zayn putting his hand on nialls face


Harry loves looking at you.

Whether you’re watching something or staring into a view, you’re always in his sight. Be it pictures or in real time, he loves it.

He loves watching you furrow your eyebrows on something you don’t get. On how you laugh when you find something funny that makes him do too. He loves it when you’re annoyed that served as the main reason he teases you playfully.

Harry loves looking at you on how determined you are to prove a point when it’s doubted; when you go straight to his arms the moment you see him and breathe him in.

When the time he looks at you sleeping, under the sheets and eyes closed and lips slightly parted, he’ll savor it in, or maybe even take a picture. He swears that you were the main reason he developed a lot more love for photography since he wants you to be the only focus, something he could see while you’re not beside himz

It hurts him to look at you every time you’re crying, especially when he’s the reason of it. His heart would sink and eyes would look at you in remorse, his fingers going over his rings as a habit when he’s nervous.

So by the time you stop what you’re doing and feel his eyes on you, you’d look at him with a smile on his face, his eyes grateful.

“What, love?”

He’ll chuckle, scratching the back of his head before putting a hand on your waist.



Cake Sword

by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Chapters: 1/1 (6214 words)
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, 
Additional Tags: It’s Ziam’s wedding, but this is Larry lol, Ziam are just a plot point essentially, wedding au, Blow Jobs, Masturbation, Fake/Pretend Relationship, I mean KIND OF?, Pranking, lighthearted joke about animals/people being put down, Larry are Ziam’s best men, next to you
Series: Part 6 of Next To You


“Nice speech, Harry,” Louis said, trying to keep his face neutral. “Went straight for the sex jokes, I see.”
“As opposed to jokes about killing people?” Harry replied easily, a small smirk playing on his mouth as he held his hand out. Louis placed his own hand in Harry’s, shaking it, maybe squeezing a little too hard.
“Excuse me,” Louis huffed. “I don’t need you to tell me I’m an idiot, I’m already completely aware.”

Harry and Louis’ plan to prank Liam and Zayn on their wedding day backfires, big time.

#363 - Tears In Your Eyes

Harry: You fought so hard to keep them from falling, but when he asked if anything was wrong, the floodgates opened. “Hey…” he murmured out softly, sliding a hand to your cheek. “M’sorry,” you sniffled, quickly trying to stop them. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” he reassured, shaking his head. You dropped your head and wiped your cheeks. “It’s okay,” he repeated, scooping you up onto his lap. “Let it out… it’s okay.”

Liam: The minute you saw the amount of people outside, the tears welled up in your eyes. “Babe?” Liam asked, stepping in front of you. You looked up at him and quickly shook your head. “I’m okay, I’m okay…” you muttered quickly. “No…” he murmured, pulling you out of sight of all the people. As soon as they were out of sight, you felt yourself starting to relax. “We’ll take our time, it’s okay love.”

Niall: Those stupid animal commercials always got to you. You hugged one of the throw pillows to your chest, your eyes glazing over with tears. As soon as it was over, you couldn’t help but sniffle. “Are you crying?” Niall asked from beside you. He slung his arm over your shoulders, chuckling softly. “No,” you pouted, and he laughed out a little more. “Babe that’s so cute,” he smirked, kissing your temple. “Shut up…”

Louis: Your cramps had hit hard that morning, and you felt that if you moved, it would just get worse. Louis shifted next to you, rolling to face you. “G’morning,” he murmured, his voice raspy and his eyes still closed. You took a deep breath, not replying to him. “Babe?” You pursed your lips together and felt some tears slip down your cheeks. “It hurts…” you whispered and he pulled you against his chest. “Just let me know what you need…” he said, kissing your forehead.

Zayn: You were trying to keep your hard, angry expression, but as he kept yelling, your façade began to falter.  Zayn was so angry and you just wanted him to stop. “Zayn… stop…” you said quietly, putting your hands over your eyes. “I said I’m sorry, I don’t know what else I can do!” “(Y/N), don’t cry,” he sighed, rubbing his face. “Then stop yelling,” you sniffled. He came around the counter and grabbed your hands gently. “Take a breath so we can talk… I’m sorry.”

Walk-In Sex



Your parents weren’t supposed to be home. If they knew you were home alone with Niall Horan, the town’s bad boy, they would die. Your dad, a pastor, did not like his tattoos or piercings. Or his smoking nor his attitude. But frankly, he was hot and out of your norm. He wasn’t that football jock or that good Christian boy. “Sure ya want to do this?” He asks, holding the condom up for you to see. You nod, biting your lip. “Yes.” You whisper. He rolls it on and spreads your legs, “Okay.” He murmurs, “This might ‘urt a bit.” Niall whispers as he pushes into you. You whimper in pain, but that soon fades and you nod at him, “Okay, okay.” You breathe out, wanting him to just move. Which he does. He starts to move quickly in and out of you, his eyes on yours. Niall moans softly at your tightness. His long fingers reach down to rub at your clit as he moves, wanting to draw out your orgasm and just as you were about to cum, you dad walks into the bedroom. You scream and Niall pulls out, throwing the sheet over you. You sit up, wincing at the soreness but force yourself to stand after a moment. “Daddy!” “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?” Niall grabs his boxers, pulling them on. He picks up his jeans and jumps out the window. Your dad starts to chase after him, but he gets on his motorcycle quickly enough to leave. After you get yelled at by your dad and you have “consequences”, and “lots of prayer”, you get a text from Niall, “We’ll finish that later love… x


“Oh fuck!” You scream out, gripping the kitchen table, Harry thrusting into you from behind. His hand was pulling your hair back, his filthy words flowing form his mouth. You were the only daughter to a constantly working father. So you knew the two of you would be okay if you had sex in the kitchen-no one would be home for a long time. “Tell me how it feels, you dirty slut.” Harry growls in your ear. “Oh fuck, so good sir. So good.” You whine out and moan loudly as he spanks you. The explicit words, moans, and the sound of the bodies slapping against one another filled the empty flat and were loud-loud enough for the neighbours to hear. The last person you would expect to walk through that door was your dad. His eyes widen and he throws his soda at Harry. “Bloody hell-shit.” Harry pulls out, pulling up his boxers, running out the back glass door, “I’ll call you!” He yells, hurrying out down the fire escape. 


With an empty house, you had to invite your much disapproved of boyfriend, Louis, over. He brought the rope and you couldn’t be more excited for this. It was something new you were trying. Louis had you tied down to the bed, arms at the top two posts, feet spread at the bottom two. He currently was fucking your mouth, his hands gripping the top of the headboard, moving roughly. You were gagging, but you knew he loved that. He pulls out, “You fucking dirty girl, you like that, huh?” You nod, taking in deep breaths to catch your breath before he starts to fuck you. Before Louis’ dick even gets near your soaking opening, the door flies open and your extremely protective older brother sees you tied to the bed, “You nasty fuck!” He starts after Louis who is hurrying to pull on his boxers and dodging punches as he runs out of the room out of the front door… leaving you tied to the bed. 


You rode Liam, panting out ‘Daddy’ every time he thrusted upwards into you, hitting your gspot. He liked it when he could hear your pleasure. “Oh fuck, daddy, harder.” You whine and put your hands on his chest as his hands come up to pinch and pull at your nipples. You arch slightly as he does so, “Oh god.” You whine out, grinding down so your clit rubs against him, causing you to tighten further around him. You were getting closer to your rush of pleasure when the door bangs open and his mum walks in. His very over protective mum. You scream and grab the closest things, which was Liam’s tank top and Liam stood up, holding the sheet over himself, “Mum, please-” “Out!” She screamed shrilly. You pulled on your skirt, not caring how ridiculous you looked, or the lack of bra or the lack of panties-afraid of his mum. You ran out, getting into your car, driving away. You get a text from Liam. “Well… Guess you’re going to have to ride me later x


Your parents were on vacation for the week and you had your adorable boyfriend over. You loved his tattoos, his piercings, all of it… Your parents did not, they were more conservative… And if they knew the kinky sex that you and Zayn had, they would have an aneurism. Zayn had the collar tight around your neck, the leash in his hand, pulling back as he took you while you were on all fours. You looked back at him, enjoying the slight choking that was going on. “Oh fuck.” He spanks your ass as he goes harder and you moan loudly. You were perched on the living room coffee table and Zayn stood behind you as your parents walked in-early because your dad had a work emergency. Your dad’s face turned bright red. Zayn turned around and smirked, “Hey Mr. and Mrs. Smith, welcome back.” Your mum sat down, her hand over her heart. Your dad started after him and Zayn laughed as he tripped putting on his boxers and ran out the front door. 

Lie or not? / Louis centric

Prompt: Zianourry family Lirry parents, Louis is 16, Zayn is 8 and Niall is the youngest at 3 years old. Louis gets drunk and is grounded. He complains about going out Saturday but his parents won’t let him and instead he has to babysit his brothers. One Saturday Louis is ill but doesn’t tell his parents. They think he’s sulking and go out. When they get back the house is a mess and Louis is asleep and Lirry are really mad. They shout at him and then Louis throws up. Fluffy/cuddles ending

Trigger warning: slight alcohol abuse, underage drinking,

word Count: 5.8k

People always tend to say that being a teenager means finding yourself. It’s the step between being a child and being a grown-up. You start to face life with all it brings and you have to fight your own battles. When you’re young your parents make sure that you have everything you need and that you are like a bird: You know where you come from and the rest is up to your family.

When you’re a teenager you start trying to fly. You fall down but you get back up and try again. You learn to face the good and bad things in life and once you have learned how to fly people call you a grown-up.

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BSM: He blames you for your parents divorce (Part 2)

A:/N Thank you for all the notes and messages on my first BSM! So glad you liked it so here’s part two. I got over 150 new followers from this so thank you!!! I’m always excepting requests and my masterlist should be up soon. Sorry if this sucks…I wrote it in school

Niall: You haven’t spoken to Niall since last night after he stormed out and to be honest, you didn’t want to. What he said really hurt you and you hated that he made you think the same. Now you thought that you were the reason for your parents divorce. It’s true that you family was getting along before Niall left to pursue his dream. So it makes sense that it had to be your fault for them splitting up.  

You woke up the next morning and went down stairs to see Niall making breakfast, which was weird cause he never cooks-not even for himself. You tried to ignore him and go straight to the fridge so you could get your juice and go back up to your room and pout by yourself. 

