zayn only loves liam

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how does that quote relate to i dont mind?

this quote

was the image that was attached to the soundcloud audio of i won’t mind when it was “”leaked”” by “”naughty boy”” (no i dont believe it was leaked nor do i believe i was all nb’s doing)

here’s a screenshoot

this quote combined with the lyrics of iwm is a strong message of real heartbreakingly beautiful love! 

and if you looked a bit into it you know that this song can only be about one person - the person zayn truly loves: liam 

(and surely not his “”gf”” of that time (”im not allowed to talk about it” doesnt add up with a public “”relationship””) 

anyway now u know 

liam makes zayn the happiest and the saddest person at the same time and that’s why it’s real and it’s worth something

I’m home, every time you sing, smile, or just breathe, I feel like I belong here, I belong to you. No matter where I am, every time I feel you around, I’m home
—  To Harry Styles

little drabble based on this drawing by alulawings

“Liam,” Zayn whines, trying to sound like he is put off but it fails. He likes the feel of Liam’s fingers against his ribcage, even if it sends a jitter through him. “Stop it.” 

Zayn sits between Liam’s legs on the couch, back resting against Liam’s chest. He had been trying to draw, but the sketchpad goes forgotten on the floor, his pencil nowhere to be found. He doesn’t even know how it started, the I love you more, competition. But it is a common occurrence, one Zayn doesn’t mind even though he pretends to.

“No,” Liam giggles, lips scratching across Zayn’s temple as he moves his fingers to tickle Zayn’s ribcage. “Not until you agree that I love you more.”

Zayn huffs out a laugh, pretending to squirm away from Liam’s touch but he only presses closer to him. He kicks his legs out along the length of the couch, the tickle of Liam’s fingers and the warmth in his chest making him feel like he could burst. 


Liam’s fingers wiggle against his belly, making Zayn giggle like mad as he squirms underneath them. Liam chuckles in his ear as he works his fingers back up his side, nearing the danger zone.

“Liam, no -” Zayn gasps out as Liam’s fingers work his way to his armpits. He can’t control the way his body wiggles even more in protest, and he reaches behind him to cup Liam’s cheeks, knowing Liam always warms at the way Zayn likes to constantly feel the warmth that resides there.

It turns out to be a bad decision, giving Liam more access to his under arms and he barks out a laugh, squeezing Liam’s cheeks even harder until Liam is laughing just as breathlessly as he is.

“Stop,” Zayn giggles, sliding further down Liam and tilting his head up to look at his boyfriend. Liam’s eyes are practically closed from the force of his smile, his cheeks bunched up and red underneath Zayn’s palms. 

“No way,” Liam laughs. “Stop squishin’ me.”

“No,” Zayn chuckles breathlessly. “Not until you stop first.”

Liam’s stops tickling him, dragging his fingers down his sides to splay out against his ribcage. “Tell me I love you more and I will.”

He pouts but Zayn only squishes his cheeks more stubbornly. “I love you more.”

Liam groans as he leans forward, plopping his lips to Zayn’s hairline. “That’s not what I meant, donut.”

Zayn grins, shifting against Liam’s chest so he can face him better. It is still a bit uncomfortable, his body twisted some but it is hard to focus on when Liam’s arms are wrapping around him. “How about we stop arguing and you just kiss me now?”

Liam’s smile widens before he arches his head forward and hovers it above Zayn’s lips.

“Fine,” Liam murmurs quietly against his lips. “But I still love you more.”

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do you think zayn's affections are reciprocated completely or do you think Liam loves zayn but only in a platonic manner? cos idk maybe I'm tinhatting a little too hard cos I keep listening to I won't mind on repeat but :/

Oh, babe. Don’t worry; it’s not a tinhat. It’s a logic cap.

When did you begin noticing Zayn’s affections for Liam? Lmao and have you been through my Ziam tag? I’m zayn and liam as fuck. I believe they are in a relationship. I think I’m going to cry typing this up.

Okay, now stay with me cause I’m quite quick 5,6,7,8 -

1) Read through below

2) Watch the Story of Ziam linked at the end (Don’t watch to the other parts of the story)

3) Go back through below and click on the links for further info. The “x”, “x”, and “Danielle didn’t invite..” are all basically timelines. You can either read through the whole thing or find the part I’m referring to.

