if you’ll let me, I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you’d make me by saying you’ll be my wife. You are so smart, love, and you are so kind and loving and supportive and caring and everything I’ve always wanted in a partner, and more. And you are so beautiful, Y/N, so so beautiful.” Harry’s eyes were welling up at this point and you watched through blurry eyes as a single tear escaped his eye. “Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?” Harry asked you, his voice slightly shaky, and his eyes locked on yours.

And he was so beautiful. He was love. And he was light, and this night was beautiful, this rooftop was beautiful and the view was beautiful. But nothing was more beautiful than Harry. And you felt like you were home.

You realized after a few seconds you hadn’t answered his question yet so you laughed and crouched down to meet Harry’s eye level, tears spilling from your eyes. 

“Yes, Harry! Of course I will,” you whispered before taking his face in your hands and pulling him in for a deep and passionate kiss. You heard Louis yell “get a room!” after the kiss had still not ended and you and Harry both laughed, standing up, as Harry slid the ring on your finger, which you’d almost forgotten about. 

“Oh my gosh, Harry! It’s so beautiful, wow,” you sighed as a smile lit up every inch of your face. “Thank you so much.”

Harry lightly kissed your nose and laughed. “Anything for you, lovely.”

You heard one of the boys clear their throats. Harry laughed and, holding your left hand in his, yelled: “SHE SAID YES!” And all the boys came rushing towards you so you could finally hug them all as they congratulated you both, everyone laughing, most with tear-stained faces. 

After a few minutes, Harry pulled you into him and whispered, “I couldn’t deny you this view,” as he gestured to the city and all the lights around you. 

“Mmm, but the best view is you,” you smiled at how sappy you sounded but Harry loved it. And he loved this night and this place and his life. Most of all, he loved you, and now he would love you forever.


There’s the proposal, I hope you liked it! Feedback and requests always welcome :)


Summary: Zayn is Niall’s sugar daddy except Niall doesn’t want Zayn for his money, it’s clear with his minutely outbursts of compliments and I-love-you’s that Niall really does love Zayn for him, and the feeling is mutual.

Word Count: 7,946

Warnings: public sex (you’ll be surprised to know where), buttsex, fluff, domestic boyfriends sigh, sugardaddy!zayn, younger!niall, DADDY!KINK sorry i had to

A/N: For Megan bc she’s my main girl and she’s thirsty for sugardaddy ziall fics also good luck on your exams bae

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We’re studying in the library and there are two people very obviously fucking in the stacks and we keep sharing embarrassed glances - Ziam please

So this is slightly different than the prompt asked for, hope that’s okay. That seems to be a theme with me lately. Once again anon thank you for sending me all these amazing prompts. Hopefully I can write more later today and tomorrow

The library was Zayn’s safe place on campus, a place where he could be one with the books. Louis always made fun of him for it, even though he was partially the reason why Zayn found solace there. He could get lost in the silence of the massive building, books upon books to read. Any subject he had a question about, the answer was probably found in these old, dusty books. That was also why he was studying English as well. So many things to uncover and different ways of interpreting a single text. With maths and history answers were always concrete, you couldn’t fake your way through it. With English though, you could talk in circles and still make sense and get a passing grade. Right now was crunch time, midterms. Besides exams Zayn had three term papers to complete within the next two weeks. Louis complained that he could only study well in their room, so being the good friend that he is Zayn made his trek across the campus to his go to spot. Not that it bothered him anyway. He smiled at Niall who was manning the coffee cart outside the building, promising that he’d stop to see him after his study session. Niall was a good lad, supplied Zayn with endless amounts of caffeine during his late night cramming sessions.

He threw his bag in the table, hoping he didn’t crack the screen of his laptop. This table was his favorite, too. A secluded location on the top floor, right next to the floor to ceiling window that overlooked the art building. A building that stuck out like a sore thumb, the architecture of the building was a juxtaposition to the whole entire campus. Zayn understood it, he even thought of a minor in art history when he first enrolled. He could appreciate an abstract piece of art even when he didn’t fully understand it. He sighed as he unzipped his bag and pulled out his laptop and the book he needed to read for his English literature class. He needed to write a ten page paper comparing and contrasting female writers from the nineteenth century. Didn’t seem that hard, at least at first it didn’t. Zayn welcomed a challenge, it got his mind thinking in ways he wasn’t use to. He started up his laptop and opened up his Spotify, another perk of his isolated location. No one was around to be bothered by him playing music without using his headphones. The only other person on this floor was the student librarian, Liam. Zayn knew of Liam outside of the library, he was captain on the footie team, helping the school wins its first title in over twenty years. He was well known around campus without acting stuck up about it, which was a shock. Today he was stacking books in the back, his own headphones on as he pushed the book cart across the floor.

Half hour into his writing Zayn noticed Liam was back behind his desk, headphones now off. He wasn’t bothered by Zayn’s music seeing he clearly bobbing his head to Drake. It was comforting to know that he wasn’t disturbing anyone. He was typing fast, his brain filled with ideas and he was determined to get it all down before they got lost. He looked up when he saw someone from the corner of his eye, giving them a head nod as a greeting. They guy went down the Russian literature section that had Zayn internally groaning, that course was waiting for him next semester. He went back to writing, getting lost in his work once more. It felt good to feel this determined, to actually set a goal for himself and maybe being able to accomplish it. He was going to reward himself with a massive iced latte, with an extra shot of hazelnut as a treat. It was stupid but it was the little things that made Zayn work harder. His goal was to write five pages of one of his ten page papers and it looked like he was going to achieve his goal within the next hour. He had three and a half pages written, and hopefully written well. One and a half pages left to write and he was free until he dragged himself up here the next day to hopefully repeat today’s events.

“What the-?”

Zayn paused his typing at the sound of a groan. It was obviously loud enough that it was heard over both his typing and music. He looked around, hoping he wasn’t going crazy and hearing things. Liam was still behind his desk, typing on his own computer. Zayn stood up, stretched his arms above his head before walking over to Liam.

“Hey Zayn, what’s going on?” He asked.

“You okay?” Zayn asked, cocking his head to the right a little bit to size Liam up.

“Yeah,” he let out slowly, obviously confused over why the question was asked. “Are you?”

Zayn shook his head and smiled, now embarrassed. “S-sorry. I heard a noise and thought it was you but now I know it wasn’t and I feel incredibly stupid.”

“Don’t,” he told him, placing a hand on Zayn’s for the quick reassure. “You’ve been working for a long time, maybe you’re just getting tired.”

“True,” he laughed. “Five hours staring a screen maybe is a long time.”

Liam gave Zayn a reassuring, light hearted smile before Zayn walked back to his seat. He flipped open his reading material once more and tried to resume his writing. He was on a good roll and now he felt like it had lost it. His mojo was gone. His five page plan looked bleak, looked more like a four page plan. Which wasn’t a bad thing but Zayn didn’t want to be behind when he had so much to do in such a short period of time. He changed the music, maybe a mix up of things would get him going again. The room was now quiet, just the soft sound of Liam typing in the distance when Zayn heard the noise again. He quickly turned around at Liam who was looking at him with eyebrows raised. Okay so he wasn’t going crazy and hearing things. This time Liam walked from behind his desk and over to Zayn. He sat next to him and just waited. Waiting for what? Zayn had no idea but clearly Liam knew what he was waiting for. Sure enough, the noise could be heard again.

“Oh my god!” Liam gasped, trying to remain silent as he did so. “What the hell was that?”

“Is someone up here with us?” Zayn asked, turning off his music once more. “I’ve been so enthralled with my work that I don’t know if anyone is here.”

“I saw some guy like an hour ago,” Liam recalled. “Holy shit! Holy shit!”

“What! What!” Zayn asked, slapping Liam’s arm, hopefully getting some information out of him.

“A girl followed him up here a few minutes later,” he laughed. “Someone is having sex in the Russian literature section.”

