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What does z leaving 1d media mean? Like what happens when they reunite? Unless they all leave 1d media and make another company

Hello my Anon and this is a very good question!

Let’s have a look at things: We had Zayn “leaving on March 19, 2015 and for a year, till April 4, 2016, he had full rights as well as 20% of this company (controlling the “image” and I think the money from the sales of their albums, merchandise etc). On April 4, when we had the last change in the type of the shares, (the same date that all 5 Boys stepped down as Directors and their accountant and a manager took over), we had a “redistribution” for lack of a better word of the type of shares, so Zayn only had the 10% or was it 5%???, I’m sorry, I’m too tired to check it now,) of the company.

On February 3rd this year, we had a new “redistribution” of the shares which resulted in Zayn no longer being a shareholder of this company, meaning Zayn no longer getting money from the sales of their (1D) albums, merchandise etc.

What I find veeeery interesting my Nonnie is that 1D MEdia still owns the  he EU trademark for the name “Zayn Malik.” . Do you know what this mean, my Nonnie? It means that Zayn could not drop an album, or perform, or drop merchandise in EU as Zayn Malik, without the consent (and profit) of 1D MEdia. And since an artist cannot perform under two different names (in different parts of the world), this explains how just “Zayn” (the name) was created. Do you remember all the interviews/articles about Zayn dropping his last name? here is your answer!

Zayn also remains an  equal shareholder in PPM music limited (their publishing company), so he can write and publish music with the Boys. 

Why Zayn’s shares were sold/liquified/transfered now and not last April (as it would have been more logical), totally beats me. 

Keep in mind that as the type of shares was modified last April, so it can be modified (and redistributed) again. As for leaving (you mean dissolving?) 1D Media, I don’t know if 1D Media also control their brand name “1D”; if so, they’ll have to trasnfer it to another company before they move.

Louis confirming babygate...

Firstly if it wasn’t obvious already then what Louis said in that GMA interview about the baby was basically similar to what Liam said in the audio of the fake confirmation. Even though we now know that Liam’s was indeed fake, what is similar about these two happenings is that neither of them mention ‘baby’, 'pregnancy’, 'Briana’, 'dad’ etc.

Louis’ answer was extremely vague for someone who is apparently 'very excited’ and the reason for this is because eventually when a forced denial happens, nothing will fall back on Louis or Modest because they can simply say that 'Louis never actually confirmed anything’ since he actually didn’t confirm anything at all.

'Its very exciting’, 'I’m buzzing thankyou’ - this sounds familiar to the whole 'they GENUINELY believe’ where it is neither confirming nor denying anything and instead is just playing along with the interviewers questions.

GMA was live. If Louis wasn’t allowed to deny Babygate then he obviously had to say something vague enough that it can still be classed as an answer but not actually confirm anything and instead just make us more confused than ever. Since it was live it meant that if Louis fucked up and said something wrong then it couldn’t be edited so he had to be simple about what he said. Not only that but with it being live and it being on a show as well known and as well watched as GMA everyone is obviously going to see it. Considering after the show they did two more pre recorded interviews and apparently the baby was never mentioned in either so why only on the live interview was the baby mentioned (even if it was in the most forced and crap way possible).

I also want to mention that Louis’ reaction was awkward and irritated, almost like he didn’t want to say anything but had no choice but to have to say something. And the other boys were clearly not excited at all and if you watch it carefully, just as Louis is asked about the baby Liam looks at Louis as if to say 'should i say something’ and Louis gives him a quick look in return as if to say 'theres no point, ill just do it’. All of the boys moods instantly change afterwards especially Louis’ and when they asked sweet Harry why he wasn’t talking much and if he was okay, he said 'yeah’ but his face said 'fuck you’.

I also want to point out that Harry, who loves babies so much that he congratulates every single pregnant woman and basically wants to be pregnant himself, looked less excited than any of the others about this 'new 1D baby’. That really says something.

