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Pref - Morning
HARRY: “Ugh.” I don’t know why Harry insisted on waking up so early on his days off. “Harry.” I put the pillow over my head hoping it would drown out some of the noise but it didn’t work. I kept mumbling his name but that didn’t do me any good. He was right next to me sound asleep. How could he sleep through the damn alarm? Its way too early do deal with this. “Harold, turn that shit off.” I hit him with the pillow that wasn’t blocking out the noise. Minutes later I woke back up, but not to an alarm. This time it was Harry planting kisses down my neck. “Morning.” His hot breath sent goosebumps down my arms. “Mhm, morning.” I mumbled as our lips met.  Liam: One of the best things about being with Liam is waking up next to him. I love being the first one he sees every day. Being the one that gets to just lay in bed with him for hours and just laugh. I love being the one he kisses first thing in the morning. Some mornings it’ll be one single kiss right before he has to leave for the day. Other days, like today he’ll start at the bottom my neck and move up to my jaw line, then he’ll kiss my ear, then he moves to my lips. Then he’ll whisper good morning in my ear then kiss my forehead before starting off his day.  Niall: I fluttered my eyelashes trying to get used to the light that suddenly filled the room. A little laugh escaped my mouth as I heard Niall groan. “Wakey Wakey.” Louis roaring voice came from across the room. “Come on love birds. Time to start the day.” I rolled over just in time to see Niall chuck the pillow across the room hitting Louis. “Fine. You have five minutes until I get Paul. You don’t want me to get Paul.” As soon as Louis left the room Niall started cussing up a storm under his breath. “Good morning to you too.” Niall isn’t a morning person so this is exactly the reaction I expected. “Morning love.” He kissed me before getting out of bed and muttering some more about how much he hates Louis. Louis: “Morning babe.” Louis called from the closet. I woke up at the best time. Louis was standing there without a shirt on which made me want to drag him straight back to bed. “Where are you going?” I whined, right now all I want to do is lay in bed with him. “Love you know we have to promote the album today.” Knowing he had to leave I was surprised when he kissed me so passionately. He pulled away leaving me wanting more. “Please don’t leave.” I muttered, trying to kiss him one more time. “Love you know I have to. We’ll finish this later.” What a tease.  Zayn: Waking up to Zayn is so peaceful, for a couple of minutes I forget what day it is and what I have to do. The only thing that matters is laying inches in front of me. On days like today where I’m awake and Zayn’s still asleep I just lay there and just admire him. I study his face and how happy he looks. “Mornin’” I mumble as soon as he opens his eyes. Right away he pulls me in so my body is up against his. “morning.” Well lay there, Zayn holding me in my arms, and hell hum some of the boy’s songs until i drift back off to sleep. 
Pref- I love you

Harry (His POV): “Babe your heart is racing.” Y/N had her head on my chest, her hand right over my heart. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I was trying to play it cool. I was the guy; I’m not supposed to be afraid of some stupid scary movie. I’m supposed to be the one comforting her. “So maybe I’m a little scared.” Y/N wrapped her arms around me. “I’ll protect you, you don’t have to be scared.” Y/N said to me, almost joking. “I’m glad your here for me.” I joked back, pulling her in closer to me. “That’s why I love you, you’re always there to save me.” I kissed her forehead, my arm rested on her shoulder. Y/N shifted her weight so we were face to face. “I love you too.” Her lips touched mine, only for a second. “Now let’s go up to the bedroom." 

Liam (His POV): Y/N always looks so put together, her hair is always on point and she always looks flawless. But right now, her hair is all over the place and she has no makeup on. But she still looks beautiful. She doesn’t feel beautiful but she looked like it to me. "Liamm, I feel like shit.” Y/N was rolling around in our bed, crying. “Here’s soup and some pop.” I kissed her hot forehead. “Babe you’re burning up.” I took my hand off her forehead and fanned it out, pretending it was burnt. “No dip Sherlock, I’m dying.” I kissed her forehead one more time before she fell asleep. “I love you.” After I walked away I heard a chuckle and a “I love you too." 

Niall (His POV): "Why didn’t Jack get on the piece of wood with Rose?” Y/N cried out. “There’s clearly enough room for two.” The titanic gets Y/N every time. Every time we watch this movie she cries like a baby. “Niall there’s enough room for two. Look.” She gets way too into movies; instead of enjoying movies she’s always thinking realistically, she’s always being practical. That’s what I love about her. She’s always being practical and pulling me back down to earth. “He was supposed to be babe.” I ran my fingers through her hair. She gave me her famous I hate you stare, the stare she gives me any time I disagree with her or when we get in a fight. “Oh come on, don’t give me that look you know you love me.” I joked with her like I always do. “I don’t know what look your talking about but you know I do.” She stopped and looked at me. “I do love you.” My heart skipped; did she just say she loved me? “I love you too.” I kissed her forehead; I couldn’t believe that this amazing girl loves me back. 

Louis (His POV): I walked into the to kitchen to see Y/N dancing. She had her headphones in but I could still hear the music, she was listening to one of our songs. Y/N shook her hips with the music. She was off beat, Y/N’s never had any sense of rhythm; I’d hoped some of my rhythm would rub off on her but it hasn’t. Her hair was falling out of her pony tail she just tucked it behind her ear then continued to dance, her hands in the air and she kept shaking her hips. A chuckle escaped my lips. “God, I love you. I’m crazy about you.” I couldn’t believe I just said that, she couldn’t hear me but I finally admitted how I felt about her. I just wish she heard it, which knows the next time I’ll have the nerves to tell her.  

Zayn (His POV): I looked down at Y/N as she slept in my arm, her head rested on my chest. “Ya know my arm is asleep right?” I asked, knowing she couldn’t hear me. Her hair was draped over her face; I moved a couple random pieces so I could see her beautiful face. “I remember the day I first met you, I was amazed by how beautiful you were. I still am, everyday. I look at you everyday I can’t believe how lucky I am.” I pushed the other pieces of hair off her face. “I am completely crazy about you, in fact I’m falling in love with you.” I’ve known I was in love with her for a while but I’ve been too afraid to admit it. “I love you too.” Y/N smiled at me. “I heard it all, I love you too." 

Airport Goodbyes

Harry (His POV): I could feel Y/N arms tighten around me as she told me how much she doesn’t want me to leave. “I know it’s your job and you have millions of girls waiting to see you but I don’t want you to leave.” Seeing Y/N upset hurt me, seeing the tears go down her face made my heart break. I tried to reassure her, I let her know that she can come visit whenever she wants. “If you get lonely call me and I’ll have you on the first flight out to wherever I am.” I wiped the tears from her face. “Please stop crying. You’re going to make me cry.” I pleaded as my voice cracked. “I don’t want to leave you, id rather be here with you.” The last call for my light was made. She let out a quick sob. I pulled her in one last time. I kissed her forehead and told her I loved her one last time before walking on the plane.  I pulled out my phone and sent a quick text to Y/N before I was forced to turn off my phone. “I love you so much. Don’t forget that. I’ll call you when I land.” 

Niall: “This isn’t a goodbye.” Niall whispered into your ear. “It’s a see you later.” His one arm was around your shoulder and the other was holding his guitar. “You’ll come visit me, well be able Face Time. It may not be the same but well still be able to talk. We’ll talk everyday, you can call me whenever you need me. If I don’t answer I’ll call you back as soon as I can.” Four months is a long time to be without Niall. What if he forgets about you? “Niall, I’m afraid.” You mutter. “What if you find someone better then me?” Hot tears starting rolling down your face. “What if you find some girl who can give up everything for you? What if you find someone who prettier then me?”  I don’t expect Niall to find someone else but I was still afraid. “I love you. My heart only wants you and nothing is going to change that. Now I have to go. I’ll call you as soon as I land.” The boys were calling for him from the other side of the terminal. “Hurry up or you’ll have to find another plane to China.” Niall kissed me one more time before running through security to join the boys. 

Liam: You should be sad, you should be crying. Liam is leaving for their tour in a few hours and he’s going to be gone for 7 months; you wont see him for at least 2 months. But your not sad, you’re happy to be spending time with him. He’s making jokes and talking about how excited he is to be going on tour. When Liam’s happy you can’t help but he happy. “I’m excited to go to Rome. I always love visiting Rome.” You could hear the excitement in his voice.  ”Last time we went to Rome we went exploring and got lost. But we got to see the city, it was beautiful.” Liam went on to describe the city and hearing his explain it made you want to go. “We should go.” You whispered after looking at your phone. Liam held your hand on the way to the car, the whole car ride and on the way into the airport. You two sat right outside of the terminal, your hand still entangled in his. “I have to go.” He whispered and that’s when you got sad. “Don’t.” You grabbed his hand tighter. “I have to love.” His eyes stayed locked with yours as he kissed your hand. “I love you. I’ll call you as soon as I land.” Once Liam was through security he looked back and waved one last time. 

