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hey, could you explain what happened in Vegas betweet zayn and liam?

What happened? That’s a really good question.
Basically Zayn ignored Liam throughout the concert, AND THIS IS SOMETHING because Zayn never ignores Liam.

Look at the other concerts

But in Vegas something happened. Zayn didn’t touch Liam, he didn’t even try to look in his direction despite Liam’s pleading eyes. (How did he even manage to resist those puppy eyes?)

So yeah, Zayn was angry. And he was angry with Liam, ‘cause he behaved normally with the other three boys.

Did Liam do something wrong? Maybe, we can’t know for sure, but that same morning Liam and Zayn were fine at the meet and greet.
Though during the day something clearly irritated Zayn and he ended up arguing with Paul.

(btw he’s being cornered by two big guys, that’s only my supposition, but I think they were trying to stop him from doing something dumb, trying to reason with him, even if he didn’t want to)
Anyway he was so upset that he skipped dinner while the other boys went to Gordon Ramsay’s steakhouse

When the concert started Zayn was still upset, he tried to behave normally with the others, but totally ignored Liam.
Also, the weird thing is that his hand was perfectly fine at the beginning of the day, but

again, what happened? Did he punch something? Someone? We’ll never know (ugh)

So, the interesting point which connects everything is that Danielle was there.
Our guess is that nobody expected this, or at least Zayn didn’t expect to find her there. Maybe it was a last moment decision or maybe he was the only one who didn’t know that and didn’t take the news very well.

(I swear I can picture him softly punching Liam and yelling: WHAT DOES SHE DO HERE? WHY IS SHE HERE?) (it’s no secret that Zayn clearly didn’t like her)

Anyhow the boys knew what was going on, and they tried to fix it, changing their usual position and making Zayn and Liam squeeze against each other

wow, good plan guys, how evil

but you failed

Anyway, Zayn and Liam clarified (maybe that same night after sending away Danielle) and the day after everything was fine.

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The Us quote about Zayn and Harry was made up. I hope people aren't really buying it.

I think a lot of people believe Zayn said what he was quoted as saying. Which…I mean, we always say not to trust what Harry and Louis are quoted as saying in print, so I think we should give all of the boys the same benefit of the doubt.

The thing is, I really don’t follow Zayn’s career at all. And I didn’t pay a ton of attention to him when he was in the band because H/L was my focus. However, when I read quotes from any of them - even when they’re saying something I want to hear, I do try to match it up to what I know about them from past behaviors./actions/words so I can make a more educated guess as to whether it’s the truth. So, in this instance, this quote doesn’t ring true for me. Harry and Zayn clearly were friendly for some time in the band. I do think it changed over time, and it does seem that there was a falling out between Zayn, and Harry and Louis when Z left the band. But to say he never was close to Harry just isn’t true.

However, when you add to this the fact that in that same article “Zayn” says “never say never” to the idea of a 1D reunion what it does make me think about is the image his label has concocted for him, and all of the nonsense pushing a separation between Harry and OT3/Harry only wants to be a solo act. Add in the very obvious push about a Zouis reconciliation, and then Dan Wattpad’s article where Simon is quoted as saying he’d welcome Zayn back for a reunion tour with open arms…even if all of OT5 didn’t want to return…well, they’re angling for something. It’s just not clear yet, but we’re being sold this story for a reason. And it’s NOT just Zayn and Harry were never friends. 

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Gigi is a thirst bucket. She's liking zigi comments and update account pics of her grabbing Zayn and kissing him (the one with her sister and Zayn). She looks desperate when she is always the one grabbing him, throwing herself over him both in staged pics and social media. Her captions on his pics on social media and her comments on his pics are all so desperate and obsessive. She acts like a obsessed fan girl who can't control her harmones. If I act like that I will be bullied in school (1/2)

Looks like Zayn swerved the disney stunting so she took her sister to disneyland. Zayn did the promo with mickey gloves without going. I don’t mind that bc he got the money without stunting. But I would be so uncomfortable if I’m posing for a pic with my sis and her bf and my sister grabs her bf like the way Gigi did. Gigi does that all the time regardless of who is with her. Remember Anwar/Zayn/Gigi at Givenchy? She used to act the same way with her other bf’s Cody and Joe also. 2/2

Hello my Anon and i have a confession: when Ii first saw the pic of the three of them, my first thought was “please don’t tell me we’re going for a threesome!”!!!

I found this photo really funny:

Cause i see Zayn trying to lean away from Gigi and the “smooch”, but his head is stopped by Bella’s head, while he uses the tip of his fingers to sustain the handholding and his arm is beneath her hood (nice Zayn! points for originality!), while is other hand rests a bit above her waist. 

