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Black with Autumn Rain by @whimsicule; 93k, read on ao3

Summary: “Thank you,” Geoff says, taking a sip of his tea. “What did you tell him?”

Louis has a sip as well, lets the tea burn down his throat too quickly, too hot, and he feels it all the way down to his stomach. “The truth. Essentially,” he replies after a moment, licking his lips, relishing the slightly bitter taste of the brew that’s never quite strong enough for Louis’ liking. At least it’s not decaf. “That my dog scented it. That I didn’t touch the body. That I came here first thing.”

Geoff nods pensively. “Did he believe you?”

“Probably not. There’s only so many people who can drown on dry land before it gets fishy.”

or: Harry is a journalist, Louis has lots of secrets and the moors aren’t exactly the ideal place to rekindle a lost romance.

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Zayn Malik: The Other Girl


     The night was cold, and unforgiving as I walked the almost empty streets of london. Wandering around searching for the familiar one story building where I’d been once more summoned as I usually was each night. Though it wasn’t ever this late any of the previous times, my thoughts were interrupted when I felt the vibration of my phone making me stop in the middle of the walkway.

“Hello?” I answered knowing there was only one person who could be calling me at such and ungodly hour. 

“Where are you?” the mans voice came across like music to my ears, silk caressing my skin. 

“I’ll be there soon…” I stated simply hoping he wouldn’t become to annoyingly aggressive person, he became when I wasn’t punctual. 

“Alright.” he replied hanging up before I could get in another word. With a deep sigh I put away the electronic device and continued on my way soon turning onto the familiar street with neon light decorated buildings. I trudged down the walk way ignoring the lustful glares, and whistles that echoed behind me. ‘animals’ I thought to myself scrunching my nose at the men who were perverted enough to show me their goods. Finally after what felt like hours, I reached the familiar blood red door with the same bulky tanned Italian man standing before it with arms crossed.

“Name.” he said in not a truly questioning manner,

“Bobby really is it necessary you know me by now!” I replied with a slight mischievous smile, he returned the favor with a toothy grin.

“Just playin with ya Ms.Y/L/N” he said seining open the door, to the small space behind it. 

“Right see you later Bobby, tell that beautiful daughter of yours I said hello” I called out after me, 

“Sure thing sweetheart, have a nice night he’ll be in the back booth waiting for ya” he replied with a wink before closing the door, leaving me in the overly heated smoky club like room. The smell of tobacco, alcohol, and sex greeted me as I grew accustomed to my surroundings. The dim almost non existent lighting, shining over couples and friends grinding on each other. Without further hesitation I pushed through the horny men (and women), to the back of the room to the small area where a few booths, and tables were situated. Almost instantly I saw his dark figure, as he casually sat with a half naked woman on his lap. She seemed to enamored by him, since she laughed wickedly while blushing like a school girl as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Rolling my eyes I made my way over to the table, returning the displeased glare the woman gave me when she noticed my presence. 

“Well I see you didn’t wait for me to get started for the night.” I smirked slipping into the booth across from the woman and the very attractive man underneath her. 

“Ah Y/N just the woman I wanted to see!” he exclaimed his silky voice laced with annoyance running shivers up my spine. 

“Doesn’t seem like it” I replied referring to the clad woman who sat on his lap, desperately trying to catch his attention once more.

“Baby don’t be like that” he poured playfully, I sent him a stern glare and turned my attention to the overly slutty woman between us. 

“Alright sweetheart either get moving or we’re going to have a problem.” She looked at me with a shocked expression and looked to the dark haired man for some direction 

“You heard the woman,” he stated simply flicking his wrist to rid himself of the cigarette he’d been up to this point cradling in his fingers. The unnamed woman stood flustered and embarrassed, running off without a word. 

“way to pick em” i said once she’d disappeared,

“what are you jealous?” he teased his hazel eyes showing the mischievousness he hid behind the serious dark facade he displayed normally.

“Me jealous oh please don’t flatter yourself babe.” i gave lazy smirk, though in my mind his words rang true more so than I’d ever allow myself to show. 

“hmmm well what can I say I wouldn’t blame you I have that affect on women.” he smirked, I shrugged reaching over taking the glass of scotch sitting unattended before him.

“sure you do, now tell me why the hell did you call me up at two in the morning telling me to come meet you?” I asked remembering I’d been quite angry at him on my way here. Not only because, he’d interrupted my very nice dream involving whip cream and Channing Tatum. But also due to the events that had ensued, after our last encounter. “I mean come on don’t you have a girlfriend to tend to your needs at two in the morning… Actually let me correct myself Fiancé now isn’t it?” His hazel eyes grew dark as his jaw clenched,

“We discussed to never mention her…” he said his voice tense,

“Oh what Mr. Zayn Malik not wanting to talk of his now soon to be wife Perrie Edwards?” I mocked the anger I’d felt over the past few days since finding out the man I’d been seeing secretly for a while was now engaged to the woman he was cheating on, boiling inside me. 

“Y/N thats why I called you here!” he exclaimed running his fingers through his raven black hair, 

“well what then?” I asked unable to look at him afraid I’d show the other part of me I was hiding from him.

“I-I don’t want us… This to end” he said reaching across the table to touch my hands but, I pulled away last minute when his words sunk in. 

“wait a minute you want me to continue to be your fucking whore when your ENGAGED… Zayn I can’t do that sure I’ll fuck a guy who’s in a rocky relationship that’s easy but a married man?” I questioned “Jesus fucking… Zayn I’ve given you a year and a half of my time, I’m not going to be your damn official mistress!" 

