zayn malik song fic


For anon…song imagine based off of Zayn Malik’s song “Pillow Talk”

Your eye slid open slightly as you felt a pull by your stomach. Your back now laid against Kylo Ren’s bare chest. Gently, you slipped your hand from under your head and gripped your boyfriend’s hand. Just as you were about to go back to sleep, he spoke up.

“Y/N, you awake?” he whispered.

You nodded slowly. He snaked his other hand under your side to fully wrap you in his embrace. He briefly placed a kiss on the back of your neck.

“You okay?” you mumbled.
“Ben,” you pushed, knowing something was up.

Hearing no response, you rolled around to face him. His arms remained around you. His lips were formed into a smile, causing you a bit of surprise. You raised an eyebrow at him with a slight smirk. Your hands traveled from his hips up to his back. Palms on his skin, you rubbed your hands reassuringly.

I’m seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure
Nobody but you, ‘body but me, ‘body but us
Bodies together
I’d love to hold you close, tonight and always
I’d love to wake up next to you

He let out a defeated sigh. Averting his gaze, he cleared his throat a bit. You waited patiently for him to explain.

“Well, we’ve been…together for awhile now.”
“Oh you know, just a few years,” you quipped.

He gave a quiet chuckle. You chastely kissed his forehead. He became serious again.

“Every time I’m feeling alone or, well, scared, all I have to do is see you to calm down.”

Pillow talk
My enemy, my ally
Then we’re free, it’s a thriller

You blushed slightly and ducked your head into his shoulder, your hands moving to cover your face. You held back a shudder as you felt his breath tickle your skin. He gave another quiet chuckle before kissing the top of your head. His hands fell to your lower back as he pulled you closer.

“Ben,” you whined.
“But it’s true,” he replied with his smile spilling into his tone.

The two of you fell into a comfortable silence as you felt his chest rise and fall. His fingers began to trace circles on your back. It wasn’t long until he placed another kiss on the top of your head. It was followed by one on your temple. Another placed on your cheek. This time, you couldn’t stop the shudder.

“Isn’t Hux next door?” you murmured shyly.

So we’ll piss off the neighbours
In the place that feels the tears
The place to lose your fears
Yeah, reckless behavior

Kylo Ren smirked slyly. He brought his lips closer to your ear.

“I don’t care,” he paused for a few moments, “Will you let me show you how much I love you?”

Your eyes rolled upwards. Instead of giving him an audible answer, you pecked his chest. You pecked every couple inches until you were at his neck. Kylo Ren chuckled.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

It’s our paradise and it’s our war zone

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SONG FIC! Drag Me Down (One Direction)

“Everything is falling apart… isn’t it? Nothing will ever be the same.” His hands were shaking; his voice was cracking. He was barely holding it together. “All those interviews, magazines… They would always ask us what we would do when the band ended. It’s like they always knew… Now, they will all laugh.”

Harry was sitting on the bed, leaned down on his knees, looking at his shaking hands.

“Nothing will ever be the same…” He whispered to himself.

You kneeled in front of him, that way you could look into his eyes. The green was shining through the tears that he strongly held back. You hold both of his hands with yours, firmly. He looked at you, his hair falling down on his face, long and curly. His expression was heartbroken. You absolutely hated to see him suffer like this.

“Are you scared of the dark?” You asked him. Harry looked back at you, wondering, confused by your question.

He thought for a second, holding your hands tight to his. “Mm… No…” He looked back to both of your hands entwined together.

“In the dark, we usually can’t see what’s ahead of us, right?” You said, and he nodded, still looking down. “But even though we don’t know what’s coming, we’re absolutely sure that nothing bad will happen, as long as we’re in a safe place with the people we love.”

You caressed his hands with your thumbs. He kept looking down, trying to hold the tears in.

“It’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to cry. Changes can be hard, especially one like this.” You kept telling him, hoping that somehow you could comfort him, even if just a little bit. “But nothing lasts forever, and that’s a good thing, Harry. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but it is. Growing up is a good thing and it’s also a change, sometimes even bigger than anything else.”

“I don’t want to grow up.” He whispered with a cracking and tearful voice. You kissed both of his hands.

“You don’t have to. At least not in your heart.” You told him and that made him look back at you. You gave him a tender smile. “But life is like this… Do you remember the day we met? That was a change. Was it good?”