Louis: “Babe laugh.” Louis has been making jokes the whole time we’ve been here, trying to lighten the mood. “Louis, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer.” This was hard for you. “Your not, I get this is hard for you I just want to see you smile before I leave.” Louis caressed your cheek. He kept telling jokes, making sure you laughed. “I’m sorry, I’m trying. I’m trying to laugh, I just hate that you’re leaving for seven months. Seven months of not waking up to you, seven months of not having prank wars. For gods sake Louis we can’t have prank wars when were millions of miles apart.” You were starting to freak out. “Louis I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to be apart from you. I’m sorry I can’t smile and I can’t be happy.” Louis pulled you into him; he was trying to calm you down. “Kiss me.” You begged and Louis obliged. He pulled away only when Niall came up to Louis and poked him over and over telling him it was time to go. “That smile looks good on you. I’m glad I got to see you smile.” Louis whispered as he walked away.  

Zayn: “Come with me.” Zayn pulled me off to the side, his lips crashed to yours as he pulled you into a nearby closet. “We don’t have long.” Zayn pushed you against the wall; he kisses gain more and more force. His shirt was now on the floor. His hands ran up and down your thighs causing you to moan his name. Zayns never has been one for PDA, making you wonder what’s going through his head. “Where did this come from?” You were barley able to finish your question before Zayns lips were back on yours. “I’m going to miss you, so I want to spend as much time as I can with you now.” ”Don’t get me wrong this is nice but I don’t want to have sex in a closet.” He was getting annoyed with all your comments. Zayn let out a sigh before putting his shirt back on. “I have to go.” You hated the thought of Zayn leaving for tour being mad at you. “Wait.” You grabbed his arm. Your body crashed into his and you started where you left off. 



Harry ; You got home to your and Harry’s house and all the boys were over. You usually wouldn’t mind but you were having the day from hell. From the second you woke up to the moment you left work it’s been horrible. The boys were all sitting on the sofa playing video games. “Hey Y/N.” Harry jumped over to the sofa and come over to you, kissing your cheek and intertwining his fingers with yours. “I missed you, how was your day?” He asked and you smiled at the boys before answering. “Horrible, I just want to be alone.” You excused yourself and made your way upstairs. When you were on your way you heard Harry say something to the boys. You stood on the stairs, listening to their conversation. “She’s had a rough day and just wants to be alone, do you mind? I’m going to make her some tea and try to make her feel better.” A smile crept onto your face. You wondered how you got so get lucky.  "Harry Harry Harry.“ Niall started to say. "I never thought id see the day. Harry Styles is whipped.” Louis finished. Harry chuckled before continuing. “So what. maybe I am. I just want her to be happy.” Once the boys left you went back downstairs to Harry. Your once bad day is finally turning around. 

Niall ; You woke up to a sharp pain in  your abdomen so you went straight to the bathroom where your suspicion was right; you started your period. Since it was night and you were going to go back to sleep you just put a pad on. It’ll have to be okay until the morning. Niall knew right away something was wrong. “I’ll be fine in the morning; I just started my period.” Niall made you lay on your back so he could massage your stomach. It helped but you were still in pain. The next morning came around and all you wanted was ice cream. “I’ll go get some for you.” He got back thirty minutes later with two tubs on ice cream in his hand. He was on the phone with someone. You didn’t know who and you didn’t bother to ask. “I wanted to make sure you had plenty.” Niall told you, holding the phone away from his ear. He kissed your forehead before returning to his conversation. “She wasn’t feeling good so I ran to get her ice cream.” Thinking you couldn’t hear he put his phone on speaker. “Man.” You recognized the voice as Liam’s. “It’s great to see you so happy with her but I swear she has you whipped.” Niall laughed into the phone. “Yeah maybe I am." 

Liam ; "No go out. Have fun. I’ll be here when you get home.” He tried to kiss you but you pushed him away not wanting him to get sick too. “I’ll be back soon, I love you.” 11 pm came and went and Liam still wasn’t home. Not being able to sleep you turned on the tv and laughed when the boys were on your screen. An interviewer asked the boys all kinds of questions. Who they were wearing, who they brought with them. “Where’s Y/N Liam? Any truth to the break up rumors?” Liam tensed up for a single second before answering. “She’s at home sick, but were fine. I’m going to cut out a little early to be home with her.” Niall chuckled and the interviewer turned to him, wondering what was funny. “He’s so in love with her, it’s not even funny. I’m surprised he’s lasted this long without her.” Liam ignored Niall’s comment and just continued to smile at the camera. When he got home and crawled right into bed with you, his arm around your waist. "Couldn’t stand to be away from me?“ You joked but he didn’t laugh. "Come on Liam.” You turned so you were face to face with him. “Lighten up, I was joking.” He tried to pull away not wanting him to get sick. “I don’t care if I get sick. I want to kiss my girlfriend."  

Louis ;  You sat on the sofa, your hands over your stomach; trying to muffle the sounds your stomach was making but you weren’t doing a good job. Louis looked over at you and noticed how your hands were covering your stomach "You’re hungry.” You and Louis were getting ready for dinner when all the boys just showed up unannounced and as hungry as you are you can’t kick them out. They’re all having a good time laughing and joking around. “No babe, I’m fine.” You laughed it off hoping Louis would drop it, but he didn’t. “You guys Y/N and I were on our way out. If it’s okay with her I’ll call when were done and you can come back over?” The boys agreed and you followed them out of the house. “He’s so whipped it’s not funny.” Niall told Harry. He meant for only them to hear but the rest of the boys heard as well. After dinner the boys came back over and you grabbed Niall wanting to talk to him. “Why would you say he’s whipped?” You questioned, you never saw it; Louis being ‘whipped’. He cared about you and you cared about him. “He watches you like he’s afraid you’ll get hurt. And he kicked us out because you were hungry. He talks about you all the time. It’s not a bad thing Y/N, not at all you’re so good for him. He just would do anything for you. That’s all I meant.”

Zayn ; “Babe.” You whined against his chest. “I hate that movie, you know I do.” You and Zayn were hosting a movie night with the rest of the boys. They rotate and this time it was Niall’s turn. He picked out some stupid comedy movie that’s not even that funny, you’ve seen it multiple times and you’ve grown tired of it. All the boys were situated on the sofa waiting for Niall to put the DVD into the player. He got it going and you let out a deep sigh. “Hey Niall, how many times have we seen this movie? Why don’t we watch a new movie. Y/N bought that new Zac Efron movie.” You were happy he was taking your side. “Come on man, I love that movie and you know it.” Zayn got up and grabbed Neighbors and threw it in Niall’s direction. “Just put it in, you can choose next time.” He hissed. “You’re so whipped man.” Zayn ignored Nialls comment, he just wanted to hold you in his arms and watch the movie. He may be whipped but he doesn’t care. He loves you. The movie finished and the boys felt like watching another one so you put that stupid 'comedy’ back in. “Is that okay Zayn?” He laughed and flipped Niall off. 


In his clothes 

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Harry ; damn she looks good. Thoughts started to go through his head at the sight of you standing there in the kitchen, wearing his shirt and nothing else. He loves the way his white V-neck looks on you and he swore you wear his shirts better then he does. It’s not too big, it fits you perfectly, a little baggy but it doesn’t hide your curves. The shirt stops mid thigh, just covering your bum, the bum that he loves. He’s torn between telling you to take it off or letting you keep it on but he decided to let you keep it on, at least for now. The curly haired boy that everyone called a bad boy isn’t so bad after all. Everyone but you misunderstood him. He let you in and you understand him better then most. And here you are, in his kitchen, making tea in his shirt. 

 Niall ; Skype wasn’t working for him anymore. He absolutely hated only seeing you through a screen, he couldn’t touch you or kiss you when you were talking to him. He missed the warmth of your skin on his. He missed you so he flew home. Niall stands in the doorway, guitar in one hand and his suitcase that you call a box in the other. You’re lying on the sofa, arms crossed holding the blanket against you. He noticed you were wearing his hoodie. The same hoodie you always tell him is ugly looking. You’re wearing the hoodie you hate so much. He couldn’t wipe the smug grin off of his face. He dropped his bags and was at your side, taking you into his arms; he missed you. You were finally back in his arms where you belong and in his hoodie; he’s happy. 