Also none of Louis’ family have said anything about the baby and neither have any of the boys despite how much they support Louis, they have said nothing, zero, zilch. If thats not even the slightest bit suspicious then i don’t even know anymore.

Now i could be wrong and i could just be being 'a delusional Larrie who wont except the truth’ but if people are actually believing 'very excited’ Louis confirmed that baby on GMA then this fandom has indeed hit rock bottom. There is nothing that has been said that actually makes sense and now i have reached a point where I’m not even sure if Niall is even Irish anymore because of how much this bands management makes them lie to us.

Anyways theres my opinion and anyone is welcome go and say anything to me about what i think as long as its reasonable and not rude because we have reached a point where we cant afford to argue with each amymore.

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Gigi had a tie-dye kit on her hands bak in New York at an art-shop and what Zayn tweets about after that mess? Him doing a tie-dye shirt! What a surprise.

Hello my Anon and i have to say that I didn’t notice thhe tie-dye et in Gigi’s hands but I do remember her going out with Kendall Jenner and wearing one:

This happened on June 1rst, 2016. So when I saw Zayn’s team trying to change the agenda by doing the tie-dying, i automatically made the connection to gigi despite not remembering the incident you are referring to.

It’s the same as with the graffiti and the bandana from the today photos: they have powerful elements that while we’re looking at Zayn they make us think of Gigi. Because Zayn loves her so very much!!!  Now the fact that whenever Zayn is withing one meter of her, he looks like he just had the sourest lemon juice ever existing might present a problem, this is why his fabulous NT roots for stunting via special media…

The Hard Questions (Chapter 2)

(Chapter 1)

I loved my job. I worked at Smirk, the up-and-comer in lifestyle magazines. We were People, Cosmo, Rolling Stone, and Bitch magazine all rolled into one. Our specialty? Interviews and questions that made celebrities lose their cool. In that regard, our unofficial motto was, “If they didn’t storm out the room screaming, you didn’t do it right.”

My boss, Margo Prescott, was one of my favorite people in the world. I’ll never forget the day she hired me. I had sent in a few writing samples tentatively, hoping for a spot as at least an intern. Instead, I got a call from Margo herself, asking me to come in for an interview. Once I was sitting down in her impressive office, scared pretty much shitless, she gave me a reassuring smile. “Here’s the thing, kid.” she’s said. “This was just a formality. You write like a total bitch and I love it, and I know our readers will.” The next day I was moving my stuff into a cubicle next to a window, with a perfect view of Griffith Park Observatory. There were very few things I liked about living in L.A., but that view was one of them.

As I strode into the office the day after the press conference, Margo was waiting for me. “I have some good news and some bad news.” she announced. “But first off, what the fuck did you say to Harry Styles?” she asked. I smiled while setting my bag on my desk and started to unpack. “I thought you’d seen that already.” I replied smugly.

“He says he spoke to you privately.”

I looked up from turning on my computer.

“Wait,” I said, confused. “You talked to him?”

“He called this morning. He demanded to see your article, so I sent him the copy you sent me.” Margo paused.

“And?” I asked. Margo sighed. “He says you weren’t cleared to quote him during the conversation you two had in the lounge.”

I felt all the blood drain from my face. I wanted to slap my own face. I braced myself for the worst. “Is he suing me?” I asked quietly.

“No, actually.” she said, smiling. “that’s the good news. Come on.” she led me to her office. On her desk was a plane ticket to London, arriving at Heathrow Airport at 8pm the next day. “What’s this?” I asked. Margo looked like the cat that ate the canary and the goldfish. “Mr. Styles has offered us a deal. In exchange for him allowing us to print your article as you’ve written it, you’ll tour with the band and write an in-depth piece. Get inside their lives, write what really goes on backstage, the works.”