“Pushkin gets me hot too,” Zayn joked, pushing his chair out slowly, hoping not to scrap it against the floor and make noise. He stood up and smiled down at Liam. “Come on.”

“What! No!” Liam told him. “Za-Zayn stop!”

“Come on, Leeyum,” he laughed, pulling gently on his arm. “Don’t you want to know who rudely interrupted our studying?”

“No, not really,” he replied, shaking his head. “Let’s leave them to their business and continue with ours. Okay?”

“No,” Zayn responded. “These people are not respecting the books. The books need to be respected, Liam.”

“Zayn,” Liam groaned and tried to stifle a laugh when the couple in the aisle made a similar noise. “They can’t be that much longer, yeah, so let’s just drop it.”

Zayn shook his head in dismay at Liam, how dare he just want to leave this alone. These people were clearly being disrespectful to not only Liam’s place of work but the books. The books! They couldn’t stick up for themselves so someone had to and that someone was going to be Zayn Malik. He tip toed as quietly as possible towards the shelves to catch these rude intruders. The first two shelves were clear, only six more to go. Once he approached the fourth he saw Liam sigh and give up to follow him. Good. It was better with a partner anyway. Someone to back up his story when he told Louis later. He kind of wished Louis was there with him, he’d be the first to jump out of his seat and help Zayn. Not for the respect part just because Louis was the biggest gossip he ever met.

“Welcome to the team,” Zayn greeted Liam with a smile. “Time to put these no good people in their place.”

“Oh yeah, you’ve got them shaking in their boots,” he replied dryly. “Totally going to scare them now.”

Zayn rolled his eyes and grabbed for Liam’s hand which was slightly clammy, probably nerves. They walked a few feet to the next shelf in silence, Zayn tried to hold his breath trying not make any unnecessary noise. The noise got louder and more aggressive, okay now Zayn was trying to suppress a laugh. This was all kind of a little bit ridiculous if he stopped to think about it. But he couldn’t stop to think about it now, these books demanded respect. He peeked at the next shelf and sure enough he had caught the assailants, going at it between ancient Russian romance novels and Russian history. How sexy. Zayn looked behind at Liam who was still shaking his head and rolling his eyes at him. His free hand was covering his mouth but it was evident that he was laughing behind his hand. The laugh lines by his eyes were a dead giveaway. Useless.

“Excuse me,” Zayn said harshly towards the couple.

The parted quickly, or as quickly as they could seeing the girl was kneeling on the carpeted floor.

“Can’t you find a room to do that in?” Zayn asked and stood square in front of the couple. The guy quickly trying to button his pants back up as the girls sheepishly stood up, wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand. “What you’re doing is not only rude but disrespectful.”

“Sorry bro,” the guy apologized, shocked at Zayn’s outburst. “Didn’t realize you’d be so against a quick blowie in the library.”

Zayn looked over at Liam and quickly pulled him closer. He wasn’t going to look like the asshole alone. “I don’t care where you get your jollies mate. Just don’t do that to the books.”

“Th-the books?” He gawked, running his hand through his hair. “You can’t be serious.”

“These books deserve better,” he explained. “These beautiful pieces of literature were not written so you can have a quickie amongst them.”

The girl looked over a her boyfriend and then at Liam, hoping someone could make sense of what was going on. “I-I’m sorry, but you’re upset over some books.”

“Some books,” Zayn scoffed looking over at Liam for some help, tightening his grip on their connected hands. “Please.”

“Ignore him,” Liam told the couple. “As you can tell he’s very passionate about this. Can you just umm, I don’t know. Finish this up somewhere else, okay?”

“Sorry bro,” the guy repeated, this time to Liam. He patted him on the back as he and his girlfriend passed by. “That goal to end the last season was sick man. Epically sick.”

“Thanks,” Liam took the compliment graciously with a tight smile. “Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Zayn huffed at Liam, releasing their hands with a upset sound. He stomped back to his seat to collect his things. He was so upset over the couple and his lack of completed work that he was even considering not getting his iced latte after all. But hell, he deserved it. He had put up with enough crap today that he’d even give himself two shots on hazelnut.

“What’s wrong?” Liam asked once he caught up with a fast moving Zayn. “You can’t be that upset over some books.”

“Some books,” he scoffed and zipped up his bag. “You don’t get it Liam, do you?”

“Obviously not,” he laughed. “Look if it’s any consolation, these things rarely happen around here.”

“Liam,” Zayn began with a sigh and threw his heavy bag over his shoulder. “One day I want what I write to be on these shelves. I’m not mad at the kid getting off, more power to him honestly. It’s the principle of it all is it.”


“I don’t want my work to be thrown up on a shelf and be disregarded like these works are,” he continued to explain. “I respect the written word. And maybe that makes me a nerd or whatever but so be it. That’s just who I am I guess.”

“I can respect that,” Liam told him with an understanding nod of his head. “Don’t get it but I respect it.”

“Don’t you have something you’re so passionate about that it drives you insane?” He asked, his eyes wide and animated with emotion.

Liam stood in front of Zayn silent. He shuffled on his feet and visibly swallowed his nerves down. Honestly? Yeah, Liam did have something he was truly passionate about that drove him insane and it was Zayn. He all started at the beginning of the year. He’d watch him come to the library almost everyday and sit in his lonely section. Liam would just spend the whole time watching him as he studied, trying to find the courage to talk to him. He was attractive but that wasn’t what kept Liam feeling helpless. It was passion and his drive as he worked so hard at whatever he was working on. Zayn the English major with soft eyes and sharp cheekbones with black ink painting both his arms. He was breathtaking.


“Get coffee with me,” he blurted out.

“Wha-what?” Zayn asked, taken aback at Liam’s outburst.

“Get coffee with me,” he repeated boldly. “You want to know what I’m so passionate about then come get coffee with me and I’ll tell you. Just warning you that it’ll shock you.”

Zayn scoffed. “After today nothing is going to shock me.”

“Is that a yes then?” Liam asked, hoping it didn’t sound like he was begging.

“It’s a yes,” Zayn confirmed. “You’re buying though. And just to let you know I want a double shot of hazelnut.”

“I can do that,” Liam laughed. “Come on. Niall should be closing up soon and his cart is the only coffee I trust on campus.”

@solistliam i genuinely don’t wanna hear it anymore like you can not be that blind. sure they all get hate but the hate is so AWFUL towards liam that it trumps any other bit of hate the other guys get minus zayn. i will always feel for that guy and the shit he had to go through. liam files in right after. then it’s probably louis, harry and niall at the top cos most people leave him alone. i’m just tired of this stupid ass pity party as to who gets bullied the most when i don’t see any of the others but liam or zayn getting death threats handed to them via social media 


Au: You’re Niall’s little sister and start dating Luke. Instead of being upset, Niall is happy with your choice and wishes the two of you all the best. When he sees how much hate you get from the fans, Niall starts to worry and does everything to help you and Luke to stop the hate.

Requested by Anon: “Can I have one with gif when I’m Niall’s little sister and I’m dating Luke Hemmings and he become overprotective and helps the both of us through the hate … Thanks =)”

(hope we got your request right! We tried our best)

Remember Me

Summary: After a fight with Louis, Niall goes to the store to make his boyfriend happy, after several hours Niall still hasn’t returned home. Nothing will prepare the boyfriends for what is to come.

Word Count: 3,300

Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: I do not own One Direction or the name. This is pure fiction.

Enjoy Guys :) xx


            “Are we really going to watch Batman again?” Louis states adding in an eye roll, “we’ve watched it like a million times.”

            “It’s my turn to pick, and batman is my favorite so you don’t get a say,” Liam teases bopping Louis on the nose.

            They boys were finally off for three full months until they were needed back for Where We Are tour rehearsals, and they were planning on getting as much time to themselves as possible.