“Wait, Y/N” he said softly before you could leave. You sighed and looked at him before he could say anything, “Look, about everything that I said last night— I didnt mean any of it. It isn’t you fault that mom and dad are splitting up”

“No Niall it makes sense. we were on a good page before you left. It’s a coincidence that they’re getting a divorce when I’m the only one living with them.”

“No no no no Y/N,” he sighed, “everything I said was bullshit. I was just angry because I never saw it coming. It’s just hard to believe. You didn’t do anything to spark this. Mom and dad will even say so themselves. I talked to them late last night. You didn’t do anything wrong, Im sorry” He hugged you.

You sighed, “It’s okay. I love you Niall”

“I love you to sis…. Now lets eat some breakfast” he said looking down at his now burnt eggs.

“Maybe we should go out for breakafast” you smirked

Zayn: (his pov): The family dispersed from the table after that. Now it was just me and Perrie who was giving me a disappointed look and wiping the water off my face with a towel. “Zayn, you and I both know that there is no way that Y/N is the cause of your parents divorce,’ Perrie said putting the towel down and holding my hand. 

“Zayn..” My mom came in. 

Perrie let go of my hand, “I’m gonna go check on Y/N”

“Zayn honey-” “I know mom. What I said was uncalled for,” I said finishing for her. 

“Zayn, Y/N barely acknowledged me because I’m barely acknowledging her. She won that award weeks ago. I think shes just upset that I haven’t been giving her much attention. She in no way was the reason that I’m signing the final papers in the morning…Nothing that any of you kids could do would make this better. Its just what has to happen. And Im sorry it does but it’s the best for me and your dad,” now she started crying. 


“Please go apologize to your sister”

I ran up to Y/N room and saw her puffy face and red eyes as she laughed at something Perrie said. when she saw me, her smile left and she looked sad again. “Y/N I’m so sorry about what I said down there in front of everybody. Mom and dad splitting up has nothing to do with you. Mom said so her self that there is nothing you could have done to stopped it. I’m sorry for being a bitchy brother,” I lightly laughed. 

She sighed, “It’s just that mom…”

“I know she told me. I had no idea. I think the divorce has just been on her mind. She feels really bad about it. I’m really really sorry. You’re not selfish I promise.”

“It’s okay Zayn.”

“Well aren’t you going to apologize?” I smiled,

“For what?” She looked confused. 

“For throwing your water at me.”

“No way. You deserved that” She laughed,

I laughed to and put my hands up in defense, “Alright, alright”

Harry: You woke up and talked to your mom to apologize. She said nothing was you fault and that in fact she was very happy that you told her. This made you feel a lot better about your choice about telling your mother. After you and her cried, she stood up and smiled. “Im gonna need you to go get ready now.”

“Why? where am I going?” you asked, standing up and rubbing the tears from your eyes. 

“I need to talk to your father so Harry suggested taking you and Gemma out for lunch.”

You laughed, “They dont want me there so they can just go without me. I’ll find something to do”

“Gemma and Harry feel very bad about last night. Especially Harry. He was about to wake you up just to apologize. But you and me both now how crabby you can be if your woken up early” She joked. 

You smiled and left to get changed into something more suitable then your pajamas. After cleaning yourself up, you walked downstairs to see Harry and Gemma waiting for you in the family room. 

“Uh, hi” you said awkardly.

They both looked at you and stood up and caught you in a hug. “I’m so so sorry Y/N” Harry whispered in your ear, “You did the right thing by telling mom. I’m sorry for being so rude about it last night. You did nothing wrong. I feel awful I’m-“

You laughed and pushed him away, “Harry shut up its okay. I mean it is now. I’m not mad at you. I realized that I made the right decision with telling mom. I’m sorry for ruining the happy family dinner though…I just couldn’t stand looking at dad looking at us like we were his perfect family.”

“I dont blame you, I just cant believe this is actually happening”

“So to make us happy Harry is taking us shopping” Gemma tried to lighten the mood even more. 

You smirked, “I hope you’re bringing your credit cards because I’ve got a list of things I want. I want new vans, this shirt from American Apparel, a dress for a party thats coming up…” you went on listing everything that came to your mind. Harry playfully rolled his eyes and pushed his favorite two sisters out the door. 

Liam: (his pov): I woke up in the middle of the night with door opening and closing shut. I heard frantic foot steps on the hardwood floor out in the hallway and my mom’s anxious whisper echo in the dark. I shut my eyes before getting up, throwing a shirt and sweats on and walked outside in the hall to check on my mom. 

“Mom whats wrong?” I asked. 

“Where’s my baby?” She asked,crying. 


“Y/N..I was up just thinking about everything when I realized Y/N didn’t take her medication. So I went to get it to bring to her cause she can get bad without it and shes not there, Liam. She’s not there.” She paced back and forth. 

My foggy mind was now cleared. I wasn’t in a sleepy state anymore. “Okay Mom dont panic she can still be here.”

“What happened? Did she say anything to you?” She asked hoping for an answer that would lead her to Y/N..that place being a good place.

I thought back to the fight I had with Y/N. I yelled at her. everything I said was just awful. I blamed her for the divorce and told her she didn’t need the help of a doctor when I knew she did. My heart started picking up the pace. What if she did something extremely terrible? I ran to my car, yelling to my mom that I will find her. 

I drove to the bridge figuring that if she was going to do something stupid that it would be there. She has hinted it to me before in different conversations and I made sure to keep it in mind.

There she was, looking down and holding on to the railing that was there to make sure cars wouldnt fall down. She was crying. I ran to her, before she could do anything, I threw us both on the ground, my back landing on the ground and her on top of me. 

“What are you doing Liam?! Let me go!” She cried trying to push herself off of me. 

“I didn’t mean anything I said. Nothing you did was wrong. I so sorry for putting the blame on you. None of this is your fault. I love you so much I don’t know what I would do without you. Mom was worried sick about you. You’re perfect. Never do this again please. I was so scared” I was crying now but I didn’t care. 

She cried into my shoulder, “I’m so sorry Li-hum” She hiccuped.

“C’mon let me take you home,” I said picking her up and driving her home, keeping my eyes on her from now on. 

Louis: You started feeling extremely guilty that you were the reason your parents were getting a divorce. It’s been two weeks and Louis has yet to talk to you and that made you upset. You tried apologizing for what you said the night of your blow-out but he ignored you. Your sisters werent even talking to you. You felt so guilty for your bad behavior that you tried to change, hoping that it would make your parents get back together and your brother and sisters to talk to you again. 

You did all your homework, broke up with your boyfriend, and unfriended everyone who had a bad influence one you. You’re teachers were happy with the improvement of your grades, and so were your parents. But unfortunately you parents were getting along still and your old friends hated the new you. No matter what you did, you always do something wrong. Now your old friends bullied you. Called you names you tried to ignore, even would bring up your parents or brother. 

Things have gotten really bad. They would physically do things to you. The girls would pull your hair and the guys would shut your locker on your fingers. They were badasses. They didn’t care if they would get in trouble. 

You came home crying one day hoping that no one would be home. Too bad for you, your brother was home with Fizzy who must have come home from school sick. Louis looked at you and rushed to you. Even though he was upset with you, he knew it was rare for you to come home crying.

“What’s wrong Y/N?!" 

You ran upstairs instead of answering, but before you were out of view he caught a glimpse of the bright red spot on your cheek as if someone slapped you. which is exaclty what happened. You tried standing up for yourself by saying something that was a sensitive topic about the boy who slapped you, resulting in the slap. 

Two hours later, Louis walked through the door with two cups of tea and sat down on your bed even after you refused to look at him. You were under the covers facing the wall opposite of the door.  ”Y/N….”

"I tried so hard to change..for you and for mom and dad. But when I do my old friends get mad at me and hurt me and get me in trouble. Just like you said Louis, everything I do is wrong. I can do nothing right and I dont know what to do anymore.” you turned your head into your pillow and cried, secretly hoping for the comfort of your brother. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I feel awful about everything I said to you a couple weeks ago. Mom and dad aren’t getting a divorce because of you. It just angered me that they finally made the decision. I saw it coming but when you hear it being said..But I’m so proud of you fo trying to change into a better person.”

“They’re so mean to me though.” You cried, “I would rather keep getting in trouble by mom and dad then be beaten.”

“I already got them suspended” Louis smirked

“Louis!” You sprung up and looked at him shocked, “Now they’re just gonna hurt me because my brother got them suspended.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” he smiled, “mom agreed with me that it would be a good idea for you to come live with me. You can finish school online and come tour with me and the boys. You can start over" 

The smile grew on your face, “reallly?! you would do that for me?” 

"Got it cleared and everything" 

"Holy shit you’re the best” you hugged him

“Now tell me who this fucker was so I can personally beat the shit out of him” he smirked and playfully punched your cheek. 

You laughed and slapped his hand away so happy to have your brother back. 

He/you accidentally hurts you/yourself (1D preference)

Harry: You were making yourself ready to go to bed. Harry was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when you were struggling to get into your pyjamas. And somehow you lost your balance what made you hit your toe really hard against the bed. You cried it out from the pain, letting yourself fall on the bed, instantly forming yourself into a ball, grabbing your toe. Harry ran out of the bathroom into the bedroom with his toothbrush in his mouth and he looked at you, fear written all over his face. ‘Are you okay? What did you do?’ He was hardly understandable, with his tooth brush in his mouth. But you waved at him it was alright. ‘Hit my toe…’ You said between clenching teeth, still rolling in pain over the bed. When Harry noticed you were definitely not dying, he went back to the bathroom to spit away the tooth paste first, before he came back. He crawled into bed and reached with his hands to your foot. ‘Let doctor Styles see your little boo boo, Y/N.’ He said in a serious voice, what already made you smile. You let him check your toe and he nodded to himself, like he knew what was up. ‘Yeah… This is obvious. I mean… We see it a lot you know.’ He told you, playing his role. ‘Only one solution to solve the pain.’ He met your eyes and suddenly a dark smile appeared on his face. ‘No…’ You breathed out, but it was too late. Harry grabbed you and started tickling you right away. And you immediately started laughing and giggling, begging him to stop. And the pain was gone, for sure.