I stared back at her blankly. “Aren’t there already thousands of articles and even a couple of movies devoted to that purpose?” Maggie rolled her eyes and snorted. “All those other schmucks sugarcoated and glitterized everything.” she said. “They’re writing about the minutae, like what they’re wearing or what clubs they’re visiting. You’d be writing about the nitty-gritty, about what really goes on in their heads. If one of them still throws up before a show, if a fight breaks out for whatever reason, you’ll cover it.” I looked down at the ticket again. “Why not get Kelly to do it?” I asked. Kelly was the one who had wanted to go to the press conference in the first place, but I had beaten her to it. This would be a total win for her, not to mention I wouldn’t have to deal with an exceptionally attractive British man who happened to loathe me. Margo shook her head. “Sorry hon,” she answered. “He asked specifically for the ‘girl at the press conference’”

“And what if I refuse?”

Margo was smirking again. “Then you better find a cardboard box, because he’ll be suing you for all you’re worth.”

“What?!” I stammered. “The article hasn’t even been printed yet!”

“Wrong, sweetheart. We had early release date this week. It hit newsstands at seven this morning, which means he can get you for libel, which he most certainly will if you turn this down.”

I was now seeing red, then white. How dare he?! Cavorting with models, then lying about it to his fans, then trying to sue me for calling him out on it? 

After a minute of trying to catch my breath, clenching and unclenching my fists and blinking several times, I cleared my throat. “Well then,” I growled, “It appears I don’t really have a choice, do I?”

“Certainly looks that way.”

“Fine. I’ll go home and pack. But you can call that fucker and tell him to shove that libel suit right up his-”

“Right up my where?” A deep raspy voice asked from behind me. I whirled to face Harry with a shit-eating grin on his handsome face. He had clearly been sitting on the couch near Margo’s office door with my back to him the whole time. I was seeing red again, but this time I was torn between slapping that smug smile off his face, or slamming him onto Margo’s desk, ripping off his ridiculously tight jeans, and taking him right there. Instead, I turned back to Margo.

“How long should I pack for?” I asked icily. Before she could answer, Harry piped up again. “Our last tour was about eight months, with breaks.”

I whirled from him to Margo again. “Eight months? Margo, you can’t be serious!”

“Oh she is, love,” Harry said, getting up and striding over to stand next to me. “I’ve done a lot of thinking about it, and I’ve decided the best way to change your mind about me and the band is to let you see what we’re really like.” His voice was dripping with fake sincerity, and I couldn’t help but scowl back. “Now,” Harry said, “given that you know so much about me, and that we’ll be spending so much time together, I think I should be allowed to know your name.” he stuck out his hand for me to shake. I looked down at it as if it were one of Steinem’s poops. 

“Elodie,” I snapped, ignoring his proffered hand. “Elodie Hastings.” Harry appeared unfazed by my refusal to shake his hand. “Well, Elodie, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you properly. I expect to see you soon.”

With that, he turned to leave. “Wait,” I called out. He stopped and turned, his expression clearly indicating he was expecting me to throw myself at his feet, blubbering an apology. “Yes?” he asked.

“Can I at least bring my fucking dog?”


There were a lot of ways in which Steinem and I were similar, and one of them was that we both hated to fly. At the end of a hellish 12 hour flight, my will to murder Harry was stronger than ever. Steinem, who was nearly busting out of his cage, started whimpering loudly when I made it to the Animal Reception Centre, and it broke my heart. As soon as his door was opened, he barreled out and nearly tackled me to the ground, covering my face with kisses.

“It’s okay, buddy,” I cooed, “Momma’s here.”

I tried to steer my enormous, unwieldy suitcase, laptop bag, purse, and gargantuan dog toward the exit, and just as I was about to drop my luggage, a large hand with a cross tattoo darted forward to catch it.

“Looks like you packed enough.” An unfortunately recognizable voice rasped in amusement. I looked up to scowl at Harry, silently willing Steinem to lunge forward and rip off the hand now holding my suitcase. Instead, my giant traitor of a mastiff barked happily and began sniffing Harry excitedly, his tail wagging wildly. Harry righted my suitcase and squatted to start petting Steinem, magically figuring out where the giant dog’s favorite spot was, right under the left ear.