Liam ; He dragged his feet and rubbed his eyes as he made his way across the flat and to the front door. Who the hell is at my door at 2am he thought? Could it be Niall? Did he forget his new address again? Much to his surprise it was you when he opened the door. At first he though he was dreaming, the girl he loved and lost was standing at his door, crying and in his shirt. You broke it off so you could have a ‘normal life’ and you dated some normal bloke. “You still have my shirt?” Is all he could get out. You nodded, wiping your eyes with the selves. “We got in a fight and I found myself wearing it. I didn’t even know I still had it. I guess what Y/BF/N said was true. I miss you; he’s not you.” Your voice broke and Liam pulled you in. “Come in, I’ll get you tea.” He pulled you into his flat, his arm around your shoulder the whole time. 

Louis ; “Y/N?” Louis voice trailed through the hall until it found you. Damn, you thought. Your eyes surveyed the room, trying to find out where you could hide. Louis couldn’t see you like this. Your eyes were red and puffy and you were sitting in his oversized t-shirt. “Sulking?” He stood in the door, watching you, waiting for you to say something. When nothing was said he came over and to your surprise, he comforted you. “Why?” You begged through your sobs. “You hate me.” The words came out and hit Louis like a ton of bricks. There is no way he ever could hate you, he loves you. He was mad and he said some stupid things but seeing you in his shirt made him forget exactly why he was mad. It had something to do with your job. “I love you. And I love that even when you’re mad at me, you seek comfort in me, in my shirt.” 

Zayn ; “Take it off.” Zayn hissed. He pushed you away only to tell you to take his shirt off. You stared into his hazel eyes, eyes full of love and lust. You did exactly what he said, peeling his black shirt off your body and throwing it onto the floor where it joined all his clothes. Zayn couldn’t take his eyes off you. The way the sunlight illuminated your skin and he swore in that moment you looked even more like an angle then you usually do. He was taking everything about this moment in. The way your black lace bra was so abstract against your light skin. Your hair was a mess, practically falling out of your ponytail. There were pink spots along your neck, he didn’t mean to leave them, but then again he never does. He thought back to ten minutes ago when his heart fluttered after seeing you in his shirt and now here without it and in his opinion you’ve never looked better. 


You get in a fight 

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Harry: “You’re wrong you know that?” Harry yelled back at you, this fight has been going on for way too long, you’ve grown to become tired of the fighting. The topic comes up anytime he goes out with the boys, which has been almost every day this week. “You think just because I go out I’m going to end up cheating on you.” Your insecurities were getting the best of you and it didn’t help that he’s always pictured with some girl. Harry knows how you feel and he’s promised you numerous times he’d stop being so friendly to everyone. “You need to stop. Just stop. Stop being so damn insecure.” The veins in his neck were prominent. “Anytime I’m pictured with a girl you freak out, it’s like you don’t even trust me anymore.” The constant fighting was starting to wear you down. You have dark bags under your eyes from the lack of sleep. It seems like every night you’re either waiting for Harry to get home or are sleeping in the spare bedroom. “I don’t harry.” You whispered, he raised his eye brows before speaking. “I want to but it’s hard to trust you when every morning there’s pictures of a different girl and you like it. You like the attention.” You refused to look him in the eyes. “So I’m sorry if I can’t trust you.” Your words cut through Harry and for first time he didn’t fight back, he just grabbed his keys and left the house. You ran after him. You needed to fix this with him; when you saw he already left you hopped into your car and followed him straight to Niall’s house. He opened the door; letting you in. “Where’s he?” Niall pointed to the couch where Harry sat, his curls wrapped around his fingers. Your weak voice called out for him, you hated seeing him like this. “I do trust you.” He turned to look at you. “I just hate seeing those pictures. I never was insecure before you, but do you know if feels to see the one person you love with someone that’s not you every night. Some times I worry you’ll leave me of one of them.” The tears started flow and Harry was at your side, his arm around your waist. “Let’s go home.” He whispered and escorted you out to the car, thanking Niall as you left.  

Niall: “Niall, stop.” You tried to push his hands off of you but he was fighting you, and winning. His lips sucking on your collar bone and his hands found their way to your breast. “I’m not doing this.” Finally he dropped his hands and backed up. “Of fucking course you aren’t. You know how fucking long it’s been since we’ve had sex?” His fingers gripped at his roots as he turned away. "Well maybe if you’d spend some time at home then we could. The only time you pay attention to me is when you want to have sex; like right this very moment. Do you even love me anymore?“ You questioned and he laughed, not able to believe you’re even asking him that question. "Of course I do but I’m also a man and I have needs. And if you’re not going to satisfy them then..” He stopped, wishing he never said that. He hated himself for threatening to cheat on you. “Then what?” You asked. “You’ll get it somewhere else? Go ahead cheat on me I dare you to. You know what I’ll make this easier for you, were done go now have sex with whoever you want.” The words just made their way out of your mouth and you knew as soon as he walked away that you made a mistake. You knew you should have just given into Niall; because god do you miss being with him. You grabbed your coat and threw it on. You were going to find Niall and make this right. It took an hour of checking all the local pubs before you finally found him. A glass in his hand, “vodka and cranberry juice?” As soon as he recognized the voice his head shot up, your hand ran through his hair. “Can we go home?” Your other hand moved down his arm and finally rested on his. “Together?” He finished his drink then intertwined your fingers in his. “Wait.” You demanded. “I love you and I’m sorry. I don’t ever want to loose you.” Niall’s eyes studied yours, a smile on his face. “I love you baby. Always have always will." 

Liam: "You okay? You’ve been acting weird all night?” You questioned and all you got was a nod from Liam. He didn’t even bother to take his eyes off the tv. You shook it off, hoping he was just acting weird because you’re leaving for the states tomorrow. “I’m going to miss you.” You wrapped your arms around his and tried to rest your head on his arm but he got out of your grip. After ten long minutes of awkward silence you spoke up. “Leave.” For the first time all day Liam finally looked at you. “You don’t want to be here then that’s fine then just fucking leave.” When Liam didn’t say anything your heart sank and tears started to form. You managed to stop yourself from crying until you were locked in your room, packing all of Liam’s things into a bag. Twenty minutes later your phone went off. ‘Im sorry I have to do this like this but you didn’t come out of your room. I can’t do this anymore. I think we should break up.“ Everything started to make since. Liam’s been distant because he wanted to end things. You were mad so you decided it was best not to text Liam back until you’ve calmed down. 'Fine. I leave tomorrow at 7am after that come get your shit and leave the key. Have a good life.’ You promised yourself you were going to enjoy your holiday. You were going to ignore the Liam sized whole in your heart and enjoy yourself. And that’s what you did for half the vacation. Everything was going great, you’ve been doing a good job of pushing him out of your head. "One Directions Liam Payne seen arriving at Orlando Airport today.” Y/BF/N shot you a look, your hands shot up in the air. “Haven’t talked to him.” It was the girls idea to go back to the hotel and watch girly movies to take your mind off Liam being in Florida. “Bloody hell.” Y/BF/N got off the bed and harshly opened the door, Liam standing on the other side of the door. “Can I talk to Y/N?” You nodded at her, letting her know you’d be okay. Before a single word made it’s way out of your mouth Liam was begging for your forgiveness. “I shouldn’t have ended things. I’m lost without you.” He kept going on, apologizing for what he put you through. “I’m never going to mess this up.” He fisted your hair in one hand and your shirt with the other. “I love you." 

Louis: "My dad’s right, I think it’s time for us to go home.” Your dad nodded and said goodbye to you before you and Louis left. He didn’t say anything in the car, he was waiting until you got home to yell. “I can’t believe you took his side.” You and Louis just got home from visiting your parents. You didn’t know what the big deal is, you have no idea why Louis is so mad at you. “Talk to me, tell me what’s making you so upset.” “What’s making me upset is that you took your dad’s side. You agreed with him when he said that I’m not good enough of you.” You didn’t bother arguing with Louis.  He wiped his tears and locked himself in your shared room. You knew Louis was going to need to come out and sure enough an hour later he did. “Louis.” You grabbed his arm preventing him from walking away you. “I never said you weren’t good enough. I agreed with him that this is hard, that sometimes this, you; and me it’s hard. But it’s always been worth it.” Despite your best efforts to talk to him he walked away from you and out of the flat. “I’m sorry, I need to be alone.” Was all he said before he walked out on you. Three hours later he came back through the door, his eyes puffy and red. He started walking towards you and your heart started to race, hoping he came home put this fight behind you two. “Babe.” His shoulder brushed against yours and went straight to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. You sat outside the door for what seemed like forever before he came out. “I’m sorry about earlier.  But this is worth it, it always has been.” You pecked his cheek, you felt a grip on your hand as you went to walk away. “Let’s go to the room and talk this out." 

