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Mummy’s Boy - Daddy!Harry Styles Imagine

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Harry was surprised when (Y/N) told him that she had to go away for the weekend, it was a surprisement because, she never takes time out for herself. Before they had kids, it was Harry first, then her job. Now it’s her kids, Harry, and then her job. But when she told him, a week prior of that Saturday, that her company wanted her to go out to Scotland for the weekend to do a article, and possibly buy out that company, she could not say no. She could no say no for her company possibly buying out another company, and she did not want to send her assistant to go and screw it up. Therefore she said yes, but the hard thing is the kids.

Harry knows that their kids to his missus, is always her first priority, she always wants to make them happy, be with them, play with them. She loves them more than anything, and Harry knows that. But, when she did tell her that, it was a shock at first, and they, a good job for her company, but then the information sank in and he had to take care of Iris, and Alfie, on his own without his partner in crime, would be hard part.

Therefore on Thursday night, she was packing, it would only be three days, but to her, she did trust Harry, but she has never left them alone with him for more than five hours, she does not know how the situation would go. So, when she was placing her blouse in the small carry on, he stood behind her, arms crossed, chin high, leaning against the dark chester draws, watching her, was almost aggravating to her. He watched her, burning holes in the back of her head, trying to get her to notice him. She tried to ignore it, she tried her best to go past it, forget it, but she can’t, she can’t leave her baby like that, so she placed the last shirt down and turned out, doing the exact same posture as Harry, but she gave up several seconds later, she placed her arms to her side, and looked at him, a sorry expression trying to show.

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Zayn arriving at the arena for your sound check and choosing a seat with a perfect view of the stage.

REQUEST Interviewer: And if we come over here you’ll see Zayn Malik, long-time partner of Y/N. Zayn, we’re filming for Y/N’s documentary, can we include you? Zayn: Of course, yeah, anything for my girl. Interviewer: How do you feel seeing her up there living her dreams. Zayn: *gif* I’m so proud of her, I can only hope that she’s even a quarter as proud of herself. I love her so much and to see her doing what she loves makes me the happiest boyfriend alive.

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‘Boys are yucky, sweetheart.’ - Daddy!Harry Styles Imagine

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It was a normal Saturday afternoon, the missus was bored, she is finally on maternity leave, again, making her trying to find things to do. She dropped Alfie off at a friend’s house for a playdate, and her newest daughter was doing nothing.

When Darcy was born, she was unlike the other two she had, she does not cry, whine and she is very stubborn, just like the missus. Therefore, she had to keep a closer eye on her because she does not express her emotions, like babies should. She had to constantly check to see, if she needs a change or a nap. They had to follow the schedule for meal times because she would not whine for food, she is very passive, but stubborn. She would not eat unless, she was hungry, she would not cry, unless tired, and she would not smile, unless it was Harry. She would always smile at him, but never her, though she is more connect to her, she rather be with her than Harry.

Harry was in his office, working on records and all, calling up his managers and figuring out dates for interviews and shows, while she was fiddling around the kitchen, feeding Darcy and watching Iris play with her doll. Being on maternity leave always drove her insane, she has to work, she has to keep busy. Though she is constantly on survival mode with taking care of a six year old, a four year old and a eight month old baby, without sometimes, Harry’s help.

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Momentarily // (h.s)

Request: Could you maybe write one where the reader is Harry’s gf and she was in the crowd during his Graham Norton performance trying to make him laugh and that’s why he kept smiling and laughing?

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Harry Styles - Supports Girlfriend Imagine

[I rather like this one! Hope you do as well! Enjoy!]

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AU Meme: The Zayn goodbye we hopefully get. Will miss you babe come back soon. Much love Directioners. 

Niall Horan - “Love Song” Imagine

Just a short little blurb for ya! 

So as soon as I saw Niall’s Billboard photos inspiration struck and I got into full on Niall girl talk with @eversincecheshire and texted her this long ass idea based off of this picture so, me being me, decided to write it. People have been asking for Niall so.. here ya go. Enjoy!