Louis: You were searching in one of the cabinets in the kitchen. The one little pan for the eggs. Where did you put it? ‘HELLOOOO!’ Louis loud voice suddenly sounded in the kitchen, definitely with the intention to scare you. But you jumped up and hit your head hard against the top of the cabinet. And you cried out in pain, when you stumbled back on the floor, holding your hand against your hurting head. ‘Oh my God. Shit.’ Louis breathed out, kneeling beside you. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t see you sitting in over here. I thought you were standing.’ He tried to explain, but really. You didn’t bother. The only think what bothered was the pain at this point. ‘Let me see, Y/N.’ He said softly in your ear, grabbing the hand  from your head and replacing it with his. ‘Does it hurt a lot?’ He asked, holding you close against him with his other arm and you nodded at his words. ‘I am so sorry. I did not mean for this to happen.’ He apologized, and you heard the regret in his words. ‘You don’t really think before you do stuff, Louis. I’m used to that.’ You croaked out. And he nodded, still holding his hand against your head, the place where it hurt. And it made it better. His hand felt good. ‘You hit the nail on the head… And I’m really sorry about that.’ But you couldn’t be mad at him. He was just being Louis. And he happened to be the man you fell in love with, just the way he was.

Niall: You were both waiting on the pizza to come out of the oven. And when you saw the ten minutes were gone, you jumped up excited because you were starving. ‘I’ll get it!’ You said, while making your way over to the kitchen. ‘Be careful with the oven, Y/N.’ Niall warned you while pausing the TV show you both were watching, so you didn’t miss any of it. You opened the oven and reached for the pizza. But the moment you wanted to take it out, your arm scraped against the top of the oven and you started cursing an yelling, almost letting the pizza drop. You managed to place it on the kitchen table, luckily before it hit the floor. ‘For God’s sake. Dammit!’ You cried out. And suddenly you felt Niall standing beside you. ‘What did you do?’ He panicked, checking your arm, obviously seeing the red burn. He immediately pushed you towards the sink, letting water stream onto your arm. And it immediately felt better, although you already felt it sting a bit. ‘I told you to be careful… Jeez… Y/N.’ Niall looked kind of frustrated. But you knew he was just worried. He hated it seeing you hurt. ‘Is it just your arm? Are you okay apart from that?’ He asked concerned, meeting your eyes.  ‘Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry. I was not thinking.’ You started stuttering, feeling the tears coming. It was all just a big shock basically. You saw your burned skin, you felt the pain and seeing Niall being mad at you didn’t help it. ‘Baby, shht… Calm down. It’s okay.’ He said while putting his arm over you and pulling you close. ‘I’m sorry. I just don’t like it when you hurt yourself. When I say ‘be careful’, I’m kind of hoping you are doing what I ask you to do.’ He whispered into your hair, before he kissed your head. ‘Now let’s take care of this… You stay here, I’m going to search for something to put on it…’. And you nodded at his words. Although it sucked being in pain, you kind of liked Niall as your personal doctor. It was kind of sexy.

Zayn: ‘OH MY GOD!’ You screamed sitting up on the bed, hands covering your nose. And you felt tears sting in your eyes because it hurt so much. Zayn immediately woke up too, looking confused at you. ‘What? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?’ He panicked while putting on the light on the bedside table and taking in your presence. He tried to remove your hands from your face  so he could see, but you didn’t let him. ‘No shit Sherlock!’ You snapped at him. ‘Just keep your arms, and especially your fists  with you when you sleep, Zayn.’ You growled and from the moment you said it, Zayn’s face changed to shocked at first, followed by a wave of guilt. ‘Did I hit you?’ He stuttered, using his force now to remove your hands from your nose. ‘I am so sorry baby…’ He whispered, checking on you. ‘It doesn’t bleed nor does it look broken or anything.’ He stated, but his worried eyes stayed. He stroke your cheek to remove the tears, you didn’t realize were rolling over your cheeks from the pain. He surprised you when he kissed your nose really softly and gentle. ‘Better now?’ He asked, giving you a small smile while meeting your teary eyes. ‘I don’t really know… Maybe another?’ You shrugged, pouting. ‘Of course, princess…’ He chuckled when he kissed your nose again, making it all better again.

Liam: ‘Dammit.’ You heard Liam curse in the kitchen after hearing something made out of glass fall on the floor. ‘Li? What did you do?’ You spoke, making your way over to the kitchen. And the moment you entered, Liam stopped you. ‘No! Stop! Don’t go further!’ He said with a stern voice. And you immediately noticed why. The kitchen was covered in glass. ‘Liam, we need to clean this up.  We cannot stand here and do nothing.’ You said to him while bending over. ‘Yes, I know. But let me do it, y/n… No… NO, DON’T GRAB IT LIKE THAT, YOU-…’. ‘Shit…’ You breathed, making Liam go silent with his eyes focused on you. He was literally stuck because of all the glass surrounding him. You pulled your hand away from the glass, already seeing the blood drip from the fingers you tried to grab it with. ‘Great. That was the one thing I wanted to avoid.’ Liam cried. ‘Okay. Just step back now. Don’t touch anything. You go to the bathroom, I’ll be there in a minute after I cleaned this up.’ He commanded and you obeyed, leaving him. After a minute, Liam appeared in the bathroom and the first thing he did was kissing your lips. ‘You are a little rebel… You know that?’ He said softly, clearly calmed down. ‘From now on you’re staying away from anything sharp. Especially glass.’ He said while searching for some band aids. ‘You are not allowed anymore.’ He added and he took a look at you to see if you understood. ‘Got it, baby girl?’ He winked, giving you an assuring smile. ‘Got it…’ You said while kissing his cheek, thanking him for looking after you. 

NOTE: Again… A preference. Just not really in the mood for an imagine, although this is a LOT more work for me. I hope you liked it. I got this request earlier and I just had inspiration so that’s why I did it right away :-) 


We know that Zayn is a jealous type, and I previously did a post (into two parts) about his jealousy, so in this post let’s talk about Niall. Jealous Niall … sounds as cute as Niall? I don’t think so …   

~~~     ~~~ 

Look at his facial expression when he says that gonna just sit at the bar. 
he is somewhat annoyed and bitchy … he absolutely fed up with this topic

The interviewer is interested if the boys presented the fragrance to theirs ladies and Zayn says that he gave it to Perrie and she uses them every day. Then Niall jealousy pushes Zayn’s hand

Look closer. See how Niall’s shoulder moving, he obviously kicked Zayn and Zayn noticeable twitched

His face when it comes to Zayn’s engagement

Actually he’s not so jealous, he’s rather upset 

I think Niall annoyed by the fact that Zayn and Harry is whispering   

Niall possessively  put a hand on Zayn’s shoulder slightly clenched, as if he’s jealous him to someone 

Niall is very jealous of Zayn to the Liam, at times is unreasonable jealousy, sometimes it makes sense, often Zayn just provokes him!

As Niall contemplating Zayn’s actions, his face immediately falls and he irritably watching as Zayn stroking Liam’s chin 

Zayn a little drunk and he desperately trying to focus his eyes on Liam. Niall definitely didn’t like it. Just look under what kind of pretext he turns Zayn’s attention to himself. That was very cleverly, baby nandos  

Smile drops off of his face, when he realizes that Zayn wants to hug Liam not him

Intervened in their conversation with declarations of his love to Zayn. He wants Zayn’s attention  

Provocation! Zayn is stroking Liam’s head and meanwhile glances at Niall watching his reaction. Now look at Niall, which looks as if he ready to kill someone. He angrily turns away and tries to smile but in vain

Niall didn’t even look at Harry when he fell to the ground, because he jealousy watched Zayn and Liam. Niall, don’t be jealous, they just fool around 

Niall tries to tease Zayn, he says that his baby is in the fifth section, clearly expecting a certain reaction from Zayn. But Zayn is a little busy with Liam. Then Niall just walks up to him and push him by the shoulder paying his boyfriend’s attention exclusively at himself

Niall pokes at Zayn, being sure that Zayn will immediately turn his attention to him, but he continues to talk with Liam    

Then he just jealousy throws an hand over Zayn’s shoulder in a possessive gesture and Zayn just knows what to do    

And again

Zayn hugged Liam, look at Niall’s face

His face when he saw that Liam touches Zayn earlobe   

He gets angry when Zayn turned his attention to Louis and Liam

~~~    ~~~

Some people should stick to there own lane © 

Preference #9: I love you.

Harry: “Look at that, wow it’s beautiful.” You exclaimed with excitement, pointing up at the star constellation to the right of you and Harry. It was the middle of the night, and you and your boyfriend were huddled under one warm blanket in the middle of an empty field. You had decided that it was the perfect night to go stargazing so you guys had packed up a bunch of stuff and found the quietest spot you could. 

“That makes two things.” Harry murmured, glancing down at you. You looked up at him, his gaze was intense and you felt Goosebumps erupt all over your body. You placed a gentle kiss on his lips and cuddled into his warm and muscular chest. When you were with Harry you were never happier, and you knew that this feeling would never go away. 

“Y/N, I have to tell you something.” He cleared his throat and your heart stopped. That was never a good sign; it meant he was nervous to tell you something. Your mind immediately flicked to thoughts of break-up speeches, so you took a deep breath and tried to stay calm.

“I love you.” Your mind went completely blank as you heard the words he had spoken. It was a completely different direction to what you thought he was going to say. You felt your mouth open and close, not knowing how to even comprehend what he had said.

“Y/N ever since I met you, I knew that you were different, and as cliché as this sounds, you’re the perfect person for me.” He looked at you with such a strong and loving gaze that your heart nearly stopped beating. You knew you loved him too. It was just so random. You couldn’t even word what you wanted to say so instead you kissed him so passionately that your response was crystal clear.

Liam: “Three-one, my way. Suck it.” You yelled, poking your tongue out as you won another game against Liam. You had both been bored so decided to indulge yourself in a game of one-on-one laser skirmish at the arcade. You were a champion, always in complete stealth mode. 

“No fair, I know you’re cheating somehow.” He crossed his arms, glaring at you as you celebrated your win. You rolled your eyes, Liam could never accept your unbeatable talent at laser skirmish, and you just loved to rub salt into the wound. 

“Fine, last round. Winner wins the entire competition.” You lifted your laser-skirmish gun and pointed it at Liam, a cheeky smirk on your face. He just narrowed his eyes and ran off into the darkness of the arena. You followed closely, making sure to stay completely undetected. That was why you always won, you were observant and extremely cautious, people never knew where you were. You saw Liam stop in his tracks, and whirl around to look behind him. Luckily you had found a clever hiding spot and he did not even notice you there. 