            Zayn settles in the couch right next to Louis, “be nice,” moving in to press his lip against Louis ear, he whispers, “I’m not happy either, but it’s his turn.”

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Can’t Breathe

In theory, Harry and Niall shouldn’t mesh very well.

Niall is much too gentle and kind, too emotional and vocal for a callus, tough and introverted person like Harry. Niall was the blonde haired, blue eyed boy next door type that your mother loves whilst Harry was the teenage rebel type that your father would never let within ten feet of you. In theory, Harry and Niall wouldn’t work.

In reality, Harry and Niall really, really work.

Of course, sometimes when Harry is grumpy or Niall is tired, they fight a little bit more intensely than most couples, but they always figured it out. 

Niall was a uni student, plain and simple. He was studying creative writing in hopes that he might actually get a chance at his dream job, and Harry supported him, despite his unspoken doubts. Harry on the other hand had decided to forgo the uni process seeing as he already had his dream job owning his own bakery. 

“Haz? You home?” Niall calls as he drops his book bag to the side table near the door of Harry’s flat. Because Niall lived in a flat with 2 of his mates, Harry’s apartment had basically become Niall’s home as well (more than half of Niall’s things were at Harry’s, anyway).

“Yeah babe, in the kitchen.” Harry calls back and Niall grins in content as he sees his boyfriend pulling what smells like brownies out of the oven. 

“Hey.” Niall says, sighing dreamily like he always does. Harry puts the tray down and shucks off his oven mitts, giving Niall one of his rare grins and walking over to his blonde boyfriend. 

“Hey there.” He responds, kissing Niall’s nose and hugging him tightly to his chest. 

Niall hums in pure joy, “Missed you.” He mumbles and Harry nods in agreement. “What’re you baking?”

“Chocolate cake.” Harry says and Niall nearly moans at the sound.

“I love you.” Niall says and Harry laughs out loud, making Niall grin in self-approval.

“Not for you, fattie.” Harry jabs playfully making Niall gasp in mock offense. 

Niall lets go of Harry momentarily, feigning shock. “Harry Styles!” Niall shouts, 
“You always say I look skinny in these jeans.” He says, pouting dramatically. 

Harry grins, rolling his eyes. “You’re nearly too skinny, babe. Look at your little legs, there isn’t any fat on your body… except for your fat arse.” Harry says, making Niall squeal.

“Oh my god!” Niall says loudly, using both of his hands to cover his butt. “You pervert.” 

“You love it.” Harry says casually, testing the cakes warmth subconsciously with a butter knife. 

Niall stares at his boyfriend lovingly. “I love you, yeah.” he says in all seriousness. 

Harry takes a minute to spare a glance at his suddenly serious boyfriend and tries to conceal a heavy sigh. He knows that Niall is rightfully looking for some kind of approval from Harry- any kind of hint that Harry is feeling the same- but Harry just can’t. He hates himself for it, but he can’t make his mouth move to make words to formulate just how he feels about Niall. He isn’t a writer like Niall, he doesn’t have the articulate and impressive words about him like his boyfriend. He hasn’t read the classic romantic novels like Niall and he doesn’t watch romantic comedies unless he’s with Niall and he just feels so inferior compared to his boyfriend. Niall, of course, doesn’t know that and wouldn’t understand it, so Harry doesn’t even try to explain. 

Harry ends up nodding awkwardly and turning back to his baking, trying to ignore the fact that he can nearly hear Niall’s heart breaking. He faintly hears Niall’s footsteps leaving the room, and once he hears the bedroom door click shut he relaxes against the kitchen cabinet, mentally punching himself in the face. 

Niall comes out of the bedroom about an hour later, looking tired and upset and Harry knows its going to be one of those nights. Harry’s already started on dinner, Niall’s favorite dish of mac and cheese– fancy style. Niall takes one look at the food and puts on what must be his brave face, looking Harry in the eyes. “Harry, I have to go home now.” He says, his voice quivering as he spoke Harry’s full name. 

“What?” Harry asks, dumbfounded. He knew Niall laws upset, but Niall was never too upset to skip his favorite dinner. “Ni…” He started.

“No, Haz, I know. I’m sorry you made my favorite, that’s really so sweet.” The blonde says and Harry almost believes him. “But, Zayn and Liam need my help… cooking tonight. So I have to go.” Niall says, making Harry scoff.

Niall couldn’t cook for shit, that’s why Harry was always the chef of their relationship. Zayn and Liam would never call Niall for cooking help, unless they were asking for Harry. Niall was a terrible liar and Harry could see right through him, Harry just couldn’t understand why Niall was lying. Never before had Niall been this… “not-upset” at Harry not being able to say his feelings. Usually the night would start with eating dinner, then a blow-up fight directly afters, 20 minutes of the silent treatment from Niall’s end, and then end with an entire night of passionate and intense make-up sex. 

“Okay.” Harry says quietly, ignoring the pang in his chest as Niall just stands with a tight look on his face. The blonde stands there for a second, as if he’s waiting for something, and then he shakes his head rapidly and ends whatever trance he was in. Niall gives Harry an unconvincing, small smile and walks out of the kitchen with one hand wrapped tightly around his wrist, something that Niall only does when he’s about to cry. He has little nail marks indented in his skin from where he scratches himself whilst trying not to cry. Harry’s heart feels like it’s just been stamped on. 

The front door shuts quietly, and Harry huffs, confusion thick in the air. ‘what the hell just happened?’ he thinks to himself as the oven’s timer beeps, admitting that the mac and cheese was done. 

* * * *

He calls Liam later that night. He and Liam were pretty close before Harry even met Niall. Liam and Harry’s best friend, Louis were fuck buddies all throughout Louis’ college career. Harry’s not really sure where their relationship lies, but he isn’t calling to talk about LiLo. “Hey, Liam.” Harry says quietly. 

Liam’s delayed response tells Harry something straight away. “What do you want, man?” Liam says, in that voice that is definitely angry but truing to stay civil. 

“What the hell is happening, Liam? Niall completely walked out on me today saying you and Zayn needed him to cook?” Harry mumbles. “I know I probably did something wrong, I just need someone ego tell me what. I’ll apologize to him a million times, please.” Harry begs and he hates how desperate he sounds but it’s all so necessary. 

Liam heaves out a long and heavy sigh. “Look he came home crying and he still is somewhere around here cuddled up with Zayn. He hasn’t told me anything straight up but I’m sure it’s because you can’t man up and tell him how you feel.” Liam says bluntly, completely out of character of his usual self, but it made sense seeing as everyone associated with Niall is usually fiercely protective of him. Anyway, if Liam seemed protective over Niall, you don’t want to even begin thinking about Zayn’s fierce and ugly over-protectiveness over his best friend. 

Harry closes his eyes. “I know. I know. It’s just… I know how I feel I just can’t tell him. I try so hard-”

“You need to try harder.” Liam says. “Look, dude, I love you and Niall and I want you guys to both be happy, but maybe you two can’t make each other happy.” 

“He makes me so happy, Liam, you don’t understand…”

Liam sighs one last time. “Harry, I understand all too well. I know he makes you happy. But you don’t make him happy.” Liam says and that feels like a punch to the gut. 

Harry’s breath is taken away from him for a second, and he can’t even begin to understand how that statement alone made him feel. 

He doesn’t respond to Liam, and his brown eyed friend seems to understand. “I’m sorry, Harry, but that’s the truth. I have to go now. You should call Louis, he’ll be able to help you through this.”

Harry hangs up because what is this? He and Niall haven’t broken up. Yet

He shakes his head, clearing his own thoughts because they won’t break up. They. Will. Not. Harry’s palms are sweaty and his breathing is becoming uneven just at the thought of loosing Niall. 

He dials Louis’ number quickly, and spends the rest of the night crying to his best friend because he’s too much of a fuck up to tell his true feelings.