It was Niall’s day off. No meetings, no time in the studio booked, and so the two of you decided it was the day the two of you would get your long list of to-do’s done. You were going to deep clean the house, the two of you were finally going to finish decorating your office and you were finally going to get rid of the layer of dust that had formed on shelves and tables.

Of course though, once it got down to actually having to do it all, you simply didn’t want to. Niall was off doing laundry, and you were tidying up the living room. You had lugged out the vacuum and were going to make the rug nice and clean but as you organized the books and random items you came across a notebook you had once seen Niall scribbling in often.

You decided, after flipping it open and reading over some lyrics, to delve a little deeper into it so you plopped yourself down on the floor, your back leaned against the couch and began to pour over the notebook. You took in the scribbled over words, the little phrases of music doodled next to certain strings of lyrics. It was all fascinating to you as Niall very rarely let you see his music until it was almost or completely finished but it was so fascinating to think about holding it all, his ideas, his notes, his inspiration, right there in your hands.

“What ya doin’, love?” You look up as Niall walks into the room, having come to investigate not having heard the vacuum when you had told him that was your next task. “Is that me notebook?” He questions, seeing the item in your hand. You grin and nod. “Must’ve left it on the shelf.” He grins as well, knowing how much you loved his music. Taking note of which song you’d had it open to, he decided he would let you hear it. It was one he had finished writing a few days ago, actually. It had changed a bit from this first scribbled down idea but the gist of it was the same.

“You gonna play it for me?” You question as you see him reaching for one of the guitars he had in the corner. Niall honestly had a guitar in every single room, apart from the bathroom. He even had one in the kitchen because who knows when inspiration would strike, he had to have one in arms reach at all times. You didn’t mind, you loved moments of him playing random bits of a new song, or covering a song you both loved. It filled the silence and often led to the two of you dancing together in the middle of whatever room you were in.

“I jus’ might.” He grins at you as he comes over, sitting himself down on the ground beside you, leaning close to you to look at the notebook still open in your hands. He takes it in, making sure he was thinking of the right song before he grinned at you. “It’s changed a bit, bu’ still the same, really.” His fingers then begin to move over the strings, the notes floating effortlessly from his touch. He gives you one more smile before he begins to sing. You bite at your lip as you take in the words he is singing.

You hadn’t heard this song before, maybe a little bit of the music playing from his office as he worked out the kinks or occasionally while getting ready for the day or in the shower he would hum out tunes but it was hard to differentiate between his own songs and just random songs he heard recently and had stuck in his head when all he did was sing the melody or a couple notes here and there.

This song though, it was soft, the music flowed effortlessly, and as you took in the words of love and adoration for that someone special, you knew it was about you. He sang of being in love, finding that one person he was always going to be with, enjoying the fact that he got to wake up beside her everyday. In short, the song was very clearly, and without a doubt, about you. You can’t keep the grin from your face as you lean over and bury your face in his shoulder as you close the notebook and toss it onto the coffee table in front of you.

As the song comes to an end, his playing and voice growing quieter, you bury your nose in his t-shirt, taking in that comforting and oh so familiar scent that was purely and simply Niall. Once he finished the song, he sets the guitar down, his arms wrapping easily around you. His lips press into your hair as he pulls you a bit more into him.

“You like it?” He questions then.

“It was the best song I’ve ever heard.” You tell him honestly, lifting your head up to look at him. You see his blue eyes shining with love, that same sense of adoration he just sang about radiating from his entire being and you knew you returned it. There was no one like Niall, and no one else you would ever be with. Niall was your forever, and clearly after that song, you knew he thought the same.

“Glad you like it then.” He grins at you before his lips are on yours. The kiss was gentle, his lips soft and loving against yours but as you turn a bit, your fingers tangling in his brown hair, pulling you a bit closer the feel of the kiss changes, as does the air around you.