4) Watch the rest of I Like Your Skirt Mary’s videos (((:

Since they originally met in May of 2010 (way before bootcamp of July 2010 where they became a band in June 2010) you could say that they were one of the closer pairs in the early stages of the band.

don’t look around cause love is blind:

And Zayn - well, Zaynie starts to develop a bit of a crush on Liam Payne. (See here for more on Zayn’s sexuality as observed.) But sadly :’’’’’’((((( Liam doesn’t notice because he is set on being straight (that is not a fact. He could very well be whatever sexuality he chooses, but since it takes him so damn long to realize Zayn likes him I’m thinking it took him a while to realize he could like boys too.)

and right from the start, you know i got you:

Zayn can live with a small tiny crush, right? So him and Liam grow closer and closer as friends. Sometimes he thinks that maybe Liam likes him too, an it’s going great, Zayn is soaring high when -

i won’t mind even though i know you’ll never be mine:

Danielle happened December 2010. And Zayn takes the opportunity to get closer to the other boys bc ‘it’s just a crush’ and ‘liam is straight probably’.

i’m not allowed to talk about it
but i gotta tell you:

It’s almost a year later. Liam is still dating Danielle *sigh*, but they’re on tour, so he doesn’t see her much. The tour started December 2011, so Zayn has been with Liam for 6 months sans Danielle. (Score Danielle: 1; score Zayn: 1).

Zayn and Liam are able to bond on the road for SIX MONTHS. and OKAY, maybe Zayn hasn’t lost his feelings for Liam. He keeps quiet though, maybe dropping subtle hints every now and then (Like the ziam kiss lmao sometime before December 2011). And tbh Liam flirted back. (x,x)

but THEN everything changed when the fire nation attacked (see: June 9 2012 Vegas). Danielle shows up at the show and it’s a catalyst for the zaynandliam we know today. This is either when Zayn admitted his feelings for Liam, or when Liam realized he liked Zayn too. Like, not just an “oh he’s fit”. Like an “wow i’d have his babies and raise them and love them.”

cause we are who we are when no one’s watching:

What is a boy (Liam) to do when his best friend has fancied him since 2010? what is he supposed to do when said best friend doesn’t like his girlfriend? What is he to do when he feels something for his best friend? What is he to DO?

He does what he does best - he acts himself. And he loves Zayn, so he becomes closer to Zayn.

we messed around until we found the one thing we could never ever live without:

Liam really doesn’t know what the fuck is going on. He just knows that he doesn’t want Zayn to be mad at him. So he starts groveling at the lad’s feet during fucking concerts. And I’m not saying they messed around or anything, but it’s highly likely.

Danielle doesn’t invite Zayn to Liam’s birthday party. And Liam is kinda hurt, right? bc no matter what Zayn is his best friend. And as you’d expect Zayn isn’t all too happy about it either, I’d bet.

They probably had a heart-to-heart. Liam still doesn’t know what to do, but Zayn just can’t let him go.

And then September 21st, 2012. Itunes Festival. Mark your calendar. Shortly before this time Zayn and Liam made it official and found the one thing they could never ever live without.

And the rest is history.

The story of ziam by i like your skirt mary on YouTube

Credit: Overview, Vegas, Zerrie & Ziam masterpost, Ziam timeline, Ziam Guide

If it’s confusing at all let me know! I love chatting (:

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Megannnnnn How do you think Ziam stumbled upon the Daddy/Baby thing?

Mia omg ok so i feel like zayn was really overwhelmed by 1d and all the fans and interviews and hectic schedule and just became so restless. like his skin felt weirdly tight and his mind felt like it was constantly racing and liam took notice to this so he’d start to cuddle zayn after the shows or after they had a bad run in with the paps. zayn would get so pliant in liams arms and sometimes it was like he’d drift off into a different headspace. liam would be cuddling zayn and kissing the side of his head while telling him how good he was and how beautiful he was. zayn seemed to really like it, until it wasn’t enough.

one day they are cuddling in zayn’s bunk after a show and zayn has his face tucked in liams neck. He has the biggest boner but he doesn’t know what to do about it. liam shifts slightly in the tight space, rubbing up against zayn’s cock causing him to moan and liam to freeze. zayn can’t help it anymore, he’s a whimpering mess, he’s not even in his normal head space and he whimpers “daddy” into liam’s neck as he starts to gently grind against his thigh. liam is starting to get hard as well and seeing how desperate zayn is turns him on so much so he just kisses the side of his head, the tip of his nose then finally placing the gentlest kiss on his lips before whispering “let daddy take care of you baby, is that what you want princess?” Zayn’s whimpers get louder as he started to practically ride liam’s thigh as best he can in the cramped space. “Yes daddy please take care of me ill be such a good boy I promise”

And after they’ve both come- Zayn, with liam’s warm hand around his cock and liam from grinding against zayn’s ass- they’d kiss lightly before falling asleep in each others arms.