* * * *

Harry doesn’t go to work the next day because he’s too busy preparing. He had gotten a text from Niall that morning saying that he would be coming over around 5 without any other explanation. Harry’s beyond nervous when Niall’s voice rings throughout his flat half past 4. He’s thirty minutes early and Harry was not prepared. “Haz?” he calls softly.

Harry near jumps out of his skin before slowly making his way to the living room. “Ni.” He greets, shuffling closer to the blonde, who flinches away. 

“We have to talk.” Niall says and Harry’s heart drops to his shoes. Those were four words he never wanted to hear from Niall.

Harry doesn’t say a word so Niall continues on his own. “I… I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I just… I love you so much Harry.” he admits and the first tears start falling. “And I know– well, I think that you love me too.” Niall infers, but Harry can’t move. Niall sighs. “But you don’t ever give me one indication that any of this means anything to you and I can’t do it anymore.” He stutters, just like Harry’s heart. 

Finally, Harry can think again, speak again, move again. Instantly he’s shaking his head, denying it all, not allowing any of it. “Yes we can, we can figure it out, Niall, we always do.”

“No, Harry, we don’t. We fight and then I get blinded by my love and I’m stuck in the same one sided relationship all over again! Harry!” Niall says, his voice slowly raising. “How would you feel if I just never said any words of love to you anymore. I never said ‘I love you’ or even a simple ‘I missed you’? How would you like it?” Niall says angrily, wiping tears from his face. “I can’t do it anymore. I have given and given and you have it all I have no more to give because I’m receiving nothing from you!” Niall says, his voice going soft again. “So, I- I have to leave.” Niall says and Harry can tell that the blonde literally thinks that there’s no other option opposed to leaving. 

“Niall, please.” Harry gasps out, feeling the panic rising in his throat at the prospect of Niall leaving him. “You can’t leave me.” He begs, tears coming to his eyes. 

The Irish boy doesn’t look back as he gets up, walking towards the door. 

“Niall!” Harry says desperately, getting onto his knees and facing Niall in an apologetic position. “Please, Niall, please.” He begs in a whisper. Niall stops at the doorway. Harry stares at the back of the man he loves in absolute agony. Hopeless and heartbroken, Harry rasps, “Niall ,please, I can’t breathe without you.” 

The blonde turns on a hell, tears continuously streaming down his face. 

“That’s the o-only way I can describe it Niall. It’s like I’m a fish out of water without you, I can’t breathe I wouldn’t want to– without you. Without you I’d be nothing. I’m sorry that I’m not as articulate as you when it comes to words but I will always try my best to show you how much you mean to me from now on till forever. Please, Niall, you mean the world to me. Please, give me another chance to prove that I’m it for you like you’re it for me.” Harry begs, and Niall falls to the ground with Harry, hugging him tightly as he cries along with the brunette.

“I can’t breathe without you either.” Niall promises in heaved breaths after they’ve both stopped sobbing all over each other. Both of their faces are red and splotchy and wet and Harry can’t stop blubbering analogies that finally describe how he feels about his boyfriend but it’s all so perfect. 

Niall is sniffling in Harry’s neck as he clarifies, “If you break your promise Zayn is gonna kick your ass, Harry Styles.” 

Harry grins, hugging his boyfriend more tightly. “You don’t have to worry about that.” He tells the blue eyed boy as he pulls away slightly. “You’re it.” Harry says and Niall grins. It’s not exactly what he wanted, but he understands what Harry means.

“You’re it too.” 

aw :) narry is just too fun :) Thanks so much for reading! (sorry for typos)

School is killing me as in I’m literally dying haahhahahahahahahah :( Tumblr is my only escape and I only get to update like once a week so it’s G R E A T

Prompts are open! I do any Niall centric including OTP, OT3, OT4, & OT5. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here

Louis’ Actual Internal Dialogue

Okay, just angle your body towards Zayn. Do not look at Harry…He’s wearing the cologne I got him. Oh God he smells so goo-No. Stop. Look forward. Don’t think about it. Niall’s making a joke. Better laugh.

Whoa, okay. A bit over the top there, Tommo, just be cool. Fuck. How much cologne did Harry put on? Lean towards Zayn. Stop thinking about Har-I swear to God if that boy gets up and twerks again.

Yeah, that’s good Niall. Make her twerk. Wait, what is Harr-no! Don’t fucking get up you little shi-

Nooooooo. Oh. Yeah. REAL fuckin smooth Haz, arguing “I’m not gonna do it” as you’re standing up and fucking WALKING TOWARDS HER. He better not twerk on her. I will fight yo-Harry I swear to fucking God if you say you’re not going to do it one more time-

“Don’t act like you hate it!”

Shit, what was that sound that just came from my face? Why do I sound like a bleating goat when I laugh? Fuck he made eye contact. God, he’s cute when he laughs. Ugh, my hands are sweating. Rub them on the chair. Ahh, no that looks weird. Just stop moving. Is he actually, genuinely gonna…Hoe, don’t do it-

Oh my god.

“Should we just look away?”

Yeah, smooth. Deflect. Turn around.  

Ehhhh. Maybe he’s done? Turn back around.


He’s pointing it right at me. Fucking hell, Styles, stop gyrating your arse straight at my dick. I will never forgive him for this…I wonder if he’d do this again for me later. Eugh, gettin a boner. Right. Think of kissing the interviewer.


That’s it. Deep breaths. I swear to GOD if that arse doesn’t stop staring me straight in the face. Right. This interview has got to end. Now.

“And that’s why you should go see the movie!”

Wtf voice was that? I’m losing it. Shit. Can the camera see my crotch? Quick, shift around to hide this fuckin thing. Just. Act. Natural. Oh look she’s petting Niall. I want Harry to run his fingers through my hai-NO! SHIT. COCK. BALLS. FUCKING. FUCK.

You heard it here.

Video:  x

gif source: niallsgotmehigh

egggggsy  asked:

i keep thinking about narry where both of them are bakers. niall is a professional baker who owns a famous patisserie, while harry is a famous youtube home baker who spends 80% of his video fangirling over and/or trying to recreate niall's famous creations. niall finds out about harry from his friends (travel blogger louis (who found harry in the first place), fashion model zayn, and football player liam). they think harry is adorable and that niall would love him. niall does.

“What do you mean, Niall Horan is here?”

“I mean that Niall Freaking Horan is in the living room, right this moment, asking for you!” he sister tells him, and he can see she is just as excited than he is.


Harry runs a hand through his hair, a very floury hand, per say, leaving some white tracks in his messy curls. There is probably some icing on his cheek too and the kitchen is a right mess. He is trying a new receipe for his next video and things are not going as well as they usually do. 


See, Harry does Youtube videos as a living, videos in which he bakes some easy not so expensive stuff and he is quite good at it. He is also quite popular, makes a good amount of money with is and even met other YouTube stars (Like Louis Tomlinson, who travels all over the world.)

Harry also have this huge crush on Niall Horan, famous baker, who owns the nicest bakery in all London. Niall even has his own t.v show. He is like the Gordon Ramsey of bakery. But he doesn’t yell as much as Gordon does and he is, let’s say, a lot sexier. 

And he is here, right now, in his house, and everything is a mess. Harry’s kitchen, Harry’s hair and face and clothes and mostly, Harry’s sanity.

He doesn’t even have time to recover or practice his sexy faces in the mirror because Niall walks in Harry’s kitchen like he owns it.

“Harry! It is so nice to finally meet you.”

And he grabs Harry’s hand in his own, shaking it quite vigorously, holding on Harry’s bicep as he does so and fucking hell, he looks even better in real life.

His smile and his eyes and the freckles and beauty marks on his pale skin and his voice and his accent and the way his hair is not as perfectly styled as it is on t.v

He is perfect

“You know who I am?”

“I’m in your house right now, man. Think it means I know bloody damn well who you are. Much cuter in real life, I might say.”

“Much what?”