“I know you’re there Y/N, and I know the perfect way to draw you out…” His deep voice was extremely menacing and you had to put a hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter. He took the game so seriously. 

“I guess this is an odd time to say it, but I love you..” You felt your jaw drop open and you were aware that you resembled a goldfish. You didn’t realise it had been a minute until you heard Liam clear his throat. 

And if you aren’t actually there somewhere, then this is extremely awkward.” Your laser clattered to the ground as you stood up from your hiding place, turning to face Liam. He gave you a sheepish smile, and scratched the back of his neck.

“I love you too.” You whispered, feeling the happy tears well up in your eyes. Although you couldn’t see properly, you managed to sneakily pick up your laser and shoot Liam right in the chest. As you said before, you were extremely good at this game.

“You bitch.” He narrowed his eyes as you took of down the corridor, him following you closely behind. 

Zayn: “ZAYN GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE, IT’S SNOWING.” You yelled, rushing outside of the house and into the powder-white snow. It was your first time ever seeing snow, and it was like nothing you could ever have imagined. The garden was completely covered; even the branches of the trees were hanging low with the weight of the snow. You whirled around happily, taking in everything. It was so beautiful, words count not describe it. You noticed Zayn leaning against the doorframe, watching you with a smile on his face. 

“Come on, come play in the snow with me.” You laughed, as Zayn’s smile got even wider. You quickly leant down and scooped up a handful of snow, moulding it into snowball and hiding it behind your back. You walked over to Zayn, slowly with a mischievous smile on your face. As soon as you were the perfect distance you lobbed the snowball, hitting him right in the face. 

“Oh, you are so dead.” He wiped the snow off his face and shook his head, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder as if you weighed absolutely nothing. 

“Zayn! Put me down.” You burst out laughing at the position you were in, Zayn’s deep chuckle joined in the laughter. 

“Only if you say you love me.” He said it so casually, not realising the effect it had on you. You had never actually been in love before, so this was a big deal. You took a deep breath.

“I love you Zayn, and I mean that with all my heart.” You felt his back stiffen and you immediately worried you had scared him away. He put you down gently and leaned in to brush back a stray piece of hair from your face. His hand lingered on your cheek.

“I love you too Y/N. Always have and always will.” 

Niall: “Hey babe, what’s the meaning of life?”. It was the middle of the night, and you were currently contemplating the purpose of life and staring up at the ceiling. You couldn’t sleep so you began to daydream and before you knew it you had stumbled onto an existential crisis. It was bound to happen, your favourite YouTuber had them all the time. Niall sat up in the bed, his hair ruffled and his voice laced with sleepiness.

“Mmm, I don’t know Y/N.” He chuckled and lay back down, his arm extending over your side and pulling you into him. This incredibly simple and cute gesture was one of the many reasons you loved him. You had been working up the courage to actually tell him, and in bed while he was half-asleep seemed like the perfect time…. kind of.

“I think love is the reason, and I think it’s important to express your love, if you’re lucky enough to experience it.” You noticed Niall shift onto his side and glance up at you, suddenly full of life. You knotted your fingers together, which i what you usually did when you were extremely anxious.

“So I kinda love you and it’s totally, like 100% cool if you don’t love me the same way, I just kinda felt like I had to say it. I mean so you don’t have to respond and you-” You were cut off, mid-sentence, when Niall’s soft lips pressed against yours.

“Of course I love you, even with your random thoughts and your tendency to ramble.’ He chuckled, his hands settled comfortably around your waist. You leaned your head against his warm chest and both of you eventually drifted off to sleep.

Louis: Sickness was in the air, and unfortunately Louis had managed to catch it. The past week he had been stuck in bed with a high fever and a horrible cold. Everyday you had been by his side, making sure that he felt okay. You had even made soup, and you weren’t a good cook, that’s for sure. 

“Baby I need a hug.” His hoarse voice called out from the bed. Sick Louis was particularly affectionate, not that you were going to complain. You walked over to the bed and climbed in next to him, wrapping your arms around him and resting your head on his shoulders. 

“How are you feeling? Need me to do anything?” You asked, noticing his temperature had gone down and now he just had a horrid cold. He shook his head and coughed.

“Just to stay with me.” You smiled and cuddled into him. You both stayed like this for a few minutes, before you began to drift off. You felt his warm lips press against your forehead, in an extremely gentle way.

“I love you Y/N, and it’s scary, but it’s the truth.” Your eyes snapped open and you felt the breath being physically knocked out of you. Completely out of the blue, you loved him back obviously, but it was so completely out of the blue. 

“I love you too Tomlinson, but you seriously need to rest.” You turned around, seeing him with a blush staining his cheeks. You had never seen Louis blush before and it was adorable. 

“I promise I’ll show you just how much I love you when you get better.” You kissed his neck, right on his weak point, knowing it would drive him crazy. He gave a deep, throaty moan, which was too much to handle. You quickly jumped off the bed and rushed out of the room, hearing Louis curse at you from the bedroom. 


Hey guys! Here’s a Zayn imagine I wrote for y’all. 

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Present Day:

 You were in LA for work. You worked as a photographer for one of the biggest bands on the planet, One Direction, who hired you for every tour, and now that they were on a break you had the opportunity to meet with a few people and go on tour with other musical acts and bands. You had grown incredibly close with the boys over the last couple of years, they were like family to you, and this break was a little hard so you felt the need to keep busy.

Because he was the greatest friend ever, Harry had got you some really awesome interviews that you both knew would turn into awesome jobs in LA, so here you were, ready for a new adventure.

You hadn’t had the opportunity to do that in a while because they had been pretty full on for the last year with touring, which you enjoyed because the boys were awesome, but you were ready for something different.

The first stop was a publishing company that worked for some of the best singers in LA and was interested in hiring you for a few of their artists.

You walked into the interview confident and came out practically glowing. They had completely loved your pictures and your reviews and you knew you’d get a call in a few days saying you had a job and were jetting off to some exotic location. You couldn’t wait.

You felt giddy and giggly walking towards the exit of the building until you saw him coming through the front doors. His hair was perfect, his clothes designer and freshly pressed, and his walk confident and perfectly paced. You stopped dead in your tracks.

You saw him and he saw you, your heart beating so fast it felt like it had stopped completely, and you felt the need to drop to your knees. You felt yourself begin to shake.

He looked as if he was about to walk over when you bolted out of the side exit. Thank god it existed or you wouldn’t have been able to survive.

You thought you heard someone call your name but you ignored it anyways. You ran and ran until you couldn’t anymore and feel to the ground in a small alley way a block away, crying all over your portfolio.

Zayn. I just saw Zayn.



“I just can’t Zayn,” you said, tears attempting to escape from your eyes, “I can’t just leave.”

 He had just told you he was leaving the band to become a solo artist. You didn’t want to believe that you’d seen it coming but you had. However it still hurt when he said the words out loud.

You were incredibly close with Zayn, you wouldn’t say you were dating because you two had never put a label on whatever you had but every moment you could you spent together and shared hotel rooms and had sex all the time…and yeah whatever, you guys were together.

You just hadn’t made it public because of all the backlash you knew you would get. From both the fans and from management. Dating ‘the help’ didn’t seem like a great idea in the eyes of the boys’ publicist. Not that they knew that it was even happening but whatever.

 He stopped packing up his bag to stand in front of you. You were in a hotel room, he had called you over an hour ago to tell you something important and you had been having this tough discussion for the last hour.

 “Don’t you love me Y/N?” Zayn looked up into your eyes, making your stomach fill with guilt.

“Zayn…don’t. That’s not fair.” You said, standing up from the bed to gain some control over yourself and the conversation.

 “Why not! I shouldn’t even be asking you. You should just come with me. I thought we felt the same about each other.” He came to stand behind you and began to put his arms around your waist.

 You swiftly turned and stepped back out of his arms.

“I may not be a pop star but I’m not a lap dog Zayn.” Your eyes had darkened and he looked a little hurt.

 “I know baby…I know. I just…” He walked away and sat on the bed, dramatically putting his hands over his face. “I just can’t bare leaving you behind.”

You sighed loudly and sat next to him on the bed.

“I love them too Zayn.”

You loved Zayn but you were close with the other boys too. You had deep, heartfelt conversations with Harry. Niall would hold you close and let you cry into his shirt when you were tired and homesick. Liam would always come find you to play video games and go on sneaky little adventures in strange cities and Louis was well…Louis, possibly one of the greatest humans to ever live. He always made you feel loved and needed no matter what.

Zayn looked up at you with tears starting to fall down his face. “Please baby. Come with me.” He put his soft hands on your face and caressed your cheek.

You closed your eyes and rested into it, feeling his warmth and love. It still couldn’t change your mind.

“I can’t Zayn…I’m sorry.”

And without another word you got up and left.

Present Day:

That was the first time you had seen him since that night and you felt utterly shaken. After a few moments you brushed yourself off and got a taxi back to your hotel. Thankfully it wasn’t far and you calmed down on the back but fell apart again when you got back into your room.

Little did you know this wouldn’t be the end of it.

A few hours later you had a hot shower and decided to relax for the rest of the now afternoon turned evening. Your next interview wasn’t until the morning so instead of going out you decided to stay in and get room service.

You ordered a pizza and were told it would be a little while, they had a few orders to get through, so you looked through the on demand movies and found an old favorite of yours to enjoy for a while.

A few moments later there was a knock at the door.

You were a little surprised, thinking the food would take longer than 15 minutes but happily opened the door without another thought.

You were shocked when it was not your food waiting for you behind the door.

It was Zayn.

You couldn’t believe he was just standing there, dressed in black looking as handsome as ever, and holding the most incredible bouquet of pink and yellow flowers you’d ever seen. He knew you too well.

You couldn’t speak. You just stood there stunned.

He held out the flowers for you. “I bought these for you,” he said softly, planting them into your hand. “I thought they’d brighten up the hotel room.”

Right. You thought. Hotel room. You shook yourself out of your trace.

“How the hell did you find me Zayn?” you asked, honestly still shocked by his presence.

He chuckled a little at your reaction. “I know people.”

You couldn’t respond. You just rolled your eyes. Whatever.

“Can I come in?” He asked hopefully.