Zayn ; "Everyone’s coming over tonight. There all going to be here in twenty so if you want to go and get ready.” You were sitting on the sofa in your shirts and a t shirt eating pop corn. “I was hoping we could watch a movie tonight.” Zayn promised that tomorrow he’d spend the whole day in bed with you, watching what ever you want. You went upstairs and got ready even though having a party was the last thing you wanted to do. “Look great babe." You were greeted by Zayn, Perrie and Niall as soon as you got downstairs. Zayn already smelled like beer. "You sure like to hang out with my boyfriend don’t you Perrie?” Zayn grabbed your hand and led you away from everyone so he could yell at you. “That was rude.” He hissed. Instead of listening to him yell at you walked away but his hand grabbed you arm, his grip a little too tight. “Let go.” you hissed at him as he yelled profanities at you. "Do not cause a scene, not now.“ But to was too late Zayn was already too worked up. "You know what Zayn, I wouldn’t have been so rude if you’d spend time with me instead of your ex fiancé.” Zayns grip dropped as he realized just how his actions have hurt you. “I’m so sorry.” He cupped your chin so your eyes met with his. “I love you and I’m sorry I hurt you.” He couldn’t tear his eyes away from you. “I just wanted to hang out with you, have a night at home and instead you threw a party and ivories your ex who’s been all over you lately.” His hands wrapped around your hips and pulled you into him. His lips pressed against yours, one hand moved down your leg, the other still around you hip. “I’m so sorry.” He said in between kisses. 

Preference - He leaves you for your best friend

Part Two :)

Harry ; “Thank you thank you!” You were ecstatic you could have hugged your boss then and there. “Go and enjoy time with Harry.” She came over to your desk and you thought for sure you were going to be fired but instead she told you to take the rest of the day off. “You’ve been putting in a lot of extra hours in lately. Take a few days off to unwind.” You grabbed your purse and your coffee off your desk and was out the door. On the way home you stopped at Harry’s favorite restaurant and picked up lunch. You planned on putting a movie in, laying in bed with harry and eating lunch. You got home and saw your best friends car in the driveway. You thought that was weird because you didn’t remember inviting her over but you knew she was in an abusive relationship so she probably needed someone to talk to. Not thinking anything of it you went upstairs to your and Harry’s bedroom. Y/B/F/N and Harry were both under the sheets, Harry on top of Y/B/F/N. “Am I interrupting something?” Harry got off of her and grabbed the sheet off the bad: he then wrapped it around his torso. “Don’t.” Tears lined the bottom of your eyes but you refused to let them fall. You weren’t going to cry, at least not in front of them. “Seeing as you have somewhere to go and I don’t you’re going to leave until I find a flat to move into.” Harry started to cry and Y/B/F/N didn’t look at you. “Do you have anything to say?” You weren’t going to let him off that easily. “Do you feel bad for cheating on me?” Y/B/F/N opened her mouth to speak. “Don’t try. I have nothing to say to you. You were my best friend but now you’re dead to me, you both are. Now leave.” They both listened and left the house; you were finally able to break down.

Niall ; You and your best friend have been working on hard on Niall’s surprise party. He turned 21 whilst on tour so you wanted to throw him a proper party once he returned home. It didn’t take very long for you to realize just how much work it took to plan a surprise party so that’s when you enlisted the help of Y/B/F/N. Wither her help you the party went off without a hitch. Everyone was starting to arrive when you got a phone call from your boss. “Y/N I hate to do this to you but there’s something in your report I need to talk to you about.” You knew that she wouldn’t call you in unless it was an emergency so you went to find Y/B/F/N to tell her you would be back. “Tell Niall when he gets here I had to run into work and I won’t be gone long!” Your talk with your boss only lasted twenty minutes and you were back at your flat within an hour. You walked through the door and immediately went to find Niall. He was in the kitchen taking a shot with Y/B/F/N. “Babe.” He finished taking the shot and came up to you, leaving a wet kiss on your cheek. “Its so nice of you to let Y/B/F/N have my party here!” You looked at Y/B/F/N who was smiling at Niall. “Uhm, yeah okay.” You pulled her and took her to your room. “You told him that you threw this party? How could you?” You were hurt, you put so much work into this party and she’s taking all the credit. “You like him don’t you? You little bitch! That’s why you always want to go out with us!” You continued to scream at her and call her awful names. She stormed out of the room and walked right past Niall. Instead of asking you what happened, he shot you a dirty look and followed her out the door.

Liam ; “I’m sorry.” He studied your face, the tears making their way down your face. You were sitting at your favorite restaurant waiting for your best friend, she’s been seeing some new guy lately so you were surprised when she agreed to meet with you. Then you saw Liam and Y/B/F/N sitting across the restaurant from you, their fingers intertwined as they smiled and laughed at each other. Everything was starting to make sense; when he told you he was leaving you he didn’t tell you who it was for. He only told you over and over how sorry he was, he wasn’t sorry for leaving you, he was sorry for taking your best friend away from you; and it made sense that she didn’t tell you. She stole Liam from you. Its been two months and she didn’t even try to tell you; even thought you knew that she knew you wouldn’t understand, when you found out you would cut her out of your life all together. You started to piece the pieces together. Y/B/F/N has been distant lately; she’s been spending most of her time with her new boyfriend. Liam. While you’ve been grieving over the breakup she was off being happy. You blood was boiling under your skin. You made your way over to the table they were sitting at the plopped down, sitting in one of the empty seats. “Look who it is.” You plastered a fake smile on your face; acting like you were happy to see them. “My ex boyfriend and my ex best friend.” You wanted to yell and scream at them but you didn’t. You decided against it because you wanted to be able to come back to the restaurant. “Don’t say anything.” You silenced your ex best friend. “You both are dead to me. Don’t come home Y/B/F/N. Now I don’t know if I should be mad at you for going behind my back for myself; for not realizing it.” You told them you hope they’re happy together and then left them sitting there, no longer holding hands.

Louis ; “Hi babe.” You squealed as you walked towards Louis and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Hey Y/N.” Louis wrapped one arm loosely around your waist. Something was off with him but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Because of how he was acting you wanted Louis by your side all night. Whenever he tried to wonder off you reminded him that it was your birthday; he would let out a huff and then reattach himself to your side. “Thank you for coming tonight.” You slurred having had at least four drinks and five shots. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” Maybe it was the alcohol in your system but you didn’t believe him. “Sure.” You blamed your remark on the alcohol, you tried to apologize but he ignored you. “Please tell me what’s going on. I’m not a mind reader Lou, I want to be there for you.” You pleaded with him but he shook you off, telling you it was nothing. “No Lou. Something is wrong. Tell me.” He insisted he’d tell you when he took you home. “I don’t want to ruin your birthday. We’ll talk tomorrow.” He tried to kiss your forehead but you squirmed out of his grip. “No.” You protested, getting angrier and angrier, which you also blamed on the alcohol. “If you’re going to break up with me do it right here, right now.” He told you he didn’t want to. At least not right now but you didn’t listen. “Who is it?” At first when he said T/B/F/N you thought you heard him wrong. “I’m sorry. We didn’t want to hurt you.” You reached across your body and slapped him. You left your party and stormed into the flat you share with you best friend. “Fist you stole Y/EX/N and now Louis? What the fuck Y/B/F/N?” You shouted at her. “Fuck you, leave now. Go see Louis I don’t fucking care. Just get out.” You paid more of the rent then she did so you didn’t fell bad kicking her out.

Zayn ; You grabbed the phone off of the end table. You swore you heard it vibrate but you were proven wrong when you looked at the screen and you were wrong. You haven’t heard from Zayn or Y/B/F/N in a couple of days, which you thought was weird. You and Y/B/F/N are inseparable, especially more so lately since her and her boyfriend ended things. Being that you were extremely bored and no one was texting you back you decided to head down to the beach and watch the sunset. Throughout the drive you couldn’t help but think about the time Zayn brought you there for your first date. Since that night the beach has been your favorite place; whenever you miss Zayn you go to the beach. You were happy when you saw that it was empty; there was only one other car in the parking lot. That meant you could sit in the sand without little children pissing you off. While you were walking down to your spot you saw a couple that looked like Zayn and Y/B/F/N and after studying the tattoos on the guy’s arms you realized it was Zayn. Why were they alone at the beach together? Why were they at your beach together? You made you way over to them promising yourself that you weren’t going to get upset. “Hey.” You spoke weakly as you sat down next to them. “Uh, hey.” Zayn stuttered. “What are you doing her?” He avoided making eye contact with you, only making you think the worst. “Well I missed my boyfriend so I came to the place he took me on the first date but apparently you take lots of girls here; including my best friend. You should have text me, either of you, and told me you were here.” Tears started to form but you wiped your eyes before they could fall. “Instead of ignoring me and then I find you here together.” Zayn got up to comfort you but you pushed him away. “I hope you two are happy because I’m done.”