“The best…” He said, trying to smile, but barely getting there.

“Sometimes, we just need to go through situations that are not so great, but when we handle it we find out how strong we can be.” You let loose one of his hands to put his soft curls behind his ears, so you could look better into his green eyes. “And you’re so strong… You’re strong for feeling sad and crying about losing one of your best friends. For feeling it and standing up to it.” You caressed his face, gently, feeling the softness of his skin.

“Do you… Do you think the band will end?” Harry asked you, looking into your eyes, begging for an answer.

“Not if you guys don’t want it to,” You told him, sure of it. “Actually, this might actually bring the four of you closer together. They’re all in pain as well, they’re all dealing with it. You’ll all help each other and grow with it.”

“How can you be so sure?” Harry looked away for a second, hopeless.

“Well, I know you guys. I know how much effort all of you put into this tour and the albums. How much dedication and discipline you have to make sure you give your all into every concert. How much you love doing what you do, all of you. How much you love each other as well. That will never end.” You told him, completely sure of your words, because you’ve been there for all of those boys all this time, so you know them better than they knew themselves.

Harry looked at you, taking a deep breath and focusing on admiring you for a second, taking his mind off the news of Zayn’s decision to leave the band.

“Sometimes, I think that I can’t handle all of this. All this life.” Harry confessed, looking at you. His eyes were red and his voice was husky, but you could feel that he was slowly feeling better, healing even. “I try so hard to not let any of this change who I really am. The fame, the music, anything. But lately it was easier for me. I didn’t know why, until now.”

You wondered, looking back at him, trying to follow his thoughts. “What helped?”

Harry kissed your hand, just like you did earlier. Then, pulled you over, so you’d get up and sit on his lap. He leaned to you, touching your forehead with his, standing like that for a couple of seconds, until he would finally answer you. “You did. You helped me. It’s been so easy, even now, even with all of this mess, it’s not as hard as it’s supposed to be.”

Your heart fluttered with his words. You looked back at him, so close to you now, the person you loved the most in the whole world, and everything you wanted was to take all of his pain away, even if it was for you to feel it instead.

“You make me the best version of myself, (Y/N). I look in the mirror and I know I’m happy, I like what I see. I don’t have to care about what people think of me anymore, because all I care is what you think.” He touched your face with his hand. “I wish I could return all of this you do for me,”

You smiled, tenderly, taking his hand with yours on your face. “You do, actually. Every time you smile, every time you make me laugh, every time you sing and surprise me. You do more than you think.”

“I wonder what I did to deserve you,” He was stunned for a second, looking in your eyes, feeling lighter. His heart was burning with fire, just by the love he had for you. All of his existence made sense by the fact that he had you.

“Must’ve been something good,” You joked, teasing him a little. He smiled, for the first time since they heard about Zayn.

“I don’t know how you do this… How can you make me this happy?” He frowned, genuinely confused.

“Well…” You thought for a second. “That may be a talent.”

He smiled even more, showing the dimples.

“There they are, my favorite buddies.” You picked on the dimples, making him chuckle.

“Sometimes I think you like them more than me.” Harry pouted, jokingly.

“Oh, I do.” You nodded. “Definitely.”

“Oh, really?” Harry felt teased, so he startled to tickle you, making you laugh. He threw you on the bed and kept tickling you to the point you would beg for mercy.

“Please, stop!” You kept laughing until he did. He then proceeded to give you a few kisses in a row. “Don’t stop that…” You smiled.

“If I could…” He kept kissing and talking to you. “I would never ever stop.”

“Please, be my guest.” You laughed at the situation.

Harry stopped for a second to look at you, smiling still. “I will marry you one day, Miss (Y/L/N).”

“You will.” You smiled widely and caressed his face, putting once again his long hair behind his ears. “Are you feeling a little better?” You had to ask, you were still worried about him and everything that happened.

Harry sweetly caressed your lips with his thumb, thinking for a second. “As long as I have you, I will be okay. I just need a little time… Time to find some strength.”

You nodded, looking at him. “You will find it. I’m here for as long as you’ll have me.”

“That’ll be forever, then.” He looked in your eyes. “With your love, nobody can drag me down.”