Niall stars going around the kitchen, looking in differents pots and plates lignering on every surfaces. He tastes at a few things, humming pleasantly and sending Harry a smile leaving him a bit weaker in the knees.

“Louis told me about ya. About your videos and how much you like my stuff.”

Right, he remembers now how Louis is Niall’s best friend and how hard it was for Harry not to ask about him when he met Louis at the YouTube convention in L.A last year.

Every time Harry had talk about Niall in his videos suddenly comes back in his mind. Oh God. He talked about him quite a lot, right? “Niall did this, and that, and he is so good, such an inspiration and he just loves food you know, that’s why he is so good. And he just loves to try new stuff, to bring new ingredients!”

Harry would like for the earth to just open undernearth him right now and take him before he can embarass himself more than he already did in front of Niall. 

“This is really good, Harry,” Niall says, his mouth still around his finger with which he picked a bit of lemon icing.


And they kind of stare at each other for a few beats, Harry biting his bottom lips nervoulsy, trying not to think about how much he would love to taste that icing on Niall’s lips. Niall’s face suddenly turns a bit pink, like he can read Harry’s mind. Like maybe he would love that too.

“So,” Niall says, breaking the moment and looking somewhere above Harry’s shoulder. “What do you think of making your next video in the kitchen of my bakery?”

“Are you serious?!”

“’Course I am! It’s more than time you get the attention you deserve, Harry.”

There is something in Niall’s voice as he speaks those words. Like he wants to be the one giving attention to Harry. Like he thinks Harry might deserve the whole world and he is maybe willing to give it a try. He smiles to Harry, a shy kind of smile he never saw on t.v before. Maybe a private kind of smile.

Harry says fuck it and walks the few steps separating them, grabbing Niall in some crushing hug. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou!”

never ending math equation by liquidmeasure on ao3

Niall’s told him all about the winter. The way the snow creeps in through the cracks. The way the winds make you feel like the entire continent will be ripped up and away and tossed into the void. But that’s the bad days. Niall says on the good days, everything is still, save for the ice, and the stars flash like strobe lights and if you look up, you can see everything. You can see right through the universe.
So that’s something to look forward to.

Or…Louis does science, Zayn is an enigma, Harry studies penguin poop and Niall fixes radios. Nobody knows how they feel, but Zayn knows how everyone feels.

zayn/louis, shades of niall/harry, lots of everyone/mr. frosty

((graphic by shimmeringarmour, who is AMAZING. I am SCREAMING into the void about it FOREVER))


Prompt: Umm… Hi!!! I have a prompt can you do a Photographer Zayn like he works at kodak or something. :D Then Niall needed a picture for the requirements of the company he’s applying to then Zayn sees him and vise versa then they fall in love at first sight :)

Word Count: 5,766

A/N: it’s not exactly like the prompt, I just changed the reason why Niall needs his photos. Hope that’s okay!

It starts with a rainy day. Not too heavy, not too light, just the gentle patter of water hitting the window. It was quite depressing, actually, but it all seemed to disappear when a certain ball of sunshine skips through the doors.

“Hi,” He smiles with a wave.

Zayn immediately takes notice of his customer and he straightens his back, though he also noticed that this particular customer was a little different to the others. His smile had lit up the room, cheeks a faint blush as well as the tip of his nose, probably pink from the cold. His blond hair was a halo on his head, brown roots protruding the dye causing the two different colours to collide perfectly in a beautiful mocha shade.

Zayn gaped at him. He was gorgeous.

His voice, accented with an Irish brogue, had snapped him from his reverie. “Are you okay, mister?” He quirked a brow at the darker lad, but even he could tell that the answer was a definite no.

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Pregnancy Series #19 ~ Nursery

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall ~ As the first dad-to-be in the band, the boys wanted to help him with everything. They were so proud that their Irish man was becoming a father, and couldn’t wait for their niece of nephew arrive. So Niall invited them all to help him with the nursery. 

The day before, you went out with Zayn’s girlfriend, who was also pregnant, and Lou Teasdale and Lux. Decorating a nursery without knowing the gender was harder than you expected, so you needed a bit of help. Lou had helped you plan what you would do, and you found out Lux had an eye for decorating. 

You brought everything home that you could fit in the car yesterday, and today the truck was arriving with the furniture. Niall decided he wanted to put the furniture together with the help of the boys, so once the delivery men brought everything up the stairs he had them leave. 

While they were upstairs, you were downstairs with Zayn’s girlfriend, who was pregnant (only to the knowledge of you, Niall, and of course, Zayn), talking about what she planned to do for her nursery in hushed voices. You could hear them talking as you drank your lemonades on the balcony since the window to the nursery was open and right below you. As time went by, they became louder.

“I don’t think that goes there,” Zayn said.

“It looks like a side piece, see. Look at the picture, dipshits,” Louis pointed out. You laughed at the frustration in his voice quietly, not wanting them to know you could hear them. As the yelling continued, you guessed they were putting together the changing table/bookshelf. 

“What are these?” Harry asked. 

“Thats the screws for the crib, I think,” Liam said, and you heard the crinkle of paper, signaling he was flipping through the instructions. 

“No, I think we were supposed to put those-” Niall began, but was interrupted by a loud crash. You looked to Zayn’s girlfriend with wide eyes, and rushed your way down the stairs, helping each other, to see what was going on. 

When you got to the doorway, you saw the crib half in the box, a big dent in the wall, and the changing table pieces in a pile. “I’m calling the delivery guys back. This is not working,” you said, pulling out your phone. They all nodded frantically with their eyes wide.

“And call a carpenter, too. That hole is pretty huge,” Liam said. The boys began laughing at each other, and trying to figure out who forgot the screws, when Niall made his way over to you. 

“I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I just wanted to help,” he said. You smiled and pulled him in for a hug. You handed the phone to Liam, and went downstairs with Niall to the kitchen to prepare lunch for the boys.

After a day of the carpenters and the furniture store delivery men going in and out of you house, and a few days of you and Niall hanging things on the walls carefully, the nursery was finally finished.

Zayn ~ “Y/N? Are you home?” You heard after the door slammed. You turned your music down and wiped your hands off on a rag. 

“Here!” you yelled, and heard his footsteps making their way down the hall. The door opened and a smile instantly bloomed on his lips. 

“It looks amazing in here,” he said, walking over to the oval shaped crib in the middle of the room. He put his hands on the edge of the wooden structure and looked down at the bedding. You stood back, watching him. He reached down and ran his fingertips over the soft blanket his mum had bought lining the mattress. 

“I love that baby,” he whispered, but you heard him over Frank Sinatra playing softly through the radio. You walked over to him and put your bare feet on the cow skin rug that the crib sat on. 

“I know you do. I know you do now,” you said, placing your hand over his on the edge of the crib. He looked over to you and smiled. “I’m almost done in here, but I don’t know what to put on that wall, there.” 

The wall to your right was bare and white. You didn’t know what to put there. You didn’t want furniture because you didn’t want the room to be crowded, but leaving it bare wasn’t an option. 

“Hang on,” he said as he exited the room. While you waited for him to return, you began stocking the changing table with all the diapers you had bought. Trisha said you should buy enough diapers to last the first few months just to make life easier, so you had bought 25 packages from amazon and had them shipped to your flat. 

Zayn came back, carrying a frame turned so you could only see the back and not the contents. “Close you eyes,” he told you, and you did. You heard him shuffling around, and the frame banging the floor multiple times before he said, “Okay, open them.”

You gasped. It was a beautiful painting of a man, no one you knew- but it was beautiful. It matched the room perfectly, like it was made to fit your style. The colors coordinated with the items you already had in the room, and it was big enough to fill the bare wall without crowding the room. 

“I- I love it. Where’d you get it? It’s so- so, so- It’s amazing,” you rambled. Zayn lifted it up and pushed it against the wall to give you an idea of how it would look once it was hung. “I love it.”