He pulls you up and into his lap as his lips move against yours. His large guitarist hands press into your back after they slide up and under your t-shirt, pressing your chest against his. Your arms tangle around his neck and you have to keep the sigh that so desperately wanted to fall from your lips at bay as his tongue greets yours. His fingers dig into your skin, both of your breathing starting to grow faster as the kiss intensifies and you knew that any and all thoughts of cleaning and running errands as planned was out the window.

  Olhei mais uma vez para a extensão da mesa que já estava completamente cheia com a decoração que eu havia feito esperando apenas a hora certa para por o prato principal sobre ela.

  - Você acha que ele vai gostar? - Pergunto a Gemma que está ao meu lado sorrindo assim como eu.

  - Menina, se ele não gostar eu dou na cara dele. - Ela diz rindo me fazendo revirar os olhos. - Desculpa. - Pede agora um pouco mais controlada. - Você está muito tensa, tente relaxar um pouco mais, hm?! - Seu pedido é acompanhado de um carinho nas costas.

  Suspiro frustrada. Esse é o segundo ano em que eu e Zayn comemoramos algo juntos, especificamente, nosso aniversário de namoro e para mim está é uma data super importante e tem um enorme significado já que foi o dia que encontrei um homem maravilhoso e que me compreende como ninguém mais. Não seria justo eu fazer algo desleixado para ele.

  - Ok, vou tentar. - Digo vencida pela insistência de minha melhor amiga.

  - Nossa olha a hora. - Ela diz um tanto dramática, mas quem sou eu para falar de drama? - Preciso pegar a roupa da minha mãe no shopping, qualquer coisa me ligue. - Ela diz me envolvendo em um abraço aconchegante que me deixa um pouco mais segura.

  Acompanho a loira até porta e lhe dou um outro abraço forte tentando deixar que ela leve consigo toda minha preocupação, mas não sei se funciona pois assim que fecho a porta sinto minhas pernas fraquejar dando início a uma tremedeira.

  - É apenas o Zayn, apenas o Zayn…- Repito a mim mesma fechando os olhos de uma maneira forte tentando centralizar a ideia de que não é nada demais além de um jantar com meu namorado no qual estamos completando dois anos de relacionamento e que nada pode dar errado, NADA!

  Argh, isso não está dando certo.

  Faço meus pés seguirem caminho para a cozinha. Tenho que distrair minha mente de alguma maneira.

  Olho para o frango recheado que coloquei no forno a pouco tempo. Pelos meus cálculos ele ficará pronto perto da hora que marquei com Zayn. Perfeito.

  Sigo caminho para meu quarto e decido que já está mais que na hora de começar a me arrumar. Sobre minha cama tem várias sacolas das compras que fiz hoje pela manhã, pego uma delas que pertençem a uma loja de cosméticos e apanho uma toalha em seguida indo para o banheiro.

  Retiro tudo que tem dentro da sacola e coloco sobre a pia de mármore.

  - Hoje eu mereço um banho de banheira. - Digo para o reflexo que me encara enquanto me imita e sorrio para ele começando sentir a felicidade me atingir.

  Ligo a torneira da banheira e deixo com que a água morna caia sobre ela enquanto vai a preenchendo.

  Retiro minha calça e em seguida do restante das roupas que deixo com que caiem no chão. Solto meus fios rebeldes que até então estavam presos em um rabo de cavalo horrendo e me sinto livre. Após ver que a banheira está considerávelmente cheia, fecho a torneira e jogo a essência de baunilha sobre a água, o que faz com que um cheiro extremamente agradável suba até minhas narinas.

  Entro na banheira e permito-me fechar o olhos e relaxar enquanto flashback’s de dois anos de namoro com Zayn Malik invadem minha mente.

  Lembro de que quando era pequena, por volta dos dez anos, imaginava que um dia iria encontrar um cara que fosse realmente um príncipe, que iria me tratar como uma princesa e que seríamos sempre felizes compartilhando de um amor real. Isso não aconteceu, encontrei Zayn, mas ele não é um príncipe, ao menos chega próximo a isso. Mas ainda sim ele me trata como uma princesa, não somos felizes sempre, temos nossas desavenças, mas ainda sim nos preocupamos um com o outro e fazemos dos momentos bons, eternos e sem dúvida o amor que sentimos é real!