After that it just becomes a thing, like the cuddling had. Liam would dick into Zayn so slowly, with such power, he wouldn’t be able to move, or think, for hours. It was during these times “Daddy” was the only word Zayn could remember. Liam loved it. He loved being able to have this affect on Zayn. And Zayn loved being called his daddy’s perfect baby boy, the praise making his cock swell, hot and hard against his belly, dripping wet with precome. Zayn would beg for his Daddy to make him come, would be so so good for him and it made Liam’s heart swell, along with his cock, at how desperate and willing he was.

Whenever they were in a hotel room together, liam would make them take a bath together afterwards where he would get zayn to sit in between his legs so liam could pepper kisses along his shoulders, licking at each one of his tattoos. liam would wash zayn’s body and scrub away all the tension in his muscles. then he would carefully massage shampoo into zayn’s hair as zayn hums absentmindedly, drawing shapes on liams legs with his finger tips. Liam would kiss zayns shoulders and the fantail tattoo at the top of his spine. they would sit in the bath until it got cold then would take a shower together to rinse off the bubbles.

In the shower they would hold each other close and whisper sweet nothings into each others mouths as the hot water pounds on liams back, having turned them to protect zayn, his baby boy, from the harsh stream of water. they would sway slightly and hum to each other until zayn more or less comes back to himself. Liam would dry zayn lightly with a fluffy towel before wrapping it around his waist gently. he’d then dry himself and take zayns hand to lead him to bed. they’d cuddle, with zayn’s back flush against liams strong chest. their legs and feet intertwined as liam brushes his feet lightly up and down zayn’s calf. their arms would in front of zayn, hands clasped, resting on his heart where he could lean down and press gentle kisses on each of liam’s knuckles. liam would burry his head in zayn’s neck leaving gentle kisses and nosing his hairline before they would both fall asleep wrapped up in each other completely.

Every morning, without a doubt, zayn will have turned around to face liam so when he wakes up, the first thing he sees is zayn’s peaceful face. he’s able to press feather light kisses on each of his eyelids and the apples of his cheeks as he watches zayn’s eyes flutter open.  a smile would crawl onto his lips as he catches liams lips in a sweet kiss. “Love you li.” “Love you more princess”

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Bella, you know I'm crazy about your writing! ♠: One character adjusting the other's jewelry/neck tie/ etc.

“Liam.” Zayn’s uneasy mumble travels from the bathroom into the living room where Liam is situated, his body leaned back into the couch, a relaxed smile on his face as he scrolls through his phone. But at the sound, he sits straight up, sliding his phone into his pocket as he shifts off of the couch, scrambling to the bathroom. 

“Babe?” Liam asks with a frown as he cautiously steps into the doorway, his voice laced with worry, knowing well the tone behind Zayn’s voice.

“I look fucking dumb,” Zayn mutters, eyes flying around the room but refusing to set themselves on Liam. He moves his arms up in a helpless sort of shrug, eyes sliding down the suit and tie in the mirror and giving a sigh.

“Zaynie, no,” Liam cries as he takes a step closer to the other boy. “You look amazing,” he reassures. “I promise,” he smiles, raising his right arm as a vow. 

“But your tie…” Liam continues, trailing off as he moves his hand to ghost over Zayn’s neck. Furrowing his eyebrows, he brings his hand a little more forward, his tongue darting out in concentration as he focuses on fixing the knot in front of him. He pauses mid-knot as he feels a gulp make its slow descent down Zayn’s throat.

“Babe,” Liam breathes out as he lifts his head to look at Zayn. “Are you worried?” He unconsciously tightens his grasp against the knot as a sigh leaves his mouth.

“Maybe this was a mistake,” Zayn sputters, biting his lip as he closes his eyes for a moment too long.

“I think the suit’s a lovely touch and—” Liam starts before he’s interrupted by a clearing of Zayn’s throat.

“I didn’t mean the suit,” Zayn whispers with a shallow breath, not daring to move an inch.

“Z…” Liam sighs, his eyebrows knitting together as he pulls himself up to look at Zayn head on. “My parents?” He clarifies, watching as Zayn gives only the slightest of nods.

“They’re gonna love you, babe,” Liam gushes, placing his lips lightly against Zayn’s forehead. “Why wouldn’t they?” He breathes, lips traveling down to the other boy’s nose. “You’re smart,” he mouths as he pecks Zayn’s nose. “Beautiful.” He does it again, smiling as he feels Zayn’s nose scrunch up underneath his lips. “Funny.”

“And…” His voice cuts out as he brings his lips down to find Zayn’s mouth. “That suit looks fucking hot on you,” he moans against Zayn as his teeth grapple at his lower lip, pulling down with a groan.

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Happy St. Paddy’s, Niall

Kiss me you’re Irish, Niall!


Kiss someone you’re Irish, Niall…?

How does it go…..



Kiss yourself, you’re Irish, Niall! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day you adorable little Leprechaun.