You walked over to him as he put the painting down on the floor leaning against the wall. “I love you,” you whispered as you leaned against his chest and looked out the windows. The room had a view of the London Eye and the Thames river. He reached his hand to your face and brushed your hair away from your eyes. You hands found their way to his sides and you pulled him closer so your lips met his. 

It was the first time you kissed in months. You couldn’t help but cherish every second of contact. You couldn’t deny loving him, and the fact that you had finally forgiven him. No, everything wouldn’t be the same as it had been before your pregnancy, but you were closer than yesterday. 

Liam ~ “Uncle Liam?” Jaeda asked. You turned from where you were standing at the changing table and watched as your husband and niece were looking through the baby books. 

“Niece Jaeda?” he answered, making her laugh. She closed her book and put it onto the bookshelf. Liam had been in here night and day preparing for the baby. He did an amazing job putting the furniture together, and found an amazing crib at an antique store. 

“What’s this circle on the rug?” She asked. You smiled as you folded on of the many blankets you had received and stuffed it into the bottom drawer. 

“That’s a compass. It’s what pirates used to find treasure,” he explained. She nodded and stood on top of it, skipping around on the points. She sat down and traced the shapes with her fingers, singing off key absentmindedly. Liam chuckled, and you tossed a blanket at her. 

“Come help me,” you said, and she nodded. In her summer dress, which she wore over a long sleeved tee and leggings, she twirled over to where you stood. She began trying to fold the blue blanket on the floor beside you, and when she was finished she handed it up to you. You tossed some more down to her, and you refolded the one she just gave you. 

Liam began to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture, which Jaeda thought looked like fun. She skipped across the room to him, and pulled on his pant leg. “Uncle Liam, can I try?”

He nodded and handed her the hammer. You watched as he hoisted her up onto the table and held the nail for her to hit, surprisingly, she it the nail instead of the walls or her uncle’s fingers. She eventually got bored and began to play under the crib. But then Lia started using a drill to hand up the blinds, and she got scared, so you took her down to watch a movie. 

She picked out Finding Dory, and halfway through, she looked up to you from your lap and said, “Aunty Y/N, why don’t you have the baby in your belly?” 

“Because,” you simply stated, hoping she would forget and turn her attention back to the movie. But she didn’t.

“But why?” 

“I can’t have a baby in my belly. That’s why Uncle Liam and I are adopting. Remember we told you? Someone else has our baby in their stomach, and when he comes out, we’re going to get him,” you explained, tears forming in your eyes. You turned you head away from your niece’s stare and wiped the water away. 

“Are you crying?” she asked, putting her small hand on your cheek leaning in close so that her nose was almost touching yours. 

“Ya, bug, I am crying.”

“Daddy says that when someone is crying that they are sad about something. What are you sad about?” she asked innocently. You laughed lightly, and kissed her cheek.

“I’m sad that I can’t have a baby in my belly,” you told her. She nodded, and turned back to the movie. 

“I think it’s all set! Just need to put- Are you alright, sweetheart?” Liam said as he walked into the room. He saw my tear-stained cheeks and bent down in front of me. 

“It’s nothing, promise. Jaeda cheered me up,” you smiled and hugged him.

Harry ~ “Okay, I’m ready. What can I do?” you said, clapping you hands together. You looked around at the unfinished nursery as Harry rolled out the rug. 

“It’s alright, love, I can handle it,” he stood up and kissed your lips, “You go have a bath and relax. Maybe take a nap. I shouldn’t be here long.” 

He smiled at you and began pushing the crib to where you had planned to. You shook your head, running your fingertips over the walls he had painted two days ago and then to the wood of the crib he had put together this morning. You felt useless and lazy just standing back and watching him do everything. 

“I really want to help, though. Here, I can just get up here- and, uh- if I could reach,” you struggled to reach the curtain rod that need to have the curtains fed onto it. You put your foot onto the side of the crib when Harry wasn’t looking and hoisted yourself up. While you were trying to reach the top of the windows where the curtain rod was, your foot slipped, and you fell back onto the pile of baby clothes. 

“Jesus, Y/N!” Harry exclaimed when he saw you on the floor. He dropped the hammer he was holding and rushed to your side. He put one hand on the small of your back and held onto your hand with the other as he helped you to your feet. He looked over every part of your body for injuries with his hands resting on your arms the whole time, still shaken from the fall.

“I’m fine, I think. The baby didn’t get hurt,” you reassured him, but he still held onto your forearm as you walked to sit down in the rocker.  

“Are you sure? Is the baby moving? Your butt doesn’t hurt?” he rambled, his palms caressing your cheeks. You laughed, but rubbed you elbow, which hit the edge of the crib on your way down. 

“We’re good. Now, can I help you put the changing table together?”

“No, why don’t you go have a lie down?” he suggested. You shook your head and looked down, feeling the tears forming in your eyes.

“Please, Harry,” you whispered, your pregnancy hormones getting the best of you and making you unreasonably upset. 

“Oh, love, I really don’t mind if you don’t help. But- If you really want to help, you can. Uh, let’s see, here! You can help me put the drawers together for the dresser. That sound good?” you sniffled and nodded, walking over to where the wooden pieces were lied out on the floor. Harry dragged the ottoman over so you could sit. 

As you did, Harry asked, “Comfy?”

You returned his smile and rested your hands on the peak of your stomach. Harry kissed the top of your head before handing you a screwdriver and a few screws. 

Louis ~ “Holy…Oh my God, Lou this looks so amazing!” you said, covering your mouth as you walked in and take in the nursery. It was just how you wanted it. You knew the boys wouldn’t be spending much time in their cribs for the first few months, but you knew they would eventually love it.

“I’m glad you like it…I think they did a really good job.” He said softly, leaning in the doorway. You had hired a crew to paint it, put everything together, and decorate it to your liking since Louis was busy on tour. He was only home because he had shows in London. 

“They did amazing,” you said, walking around the room. You and Louis couldn’t decide on a color theme for the nursery, so you chose traditional colors and designed the perfect nursery from there. 

“Oh, and look! They did use the lamps!” You reached up and toyed with the crocheted lampshades Jay had made. She recently learned to crochet, and you had loads of stuff for the boys she made.

“I can’t wait for them to get here,” he said softly. You turned to look at him as he made his way towards you. You sat down in one of the rockers and Louis copied your actions. 

“I’m going to fall asleep in these,” you laughed. He smiled and took your hand in his. 

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he said. You smiled lovingly at him and placed your hand over your bump.

“I love you too. Thank you for this, Lou. It makes it all seem so real,“ you say as you squeeze his hand. You begin tracing your finger over you stomach. 

"So real…” you hear him whisper.

All About Trust

Niall Horan Imagine

Requested? Yes: You’re dating Niall and on tour with the boys but decide one night not to go out with him and instead stay and watch a movie with Zayn and Louis on Bus 1. Louis sends a picture of you cuddled between them to Niall as like a joke, and he gets jealous and decides to come back to hang with you.
Word Count: 905
Thank you for requesting! Hope you enjoy! xx

“Niall I’m not really feeling like going out tonight, though.” You whined into his shoulder. A few times while on tour in a new and foreign place, the boys would go out to a popular club in the area and judge for themselves how popular it is. Usually they get quite drunk and end up not remembering much about the place to judge. Of course while you tagged along with Niall, you usually went along with them. Some nights you’d rather stay in with Niall, although he more often than not was always up for a night on the town.

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#7 Preference - First Date

Harry: “C’mon, (Y/N)! We are almost there.” 

“Harry, you said that ten minutes ago!” you exclaimed, tired of walking. 

 ”This time I mean it.” he gave you a smile and you scoffed. This was your first date with Harry and everything was fine, until he made you walk for twenty minutes in high heels. 

“This is the worst firs-” You stopped talking once you saw you two had reached your destination. “You brought me to London Eye?” you asked, amazed at the sight. Even after being in London for two years, you still hadn’t gone there.