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Preference - He wants a baby

Harry ; It’s been two years since you found out you couldn’t have kids. “I’m sorry Miss Y/L/N.” The doctor’s voice was low and your heart broke. As soon as you left the doctors office tears freely fell down your cheeks. How can that be possible? You asked yourself that question every night for six months. Why did this happen to me? You felt betrayed; your body betrayed you. And you felt like you betrayed Harry. As soon as you told him you couldn’t have kids it seems like that made him want them more. He assured you that you two could adopt. You would have a baby. But that was two years ago and suddenly you don’t feel so betrayed. “This can’t be possible.” You cried when two pink lines appeared on the pregnancy test. “Harry, Harry. Babe.” You ran up to him and showed him the test. “I don’t know how it happened but were having a baby." 

Niall ; You and Niall were out at the local mall and you talked him into going into the pet store. You fell in love with a baby pug in one of the cages. You looked at him and he automatically shook his head; his way of saying ‘no way in hell.' "Niall please.” You begged as you grabbed ahold his hand so he couldn’t walk away. “Please. Please. Please.” You said in between kisses. “You know how much I want a puppy and with you being lonely.” You trailed off and gave Niall your famous look. You give him that look anytime you want something from him. “It’s so ugly Y/N.” He told you once you got it out of the cage. “Niall.” You whined. “Okay, fine. Under one condition, we start trying to have a baby.” He raised his eyebrow at you. “I dunno, we need to talk about this some more. This is a big decision.” “Fine.” He grunted. “Let’s get the dog and get home." 

Liam ; "You can hold her Y/N.” Nicola handed you the baby who was bundled up in pink blankets. You were nervous as you took her in your arms. “Am I doing this right?” You asked the panic in your voice was clear. Liam and Nicola both chuckled. “You’re doing fine babe.” He assured you after resting his hand on your leg. His other hand resting on the back of the baby’s head. It took you a few minutes but you finally started to get more comfortable holding her. “Speaking of babies. When are you two going to have your own baby?” Nicola asked as you ran your thumb over the little girls cheek. “Uhm, we haven’t really talked about it.” You told her, not taking your eye off the baby. “Hopefully soon.” Liam added in.  

Louis ; When you and Louis first got married you decided that you were going to wait a year to get settled in before having a child. Now that you’ve been married for a year Louis has started to bring up the subject of having a child. “Why are you so against it baby?” Louis asked one night over dinner. You shrugged your shoulders, not exactly sure why. You’d both decided to wait a year and now you’re still not ready. “I dunno.” You mumbled, not making eye contact with Louis. “I just, are you sure were ready?” You asked and he nodded. “I’m positive babe. I’ve seen you with kids, you’re ready.” Louis reassured you. “I need to think about it still.” You told him. “Thanks for being so understanding.” After seeing how understanding he was you knew he was right. You two were ready for a baby. 

 Zayn ; “Babe want a beer?” You offered since you were going to get yourself a beer. You grabbed two beers out of the fridge and made your way back to the living room. You stopped in the doorway when you overheard them talking about you. “Have you two talked about having kids?” Niall asked. “Yeah, we had a pregnancy scare like two weeks ago. Y/N was happy she wasn’t pregnant” Zayn trailed off. “What did you want?” Louis asked; you were kind of afraid to hear his answer. “I kind of wanted her to be pregnant. I’m ready to have a baby; I don’t know how she feels about it but I know I’m ready. We haven’t talked about it but I know I want that with her.” You joined the guys and whispered, “I’m ready.” into Zayns ear; letting him know you heard what he said.


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Pref- He leaves you for your best friend part 2

Part One

Harry ; Its been a week and it seems that you’ve broken every picture frame that had a picture of you and harry in it. You were pissed; you were mad at Harry and at Y/BF/N. One night you found yourself sitting around for hours thinking of a way that you could hurt them like they hurt you. You were broken; you physically hurt. Harry received your heart and he broke it. He and Y/BF/N have both tried to contact you, one night you answered Harry’s call only to hang up right away; you then cried yourself to sleep. “Love.” Niall’s voice called from outside the spare bedroom. He let himself into the room and curled into the bed with you. “It hurts Niall.” You cried against his chest. He told you he knew but you didn’t think he knew just how bad it hurt. “You have to talk to him love. He’s a mess; he’s hurt because he knows your hurt. He’s been begging us to come over and talk to you. I don’t blame you if you never want to talk to him again but I think you should think about it. You two have a lot of history.” Niall was right; you should talk to him and tell him that you hate him and he needs to leave you alone. “I’m just afraid if I talk to him I’ll take him back.” Niall understood where you were coming from. As soon as he left you text Harry and told him to come over. That would give you enough time to take a shower. When you finished with your makeup and hair you managed to look like a functioning member of society. He walked into your house and he looked worse then you did. His eyes were all puffy, his hair up in a bun. “Listen to me before you say anything.” After you nodded he continued. “I love you, I fucking love you. I made a horrible mistake. I’m not asking you to forgive me right here and right now but let me work for it. Let me earn your trust. Please let me.” You were tired of being hurt and missing him. “I don’t want to be that girl that goes back to her cheating boyfriend. So were going to slowly work this out. Were not back together, I just don’t want to be without you anymore.” 

Niall ; “Niall!” You ran outside in the rain to find Niall comforting Y/BF/N. She was crying and he was holding her. “Am I interrupting something?” Their hug broke and they looked at you. Niall looked at you like he didn’t want anything to do with you. “Niall why don’t you come back into the party.” You pleaded with him. When he follows you inside then you can explain what happened and everything will go back to normal. When you got into the house you noticed Niall wasn’t behind you. He was still outside with Y/BF/N. You locked yourself in Niall’s room and started to wonder if she was really your best friend. She did come into your life after you met Niall. She added you on Facebook, insisting that you had a mutual friend and was adamant on becoming your friend. By the time Niall was knocking at his door you were completely convinced that she was only using you to meet Niall. “Open up Y/N.” Niall’s voice boomed from the other side of the door. By his tone you were afraid to open the door but you couldn’t lock him out of his own room. “Hi.” You hoped that he wasn’t too mad at you. “What was that? She’s your best friend and you completely cussed her out.” “You don’t understand Niall. She’s using me to get to you. It all makes sense. She took all the credit for this party. It was my party for you. It was all my idea.” You were full on bawling at this point. Tonight was supposed to be a great night but it’s been everything but that. You didn’t want to fight with Niall anymore. “I hate that you went to comfort her, she’s trying to tear us apart and you’re letting her.” He took your hand in his and led you outside. Y/BF/N was in the bathroom, drying her hair off using a towel. “Y/BF/N, you and Y/N clearly need to talk but you’re not going to talk tonight. I need to make something clear. I’m with Y/N and I love her. I don’t know what you’re intentions are but you need to know, I’m with her.” With Niall’s comment you felt more secure in your relationship. 

Liam ; You wanted to go to your favorite restaurant, you really wanted to go but you couldn’t. Liam and Y/BF/N ruined that for you. They ruined your favorite restaurant for you. Now when ever you go into that restaurant the only thing you’re going to think of is Liam and Y/BF/N sitting there at a table holding hands like they weren’t doing anything wrong. You were shocked to see Y/BF/N sitting at your kitchen table the next day. Her bags were packed and sitting at her side. “I think you’d be happy to know Liam left me. He was gutted after talking to you, he was mad for doing that to you.” She was trying to make you feel bad but you should be the one making her feel bad. You didn’t do anything wrong, you simply confronted two people who hurt you. “I’m glad that Liam has a conscience. That makes one of you.” You snidely remarked but then took it back. You couldn’t be mad at her; you wanted to but it was no use. She is your best friend. "I just don’t understand. You know I love him, you know I thought he was it for me. Why would you do that to me?” Within an hour you both were on the floor crying, it was safe to say all was forgiven. “Go back to him.” She told me after we both finished a bottle of wine. “Liam, if he’s it for you then go back to him.” You text Liam and told him to come over. While Y/BF/N unpacked all of her stuff you and Liam sat on the sofa and talked. “So were good?” He didn’t have to ask, “of course you were good.” You replied as Liam pulled you onto his lap and rested your head on his chest. You were so glad to be here with Liam. You were happy that you got your best friend and your boyfriend back. 