“Yeah, no thanks to you.” I spat. “How is it you got here before me?”

“Well I did offer you a spot on the jet.” Harry responded, not taking his eyes off Steinem. “Which you refused.”

“Yeah, well, believe it or not, I don’t enjoy sharing jets with people who have expressed a desire to sue me.”

Harry stood up, still smiling. “Y'know, when I first met you, Elodie, I didn’t like you much, but your boss has told me an awful lot about you. And it’s led me to believe that despite your best efforts, you’re actually an incredibly interesting and kindhearted person when you’re not persecuting people for the sake of your magazine.”

He grabbed my suitcase and indicated with a jerk of his head for me to follow him. Without a giant case filled with clothes, shoes, and makeup, it was suddenly a lot easier to steer Steinem in the direction of a sleek Mercedes SUV, scowling the whole time. Steinem eagerly hopped into the backseat, panting merrily. After arranging my things on the floorboards, I hopped into the passenger seat next to Harry. We drove in silence for a while, finally arriving at a large house with a giant protective wall around it. 

“I’m staying with you?” I asked. We had never discussed this! What?!

“Relax, It’s only for two days.” Harry said. “I figured you’d get your fill of hotels while we were on tour.” He paused. “I could find you one, if-”

“No.” I spoke up quickly. “This is fine. Steinem needs some room to run around anyway." 

"That’s his name?” Harry asked, chuckling. “Steinem? After Gloria?”

“Yeah. Is that a problem?”

“No. It’s a unique name, that’s all.”

We both exited the car with my stuff, hauling it to the front door, Steinem trotting behind us.

“Y'know,” Harry said as he unlocked the door, “Just because we don’t see eye-to-eye on my dating life doesn’t mean I hate everything you do.”

The door opened to reveal an expansive marble entryway. An impressive modernist chandelier hung from the ceiling and the walls were covered in no-doubt expensive art pieces. Steinem bounded in as if he had lived there all his life.

“Wow.” I couldn’t help but whisper.

“Glad you like it,” Harry replied as he rolled my suitcase toward a large carpeted stairway, with me not far behind. I was led to a guest room that looked straight out of a magazine. My mastiff, who had of course been following us closely, leaped onto the bed once again as if it were mine back in L.A.

“Let me know if you get hungry,” Harry said, depositing my suitcase near the door. He turned to leave. “Wait.” I said. He paused. In that moment I wanted to do a number of things. I wanted to scream at him for putting me in this position. I wanted to kick myself for being an idiot and putting myself in this position. I wanted to cry about being away from my friends and family for eight months. And randomly, I wanted Harry to push me onto the bed and make love to me. But mostly, I just didn’t want to be alone right then.

“Um,” I mumbled. “Have you eaten yet?”

“No,” he answered. “I figured I should wait for you.”

Jesus. He barely knew me and he was waiting for me in order to eat. 

“Well,” I replied. “Would you rather order something, or do you have anything to cook with?”


“You’re sure it’ll cook all right?”

“Unless there’s something wrong with your fancy oven, we should be golden. Now it’s time to make the mash.”

We gingerly lifted the cauliflower out of its pot of boiling water and took turns mashing it, adding butter and a dash of milk. I had showed Harry how to make my special White Wine Chicken, during which I had allowed myself to experience strong feelings of non-contempt for Harry. As it turned out, he was actually pretty cool. He told me what books he had read lately, (I recommended a few) what movies he was interested in seeing, and what music he was into. All safe, neutral topics, my inner reporter noted. When we finally sat down to eat, it was at least half past nine. 

“I’ve just noticed,” Harry announced, “that we’ve only been talking about me for the past hour.”

“Ninety minutes.” I corrected.

“Exactly. So you should tell me about you.”