“Well, you mentioned during dinner that you had never been here so I thought it would be nice to bring you.” he scratched his neck, cheeks turning red and scared of your reaction.It had been always a dream to go Lodon Eye and being there with Harry made everything even more perfect. 

You had met right after you moved to London, two years ago, but it wasn’t until a few days that he asked you on a date. Nothing was strange between you two, it was natural. You felt safe and happy, you just hoped Harry felt the same. He did. 

“I love it!” you exclaimed, throwing your arms around him. “Thank you so much, Harry.” your voice sounded muffled by his coat. 

“I have to say that I like knowing that I am your first something.” he whispered and you blushed, hitting him lightly on the chest. “Besides, we can go to Soho after here. Walking!” he walked away, hands on his pocket and you stayed behind, rolling your eyes and sighing.

“Asshole.” you mumbled, smile so big that you looked like a freak. 

 Zayn: The diner was Rock and Roll themed and you were loving every minute of it. It was a bit more far from Central London, where you were used to going, but you actually liked it. It was calm and nice. 

“Thank you for bringing me here, I really like it.” you said, looking around. There were pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe on the walls, along with a shiny sign written “Rock’n’Roll”. The Mac’s Diner had won you heart over. 

“You are welcome.” he said, smiling. “The burger here is great. Is made in the American Way." 

 ”Oh, I suppose this is a good thing.” laughing lightly, you grab the menu to choose what to eat. The meal is great and dinner is all too soon finished. 

"So.. I actually wanted to take you to a place, if it’s cool for you.” he proposed, embarrassed. 


After paying the bill, Zayn took your hand and guide you through the streets. You two were almost at the Rugby Stadium when you turned right. The

Thames river cut his way through the city and there were benches following his path. It’s was a really cold night and you were freezing, hoping whatever Zayn wanted you to see was worth it. 

”(Y/N), this is the place where Rolling Stones had their first gig.“ He pointed out the plaque that explained how this place was ‘historic’. 

"Wow.” you whispered, amazed. You really liked their music, specially cause they remembered you of your dad. 


Grabbing Zayn’s hand, you turned smiling and pecked his cheek, not noticing the blush creeping on his cheek. ”Thank you.” 

Niall: “OH MY GOD!” you screamed, heart racing.

”(Y/N), are you okay?“ Niall said between laughs. 

"No! Who brings a girl to London Dungeon on the first date?” you asked, still scared. You had to be prepared for everything in this place, because people would just jump out of nowhere and scare you. 

The London Dungeon was located right next to London Eye and it was kind of a scary attraction. The intention of this place was to show the history of London through dead people. The were real actors and you had got scared so many times already that you had lost the count. You had just passed through Jack The Ripper part and you were ready to go, not waiting this anymore. 

“I didn’t think you would be so scared, I’m sorry.” Niall said, guilty creeping on him. Sighing, you turned to face Niall, at least you hoped you did, because you couldn’t see a thing. 

“It’s okay. I always wanted to come here, but I was too scared.” you confessed, blushing. You cursed yourself for getting scared so easily, now Niall probably thought you were pathetic. 

“Well, you don’t need to be. I’m here.” that was probably the most cheesy thing you had ever heard, but you couldn’t care less at that moment. You were glad he was there with you. 

“Okay.” grabbing his hand, you two headed to the next part. All you hoped was that you were close to the exit, this way you could grab an Ice Cream and talk. 

Liam: It was snowing and Liam thought it would be nice to take you to the park, even if you two were pretty much freezing. 

“Maybe I should have thought about a warm place.” he mumbled and you giggled.

“Maybe you should have, but then we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the view. I mean, frozen trees do look beautiful.” you were trying to make light of the situation and you both knew. But it was also true. The view was breathtaking. 

“I guess.” he said, shrugging. “Besides, I am feeling like Elsa from Frozen here.” laughing, you started to sing Let it go, while moving your arms in a weird way. 

“Oh God.” Liam muttered, laughing a lot. “You are embarrassing me!” he exclaimed, joking. 

“Oh my!” you put your hand over your mouth, pretending to get offended. “I should just leave after this, Liam! But I won’t, because you would freeze to death." 

"Or I would just walk out of Hyde Park and go home.” he raised his brows and you narrowed your eyes. 

“You wouldn’t!" 

 ”You think so?” turning around, he started to walk to the exit as you just stood there, confused. You were ready to scream and curse at him when Liam turned again and threw a snow ball at you. 

"You are so screwed!” you yell led, grabbing the snow from the floor and throwing. 

“Do you want to build a snowman, babe?” he singed, laughing and running with you on his trail. 

 Louis: The garden of the Hampton Castle was huge and beautiful, Louis couldn’t have chosen a better place to a date. 

“This place is amazing.” You said, eating the strawberry. 

“Just like you.” he remarked and you laughed out loud. 

“You are so cheesy!” you exclaimed. "First, you bring me to a castle. Then you tell me you prepared a picnic and now this!“ 

"I wanted this to be a nice date.” He defended himself. “I mean, we rescheduled this so many times that it had to be perfect when it happened.”

You knew Louis for over a year now and he had actually asked you on a date on the day you met, but tour and school got in your way and you two never got around to going on a date.

“Aren’t you the cutest?” you squeezed his cheeks and he showed you his tongue.

A part of you was really happy that the date took so much time to happen, because it gave you time to know each other and get comfortable with him. But, at the same, you couldn’t help but wonder if you two wouldn’t be dating by now if had happened before.

“Stop talking and eat, (Y/N).” he grumbled. Laughing, you put another strawberry in your mouth. Looking around, you sighed happily. 

The day was warm and the garden looked so gorgeous, you couldn’t believe. The fact that you were there with Louis made everything better. 

You couldn’t have chosen a better place yourself. It was magical. 

“You are amazing, Louis Tomlinson.” You said, squeezing his hand and smiling.

Masterlist / Request

*OH MY GOD I AM SO SO SORRY! I AM SO LATE WITH EVERYTHING AND UGH SORRY! I am in London right now and this place is so beautiful and amazing that I had to do a First Date preference. I am in love. I promise to get back to requests as soon as possible! Love you xx

One Direction Preferences

You Get into a Fight in Front of the Other Boys (Requested)

*If you’re not comfortable with profanity, than be forewarned, but I hope you like! :)

Liam: “No, Y/N, I want to stay a tad longer.” He returned the whisper in your ear. You had been at a party that you weren’t really feeling. All you wanted was to go home and cuddle with Liam, was it really that big of deal? “If you want to leave so bad then go, but I’m staying.” You were taken aback but is comment. “Seriously, Liam?” You scoffed. “What?” He raised his voice and the boys around you began to stare. “I told you if you want to leave than leave!” Liam seemed to be on the offensive. “So you would just let me leave, all by myself in the middle of the night?” You scorned and he nodded, “Yeah, if you keep nagging me. I just want to stay and enjoy myself but I can’t when you’re being a bitch!” He replied harshly. By now, the boys around you were silent, “Fine. Fucking enjoy yourself you asshole.” Standing from the chair, you stomped away. Liam stayed sitting, chugging the drink in his hand. The boys around him sat and stared at him, Liam didn’t bother looking at them because he knew if he did they would give him some type of lecture.

Zayn: “There’s no use in fighting about this. I told you I wanted to hang out with the boys today after not seeing them for weeks.” Zayn was quick to defend himself. Originally, you planned to go out to dinner and spend the night together; just as he replied quickly, he changed the plans as well, “Well you could have told me before I went and got all ready!” You snarled, looking down at your dress. “I didn’t think-“ “What you didn’t think that I would actually be excited about going out with you?” You cut him off and he just looked at you. Suddenly your front door burst open and in came Niall and Louis, “Zayn you ready to go?” Louis asked and Zayn looked at him and then back to you. “Y/N, you like nice tonight. Going out with the girls?” You kept your eyes on Zayn as Niall admired your outfit. You shook your head no, “Nope. My plans got cancelled. You boys have a wonderful fucking night.” You kicked off your heels and stomped upstairs. “Y/N!” Zayn called after you, walking to the steps, but you slammed the door. “What was that about?” They questioned, but Zayn mumbled a “nothing” and walked out the door.