 Louis ; Its been three months since you kicked Y/BF/N out and had someone else move in. Before you asked anyone you had to make sure that your friendship was really over. When you didn’t hear from her in a week you asked another one of your close friends to move in. "Did you hear that they already broke up?” Y/F/N asked you one night. You had heard, Louis called you after it happened to tell you but to be truthful you didn’t care about either of them anymore. Y/BF/N also reached out to you, she tried to tell you she was sorry but you didn’t listen. You’ve already moved on; you started hanging out with the group of friends Louis didn’t like and you’ve been seeing a new guy. Your heart still hurt when he would do something that reminded you of Louis. You told yourself that was normal; you cared about Louis and getting over him completely would be a process. “You okay?” Your date asked as he wrapped his hand around yours. “Mhm, just thinking.” He dropped the subject as your eyes traveled up his body, you admired how his blonde hair was in a perfect quiff, much like Louis used to do. His glasses fell slightly down his nose. “You ready to go?” He asked, ripping you from your thoughts of Louis. You simply grabbed your purse and got up. You followed him through the restaurant and climbed into his car. During the drive back to your flat neither of you spoke. He didn’t know what to say to you, he knew you were thinking about Louis; you always were. You didn’t know what to say, it wasn’t fair to him that he was with someone who was still in love with their ex. “I’m sorry, it’s not fair to you.” You felt like you owed it to him to apologize before you got out of the car. He didn’t say anything; he just nodded. You knew it was over. “I’m sorry.” You cried into Louis voicemail, you didn’t know what you were supposed to sorry for but you felt like that was the only way to make things better with Louis. As soon as you got up to your flat you called Louis. Thirty minutes after you left the voicemail Louis showed up at your door. “I was in a meeting. I came over as soon as I.” You cut him off, pressing you lips to his. He broke the kiss to ask if you were okay. You simply nodded and your lips found there way back to his. 

 Zayn ; “Oh my gosh!” Your maid of honor exclaimed. “This is so exciting.” She was going on about how excited she was that you were finally getting married. “After you and Zayn broke up I didn’t think wed be here. Especially since that was only happened a little over a year ago! Its crazy how things work out in the end.” You smiled at her, not letting her know you felt like crying just at the sound of his name. It’s been a year and a half since you found Zayn and Y/BF/N on the beach together. You may have over reacted, and maybe you pushed him away but Zayn didn’t bother to chase after you. Three months after you decided it was over you started dating someone else, you dated for a little less then a year when he proposed. Here you are, in the chapel getting ready for what should be the best day of your life. “Can I have a moment with the bride?” Harry asked, peaking his head through the door. You nodded and the bridal party left the room. “Don’t hate me.” Your best friend told you. After you and Zayn broke up, you and harry grew a lot closer. Even though Zayn was his best friend, Harry wanted to be there for you. "He wanted to see you.” You knew he was talking about Zayn and as soon as you registered what he said, Zayn was standing in front of you.  "Listen to me.“ He requested. "I just want to make sure you’re happy.” He told you but you wondered why. Why did he care? He was the one who didn’t fight for you but he wanted to give you the closure you deserved. “I was going to propose to you, that’s why I was at the beach with Y/BF/N, then when you ran off she told me that it was best if I didn’t follow you. She told me that leaving you was the best. I’d leave you alone for months on end and you deserved someone who could give a normal future, so that’s what I’ve done.” He told you he was happy you found someone but you didn’t believe him. “Do you love me?” He nodded yes and that’s all you needed. This is crazy, you were engaged but Zayn just told you he loved you and that was enough; even after the last year and a half you still wanted to be marrying him. 


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Preference - Someone tries to break you two up part two

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Harry (Your POV) ; “Maybe you should listen to them.” You told him. “I mean they know what’s best. They care about you.” You were just as surprised as he was by your choice in words, your subconscious decided to speak for you. The distance was hard but you cared about harry. “I’ll stay with Niall until you make up your mind.” He parked the car and you immediately got out, you couldn’t be stuck in this small of space with him. Not until you figure out what you want. You told him you were going to give him time to figure out what he wants but the truth is its you who needs to figure shit out. Niall was more then happy to see you when he opened the door. You were sure he was expecting room service but you would have to do. “Whatcha doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Harry?” You told Niall that apparently management wanted you and harry to break up. Once you told him what happened he picked up the phone, when you questioned what he was doing he simply said, “Screw management. They dont like it when I order lots of food off of room service but I don’t care.” You laughed because Niall’s way of disobeying management was ordering extra food off of room service. That’ll teach them Niall, you thought to yourself. Once room service got to his room you both sat in silence as he ate. He paid attention to his food and you thought about harry. The longer you thought about what happened the less certain you were about your decision.

Harry POV ; I did what Y/N said I should do. I sat in my room alone and thought about us and what management wants us to do. After a half and hour of thinking I decided there is no way in hell I’m giving up on Y/N. I called Tiffany and told her I wanted to meet with the team. Twenty minutes later our whole team was in my room. Tiffany led at way, another lady and two guys followed her. “So I take it you thought about what we said?” Tiffany spoke confidently. Did they expect me to just go along with their plan? “I did and I’m not ending with with Y/N. I’m happy with her and our fans are happy for me. If we’re losing fans then we’re loosing fans because they don’t like the music were releasing. You know I am the first to cooperate when you want us to do something. Try to break Y/N and I up again and that’ll all change. And I’m sure the lads will all back me up on this.” I was surprised when she nodded and left the room; the rest of the team following her. Y/N opened the door and I automatically wrapped my arms around her waist. “What’s gotten into you?” She pushed my chest putting some distance between us “I’m sorry. I just. I talked to Tiffany and I told her I’m not breaking up with you. Please don’t give up on us. Please.” I begged. If she wouldn’t have wrapped her arms around me I would have ended up on my knees. “I love you. I’m never letting anyone or anything between us again.”

Niall (Your POV) ; You were walking out of class with your friends when your phone started to vibrate in your pocket. “Babe.” You were happy to talk to Niall, you haven’t talked to him since the prior day and you really missed him. “Baby.” You heard him take a deep breathe. You imagined him laying on his bed resting on one elbow, his phone resting between his ear and shoulder. “I miss you.” You almost started crying as the words left his mouth. “I miss you, but I need to ask you something. Please don’t get mad. My mum just said something, I don’t think she’s right but I need to make sure.” Niall kept rambling on and your stomach started to turn. “Give me a minute okay?” You asked your friends and sat down on a little bench in the corner of campus. “Are you enjoying being home?” You asked. “I am. Greg and I took Theo to the park and then we went out to eat. I’ve missed Theo.” Your heart warmed hearing Niall talk about his nephew. You were trying to put off the conversation you both were about to have but you couldn’t do it anymore. “Okay, I can do this any longer. What did you want to ask?” He remained you one more time not to be mad before he started. “I was talking to my mum and she said some things. She implied that you’re with me for my money.” And he listened to her, that’s why he’s calling; because the is some doubt in his mind. “I’m sorry.” You promised not to get mad at him so that’s all you said before hanging up.

Niall POV ; “I’m sorry.” Shes sorry for what? Is she sorry for hanging up or is she sorry because my mums right? I hoped and prayed that she said she was sorry because she started to get upset and had to hang up. I prayed that my mum was wrong. When I called Y/N back it went straight to voicemail, I took that as a sign that she needed time to think. I promised myself that I would wait until I got home tomorrow but after that I’m not going to stop until she’s back in my arms. I fell asleep and woke up what felt like moments later. “Niall get up now or you’re going to miss your plane.” My feet dragged me to my bathroom where I showered and brushed my teeth. With my suitcase in hand I made my way downstairs and then to my mums car. We didn’t talk about last nights conversation on the way to the airport which is good because I didn’t want to be mad with my mum especially when I’m flying back to London for God only knows how long. I landed in London and went straight to Y/N’s house. She answered right away and I invited myself in. “Look, I’m sorry for hanging up. I was getting upset. Like I can’t believe you would think for a second I’m using you. You know how much I hate when you buy me things.” Y/N was in my arms again and I felt like I could breathe again. “I know, I’m so sorry I let what my mum said get into my head but I’m going to fly her out so she can meet you then she’ll see she was completely wrong about you.”