I stiffened. It was always like this. On dates, job interviews, even during introductions at book clubs. I went with my standard lie. 

“There’s really not much to tell.” I mumbled.

“I don’t believe that.”

“Well that’s very sweet of you, but it’s true.”

I expected Harry to push the subject, but he didn’t. In his eyes, I noticed a glint of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Understanding? Sympathy?

“Okay, well…….tell me what your name means.” he asked gently. “Elodie. I can’t say I’ve heard that name before.”

“It’s French. It means 'foreign riches’”

“See? We’re learning about each other.” Harry said. “What made your parents pick that name?”

“They were honeymooning on the French Riviera. The night I was conceived, my dad won about $10,000 worth of euros from the blackjack table." 

"See, when I asked my mum why she named Harry she told me she just thought it was a nice name.”

“It is a nice name.”

“So’s Elodie.”


I had to look away from Harry’s intense gaze. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing. I just…….y'know. Eight months. I can already tell it’s gonna be tough. You must be used to it by now.”

“Nope. It’s not really something you can get used to.”

We had finished and started to clear the table, loading Harry’s dishwasher in a comfortable silence.  We climbed the stairs to our respective bedrooms, Steinem beating me to the one assigned to me.

“Everybody’s actually really excited about having a dog on tour, y'know,” Harry squatted down to pet Steinem again, similar to how he’d done at the airport.

“Good,” I replied “He’s going to love all the attention. Right Steinem? Right, buddy?” My dog’s tail started to wag, and he began coating Harry’s face in slobbery doggy kisses. Most people backed away in the face of Steinem’s drooly affection, but Harry just chuckled and put his arms around the dog and embraced him. 

“I love this!” Harry exclaimed. “He’ll be like a therapy dog.”

“Yeah.” I agreed quietly. Harry didn’t need to know just yet that’s the precise reason I bought Steinem a few years ago.

“Well,” I said abruptly, “We should turn in.”

“Right,” Harry agreed. “Well, sweet dreams. I hope the bed’s comfortable.”

“I’m sure it will be, thanks.”



I changed into my favorite nightgown and brushed my teeth, climbing into the giant bed, which proved to be extremely comfortable. With my exhausted body reminding me that an entire night had passed in L.A. without me sleeping, my final thought was that maybe, just maybe, Harry deserved another chance.


Harry was in bed in his customary nightly uniform of black boxers, and scrolling on his phone when his door gently opened, revealing Elodie in a short, red, silky-looking nightie. 

“Hey,” he said quietly, “Couldn’t sleep?”

“Something like that.” she replied, making her way to his bed, “I was just thinking about how bitchy and scathing my article sounded, and I wanted to apologize.” She had taken a seat beside him, and had placed her hand on his.

“Hey, it’s no problem,” Harry assured her. “I was a bit of a prick that day anyway, so-”

He was interrupted by Elodie’s lips on his, fervent and passionate. He cupped her face, ignoring the voice in his head saying that they had just met a few days, and that this was not a smart thing to do before they went on tour together. Instead, he lifted her so she was straddling him, with their barely-covered crotches pressing together as her sweet tongue nudged its way into his mouth, which soon tangled with his own. He felt himself harden as he felt her suck ever so gently on his lower lip. Elodie pulled away, breathing hard. Harry was trying to catch his breath too.

“Will you let me make it up to you?” she asked huskily.

“Well, I am all about forgiveness.” Harry replied. He thrusted upward, which Elodie reacted to with a moan. She pulled the nightie over her head, revealing a delicious, curvaceous body. She guided his hands to her breasts, which he kneaded and squeezed, causing her to moan more and grind down on his now full erect cock. She leaned into his neck and nibbled and sucked, finding Harry’s perfect spot, the small patch of skin an inch or so below his ear. He felt her teeth graze the mark she had most assuredly left. Leaning back, she pulled down his boxers, cooing in delight when his member slapped against his stomach. 

