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Anonymous said:I’ve been waiting for someone to do this for months but no one has yet. Can you do an imagine where Harry and Y/N tell their daughter Mia that she will be a big sister? Please!!

A/N:I’ve always wanted to read one like this because I can imagine Harry being super cute about it :) It took me a couple attempts at writing because I literally had no idea how to do it!Not sure if it’s as a good as I thought it’d come out though,so sorry

Ignore any mistakes as I’ll correct them later.

Enjoy x


I’d been waiting two months for Harry to return home from tour. It was always difficult not seeing him for long periods of times,but the last two months had been horrible. I hated not being honest with him but this was something I needed to tell him in person. 

“Come on,Mia!Just remember,daddy will be home when you finish school.” Our five year old daughter was being extra difficult this morning,refusing to put on her school uniform. Harry always managed to get her dressed with such little effort, it always made my heart swell to see. We both knew it would be difficult raising a child when he had to travel a lot but we both were managing to make it work.

So,when I found out I was pregnant again two months previously I was happy of course,but nervous at the same time. Harry was amazing with Mia and I knew he loved children but I wasn’t sure if he could handle being away from two children. When I was pregnant with Mia,Harry was there throughout the whole thing. It was difficult for him to leave a two month old Mia behind to embark on another world wide tour. I wanted to travel with him but there was just no way I could have that much time off work;the fashion magazine needed me,I was chief editor after all. 

My thoughts were interrupted by Mia pulling a strange face at me. “Mummy”,she whined,“Why do you look so pale?”

It was after 8 in the morning and I’d gotten up earlier due the morning sickness so I knew I wasn’t looking too good. I’d read somewhere that children tend to twig onto their mum’s being pregnant so I was started to feel a bit anxious that Mia would guess,as I really wanted Harry to be the one to tell her.

“Mummy’s not feeling well”,I finished the French plait in her hair,“but it’s okay because daddy is home soon.”


“I’ve missed you so bloody much,Y/N.” I heard Harry shout through the house,instantly making me laugh. I ran out of the kitchen to meet him at the front door of the house we shared together. Before I reached him for a hug, a look of amazement spread on my face,his eyes looking down my body and stopping at my stomach.I was almost three months pregnant so I was showing. I watched as his eyes darted their way back up to my face.

“No fucking way?!"He shouted enthusiastically,running to close the distance between us. I nodded at him,tears forming in my eyes. "Yes,way.”

He scooped me up into his arms as I wrapped my hands round his neck. “I’m so happy,Y/N.” He planted a kiss on my cheek before putting me back down. He crouched slightly,rubbing my stomach gently with one of his hand. “Hello there,baby,I can’t wait to meet you.”

I couldn’t get over how happy he was. The look on his face removed all my nerves from my body,being replaced with excitement. “How long,love?"He moved closer to me,placing his hands on my hips.

"Um…around three months?"I hesitating slightly,not sure how he’d react knowing I had kept this from him.He exhaled slowly,wearing a bewildered look on his face. 

"I’m going to have another baby,in six months?Thank you for making me the happiest man alive”.


“Ladies and gentlemen,give it up for One Direction!” The Jonathan Ross show audience erupted with applause and cheers.

All five buys walked onto the stage,shaking Jonathan’s hand before taking a seat on the sofa.

“That’s just crazy ain’t it?"Jonathan referred to the amount of cheers the boys received. "Does it amaze you to still be getting that sort of reaction from the fans?”

The boys all looked at each other. “I don’t think we’ll ever get used to that,it’s just crazy”, they all agreed with Liam’s comment.

“So you’ve just got back from yet another world wide tour. Must’ve been amazing right?” All five of them nodded.

“Yeah,it’s just great that we’ve been doing this for so many years yet we still get to see so many beautiful places. It’s truly amazing.”

“I agree with Niall”.Zayn spoke up.“We’re all grateful for still having these opportunities.

Me and Mia were sat snuggled under a blanket in her bedroom watching the interview. She was fidgeting around,excited from seeing her dad on the TV. I shared her excitement, but I was a bit on edge knowing what Harry was going to say soon.

"You did something like 170 dates didn’t you?” They all nodded. 

“172,yep” Louis stated.

“Surely that must’ve been incredibly difficult. I know three of you are married-and Harry you have a daughter now”- the screen on stage showed an adorable photo Harry had put on his Instagram before he set off on tour. It was one of Harry pushing Mia on a swing in our garden,he wore a bemused smile as I remember Mia kept asking him to push her higher.

“Mummy,look,it’s me!” Mia was thrilled to see herself on TV,jumping up and down.

The audience all cheered. Harry looked at the photo with a proud look,a grin growing on his face. “Yeah,she’s five now!I can’t believe it.It does get tough and the lads will tell you how hard I found the tour at times.Y/N is just incredible though,I do admire her as I know it can’t always be easy.” He was staring at the floor whilst he was talking,starting to get nervous. My heart started to race slightly.

“Whilst on that topic,would you mind if I just quickly said something to Mia?” Harry looked up to ask Jonathan. When he nodded,Harry turned to face the camera so was looking at both and Mia in the eye. The other four boys exchanged odd looks at each other. We hadn’t told anyone we was expecting our second child and we decided this would be the best way to tell Mia,as well as everyone else.

“Daddy just wants to say well done for looking after mummy whilst I’ve been away. You’ve been such a good little girl that I think you’re going to be an amazing big sister to mummy’s new baby”. He looked at the other boys who were all sat on the left of him. They all threw themselves onto Harry,embracing him into a group hug as the audience applauded crazily.

Mia had jumped up from our cuddle and stared at me with amazement. “Mummy,are you and daddy having a baby?!” she was jumping up and down,her eyes wide open.

“Me and daddy are."I stood up to hug her,her head reaching my stomach. "Like daddy said,you’re going to be an amazing big sister.”


How I imagine Zayn and Liam , when Zayn said he was leaving the band @gayforzendaya