  Após um banho pra lá de relaxante, pego a cera que eu havia comprado e respiro fundo.

  - Ah, eu odeio isso! - Xingo após retirar de forma bruta a “fita” recheada de cera eu coloquei sobre a perna. - O Malik me paga. - Resmungo e após analisar minha fala acabo por rir.

  Isso é pra ele.


  Me analiso mais uma vez no enorme espelho do quarto. Eu ainda não estou pronta, falta por o vestido, porém minha imagem maquiada e com saltos usando apenas lingerie realmente tinha me pego de surpresa. Eu estou uma gata, muito gata!

  Olho no relógio de meu celular e vejo que são 20h00, falta apenas uma hora.


  “Mau posso esperar pra te encontrar.”

  Mando para o número de Zayn sentindo meu sorriso rasgar minha cara.

  A mensagem demora um pouco mas logo chega e não tarda para ser visualizada.

  “Eu também meu amor.”

  Meu coração fica quentinho ao ler essas palavras simples que me fizeram suspirar.

  Me visto por completa dou um retoque em minha maquiagem que realça meus olhos. Pego meu celular e tiro uma foto no espelho logo enviando para um grupo onde estão Gemma, Lou, Lottie, Eleanor, Fizzy e Sophia que enviam milhares de elogios e piadinhas no duplo sentido que me fazem ansiar mais ainda pelo jantar. Digo tchau a elas e sigo com o celular em mãos até a cozinha me maravilhando em ver como tudo estava correndo bem e meu frango já exalava um cheiro digno de banquetes (não que eu queira me gabar).

  Sentei-me na ponta da mesa e não consegui retirar o sorriso da minha cara nem a ansiedade do meu peito.

  Dois anos, cara!


  Meus pés tremiam de forma frenética, minhas unhas decoradas por um esmalte cintilante já eram pressionadas por meus dentes que não se controlavam.

  O frango já estava devidamente assado, mas achei melhor deixa-lo dentro do forno para não estar frio ao que Zayn chegasse. Falta dez minutos para as nove e ele não me mandou mensagem alguma, nem mesmo está online para me dar ao menos uma esperança de que ele não vai se atrasar tanto.

  “Cadê você?”

  Envio mesmo sabendo que está dentro do horário combinado e acabo por me culpar em estar apressando ele.

  A mensagem chega mas não é visualizada o que me deixa um pouquinho preocupada.

  - Ainda está no horário. - Tento me convencer.

  Basta ter paciência, é nosso dia, ele não irá dar mancada.


  “Zayn, você está vindo?”


  “Vou tirar o frango do forno, ok?”
“ Te amo.”


  “Zayn aconteceu alguma coisa? Por que está demorando?”


  “ Cadê você Malik??????”


  “ Você me disse que estaria aqui…”


  “ Você se esqueceu né? ”


  “ Não precisa se preocupar em responder, já vi a foto que o Jason postou no instagram”

  Eu não queria chorar por isso, não queria chorar por ele, mas a ardência em meus olhos não permitiu que eu continuasse a fazer uma pose forte e acabei por me deixar desabar ali mesmo.

  Eu me sentia tola por ter tentando fazer com que tudo ocorresse da maneira mais perfeita possível, enquanto Zayn ao menos se preocupou em olhar no calendário para ver que dia é hoje e não pensou duas vezes para ir para uma festa com seus belíssimos amigos. Ele sequer teve a decência de visualizar minhas mensagens.

  Arranquei meus saltos e os deixei jogados por ali mesmo, guardei o frango novamente e apaguei as velas que eu havia acendido para dar um ar mais romântico. Idiota. Apaguei a luz da cozinha e corri para o quarto arrancando de forma bruta meu vestido.

- Eu sou uma retardada! - Gritei com fúria e me joguei na cama dando liberdade para que as lágrimas tomassem conta do meu rosto assim como a dor que agora dominava meu peito.