“No.” You replied. You didn’t want to talk to him. Well you did, but you didn’t.

“Please baby I…” you stopped him after the pet name.

“No. You don’t get to walk in here, call me cute names and act like everything is ok! You left Zayn! You left! No you may not come in!” Like the night he said he was leaving you felt the tears pooling in your eyes.

You hadn’t realised that you had stepped deeper into your room until he stepped a few steps closer to you and closed the door behind him.

You were still fuming when he attempted to step even closer to you. He knew your weaknesses. He knew if he came close enough he could change your mind.

About everything.

You took one more step back.

He kept his voice soft and calm as he spoke. “I’m sorry. I am. I didn’t want to leave you. I needed to leave them.”

“But you left anyways!” You weren’t keeping your voice soft and calm. You were a mess.

His demeanour changed a little, then a lot as he spoke. “You should have come with me!”

You couldn’t believe that after all these months you were having the same fight. “I couldn’t just leave Zayn! It was my job! Those boys are my family!”

He was getting more and more upset. “I was your family too! I loved you! I needed you! You walked out on me!”

You couldn’t believe he was shifting the blame. “No Zayn! You knew. You knew how I feel about my job. How I feel about the boys! You knew I wouldn’t leave and you left anyways! You left me first and we both know it!”

The room went eerily quiet after that.

You sank onto the bed. He sat down next to you. It all felt like déjà vu.

It was a few moments before we both calmed down and he spoke again.

“Leaving you was the biggest mistake of my life.”

It was you this time that placed your hand on his face. You could feel the tears rushing down both of your faces and without another thought you kissed him.

Softly. Sweetly. Passionately. Like you couldn’t breathe without him. And he kissed you back even stronger.

You spent the rest of the night in his arms, with him kissing you all over all through the night. You would have a lot to talk about in the morning but for now you had each other and that was enough.

And god knows you just needed each other again.

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theaveragecomicbookgeek  asked:

How about a ziall college!au where niall works in zayn favorite art supply store across town from his campus and niall totally clueless but zayn finds his determination to help cute and fluff ensues. Just have fun with it and do what you please :)

Zayn has a favorite DeSerres, out of all the ones in the area, and yes, it is off campus, just down Hickory street, but he’ll walk the extra distance, and yes, it doesn’t have the student discount like the other ones nearer to his college, but he’ll pay the extra fee. It’s worth it. Or, at least, it was.

See, Zayn is in finals now and positively freaking out even though he’s one of the best students in all his classes because all of his teachers have told him countless times that his work is superb. He can’t help freaking out. He just has to go to DeSerres, collect his last project, and deliver it before 4PM and then he’s done – easy as pie.

Except, when Zayn gets his work handed to him absently by the cashier, he notices a critical flaw that sends a positive thrill of terror down his spine. “Who made this?” He stammers out, barely glancing at the woman at the cash as she yells out for a ‘Niall’ before turning back to his flawed work. Oh, he’s not the one that made the mistake, his art was perfection. The mistake is in the reproduction and like hell is he going to let it fly.

“Oh! I’m the one that made that. That was for you?” A jovial voice chimes in, accent curling thickly around the vowels like Zayn’s own does when he’s tired. “I think it looks so cool! Are you going to frame it for the wall or something? I didn’t recognize the signature though, but it’s still pretty awesome.”

“I’m not going to frame it.” Zayn hisses, hands positively shaking and curling up the sides of his assignment but it doesn’t even matter at this point because wrong is wrong. “I was going to hand it in but I can’t because it’s wrong. It’s supposed to be 16 inches by 20 inches but this is 18 inches by 20. I can’t even look at this!” So Zayn snaps his attention to the person who’s possibly going to make him fail out of school– and promptly feels his stomach nearly drop to his toes.

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No Say

Prompt: I thought you could maybe do one where Niall is like the youngest of the band, not Harry, and when they go on tour, he starts to loose his voice from all the singing, and the other boys could tease him for it? It’s okay if you don’t wanna do it!

Niall pouted slightly and crossed his arms, glaring at the older boy. He resisted the urge to stomp his foot childishly. “But why not?”  A small whining tone entered Niall’s mouth, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

He really wanted to go to this party, but Liam just wouldn’t let him.

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#126 - You’re Sick & Pass Out (Part 2)

SO! As I was going through adding links back to my masterlist, I couldn’t find this anywhere! Like at all, not even in my archive, so I’m republishing it! Here we go aha xx

Harry: You woke up feeling drowsy. Looking around, it was easily identifiable that you were no longer outside. You were back in your own bedroom. But where was Harry? You sat up, leaning against the pillows. Your head still hurt, but since the lights were off and the blinds were closed, the pain wasn’t nearly as intense as before. The door to the bedroom creaked open and Harry’s silhouette appeared. He seemed to have a glass of water in one hand and and something else clenched in his other fist. “You’re awake?” he asked quietly, shutting the door again and coming over, next to you. “Here, I have a couple of painkillers for you.” He held them out for you, allowing you to put them in your mouth before holding the glass up to your lips. After you managed to get them down, you relaxed back into the pillows. “You gave me quite a scare you know. How come you didn’t tell me your head hurt baby?” he asked, sitting next to you, putting an arm around your shoulders. “I didn’t want to worry you,” you replied quietly, playing with your fingers and leaning into his side. “Love, you should have told me. I was much more worried when you collapsed in the street.” His fingers ran through your hair and you stayed quiet. “I’m sorry…” “Don’t be kitten. Just let me know next time. I don’t want to see you hurt.” You let out a sigh, nodding in agreement. “Thank you.” Harry kissed the top of your head, continuing to stroke your hair until you were lulled back to sleep.

Liam: (His P.O.V.) I had only left the bedroom for a couple minutes to get her some water. 3 minutes… I had told her not to get out of bed because the poor girl hadn’t been able to keep anything down anything but water in her stomach. But after hearing the loud thud, I knew it was her. Leaving the glass behind, I literally ran up the stairs, finding her lying in the middle of the hallway. “Shit,” I cursed under my breath, running up to her. As I knelt down, she was already beginning to come through. “(Y/N),” I whispered, gently picking her head up and sitting it in my lap. “What happened? Love I told you to stay in bed,” I reminded her. She was too weak to answer though, only nodding her head slightly. I needed to get her back into bed, so putting her arm around my neck loosely, I put my other arm under her knees and lifted her up. Her head fell like a newborn baby’s upon my shoulder and her arm was limp around my neck. I carried her back into the bedroom, kicking the door shut. Once we reached the bed, I maneuvered our bodies so I was lying with her on top of me. “Close your eyes sweetheart,” I said quietly, watching her eyes close again. (Y/N)’s breathing slowed to a peaceful pace as I held her close. I know now I would have to keep a close eye on her until she got better, and I was hoping it ould be soon.

Niall: You couldn’t really process what had just happened when you woke up. All you knew what that it was really hot. When you were able to open your eyes, you looked around and realized you were no longer at home. Looking around a bit more, you finally realized that you were in a hospital. When you tried to move, you felt something in your arm. Looking down you could see it was an I.V., clear liquids pumping through into your veins. “Niall?” You said weakly, not realizing that he was asleep next to you. You jumped when you realized, causing him to wake up as well. “You’re awake,” he mumbled, speech slurred with sleep. You nodded, falling back into the hard mattress. Niall sat up a little, grabbing your hand and bringing it to his lips. “How’re you feelin’?” Shrugging your shoulders, you couldn’t really explain how you felt. “I’m okay I guess. Warm but not as bad as earlier,” He nodded. “I thought something really bad at happened… You wouldn’t wake up so… I called l the ambulance… (Y/N), I should’ve taken you to the hospital first, before you passed out.” Niall was beating himself up over nothing. “Niall, neither of us would’ve known… Please don’t blame yourself,” you replied weakly, squeezing his hand. “I… Okay…” He said, defeated. “I’m okay Ni… I promise.” You tugged on his hand, pulling him so he was sitting on the bed, facing you. “C’mere,” you pulled him close to you, kissing his cheek. “Thank you for taking care of me this past week.” He pulled back, pecking your nose. “I’ll always look after you. You know that. And you’ll look after me.” He smiled at you putting a hand on your cheek. “Always.”

Zayn: (His P.O.V.) The minute she fell forward into me, I immediately went into panic mode. She had stopped breathing so I quickly picked her up and brought her to the car, not even bothering about shoes or a jacket. I’d rather have cold feet than have her die. I buckled her in, running over to my side, not worrying about my seatbelt. Sure, I wasn’t being the smartest, but I needed to get (Y/N) medical help. The worst of thoughts were running through my head. Every time there was a red light, I couldn’t help but think she was slipping away faster. We finally got the the hospital, pulling in quickly to the emergency room. I got her out and carried her in, not even bothering to take the keys out of the ignition. Once I got through the doors, I managed to grab the attention of a couple nurses, who rushed over to me. I only managed to choke out the words, “Asthma… unconscious…” before they pulled her away from me and took her somewhere the u couldn’t follow. I was directed into a waiting room where I sat and prayed that she would be okay. Hours passed and there was no word. Finally a nurse came out telling me I could go see her. I breathed out a sigh of relief, knowing that they had managed to get her stable again. When I walked into the room, she was awake, but looked exhausted. She had a mask over her face for extra oxygen. “Hey boo,” I said, smiling softly at her. She smiled back through the plastic. I walked over to her bed and sat in the chair next to the bed. I noticed her chest rising a little quick, but that was probably because she was just trying to get air back in. “I was so worried… You just kinda… Fell over and I panicked… I can only be grateful I got you here in time.” She looked at me with sympathy. I reached out to take her hand in mine. “You should sleep… You look exhausted,” I commented and she nodded. But before (Y/N) was going to sleep, she moved her body over, patting the spot next to her. “You want me to lay with you?” (Y/N) nodded and I obliged. How could I not? Setting my self next to her, being careful of the oxygen tubes, I managed to get in a comfortable position with her in my arms. She cuddled into my side and stayed close, while I pulled the thin blanket up over her shoulders. I was just grateful everything had turned out okay.