Louis: You were honestly just having a bad day and weren’t in the mood to put up with anything or deal with anyone. So when you walked into your house that was full of the boys, being loud and most likely drunk, you really just didn’t want to deal with it. “Y/N!” They all cheered, which on a good day would have made you smile and you’d join them, but not today. You trudged right past the living room and into the kitchen to grab a drink. “Y/N,” You heard Louis behind you, “It’s rude to just walk past and not say hi.” You turned to him, furrowing your eyebrows, “No, what’s rude is inviting people over without asking me.” “Hah, it’s not just your house. I can do what I want.” You rolled your eyes, “I know that, but it would still be nice to know who’s gonna be here when I get home.” You were both raising your voice, almost like you were trying to be louder than each other. “Don’t be such a snob.” He retorted. Instead of replying, you stomped away, but not before making awkward eye contact with each of the boys as they sat in the living room.

Niall: You woke up from a long nap, expecting to see the house clean per your request. Instead, Niall was with Harry, watching some sport channel. “Whoa, Y/N, you look rough.” Niall laughed when he saw you. A dead serious look appeared on your face and right when Harry was about to open his mouth to say something smart, you shut him up, “What’s rough is that I asked you to clean and instead you invite Harry over.” “He didn’t invite me, I-“ “Shut up Harry.” You turned back to Niall, “I asked you to do one thing, Niall, that’s it. You know I can’t do everything around here.” “Ok, so I forgot. It’s no big deal.” He shrugged, keeping his eyes on the screen. Harry sat, almost in between you, looking back and forth. “No Niall, it is a big deal because every time I ask you to do something you “forget”.” You yelled at him. “Y/N it’s not that big of a deal.” “I’m gonna go…” Harry stood and walked out, not knowing what to say. “Yes it is, because it happens all the time. You’re too worried about everything else. I’m so sick of it.” You flared your hands in frustration, walking into your bedroom and slamming the door.

Harry: You stormed on the bus, not realizing the other lads were there. “No Harry! Don’t give me excuses!” “What do you want me to say Y/N?” He yelled back at you and you huffed, crossing your arms in front of your chest. The boys shifted awkwardly, “I just want you to quit acting so innocent! If you would stop inviting people backstage than maybe the media wouldn’t make you out to be such a man-whore!” You were both enraged. Harry was always trying to do something nice for the fans and tonight, he invited a group of girls who had a funny sign backstage—to him it was no harm done, but one was a little friendlier than you liked. “Y/N seriously? You’re acting like a bitch.” The boys were shocked that he said that, and so were you. Zayn cleared his throat and you turned to see them all staring with wide eyes, while yours had tears forming. “Fuck you Harry.” You weren’t yelling anymore; you felt crushed. You brushed past him, making him stumble. He looked at the boys, who were glaring at him and he ran a hand through his hair, knowing the boys would tell him to go after you and make things right.

kittyslove  asked:

Ziall; Niall gets drunk and calls Zayn after reading the billboard article and how Zayn said he wanted to be friends but they haven't replied to Zayn's calls.

“You just don’t get it.” 

Zayn swallows. He doesn’t know what he expected, picking up for a UK number, but this–this isn’t it. Not Niall, in the middle of a sentence, or a conversation.

“What?” The gentleness is ingrained; he doesn’t know if he could ever react differently to Niall. And he’s still surprised. 

“You don’t get it,” Niall repeats, and he sounds…tired. Tired, and…

“Are you drunk?”

“Yes,” Niall replies, easily. “Very drunk. I had to be, see, because I wasn’t going to be able to read it otherwise.” 

“Read what?” This is something Zayn knows how to do; get Niall through his stories when he’s drunk. Usually it’s because he’s so excited for his stories, not this, but it’s the same thing. 

“Your article. Your article. Legend, man, you got your own billboard article. Gonna get your own music. You sound happy.” Zayn bites his lip, leans back on his bed. Right. He should have guessed. He meant everything he said in that article, but after five years he shouldn’t be surprised people misconstrued things he said. 

“I am happy,” he says, cautiously.

It gets a laugh, but not a Niall laugh. Not the laugh Zayn still misses, loud and joyful, the one that felt so good to pull from Niall. “’Course you are. I’m happy for you.” Somehow, with Niall, Zayn doesn’t doubt it. “But you don’t get it.” 

“What don’t I get?” Niall’s quiet a second, and Zayn sits up. “Babe? Are you all right? Where are you, is someone there with you–”

“’m fine.” Another one of those aching laughs. “You’re so–why are you still so you?”

“I never changed.” 

“We just never knew, yeah.” Another beat, then. “It wasn’t that easy, to pick up.” 


“You said we, like, didn’t pick up your calls. Or, all of us except for Liam. But it wasn’t easy to.”

“It wasn’t easy to call either,” Zayn points out, quick. He’s had too much of this already. 

“I know, I know. But…it hurt, Zee. You left. You couldn’t be happy with us. That hurt.” Niall sounds lost, so lost, and Zayn wants to reach out and pull him into a hug, wants to cuddle him until he’s found his footing like he had for five years. “I wanted you to be happy. But I couldn’t do it. So I couldn’t pick up.” 

That’s not an excuse. If it was anyone else, Zayn would say it. Say that he’d tried, that maybe he’d been an asshole right after, but then he’d started trying, honestly, and there’d been nothing but a brick wall. 

But it’s Niall. Niall, sounding lost and in pain and drunk, but not his usual happy drunk. “I know, babe,” Zayn says, and sighs. “But I do want you back.” 

A wet snort. “Fuck, Zayn. You know you’ve always got me.” 

“Even when you don’t pick up? Even when you need to be trashed to call me?” 

“Always,” Niall says, like a promise. “But–you’ve got to pick up too. I can’t…it’ll hurt too much.” 

“I will,” Zayn promises, and means it. “Get some sleep, babe.” 

“Yeah.” Zayn waits for Niall to hang up, but then, “I miss you,” and the dial tone. 

anonymous asked:

nina! pls write dodgeball captain liam fic! it sounds awesome.

It’s almost the end of junior year and he can’t believe what he has accomplished, how things have come together for him. A year ago he wouldn’t have even thought that one day he’d be playing his final game of the Dodgeball Championship, let alone captaining the game himself. There was a time nobody knew who he was, when teachers forgot what his name was. And now, there isn’t a single person in school who doesn’t know who he is; Liam Payne, the fucking Captain of the Dodgeball Team. But on top of that, above everything else, what Liam could never have seen coming, was Zayn Malik.  

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#122 - Tweets Of You And The New Baby


Before: @harrystyles: waiting waiting waiting.. mommy and daddy can’t wait to meet you little guy

After: @harrystyles: he’s finally here! @(Y/T/N) did an amazing job love you <3


Before: @Real_Liam_Payne: getting through the contractions @(Y/T/N). not much longer

After: @Real_Liam_Payne: welcome little Anika Payne. we already luv you soo much <3


Before: @NiallOfficial: @(Y/T/N) just got the epidural. happy to see she’s not in as much pain. almost there princess xx

After: @NiallOfficial: 9:38pm, 6lbs, 9oz. perfect Little boy :) couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family


Before: @zaynmalik: getting kind of rough right now. praying that everything will be okay

After: @zaynmalik: had to have an emergency c-section but happy to say mother and daughter are doing excellant xx


Before: @Louis_Tomlinson: @(Y/T/N) handling this like a champ. :) love you to the moon and back.

After: @Louis_Tomlinson: I got my little boy!!! this is the best day with my beautiful, perfect family xx