Aah eu te odeio Zayn Malik!

Acalmem que vai ter segunda parte, risos.


Vocês acham que Zayn merece perdão? Uhhhhhm???

Coffee Date.

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summary - I love your writing! Could you do a Sami Zayn x reader where the reader is a backstage interviewer and they both have feelings for each other and Sami takes her on a coffee date?

Pairing - Sami Zayn X Female Reader

WordCount - 1,671

Requested by - My old blog!

Written By -  Kayy!

Warnings - Just extremely cheesy.

Taglist Beauties -  @lunaticfringe216  @crowleysqueenofhell  @i-kneel-for-king-loki@littledeadrottinghood  @m-a-t-91 @straight-outta-the-asylum@lip-sync @itsstephaniemcmahon @unhinged-on-the-fringe @thebutterflygirl16 @youhoebag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @guatebabyxo @xsimplynaex@macfizzle@sassyenthusiasthistorylover333 @xuhwheredidkylogox@driv3mys0ul @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @harleymoxley @wwessellout @freekmode @catie-kaboom @fucking-bandsx  @cute-face-chubby-waist @reigns420 @panic-angel3314 @blood-fells @vegan-viscacha @wwe-fluff-fic@amberhere-hi @megsjessd99 @shadow-of-wonder @itsclaaree @daddmoxley @wweimaginesandoneshots @crossfitfreakvideogamegeek


Your job was the most important thing to you in the world, since you were little your goal was to be an interviewer backstage at the biggest stage of them all WWE. You had finally accomplished your goals this summer when a WWE boss had got in touch through seeing your youtube videos and asked if you were interested in working for them, of course, you jumped at the chance it was a big break you needed and you were living your dream who would turn that down?

You had such a busy day today, you had interview after interview but you wasn’t going to complain it was your job and you loved it. First, you had to do a sit-down interview with Seth Rollins to talk about his match against the Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Seth in real life was one of the sweetest people you have ever met, you loved interviewing him, it was always something different when you did. Then Raw was going to be going live and you had to do all your backstage interviews including; Bayley, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn, you couldn’t wait to interview Sami, no one knew this but you had one of the biggest crushes on him, there was just something about him, his personality always burst with excitement and true passion and that was something you adored about him. 

That afternoon you sat down with Seth and conducted your first interview of the day, it included a lot of smack talk about Kevin and you really did enjoy the interview. When it was all over you hugged Seth goodbye and headed towards the hair and makeup area to get ready for the night. You were getting ready when you noticed Sami standing over by the water cooler just looking at his phone. 

“Hey Sami.” You called from all the way over at the makeup area, he turned around and you smiled and waved at him. He started to walk over towards you, every time you saw him he just gave you these unexplainable feelings, it was like you were a little kid again with butterflies in your stomach, you never had the balls to tell him the whole truth though, your friendship with him was more important to you then completely embarrassing yourself.

“Hey, Y/N.” He replied giving you a hug once he had reached you.

“Ready for your match tonight?” You asked him trying to make small talk.

“So ready Braun will not know what has hit him.” He laughed as he took a sip of his coffee that he had in his hand.

“I will be catching up with you for an interview before your match, I don’t know if you were aware or not.” You said trying to make small talk but realizing how annoying you must have sounded to him.

“I know, I’m excited, though don’t go asking any private questions.” He laughed as your face turned serious, for a second you actually thought he might have been able to read your minds but that was impossible and you were being absolutely stupid.

“Okay, well I have to catch up with Roman so I’ll see you in a bit,” You said collecting your stuff and rushing off before you could put your foot in it anymore either that or completely embarrass yourself further.

The Fireworks hit and the arena went absolutely crazy, Monday Night Raw had officially started and everyone was pumped all across the arena. You headed to your room where you were about to interview Roman Reigns about his match with Rusev tonight. You walked over greeted Roman and started your interview.

“Roman if I could just get a few words, how are you feeling about your match tonight against Rusev?” You asked him.