Louis (His POV) ; I literally was cursing when Y/N walked away from me. How could I be so stupid; I thought about leaving Y/N for Eleanor momentarily but seeing her walk away made me realize that she’s the only one I want. I’m standing alone on the street and I don’t want to be with Eleanor; I want to be at home with Y/N but I can’t, I need to give her some more time to cool down. I walked back into the reception and went to find Eleanor; I had to tell El it’s over and to leave both Y/N and I alone. No more rumors. I approached the table that the lads and Eleanor were sitting at and Eleanor shot up. “Follow me.” I walked towards the back outside and she followed. “I need you to understand that I’m happy with Y/N. We’re over and we have been for months. You spreading rumors is hurting Y/N and it’s hurting my relationship with her. I need you to back off.” She let out a huff before agreeing. “Okay, fine.” She tucked her long brown hair behind her ear. “Whatever, I’ll leave you and your stupid girlfriend alone.” I wanted to yell and tell her Y/N isn’t stupid and she makes him happy; happier then Eleanor did at times. “Thank you.” I didn’t get it Eleanor was hurt when people would say things about her and start rumors so why would she knowingly do that to someone else? I went back into the reception to say my goodbyes then drove as fast as I could to Y/N’s house. She answered the door, my sweater covering her body. The sleeves bunched up half way up her arms, the end of the sweater went just past her bum. “That’s a nice sweater.” She rolled her eyes at my comment. “Oh come on, please don’t be like this.” She rolled her eyes at my comment yet again. I reached out for her but she backed up, crossing her arms over her chest. “Don’t be like what? Mad? Don’t be mad that my boyfriend is still talking to his fucking ex girlfriend? Please tell me why I shouldn’t be like this.” She spat at me, it wasn’t her words that hurt me, it was knowing that I hurt her. “You’re night. You are absolutely right.” Her face didn’t look angry anymore, she was confused. “I’m right?” She questioned me. It was time for me to swallow my pride. That’s the only thing that’s going to get me my girl back. “Yeah, I’ve been talking to El but not anymore. I told her to leave me alone and to leave you alone. No more making up rumors. I made it clear that I was with you and only you. I made sure she knew I don’t want to be with her. She agreed so you can forgive me now.” She laughed at me. “I’m not going to just forgive you just like that.” Since she was backed up against the wall I took my opportunity to wrap my arms around her. “I’ll make it up to you baby” I gently left a trail of kisses before leaving a long kiss on her lips. “You’ll forgive me.”

Liam (Your POV); Its been two weeks since Liam walked out of your life. “I’m so sorry, I love you but its not fair. Your mums right.” He kissed your forehead and walked out. He walked away from you because you mum told him to; because she wants to control your life. You ended up moving out of your mums house; you can’t be under the same roof as her anymore. Since then you’ve sent Liam a few texts but they’ve all gone unanswered. “I’m so mad at you. You left me, you let her win. I hate you. No. No, I don’t hate you. I fucking love you. I love you; I do but you don’t love me. If you loved me you wouldn’t have left me.” You told Liam’s voicemail when you drunk dialed him. You decided to go out with your friends, trying to get your mind off of the nagging pain in your chest. There was a Liam sized whole in your heart and no amount of alcohol could fix that. Only Liam could fix the whole. “I hate that I’m in pain, my heart hurts; it physically hurts Liam and you don’t care. You can’t even text me back.” You sobbed into the phone. You wished that you were drunk enough to forget about that call but you weren’t, you remembered every single word you said over the phone that night. The next morning you woke up massively hung over and still regretted that call. You never should have gone out and you shouldn’t have called Liam. It made it worse when Liam called you begging you to talk. “I know I messed up. You just made me feel a whole lot worse. I’m sorry.” His voice broke and your heart started to hurt worse. “I’m sorry baby. I should have talked to you. I shouldn’t have walked away and given up on us. I love you.” He still loved you and that’s all that matters When he asked if you could
forgive him you didn’t hesitate. “Of corse I do.” He told you he loved you and you hung up. Two days later he was at your door. “Come with me.” You didn’t question him because you knew he wouldn’t tell you. “We’re here.” You expected to pull up to a restaurant but instead he pulled into your mums driveway. “Y/N.” Your mum hugged you tight; she hasn’t seen or talked to you since you moved out. “Thank you Liam for bringing my daughter home.” She gave him a sincere smile. “You staying for dinner?” She asked, the smile she gave Liam still hasn’t faded. Liam nodded at you then you told your mum you’d stay. “I’m going to the bathroom.” You mother nodded and you left the room. “I know how you feel about me but I love your daughter and I’m not leaving her again. I honestly care for her and I’m not going to do anything to hurt her.” You knew he meant it, you could hear the sincerity in her voice.

Zayn (Your POV) ; “He should be in there.” Mark opened the door to Zayns room and you walked in. Zayn sat there on the sofa, another girl on top of him. From where you stood you couldn’t tell if they were kissing but it sure looked like it. Your blood was racing, your cheeks felt hot. After your cleared your throat he and the girl looked at you. He ran after you, telling you that he didn’t kiss her. “Please I wouldn’t do that.” But you didn’t believe him. You jerked your arm out of Zayns grip and walked past him. “Wait.” Zayn called out. “Baby, wait.” You kept walking, you went wherever your feet would take you. You felt like an idiot, you were in love with Zayn. You loved him and he betrayed you. He made you feel like an idiot, and the worst part is you’re going to take him back; you know you are. You love him and can’t be without him. “Baby, listen. Baby, Shh.” He’s arm were wrapped around you as you cried. You cried hysterically into his chest. It didn’t once cross your mind that you were in the middle of the hallway. “I wouldn’t do.” You looked up at him and started shaking your head. “Don’t, I don’t care.” But he didn’t listen to you. “I wouldn’t do that to you.” He continued to hold you until you weren’t crying anymore and at that point you shoved his chest so there was distance between you two. At the same time you separated your body from his, his phone started to vibrate. He shoved his hands in his pocket to retrieve his phone and when he took it out a paper fell to the floor. Your eyes followed the paper. “I can treat you better then your girlfriend” and a phone number were written on it. “Fuck you. You didn’t do anything then what the hell is that?” And the embarrassment is back. Why was her number in his pocket? “Why Zayn? Why?” You cried out. “Do you not love me?” The brunette girl who was on Zany’s lap emerged from the room, it was Zany’s arms around your body that stopped you from lunging at the girl. “Let me go.” But he didn’t. He held onto you and took you into his dressing room. “Nothing happened. I met her at the meet and greet today. She threw herself at me and I mean I didn’t exactly tell her no but I didn’t do anything. I thought she was you when she came into my room. She was on top of me before I realized it wasn’t you. I didn’t kiss her, she was about to kiss me when you walked in. I was going to throw the paper away but it fell out of my pocket before I could. I swear I would never hurt you. I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt you. We both know that I could do that. Not to you.” His voice was sincere. “You swear nothing happened?” He didn’t even need to nod, you knew nothing happened. You knew deep down he would never hurt you. “I love you.” You told him at the same time he told you he was sorry. “It’s okay. It’s okay.”


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Preference - It Changes Everything

LIAM: “How many times am I going to have to say I’m sorry?” Liam’s voice broke. I could tell he was truly sorry for what happened. “I was drunk and I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have gone out and I know that now. I’m sorry.” Liam’s voice broke as the tears started to fall down his cheek. “It doesn’t have to change anything. We can still be together. I still love you.” I wish it could be okay, but it can’t. It’ll never be okay. “Liam it changes everything, you cheated on me. I can’t do this.” I walked away from the one person I’ve ever loved. Leaving him standing in the living room completely heartbroken. 

NIALL: “I’m sorry. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. We’ve been fighting and neither of us are happy.” Nialls words cut right through me. This was the last thing I expected. “I still love you and I want to be your friend, nothing has to change. Im going to be there for you still, whenever you need me.” He promised me but it was just another promise he didn’t plan on keeping. “Niall, we can’t be friends. This changes everything. It changes how you feel about me. Now I can’t call you at 3am because I miss you. Everything is going to change.” I know he wants to be friends. I know he doesn’t want to loose me all together but I can’t pretend I’m okay with being just friends.  LOUIS: “I can’t believe you did that.” I stormed out of the bedroom, putting my clothes on in the process. “That ruins everything. Louis we had a good thing going. How could you be so selfish?” This clearly isn’t the reaction that Louis was expecting. Im sure he was expecting an I love you too or something other then me running out of his room and straight to the door.  ”We can’t just hook up now. Now there are feelings involved. You told me you love me.” I grabbed my coat, I had all I can take. “Listen. I’m sorry I got caught up in the moment. But it doesn’t have to change.” Louis chased after me. “Louis it ruins everything. Let me go, please.”  ZAYN: “I already told you, call me when you take care of that.” I knew Zayn wasn’t ready to be a dad, and hell, I’m not ready to be a mom, but i never expected him to act like this. “You take care of that and then everything can go back to normal. It’ll be like nothing ever happened. Nothing will have changed.” I thought he would come around. Its been a week since I told him and he is still refusing to talk to me. “Zayn, even if i.. I abort our child it’ll never go back to how it was. Zayn if I do this then i’ll never be the same. You asking me to do this changes everything. Including how I feel about you.” I left Zayns in a hurry and I don’t plan on going back to him. If he doesn’t want to be apart of this child’s life then he wont be.  HARRY: “I didn’t mean it!” If there’s one thing I hate the most its when Harry yells at me. We’ve been fighting this fight for two days. “Harry you got hammered, came home and called me all these nasty names. I’m sorry that I’m still mad.” In fact Harry and I have barley said two words to each other since that night. The house has been completely silent and we whenever one of us walks around you hear the floor boards creaking. “I told you I didn’t mean a word I said. I was mad and drunk. That’s not a good combination but we can get past this.” We always work through things. “Harry I want to believe that you don’t mean what you said but all I can think of is that you actually meant them. I’m paranoid that that’s how you actually feel about me. That changes things Harry. I’m going to try to get over it so bare with me.” Relief came over Harry’s face. I don’t blame him. I’m ready to be over this fight too. 