Louis: Wet and cold. That was the first thing that registered in your head when you came to. Water? Yes. You managed to get your eyes open, only to see Louis and a couple other people hovering above you. “She’s awake!” Somebody called and Louis grabbed your face. “Babe? Babe are you okay?” he questioned, helping you sit up and lean against him. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” you replied, shaking some water from your hair. “Here, have some water babe..” He help his bottle up for you, and you greedily drank from it. Once you were finished, you pulled away, relieved to finally have some water in your system. “Thank you,” you panted, while Louis nodded. “I think it’s time we went home…” He continued, helping you get onto your feet. You kept a hold on him though, still a little off balance. His arm stayed around your waist the whole walk home. “Next time, I would recommend bringing a water bottle,” he teased, trying to make light of the situation. “No shit,” you grumbled, causing him to chuckle. Even though he was laughing, you could tell he had been scared. “I’m okay Lou, don’t worry,” you spoke randomly, but he nodded. “I’m glad you are babe.”

selfie game - a ziall oneshot

woops, another unplanned oneshot….

i saw this on twitter (can’t find the original post sigh)

and kind of really wanted to write something for it. i did this within like an hour, so it’s quite short. so yeah, here we go.

hope you like it! x

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Niall sprints through the long and worryingly empty hallway, his backpack bouncing on his shoulders.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” he mutters and has to dodge some people walking slower than him.

He hates being late to lectures. It’s not like anyone would care or check who’s coming or when, he’s at uni after all, but to him, it’s mortifying having to find a seat amongst all of those quiet people, inevitably causing a stir.

So he runs.

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#79 Winter

Louis: “God, I hate snow.” You said, peering out the living room window to see a thin layer of snow already covering the ground. “How can you hate snow?” Louis asked, already zipping up his winter coat before pulling a hat over his head. “It’s just so cold and icky. Especially people who spend all day playing outside just because it’s snowing, Lou. Like, why would I voluntarily go outside and freeze to death?” You turned back to face Louis, giggling when you saw him wearing 3 scarves, his old boots (which were now 2 sizes too small for him), and a huge, puffy coat on. “Well then, my love, it’s a good thing that you’re not going out voluntary because I’m dragging you out there one way or another. So I suggest that you go get dressed before I drag you outside like that.”

Liam: “It’s a bit cold in here.” You muttered, standing in front of the thermostat, wrapped in numerous blankets. Liam was lying on the couch, in a colorful onesie and several blankets on top of him as well. “The repair man said that he won’t be able to get here until Monday, baby. Just come cuddle me; body heat is a great alternative.” You quickly ignore his suggestive tone and climbed up next to him, immediately crawling under his blankets as well as your own. “I’m still cold.” You complained about 20 minutes later since his suggestion of cuddling only seemed to make you even colder. “How are you still cold, baby? I’m basically sweating.” He had already kicked off his blankets and rolled up the sleeves of his onesie. “I dunno but I’m still really cold.” “Well,” Liam paused as if he was deeply thinking about something. “I know another way that you make you really warm…” “You’re such a pervert, Liam!” You joked, unable to control your giggles as he raised his eyebrows suggestively. “But you still love me, y/n. I wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t make these comments. Y'know you love me.”

Niall: “C'mon!” He shouted, pulling to along behind him and you were praying that neither of you would slip on the ice because, if one of you went down, the other would soon follow. “I don’t wanna be late!” “Niall, calm down. The snow will still be there by the time that we get to the park.” He didn’t slow down though because, now, he was determined and he never stops when he truly wants to do something. “I just wanna get there before all the little kids do and ruin the fresh snow. It’ll be gross if we’re making muddy snowballs.” His enthusiasm only made you smile because it was like he was a kid again. “There it is!” His speed took off, resulting in both of tumbling into a snow bank since you didn’t expect him to run faster. He erupted in giggles which seemed contagious because you quickly joined in. “Well, since we’re down here, we might as well make some snow angels.”

Zayn: “I can’t believe I’m doing this." Zayn grunted, gripping onto the side rail to prevent himself from slipping on the ice. It was his first time ice skating and you were actually surprised that he agreed to come since you had been begging him to come for almost 2 weeks now. "C'mon, Zayn. You’re not doing awful…” It was a complete lie, he wasn’t falling over every two seconds but he did refuse to let go of the rail. “You’re lucky I love you because I can already see some paps over there, Y/n.” “They’re going to have a field day with pictures." Zayn nodded, reaching for your hand as he attempted to let go of the railing. He lasted longer than both of you had expected but, soon enough, he had slipped again. This time, he had dragged you with him. You both groaned from the impact as you laid on the cold ice. "Maybe ice skating isn’t our thing.” You moaned out, rubbing your head to try and ease the pain a bit. “Yeah, I don’t think it is either, y/n.” Both of you quickly retreated back to land and Zayn was relieved to say the least. “Let’s go get some hot cocoa because I’m pretty my bones are frozen right now." 

Harry: "Don’t forget to put on gloves, Harry.” You sounded a bit like his mother but you knew that, if you didn’t tell him, he wouldn’t bother to wear them at all. “Yeah, yeah, I know. You’ve already told me that 12 times.” He took the gloves off the table and followed you into the back yard in hopes of building the perfect snowman. You foolishly believed that Harry would have put them on but when you turned back to face him, you weren’t exactly surprised to see him beginning to roll the snowball with his bare hands. “You better not complain when you get frostbite later.” You exhaled and it wasn’t long until Harry realized just how cold snow gets and admitted that you were right and he was wrong.

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ziall #18 please !

It’s not a blind date exactly, in that it’s definitely not a date and they’ve met before, but this is probably the first time Niall’s actually been able to sit down and talk to Zayn with no time limit, because usually the friend group is meeting for lunch on breaks between classes, or Niall’s on the way in when Zayn’s on the way out for work.

Now though, they’re pre game drinking at the Tomlinson-Payne residence before going out on an A-class rager, and so they’re sitting on the couch just talking. They had been on the topic of classes, complaining about school now that the semester’s over, but that line of conversation is pretty much done given that they’re only waiting for their grades to be in.

Everyone is just waiting for Harry to arrive and catch up to their level of tipsy before they finally leave, but he’s taking an age and a day.

“Where is that man?” Niall winges, arching over the back of the couch to stare at the front door as though looking at it will make Harry walk through any faster. It doesn’t, so Niall sighs and settles back down, takes a long pull of his beer and catches the tail end of Zayn’s wandering eyes. He hides a smirk behind the rim of his beer and takes another drink.

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Shut Up

So basically, an anon gave me a full prompt about Niall getting Zayn’s tattoo (but the anon also basically gave me the entire plot so i can’t show the entire thing) :) <3

Niall and Zayn are polar opposites. 

At first glance, most people would be taken aback to see the two together, holding hands as they walk down the street or snogging before they parted ways on the tube. Zayn was all tall, dark, and handsome. Add some tattoos and a sexy, even stubble line along with the quiet, emotionless persona, he was the “bad boy” type to the tee. Niall, on the other hand, was all bright blonde hair, too lazy to re-dye the brown roots underneath with a loud and bubbly personality. He was the type to spend 30 minutes on his hair, but 2 on his outfit. Unbelievably skinny legs, unbelievably blue eyes. The two alone proved that whoever said “opposites attract” was completely and irrevocably right. 

Niall really really loves his boyfriend. 

They had been together for a year and 7 months and known each other for 2 years and 5 months prior to getting together and there was never any thought of the words “break up”. There had always been a sort of feral attraction between the two, even when Niall was dating a boy named Josh and Zayn a girl named Perrie, the two could hardly keep their hands off of each other. The demise of both relationships occurred when the two partners had decided they had enough of watching Zayn and Niall tip-toe around each other. Also, for Josh and Perrie to continue watching the two cuddle, hearing Zayn call Niall “babe” more than he did Perrie, or watching Niall as Niall watched Zayn take off his shirt– that wasn’t helping either.  

When they finally did get together, Zayn and Niall were already halfway in love. Sure, Zayn didn’t always voice his affection for Niall as much as the blonde would hope, and sometimes Niall would get too loud for Zayn, but they hardly ever had disagreements. They were the type of couple who never fought, and when they got close, they’d just cuddle or song it out until one of them agrees to see the others’ side. Overly affectionate and practically obsessed with each other, Niall was ready to take the next step. He loved Zayn’s tattoos. He loved Zayn’s tattoos. Not only were they a turn on, but they graced his arms and his chest so perfectly and each of them had such meaning that it could easily bring tears to his eyes. 

It made him want to get one to show Zayn exactly how much he loved him.

He remembers the day that Zayn had gotten the first tattoo dedicated to Niall (there were many). He was shy and embarrassed and Niall loved every second of that stupid crinkly-eyed smile that was written all over his boyfriend’s face. “Do you remember?” He asked, as if Niall wouldn’t. Niall couldn’t even get out any words, just nodding with elated tears in his eyes. 

Niall wanted to see that same look on Zayn’s face, when the blonde gets to show off his new marking. 

Niall knew it would be a risk to get the exact same font, word, and location as Zayn’s first tattoo dedicated to Niall, but he felt it was the only thing meaningful enough for him to get permanently stained onto his body. 

The tattoo had come out beautiful. Niall didn’t regret a minute as he stared at the new black stain, surrounded by red, inked on his collarbone. 

Harry had rolled his eyes lovingly, playfully asking if Niall knew that a tattoo was forever. Niall had just punched him in the arm. 

Now, Niall was in slight panic mode. Even though he knew Zayn would love it, that Zayn wouldn’t ever say anything bad, especially because of how meaningful the tattoo was to their relationship, he was still terrified. Zayn walks into the flat, calling out for Niall as soon as he does so. Giddy and nervous at the same time, Niall stands to greet his boyfriend. 

“Hey baby,” Zayn greets softly, grabbing Niall close and kissing his cheek gently. Niall is basically buzzing at this point and Zayn notices, squinting his eyes at the smaller boy. “What’s up?” 

Niall excitedly pulls Zayn towards the window, where the lighting will be best and plays with the hem of his shirt. “Do you remember that first tattoo you ever got for me?”  Niall asks timidly and Zayn’s smiles at the memory. 

“Of course I do.” He says, touching his collarbone subconsciously. 

“Well, I really have been thinking about this for a while now.. and I decided that I wanted to do something as sweet as that was for me, but for you.” Niall says, trying to word it correctly but some words feeling strange as Zayn’s face screws up. 

Niall pulls his shirt off, looking down at the reddened, but healing flesh of his collarbone, the elegant “Friday” written across it neatly. 