“Well you see Y/N, I might not be built like Rusev but I can tell you that tonight Rusev will know who the big dog is around here.” He replied walking away from you and heading off to the match. The interviews you did were small and sharp, people wanted quick answers but they always wanted to hear what their favorites had to say no matter what is was about, it kept you in a job so you wasn’t going to complain.

Time passed and you had completed ninety-five percent of all your interviews and your last one was with Sami, you headed over to the male locker room door where you was going to catch Sami walking out of it to talk to him. The cameras started to roll and it was your moment once again to get the juicy gossip from a top superstar. Sami came walking out of the dressing room as you came quickly walking over to him.

“Sami, please can I get you a comment on your match tonight?” You asked him, smiling at him, his adorable smile literally made you feel those butterflies again.

“I’m going to prove that no matter what, even if you are the underdog you can always win somehow.” He replied to you, passion in his voice.
“All there is left to say is good luck Sami, I think you’re going to need to tonight." 

"Thanks, Y/N” He replied, walking off to the ring.

The evening finished and everyone was starting to pack up, the arena started to go quietly as the waves of people started to leave the arena. You decided to head towards the cafe to grab something to eat before you headed to the hotel for the night. While you walking to the cafe you felt someone tap you on your shoulder. You slowly turned around and saw it was Sami standing behind you smiling.

“Hey Y/N." 

"Hello.” You replied, for some reason, you felt extremely nervous just talking to him, you were completely in love with him and every little thing he does.
“I have to ask you something..” He looked extremely nervous, you were confused, all and everything went through your mind to what it could possibly be.

“Sure.” You replied.

“Do you want to go grab a coffee with me now?” He quickly spat out without even taking a breath. 

“Erm… er.. yes sure.” You replied smiling at him, your stomach was doing backflips. 

“Great, want to go now?” He asked.

“Sure, let’s go.” You replied, collecting your stuff up and heading to the exit with Sami.

The walk to the nearest coffee shop was calm and quiet, normally the silence would drive you crazy but something about just being Sami’s presence was peaceful, he was such a calming person to be around. There was a few small talk going on but nothing major, in reality, you were still a little shocked that Sami even asked you out! But was this a date, or was he just wanting to grab a coffee with a work buddy? You had so many thoughts going through your head and you started to question every little thing going on that you completely zoned out. You finally reached this little corner cafe, that was not very noticeable but was cozy looking when you went inside. It was quite dim but it had a cozy feeling towards it, lit with fairy lights. There weren’t many people inside, you and Sami both took a seat by the window of the shop. The waitress took your orders of drinks and went off to get them, you both sat there staring at each other for a while not saying anything.

“So, how was work?” He asked you, you could tell that he was generally trying to make small talk with you, it wasn’t awkward it was just like you both had so much to say to each other yet you never knew what to say!

“Good, WWE seem to be using me more, I’m not going to complain, I love my job, how about you?” You asked him.

“You deserve it, you’re one of the best interviewers we’ve had. Plus it was hurtful.” He laughed while rubbing his shoulder.

“You did take a beating didn’t you?” You smirked at him.

“Hey, I am an underdog had control of the match." 

"More like you were a rag doll.” You laughed making him laugh too. Your coffee’s arrived as you continue to talk about work.

“Look, Y/N I invited you here because I really need to tell you something but I don’t want to make things awkward and I really don’t want to embarrass myself.” He said taking a spoon and stirring his coffee.

“Go on Sami, you know I will never judge you.” You replied again getting more and more nervous.

“It’s just…. I….” He stumbled over his words.

“Go on seriously!” You tried to encourage him to continue.

“Look, it’s just I’ve fallen for you, there is just something about you, I can’t get you out of my mind, you’re such a kind hearted person and I think I’m falling for you harder than I have ever done. I love you.” He replied looking down at his coffee again trying not to make eye contact with you. 

“Oh, my.” You replied.

“I’m sorry, please don’t, I really won’t be offended I know you don’t feel the same.” He said shuffling in his chair clearly uncomfortable about the whole conversation.