Harry: Your head was in his lap and he was running his fingers through your hair. He loves watching you sleep, but you weren’t asleep. You were lying there trying to fall asleep. “You really love her don’t you?” Liam asked in a whisper. He emerged from the kitchen where he was getting them a drink. “Yeah I do. She’s really something special.” To your surprise you were able to hide the smile on your face. “You know I’ve never seen you look at anyone the way you look at her.” You could feel his eyes on you. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone else either mate.” After that the boys moved on to talk about football and you were finally able to fall asleep. 

Liam: “Babe stay with me.” Liam gabbed ahold of your arm and pulled you into him. “I was going to get you some soup weirdo.” You tried to break Liam’s grip but he wasn’t going to let you go. “I don’t need soup. I need you.” Liam is the worst at being sick he complains all the time. “Please just lay me with.” You agreed. “See feeling better already.” He choked out between coughs. “No Liam you need soup. I’ll be right back.” You get back with soup to find a sleeping Liam. You climbed back into his arms. You watched his chest rise and fall. He couldn’t breath out of his nose so his mouth was parted. You ended up falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. 

Niall: Hey baby. It’s 1 am and I can’t sleep so I decided to write you. You’re passed out next to me; your hair is tossed all over your face. I try to move it whenever you move so I can see your beautiful face. I love watching you sleep and I hope that doesn’t sound creepy, but I love it. You talk in your sleep you know that? Not full sentences, just little mumbles. I just heard you say ‘I love you’ and I hoped you were dreaming about me. But I can’t wait until you wake up and I can tell you how much I love you. To tell you how much you’ve changed my life. You’ve made me a better person. Sleep tight and I’ll see you in the morning. Love you forever Niall. 

 Louis: “Bedtime for me. Bedtime for me.” Louis sung as he curled up in the bed next to you. The boys are leaving early tomorrow morning for America. Louis fell asleep right away, his arms draped around your torso and you sat up reading your book. You couldn’t help but chuckle as little snores left his mouth. You admired him he looked so content. This is the first time you’ve seen him smile in days. He’s been upset about leaving you. An hour later you decided it was finally time to go to sleep. You carefully got out of his grip, trying not to wake him. After you changed into your pajamas and curled up to Louis chest. “About damn time.” He whispered against your neck. 

Zayn (His POV): Damn I really didn’t want to leave her. I wanted more then anything to wake her up and say goodbye, to tell her I love her and I’ll be home later. But at the same time I hate leaving her without saying good morning. But am much as I want to wake her, I hate waking her up, I wanted her to sleep, I didn’t want to rip her away from her dream. Damn, she looked so peaceful. My shirt looked better on her then it did me. Her tan naked legs were exposed, making it even harder for me to leave. I knew if she woke up and asked me to stay I would. Screw press conferences, if my girl wanted me to stay I would. But she didn’t ask, she stayed asleep. I kissed her one more time before heading off to meet the boys. “I love you." 

Pref - Running off to get married

Liam: “Babe?” You looked up to see Liam standing in the doorway. “What’s all this?” Liam was talking about the mass amount of papers scattered all over the bed. “Wedding stuff. I need to pick flowers and the cake and the color schemes.” Your gripped your hair, trying to wrap your head around just how much there still is to do. “Did you know that you have to pick a font for invitations? There are over a hundred fonts to choose from.” Liam came over to the bed and started to clean it off. “First thing in the morning we’ll hire a wedding planner to help you with all this.” He took your wedding scrapbook and put it on the dresser. “Hey, I was using that.” You whined. “This stress is too much for you, you’re going to pull your hair out. Well get a wedding planner, or we can elope.” Liam glared at you. “Think about it, well be married, no more wedding planning, no more stress. Just me and you.” Without saying a word you got off the bed and ran into your closet. You came back out minutes later in a white sundress. “If we’re getting married then I should be wearing a white dress.” Liam took your hand and kept ahold of it the whole way to the courthouse. 

Louis: “Louis guess what.” You closed the countdown app on your phone as you joined Louis in the bathroom. “Only 90 days until were married.” You almost squealed out of excitement. You’ve been counting down the days since you two first picked out a day. “That’s a long time babe.” Louis grabbed ahold of your hips and pulled you in, you could still smell the toothpaste. “I don’t wanna wait.” Louis whined again. “It is a long time but it’ll be worth it.” You kissed him again and walked away. You had plenty of wedding plans to figure out still. Planning a wedding is stressful making you even more excited for it to be over in 90 short days. “Wait.” Louis ran after you. “Let’s get married now. Just you and I; we’ll elope and then we’ll have our real wedding in 90 days.” You couldn’t refuse, you wanted to be with Louis and as much as you hated to admit it you really didn’t want to wait 90 days. “Let’s do it, let’s get married.” The smile on Louis face showed you how excited he was to marry you. He took your hand and dragged you out to the car shouting, “we’re getting married” the whole way.

Zayn: “Whatcha doin’” Zayn joined you on the sofa and immediately wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “Just looking at stuff on Pinterest.” You continued to look at wedding ideas. Zayn raised his eyebrows as he saw what you were looking at. “Why are you looking at wedding stuff?” You shrugged your shoulders, you like looking at wedding stuff. “Don’t get freaked out, I’m just looking.” You weren’t sure how Zayn would react to you planning a wedding, even though you’re not even engaged. You didn’t want to freak Zayn out. “I’m not. I mean I’ve been thinking about proposing. It’s not big deal.” Zayn took my computer from me and closed it. “Let’s go get married now, it won’t be everything you want but we’ll be married. Let’s just go off and get married now.” I nodded. “Of course but you’re sure? You sure you want to marry me? There’s no going back.” “I don’t want spend the rest of my days with anyone else. Now let’s go.” 

Niall: “Babe.” Niall cupped my head in his hands and pressed his lips to mine. “That was the best night of my life. Of our career.” He kissed me again, this time with more force. “Babe, I’m so proud of you. I’m so happy for you. You did great, you did great. See there was nothing to be nervous about.” The boys just got done playing a huge show in Dublin. Niall’s whole family was there and it meant the world to him. So naturally he was nervous. It took me the boys, and both his parents to calm him down before the show. “I’m so glad you’re here. I don’t want to share this moment with anyone else. Thank you for being here, for flying out here to be here with me. For believing in me and standing by me. I love you.” He kissed you again, this time it lasted longer; he lifted you back off the ground and grabbed your hair. “I love you so much.” He broke the kiss to speak. “Marry me. Right here right now. Let’s get married. I just had the best night of my life and all I can think of is how I want to spend all my best days with you. I love you.” “Let’s do this, right now. I love you too, I love you.” I kissed him again before rushing off with him, we didn’t tell anyone where we were going, and we just went. 

Harry: “Still staring at your ring I see?” Harry joined you on the bed; he put all his weight on one elbow, the other taking you hand in his. His thumb drawing circles on your skin. “I’m glad you like it, I was really paranoid that you would hate it. I wanted you to love it.” Since Harry proposed two days ago you haven’t been able to take your eyes off the ring for longer then thirty seconds. “I love it, you did a great job picking a ring.” He chuckled as you took another quick glance at it. “Are you going to be able to stop looking at it during the ceremony for long enough to actually get married?” You shook your head, “Duh.” You stated. “By the time we get married I’ll be used to it so I’ll be able to concentrate on the ceremony. But right now I have a new shiny ring and I can’t stop looking at it.” Harry laughed at your logic before kissing your forehead. “I love you. I really love you.” You both sat there in silence, your hand in his. Out of nowhere he blurted out “Marry me.” You couldn’t help but chuckle. “I am silly. I thought that’s what I was agreeing to when you proposed.” “Stop being a smart ass. I mean marry me now. Let’s go to the courthouse and get married now. Just me and you.” You kissed him. “Yes. Yes. I will marry you right now.”