He’s so busy grinning at his own tattoo that he doesn’t even notice the smile slipping off of Zayn’s confused face. Zayn immediately drops his hands away from Niall, and that makes the boy look up. Niall’s exuberant smile then drops as he takes in the disappointed and somewhat angry look on his boyfriend’s face. “Um…” Niall says, voice nervous. “Surprise?” He tries, smiling lightly at his boyfriend, who’s eyes are trained on the tattoo scarred on his collarbone. 

“Oh my god…” Zayn mutters to himself, looking up at the ceiling and pinching the bridge of his nose in what looks to be complete frustration. Niall’s heart drops to his stomach along with every good feeling he had previously had about the tattoo. He hadn’t at all expected Zayn to react like this. 

There’s a deafening silence between the two for a couple of beats until- “What the fuck did you do?” Zayn snarls, making Niall step backwards timidly.

“I– I thought you would like it…” Niall protested softly but Zayn ignored it. 

“I don’t know what in the world would’ve made you want to do this, oh my god.” Zayn says, anger in his voice as he glares at the blonde.

Niall is dumbfounded for a moment before he speaks up, confused and upset by his boyfriend’s reaction. “Because I love you?” He asks, eyebrows furrowed. “Because I wanted to show you how much I love you and that we’re bonded and–” 

“That’s fuckin’ stupid, Niall.” Zayn spits, not even looking at Niall anymore as he stalks to the couch, huffing as he sits. Niall’s lower lip begins to wobble dramatically and he silently digs his fingernails into his palm, attempting to stop himself from breaking out into sobbing. 

“I don’t know why you’re acting this way, Zayn.” Niall says, his voice low so it doesn’t break.

Zayn doesn’t respond for a long moment, staring blankly at the television that isn’t even on. “You shouldn’t have done that.” He says with such disgust that the Irish boy’s heart is breaking. ‘is this us breaking up?’ 

“W-what? Why would you say that Zayn?” Niall asks, his voice louder, and he doesn’t even car when his voice cracks. 

The dark haired man still refuses to meet Niall’s eyes and he shrugs, getting up and stalking to the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him. 

Niall flinches as the door is slammed and drops to the ground next to the window. The tattoo is aching, pulsing to the sound of his heartbeat, making Niall wince and rub it softly. He hated every feeling of regret that was seeping into his mind. He didn’t want to regret this. He didn’t want to wince and cry every time he saw the tattoo. He didn’t want to break up with Zayn.

Niall knows he’s crying pathetically on the ground but he’s just so confused. After a few minutes of sniffling and gathering himself, he knocks on the bedroom door, trying to get Zayn’s attention. He tries opening the door after there’s no answer, but it’s locked. Their bedroom door had never been locked before (except for when they were in there together). Once again, Niall’s heart stutters. He tries hollering through the door, begging for Zayn’s attention and answers, but he has to just convince himself that the older man is sleeping. 

But he knows that Zayn is a light sleeper. 

Niall wakes up to the sound of their bedroom door opening. He was previously asleep on top of his own arms, resting against the kitchen island. He gulps visibly as Zayn enters the room, looking even better than he did before, hair quiffed and leather jacket on. Niall knows that that means the older boy is probably going to the bar. It’s just, usually Niall is invited as well. 

“Zayn?” Niall prods, following the man as he walks straight past the kitchen. 

There is no response, not even an inkling that he heard the blonde and all Niall can think is ‘why is he the one who gets to give the silent treatment?

“Zayn!” Niall demands, finally loosing his temper and clutching Zayn’s arm, forcing the man from opening the door to their flat. 

Zayn won’t even meet Niall’s eyes. His amber eyes are hard and cold and they look like they do when some guy at the club flirts with Niall, or when someone calls the couple ‘fags’ as they hold hands. It’s a look that Niall has never seen directed solely at himself. 

He hates it.

“Where are you going?” Niall asks before mentally punching himself, “I mean.. like, why aren’t you  talking to me? Why do you hate the tattoo so much?” Niall asks softly. 

Zayn doesn’t respond, meeting Niall’s eyes with hot anger before jerking his arm away and slamming the door shut behind him, literally leaving Niall behind in his dust. The tears come back, resurfacing from before and Niall barely refrains from falling to the floor again. Trying to put on a brave face, Niall strides into the bedroom and grabs his tiny traveling suitcase and gathers a bunch of his favorite clothes. His mind and his heart hurts as he comes to the realization that half of “his” favorite clothes were actually Zayn’s.

He closes his eyes with a heavy sigh, and packs them anyway. 

He pulls on a large hoodie that also was originally Zayn’s and his pillow. Picking up a couple of knick-knacks that he knew were his own, he leaves the house in a teary rage and begins the walk to Harrys. 

* * * *

When he gets there, Harry isn’t home, but he gets the spare key hidden in the flower pot easily, and shoves all of his things down next to the couch. Without even turning on a light, he crawls into Harry’s bed and falls to sleep just after sending one text. 

To: Haz
m at ur house so don’t freak wen u get home.

* * * *

Harry gets home within fifteen minutes, crawling in clumsily, waking Niall up in an instant. He cuddles into Harry’s warmth, sniffling lightly as Harry coos at him. “What’s goin on, Ni-bear?” Harry asks, all motherly and kind. 

Niall swipes the tears that are already falling from his eyes as he mutters. “Zayn hated it.”

“Zayn hated wh- wait..” Harry says, realization kicking in. “What? I’m so confused.” He says, and Niall feels like slapping him. (Okay not really, but everything is so sucky right now and Niall can’t help but be frustrated). “I was just out with him and he seemed fine. Drank a bit too much but-”

“Wait, what?” Niall says, sitting up hurriedly. “You went out with Zayn… without me?” 

Harry’s eyes narrow as he sits up slowly. “Well, I mean, Liam sent out a text to you, Zee, Lou, and me to see if we wanted to go get drinks.” 

Niall’s eyes narrow as well. “I didn’t get one.”

“Liam just texted Zayn and told him to invite you? Zayn told us that you weren’t feeling well.” Harry’s face screws up in confusion as he takes in the angry look on my face. “Are you saying he didn’t tell you? Why?” Harry asks. 

“Because…” Niall says softly, tears returning to his eyes. “He doesn’t like it.”

“Like what, Ni?” Harry asks, hugging Niall closely. 

The blonde simply points to his itching tattoo, not able to say the words without breaking down completely. 

Niall can tell that Harry is trying to hide his reaction, but the gasp of pity is so loud, the people across the hall probably heard it too. “Ni…”

“He basically told me he hated it and that I shouldn’t have done it.” Niall whimpers, tears freely streaming down his red cheeks. “He said it was fucking stupid and then he wouldn’t talk to me at all. He locked himself in the bedroom and then a few hours later left for the bar after ignoring me again.” Niall explained and he could see Harry’s eyes burning with anger. Harry’s phone buzzes suddenly and Harry looks to Niall for permission before picking it up and clenching his jaw. “What is it?” Niall asks gently, and he looks up at the irish boy guiltily. 

“N-nothing.” He tries but Niall knows better. 

“Harry.” He warns. 

The tall boy sighs, shaking his head. “It was just Liam, asking if… asking if you and Zayn were having problems because… I guess Zayn is talking about you back at the bar, i dunno.” Harry blurts, looking immensely sorry for his blonde friend. 

Niall doesn’t respond immediately, just looking down at the Zebra patterned duvet sadly. “Talking about me?” Niall asks softly, feeling as if he was in high school all over again, learning that his “friends” weren’t actually friends at all.

Harry shrugged. “What do you want me to say?” He asks timidly, fiddling with his phone nervously. 

“Can we just- can I tell them later and not deal with this right now? My head hurts from crying so much and I just… I can’t do this right now, alright, Haz?” Niall says, rubbing his eyes tiredly and Harry nods in agreement. 

“Yeah, Ni, I’ll just say ‘idk’, is that good?” Harry says, and Niall nods.

They spend the night cuddling with Harry whispering idiotic jokes in Niall’s ear, trying his best to make his friend laugh or at least smile before bed. 

* * * *

Three days later and Zayn still hasn’t contacted Niall. The blonde was baffled. He had at least expected his (ex?) boyfriend to call and apologize or at least explain the overreaction that had occurred. 

He had done nothing except puttering around Harry’s flat with red-rimmed eyes and a crushed sprit. Harry had tried and failed to cheer up the depressed blonde, but Niall couldn’t do much other than give the curly haired lad a small, forced smile. 

Niall was just now putting on a clean t-shirt, letting out a quiet whimper as he recognizes that it’s Zayn’s. He’s about to leave the bedroom he had isolated himself in when he hears slow, whispering voices coming from the living area of Harry’s flat. Spy mode activated, Niall silently sneaks into the hallway where he can easily hear the hushed conversation. 

“Harry, I know you’re holding back.” Louis is saying, a little bit of anger on the edge of his voice. 

Liam makes a noise of agreement. “Yeah, mate. We’ve been at Zayn and Niall’s flat with Zee and he’s been absolutely awful. He’s barely even talking and when he does, it’s rude and uncalled for. Not to mention the fact that Niall isn’t ever there.” He rants, and Niall can picture his friend pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. 

“Yeah, bro, I haven’t even seen Niall since, like, last week.” Louis says, sounding annoyed by the fact. 

“So we definitely know something is going on. And we know you know about it.” Liam adds.

“How do you come to that conclusion?” Harry voices, sounding doubtfully confused. Niall wants to scoff out loud at Harry’s terrible acting skills. 

Before either of the boys could respond, Niall decides to make his presence known. 

“It’s alright, Haz, you don’t have to lie for me anymore.” I say guiltily as I walk out from the hallway. Harry lets out a loud sigh, collapsing back into the couch, muttering a low ‘thank god’. 

Liam and Louis on the other hand look dumfounded. “What.” Liam states, eyes narrowing in complete confusion. 

“Look.” Niall sighs. “I’m sorry I haven’t talked to y’all but Haz said you were with Zayn and..” Niall exhales heavily as tears come to his eyes. Both Louis and Liam jump to their friend’s side instantly cooing at him sorrowfully. 

“No, no, dude it’s fine just breathe, it’s okay.” Louis says as Liam rubs his back lightly. 

“It’s just– I–” Niall stutters

Harry interrupts his embarrassing sputtering, “NI, just show them.” 