“No don’t apologize, I feel the same way!” You answered quickly so he didn’t feel like you were just saying it.

“Wait for what?” He was clearly taken back from what you just said.

“I said I feel the same, I have done for weeks but I never had the guts to tell you, I just prayed my feelings would go away but they haven’t clearly.” You replied now feeling probably even more embarrassed than Sami.

“I don’t know what to say now, I never thought I’d get this response.” He laughed at the thought.

“Well, me either.” You both burst out laughing.

“How about, you be my girlfriend?” He said taking a sip of his coffee.

One Shot Zayn Malik 

  • Pedido por @dudaavitorio​ -  Então amore eu queria um One shot com o Zayn que ele e tatuador e eles são casado e tem um filho e ela quer tatuar o nome do bebe mas tem medo ai ele fala pra ela que não doi e tatua ela …. Obg 😍😍😍❤

— Vamos amor, você tem que se decidir.

A voz de Zayn mais uma vez se fez presente tentando me convencer a tomar uma decisão enquanto eu coloco o corpinho adormecido de Alec no carrinho. Eu apenas comentei que queria fazer uma tatuagem em homenagem ao nosso filho e Zayn se animou todo, foram anos na tentativa de me tatuar, mas eu nunca cedi, então agora ele viu a oportunidade perfeita.

— Zee, eu já disse que foi só um pensamento.

Tudo bem que eu sempre quis fazer uma tatuagem - Zayn não precisa saber, pelo amor de Deus. Não. Ele me encheria a paciência por séculos se soubesse - o grande x da questão é que eu tenho muito medo de agulhas, então não vai ser fácil encarar uma durante algum tempo deixando que ela entre e saia da minha pele repetidas vezes. Sem contar que o barulhinho produzido pela máquina me deixa apreensiva e inquieta, só de ouvir me dá vontade de correr.

A parte engraçada da minha vida é essa, eu sempre temi o barulho da máquina de tatuagem e acabei me casando com um tatuador tendo que conviver com o barulho horrorizante quase sempre, acho que ele nem me deixa mais tão inquieta como antes.

Zayn é um excelente artista, ele desenha super bem e faz o próprio álbum de tatuagens, os clientes dele sempre tem novas opções e talvez isso que acaba os viciando. Eles sempre voltam para olhar as novidades e não resistem em fazer mais uma.

— Ei, presta atenção no que eu estou dizendo. — Zayn estalou seus dedos em frente ao meu rosto algumas vezes — Está pensando em qual tatuagem fará? — ele sorriu segurando minha cintura.

— Olha Zee, não cria esperança. Foi só um pensamento alto e repentino, nada demais. — tento me explicar e convencê-lo de que o que saiu da minha boca não foi de fato importante.

— Pode até ter sido, mas se você cogitou fazer uma tatuagem é porque tem vontade. Esquece o medo, apenas faça o que deseja. — uma de suas mãos vai até meu rosto o acariciando.

— Você quer tanto assim me tatuar? — olho em seus olhos fazendo um bico de leve com meus lábios.

— Eu quero que você pare de ter medo, isso não é bom.

Meu olhos se fecharam automaticamente quando seu rosto foi se aproximando ainda mais do meu, nossos lábios se encontraram e logo eu dei passagem para que sua língua entrasse na minha boca intensificando o nosso beijo. Zayn sempre usa suas melhores estratégias para me fazer ceder, ele é mestre nisso.

— Vai doer…. — sussurro sobre seus lábios ao finalizar o beijo.

— Isso é uma lenda, se doesse eu não teria todas as que eu tenho. — ele riu beijo selando nossos lábios  

— Tudo bem, mas eu não sei se estou preparada… — tento enrolar e fazê-lo desistir.

— Para, (seu nome). — ele me balança de leve — O Alec vai fazer vinte anos e você ainda não estará pronta se continuar assim.

— É porque eu tenho medo, Zayn. Não pode me culpar por isso. — reviro os olhos.

— Podemos começar com algo pequeno, se você não aguentar então não vai ficar incompleto. — ele sugere e eu tenho que concordar não ser uma má ideia.