As for her previous relationships, she had taken same styled photos taken with her beaus of the time (the photos come from this tweet,):

yep! Eitehr they totally lack originality, or this is what they have learned and rehearsed and keep doing! I’d bet good money on the second option!

As for gigi’s behaviour, I’d describe it as a “young teen fangirling over Zayn”. We were analyzing some placements in Gigi’s horoscope earlier, and since I don’t see anything saying she has arrested development, I’d say that she has been trained to fake it so she can “connect” with her fan basis. Either this, my Nonnie, or she has a serious problem!

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  • Math teacher: can anyone tell me the probability of getting a 3 and a 6 if you roll two dice?

Hello. So I was looking at the most recent pap video of Zayn and Gigi (because clearly I like to torture myself). They were accompanied by Gigi’s brother Anwar (the guy in the pink hoodie) and there is a portion of the video at the end when Zayn & Gigi are being filmed in the car. I think they were instructed beforehand by Zayn’s team to put on a little show because it looks like they were pretending to kiss as Gigi’s brother held up a magazine pretending to shield them from the cameras. If you look closely, Zayn looks at Anwar as if he were waiting for his cue before Anwar lifts up the magazine to shield their “intimate moment” The video is embedded in this website:

Hello my Anon and thank you for the info; I hadn’t seen this article (I’m not at home or at work and I’m having serious internet trouble…). I checked on youtube and the video of  Mirror article has not been uploaded there, so if someone wants to see it, they’ll have to follow the link…

I have a confession: I love watching fake couples going ho strolling, trying to convince everyone how much in loooove they are! they are so obvious and they try so hard, it becomes hilarious! it’s comedy at its finest! They take their romance/affair/ love on the road, like a touring company that performs in various festivals but always with the same play! And what is it with “couples” that remember that they have to kiss and make out whenever they see cameras? is this pavlovian conditioning? I cannot remember where I read this (it’s not mine), but why are ZiGi always papped leaving Gigi’s flat building but are never papped arriving at their destination? It it because they get in a car and start driving around for a few minutes until the paps disperse and then they return and each one goes home???

 So my Nonnie, I love watching videos of Zayn and Gigi, it’s no hardship at all!!!  In this video (14/7/16), for example, I see Gigi who changed her hairstyle from the previous day (13/7/16), she put on fake nails (because if you notice, her nails were not painted and were considerably shorter the previous day), and matched the colours with her lipstick (which screams product promo), her shades, because duh! everybody wears shade during night time, and it was “another day, another show”!

Zayn, on the other hand, had his ‘show must go on” smirk on!. I will refrain from commenting on Anwar, as his whole outfit is an insult to the good taste everywhere! Is he by any chance related to the Pink Panther???

Seriously now, this isn’t something new, it’s another recycled stunt. Remember when Perrie’s brother was tagging along? let’s bring back a few gems!   Zayn with Jonnie and Perrie.

And here is Zayn with Jonnie from 1DDay:

I am posting this last photo (from the 1DDay) on purpose because either people are new and do not know, or they have forgotten how 1DHQ (and all its branches…. yep I’m referring to Zayn’s “NT”)  used all the family members to reinforce the stunt. And do you know that back in the automn of 2012 “Zayn” had said in an interview in the Sun that he had to meet Perrie’s brother to get his approval and he was scared of this meeting??? 

And let’s pass now to PDAs with Perrie. Except THOSE one, where their stunt coordinator was filmed giving them instructions (Disneyland and TIU premiere), there have been other occasions, where Zayn had improvised, with very funny results! Remember that time in N. Orleans (september 2014), the only time that Perrie had joined him on tour for a couple of days, that they paraded them around, holding hands, of course!

They went to the Hard Rock cafe, and the other day (I think) went to a store (which happened to be the “Urban Outfitters”). They were inside the store when Zayn noticed that there were fans gathered outside, so he grabbed perrie, took her closer to the windows and started to “kiss” her, or what the fans thought kissing her; mission accomlished! The “loved up” couple was very happy! And here is the photogaphic evidence of New orleans.

Zayn noticed the fans looking through the windows:

Alerted Perrie:

and put his plan into motion:

The photos are from  this tweet here.

As you can see, it’s like having a script and following it; cameras mean PDAs. And if they are inside a car, where there is the illusion of privacy, they put on a bigger show! And here is the photo showing them trying to follow the script, right before Anwar -it’s the big pink panther- hadid, raises a magazine to protect their privacy and their modesty…. Nah! this is not an Oscar award winning performance, it’s more like the Golden rasberry variety of awards!

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2: Do you ever get “good morning” texts from anyone?

3: If your significant other smoked pot, would you care?

4: Do you find it easy to trust others?

5: What were you doing at 11PM last night?

6: You’re drunk and lost walking down the road; who is with you?

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