Niall inhales shakily. He hadn’t looked at the monstrous, awful tattoo since Zayn had rejected it. He eyes Harry for a minute before pulling down the collar of his shirt, looking at the ceiling in shame as Liam and Louis gasp in shock. 

None of them had ever expected for Niall to get a tattoo, and they couldn’t understand why this would cause a tiff between the couple. 

“Wha… what?” Louis asks, trying to stop himself from touching the new ink on his friend’s skin.

“He didn’t like it.” Niall whispers and the room goes silent. 

Liam and Louis’ jaws are on the ground and Harry’s face is just angry.

“No.” Is all Louis says and everyone’s head whips around to look at the blue eyed man. 

“Excuse me?” Niall says, his voice a bit dangerous. 

“No. You’re coming with me right now.” Louis says before dragging the blonde out the flat door, forcing him through the door despite his desperate yells.

* * * *

Niall knows exactly where Louis is taking him. And sure, he could’ve easily told Louis off and jerked his arm away– but a part of him wanted to see Zayn. In fact, most of him wanted to see Zayn- to force his (ex) boyfriend to face him. That didn’t stop his shaking hands as Louis knocks on the door. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Nall mutters quietly and then Zayn is opening the door and Niall’s preparing himself to die but– Zayn looks awful. 

And Niall is allowed to say that because he’s in love with the man, but- Zayn’s eyes are bloodshot and red rimmed and his clothes are wrinkled and his beard is overgrown– he looks like a disheveled mess and honestly it makes Niall feel a lot better about himself. 

“Shit.” Zayn murmurs as he makes eye contact with Niall and Louis rolls his eyes, shoving Niall in what used to be their flat, and yelling- “Talk it out, idiots!”

The door slams behind them and Niall is faced with the huge abomination that used to be their clean and organized living room.  “Um-”

“I- I’m sorry, I would’ve cleaned if I knew you were coming.” Zayn says nervously, picking up empty beer bottles off the floor and rushing to throw them in the recycling bin. 

“It’s okay.” Niall says lowly and Zayn stops cleaning so vigorously. “Can we just- can we talk?”

Zayn nods eagerly, cleaning off a small section that is barely large enough for both of them, but it’s obvious that both of them need the proximity to be calm. 

“I just.. I guess I don’t understand.” Niall says, hurt clear in his voice and Zayn’s eyes break.

“I know. God, I hate myself so much for how much I’ve hurt us. Especially you. I can’t really explain it without sounding like a complete idiot…” Zayn sighs. “I just– let me–” Before he finishes his sentence he rips off his shirt and okay– Niall was not ready for that. 

Before Niall can protest, Zayn stops, grabbing the blondes hand pleadingly. “Look, you know which ones were meant for you.” He says, and yes, of course Niall does, he could never forget every time that Zayn would showcase them to him. “You– I’m so bad with words compared to you.” He admits and Niall knows that Zayn thinks that but- “And this is how I can make you feel the same way that you make me feel all the time.” He says softly and Niall closes his eyes, heart pouring against his chest painfully. 

“Zayn, you make me feel amazing just by smiling at me. I don’t know why you think I need incentive to stay with you other than the fact that you’re an amazing boyfriend and I’m in love with you.” Niall says, feeling as if he just dropped a bomb by the way Zayn’s looking at him, completely awed. 

“Ni…” He says, moving in much closer than Niall’s yet comfortable. 

“No, Zayn. You still haven’t told me why you reacted the way you did… I thought you were going to love.. it…” Niall says, upset and Zayn shakes his head. 

The dark haired man just clenches his jaw. “I don’t know, Ni, I felt like.. like I’m the quiet idiot that can’t even tell his boyfriend that I love him without these… these tattoos. And I got so pissed off that I made you feel obligated to stain your perfect body just because I can’t love you right.” Zayn says and Niall hated the tears that he saw pooling in the other man’s eyes. 

“You…” Niall begins, his face breaking into a huge, rueful smile. “You’re a fucking idiot Zayn Malik.” He says, his words turning into a long, hard laugh, which makes Zayn’s upset face turn confused. 

“I know.” He agrees, still looking depressed so  Niall rolls his eyes and grabs his face and kisses him forcefully, making Zayn immediately respond. They kiss for a few minutes, sitting cross-legged as they cradled one another’s faces, making up for lost time. “Wh-what?” Zayn asks, dazed, as Niall pulls away.

“I got this tattoo because I wanted it. I wanted to show everyone our connection and love. Not because I felt I owed it to you. I love you, Zayn. The reason you get your tattoos? Same reason I got mine.” Niall says, rolling his eyes and Zayn’s eyebrows furrow.

“I’m an idiot.” He says and Niall lets out a small laugh, agreeing wholeheartedly. “Ni, I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you in any way.” He says, and Niall can already sense the guilt in his voices. 

“Shut up, alright?” Niall suggests and Zayn raises his eyebrows, an amused look on his face as he brings Niall up and into his arms. 

Zayn chuckles, “I think that is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone ask me to shut up.”

Niall rolls his eyes once more. “Shut up before I make you.” He warns playfully, turning in Zayn’s arms to narrow his eyes at the dark skinned boy. 

“Make me.” Zayn mouths, crinkle eyed smile in full effect. 

You can guess what happens next.

ahhhhg this one started out so well i was very proud. I hope that the rest was alright. YEEES ZIALL IS BACK BBY

Prompts are open! I do any niall centered fic also OTPs, OT3, OT4, and OT5. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here

Preference #58: Youtubers AU-Subscribers Most Popular Request

A/M: I had written one of these years ago when I met some youtubers, but it sucked and I never posted it, so I’m re-writing the AU and here it is.
If this becomes successful and people tell me they want another or this reaches a certain amount of notes I’ll probably make a little series out of this.


Harry: “No! Harry! Do you even know what you’re doing with that?!” you asked in a slight panic as he brought the pencil to your eye.
“Of course [Y/N]. I’ve watched Lou do make-up plenty.”
“Okay… but I never see her put eyeliner on you boys, so how do you know this?”
“Just. Don’t worry [Y/N]. I got this.”
You just sighed closing your eyes, “I better look beautiful.”
“You always look beautiful.” He said quickly.
You just stuck your tongue out at him and smiled.
A few minutes later, “Okay. I’m done.” And you picked up your little mirror and checked out his work.
“This… this actually wasn’t too bad. I was expecting A LOT worse.”
“Oh. Nice to know you have so little faith in me.”
You just giggled showing off his handy job to the camera, “Alright, that was the ‘My boyfriend does my make-up’ challenge. You can stop requesting that now. Bye!”

Liam: You coughed loudly as the puff of cloud blew in your face.
“You had to choose today to act ridiculous?”
“What are you talking about? I’m not being ridiculous!” he defended.
You sighed, “Alright. Just focus on your cupcakes and I’ll focus on mine.” You said continuing to clean up the mess in the kitchen.
“Why are we making cupcakes again?”
“Cause my subscribers wanted us to have a bake off.”
“No clue.”
“Why have we made so much then?”
“Cause I like cupcakes and I called Harry and Niall and they’re gonna be out taste testers.”
“But we’re using a mix.”
You just shrugged.
The bell went off and you took out the cupcakes and let the camera run as you both decorated your cupcakes, filming once Harry and Niall showed up.
“Alright you two. Who’s cupcake do you want to try?”
“Well. These look better.” Niall said, and you smiled at Liam and then to the camera.
“Alright, that’s it for today’s video.”
“Wait- they didn’t even eat anything yet!” Liam argued.
“Nope. Niall said mine’s better! He just said. Anyway we’re gonna eat these now. Thanks for watching guys! Bye!”

Louis: “I asked you guys what you guys wanted for my next video on Twitter while I had Mr. Tomlinson with me-“
Mister Tomlinson? Bit formal that.” He said giving you a slightly confused look.
“Shut up Louis. I was being sarcastic AND THIS IS MY THING!”
“Ah. That’s better.” He smiled looking back to the camera; you just rolled your eyes.
“Whatever. So as you can obviously see by the background and out attire, we’re at the football pitch, cause apparently all anyone wants to see is football Louis. So here’s Louis” You said pointing to him, “Here’s a football,” and you crashed it into his chest, a little hard winding him a bit as he gave you a look, “Let’s do this.”
For the most part you were looking for some pretty shots, which wasn’t too hard for the most part, but then you got to the fun bit.
“Alright, we’re gonna do a quick football challenge to finish this. Mostly cause I don’t think we’ll be able to do it and I just thought it’d be funny.”
“Maybe you can’t do it but I can.”
“Shut up Lou.”
“Nu-uh. That’s Mister Tomlinson to you.”
You rolled your eyes, and resisted the urge, putting all your energy on kicking the ball.

Niall: “Alright, alright, we’re gonna see who is truly the best in the house.”
“Shut up Niall, that’s not even fair to say.” You called, clicking the button selecting your team.
“Okay because it’s been requested for so damn long, I am gonna play FIFA against him.” You said pointing to Niall who smiled and waved to the camera sweetly.
“Don’t sound so annoyed [Y/N].”
You just glared at him, “If you guys were wondering he was the one that requested this so heavily.”
“Only cause I have to show off my FIFA skills.”
“Okay, let’s just get the game going or else all this video is gonna be is a giant banter.” You said just turning your focus back on the screen.
About 15 minutes later you were staring at Niall, a smirk on your face, and Niall with his hands covering his head in shame.
“I went easy on you!”
“Sure you did. Now for the return of lilac Niall!”
And you laughed, taking out the spray of washable dye from your side, hitting his hair.

Zayn: You turned on the camera, and brought it close, whispering into it.
“Okay so the dare was to prank Zayn. Now Zayn may break up with me for this. So this is all on you whoever tweeted this in.”
You smiled walking down to the couch seeing Zayn fast asleep.
You went to the kitchen first, getting the can of whipped cream and spraying a VERY decent amount into your hand and walking lightly on your feet. You left the cameras by Zayn, moving closer before slapping the side of his face (not too hard) but nonetheless making a very big mess and getting a very angry Zayn.
“What the?!” and he touched the side of his face and saw you laughing making him throw the whip cream gathered in his hand making it land on you.
“I’m sorry baby! They dared me to!” you said still laughing, and that was when he noticed the cameras.
“I hate everyone!” He yelled out and you still laughed watching him disappear to clean himself off. Meanwhile you went to the camera.
“Knew he’d react that way. Anyway, that’s the end of the video. Bye guys!”