— O que me sugere tatuar?

— Como você disse que quer homenagear o nosso menino, você pode fazer um A entre o polegar e o indicador. Aqui! — ele pega minha mão e passa o seu polegar sobre o local que acabou de dizer — Vai ser uma tatuagem discreta e se você não gostar vai ser quase imperceptível.

— A questão não é ‘não gostar’, você tem muito talento, Zayn… Eu só tenho medo que doa muito.

— Eu estou dizendo para você que não dói, não confia em mim? Eu não mentiria para você, (seu nome). — ele olha em meus olhos.

— Eu sei, talvez o que não é dor para você, é dor para mim. — prenso meus lábios um contra o outro o vendo suspirar.

— Ok, não insisto mais. Tenho que atender alguns clientes. — Zayn beija a minha testa e faz menção de sair da sala particular que ele tem no estúdio e então eu seguro seu braço decidida a tentar.

— Eu quero tentar!

— Eu não estou chateado, só tenho que atender alguns clientes.  — Zayn beijou o canto da minha boca.

— Sim, eu sei, mas eu decidi tentar. — sorri confiante.

— Tudo bem, vamos até o estúdio e lá eu faço, não vai demorar nada.

Eu empurrei o carrinho do Alec até a sala de trabalho do Zayn que fica ao lado lado da sala de descanso, que no caso foi feita para mim e para o Alec passarmos o tempo quando decidimos ver o Zayn. Me sentei na cadeira enquanto Zee mexia nas coisas preparando tudo, ele se sentou à minha frente pegou a minha mão e passou no local alguma coisa que eu não fiz questão de perguntar. No momento que ele pegou a máquina de tatuagem eu fechei meus olhos apertados logo em seguida ouvindo o barulhinho angustiante.

— Ai… Ai! — apertei meus dentes gemendo de dor.

— (Seu nome)… Abre os olhos! — Zayn pediu e lentamente abri meus olhos — Eu ainda nem comecei.  — ele me mostrou sua mão segurando a máquina bem afastada da minha mão.

— Eu só estou treinando para quando você começar. — sorri sem graça pelo mico pago.

— Dá tempo de desistir. — eu neguei com a cabeça.

— Eu quero, pelo menos tentar. — falei decida — Pode começar.

Respirei fundo e mantive meus olhos abertos assistindo ele aproximar a máquina da minha pele e começar a desenhar a letra A com bastante atenção. Não posso dizer que doeu horrores, é mais como um ardor suportável, nada como o que as pessoas disseram que seria.

— E então? — Zayn perguntou assim que acabou de fazer o A quase que minúsculo em minha mão.

— Sem dor. Eu quero uma maior, talvez com o nome do Alexander, um anjo ou uma coroa. Melhor, um anjo usando uma coroa, você acha que ficaria legal? Em que lugar do corpo? — comecei a falar de forma animada e rápida querendo começar uma tatuagem de verdade no minuto seguinte.

— Eu acho que você terá tempo decidir e olhar o álbum que está lá na recepção. — Zayn se levantou segurando a minha mão e me ajudando a levantar — Você e o Alec vão ter que me deixar atender as pessoas que estão na sua frente. — ele olhou para o Alec que dormia tranquilamente no carrinho a nossa frente.

— Amor… — choraminguei tentando fazê-lo ceder e me colocar na frente da fila.

— Sem tempo acabou, eu tenho que trabalhar, baby. — ele me puxou pela cintura e colocou uma mecha do meu cabelo atrás da minha orelha — Logo, logo será a sua vez.

Zayn me beijou como uma forma de consolação e logo me ajudou a empurrar o carrinho do Alec para fora do seu estúdio nos deixando na recepção. Uma garota logo entrou na sala que é toda revestida de vidro e Zayn começou a tatuagem dela enquanto eu estava sentada no sofá da sala de espera batendo meu pé no chão ansiosa pela minha vez.

Por que eu não fiz uma tatuagem antes?

- Tay

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