“Good thing I didn’t eat much at dinner,” she giggled as she leaned down, placing a small kiss to his tip before sucking on it. Harry faced the ceiling of his bedroom, moaning at the sensations he was feeling. Elodie was taking him as far back as she could while still swirling her tongue around his shaft, stroking what she couldn’t get with her hands. When he felt her reach under and cup his balls, giving the gentlest of squeezes, he lost it, cumming hard. He watched her sit up and swallow everything he had shot onto her waiting tongue.

“Yum.” she whispered.

Harry was leaning forward to touch her when he woke up alone in his bed, with seriously uncomfortable sensation in his groin area. He ripped the covers back to see a dark spot on both his boxers and sheets.

“Fuck.” He muttered. He hadn’t had a wet dream since he was fifteen. He gingerly sat up and removed his comforter from the bed, which had escaped his nighttime emission. He removed the sheet and changed out of the boxers and into new ones, quietly exiting his room and depositing the bedding and underwear in his washing machine down the hall. On his way back to his room, he opened Elodie’s door a crack to see her sleeping soundly, clad in a white cotton nightgown with Steinem snoring at the foot of the bed. 

Stepping back, Harry gingerly closed her door. Without bothering to put on a new sheet, he climbed back into bed, suddenly exhausted. His final thought before passing out was to get to know Elodie more. And maybe to figure out if she was as good at blow jobs in real life.

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Ever since he signed with FAE, Zayn has no friends. He is always with the women from his management. Haven't seen Shareena since the zigi stuff in Paris. Have they sent her back to Modest? I still can't believe he said he had her as his assistant at Modest. Like he is the only special snowflake. The other boys didn't have any assistants. The lies..

Hello my Anon annd I’m not sure if Zayn has no friends (outside of “his” team in TFA/FAE) or if his is simply not seen with them, but yes, Zayn’s narrative is that they became such great friends as well as collaborators that they are practically a family (this is the BS his manager has been selling aout her clients and it seems that the same recipe was used in Zayn’s case too)  so they socialize among themselves! Snorting… yeah right!

And this is how we lost Ned, the junior executive who was handling Zayn’s account (bye-bye Ned! don’t let the door hit you on your way out!). 

As for Shareena harnett, she’s a totally different story! She’s been around since February 2013:

This is how the story goes: 1D had seen tremenous success, so before going to Africa for the Comic relief video and after the promo of ther 2nd album, the Boys asked for P.A. and Simon Cowell generously accepted to let them choose themselves! let me tell you that I don’t buy this for a moment!

Same as the Boys could not have hired anyone else, same the choice of a PA was vettoed or even imposed on them, esp if you think that PAs most of the time were their stunt coordinators.

Harry and Louis each got one PA, while Shareena Harnett was hired to accomodate Liam, Zayn and Niall.  But as a few months passed and Zayn became “engaged’, he needed a stunt coordinator all to himself, so Shareena started working for him and Liam later got his own stunt coordinator - sorry! I meant P.A.!

I think the reason we know Shareena is that she was rather high profile for a PA (and for the record, so was Liam’s PA during thhe Sophiam era; she was constantly a few steps behind them to make sure they “performed within parameters”!!!) as she was seenand photographed many times, from the wedding of the late mom of Louis to the “This Is US” premiere, to the Asian Awards and the hunts for a new Zerrie house. 

The one thing that was most certainly a lie is that the Boys got out and brought whoever stroke their fancy to act as their PA and these persons were not fully controlled. 

  • Math teacher: can anyone tell me the probability of getting a 3 and a 6 if you roll two dice?


u know whats cute? how harry celebrates his bday throwing a huge party with so many guests and liam celebrates with friends and drinks in the funky buddha and horan spends his bday in the bar with friends and pints of beers but zayn zayn fucking spends his birthday at home with his family holding a kid up to blow out the candles on top of his superhero cake that that is whats cute