"Whats the fucking difference!” he exclaimed anger coming out full force,

“The fucking difference is when she was your girlfriend, I didn’t realize what I was doing.” I said raising my voice “ now your engaged to be married… MARRIAGE Zayn! and that’s when I realized what we… What I’M doing is SO wrong I can’t be your damn play toy Zayn, I can’t disrespect myself like that and I can’t let YOU do that either." 

"what so all of a sudden your a woman with morals? Are you forgetting all those times we spent in my hotel rooms fucking while I spoke to her on the phone!” he scowled at me “are you forgetting what you agreed to?” I scoffed at his reference to the money he’d given me to pay off my apartment and my UNI expenses,

“The money and the humiliation that’s what you’re talking about?” I spoke with an assertiveness I never would have attempted with him a few months back, “Well you’ll be happy to here I didn’t spend or touch a single pound of that money I may have acted like a damn whore but I sure as hell am not a prostitute!!” I screamed tears gathering in my eyes,

“oh don’t be such a victim Y/N you knew what we were doing you still went along with it!” he countered “you knew this could happen now your flipping shit when I tell you I still want to see you? girls around the world would KILL to be in your position!" 

"Yeah well unlike them I have some dignity and sense… God why the fuck did I agree to this fucking let myself fall in lo…” I cut off my rambling slapping myself mentally a million times for almost admitting my true feelings for him. 

“Letting yourself fall for what?” he questioned all of a sudden the anger gone and only an awkwardness settling between us, 

“Nothing” I replied discreetly wiping at the tears that had gathered in my eyes, 

“tell me…” he said the aggressive dominant tone he possessed, making my knees weak like it always did. 

“I said nothing.” I stated clenching my jaw hoping I could fight against his very persuasive manor. 

“Nothing? Really because it sure sounded like you were going to say you love me” he smirked as he saw me grow stiff at the 'L’ word. 

“Me, Love you?” I scoffed “I’d rather kill myself than ever fall in love with you. Your an arrogant asshole who plays with girls to get what he wants. A fucking bastard who cheats on the woman he supposedly loves. And a despicable human being who I hope I never see again!” his eyes grew dark once more and I didn’t realize he stood until I felt him pull me up from my seat. 

“What the fuck did you say?” his tone cold and harsh, reminding me why I’d always listened to what he asked of me without hesitation. Sure what we had was mostly a sexual venture, but he’d always been dominant. making me heed to all his demands whenever and wherever and if I disobeyed… Well his darker side displayed itself as it did at this very moment.

“I-” he cut me off by dragging me (yes I do mean dragging) to the front of the room to the door in which I’d entered earlier, “Zayn… Zayn what the hell let me go!” I exclaimed trying to pull away from his deathly grip. He said nothing, as he took me outside leading me to the sleek black vehicle parked right out front. “Zayn I’m not fucking around let me go!” he shoved me against the passenger door pressing his body into mine,

“Y/N if you know anything you better shut the fuck up right now!” he muttered through clenched teeth. Opening the door only to shove me into my seat, he slammed the door shut and walked around to the drivers seat. Once inside he started the car and pulled out onto the street heading in the direction of the apartment where we usually spent our time together. 

“Zayn stop the car now, I’m not going back there with you!” I exclaimed ridiculously attempting to open the door of the fast moving vehicle. 

“Shut up!” he growled turning violently onto the street that led  to 'our’ flat. 

“Fuck you” I muttered shifting in my seat uncomfortably thinking of all the things he might do to me.

“Oh baby you’ve done that quite a lot already haven’t you” he scoffed, the memories of all the nights we’d spent ran through my mind. I had I couldn’t deny it, and truthfully I couldn’t deny it had been a thrill to be with him even if he was in a committed relationship with a woman I’d never compare to. In my mind I knew I could easily agree to his proposition to continue our affair even once he was married but, things had changed I had changed and there was no going back. I’d fallen in love with him far sooner than I’d come to realize and I always denied it counting it off as affection for the man I was screwing on a daily basis. 
     It was a summer night when
I’d first met him, he was looking at me from across a crowded room…such a cliche right? I was getting over a harsh breakup with the man I thought to be the love of my life, drinking away my sorrows. We ended up sleeping together, which led to the exchange of numbers and coffee the next morning. Which lead to the dysfunctional immoral relationship we had now. Never had I ever expected to fall in love it was strictly a companionship/sexual partners type of relationship. But now I was in too deep almost considering forgetting the whole argument and letting him have his way with me for as long as he wanted. Though I couldn’t, not with him being engaged and me having my life about to change in more ways than one. I glances at him as he drove his tan skin accentuating his serious set features. His hair in a neat quiff, he was dressed in black jeans a white T-shirt topped off with a black leather jacket. Everything about him so enticing and mysterious, which was what had pulled me in. 
     Soon enough we pulled onto the familiar street stopping three flat spaces down. In front of us a very modern looking town house with trimmed bushes and a paved walkway leading to the dark wooden door we had many times before passed through. 

“Out” he barked stepping out of the car before I’d even fully realized we had arrived, I stepped out into the cold outside. Shivering as the cool breeze attacked my exposed face. Zayn pulled me along to the front door opening it rather quickly, slamming me against the wooden surface once we were inside. “So tell me I’m a bastard and a despicable human being right? Well babe if that’s what you think now I’ll be a fucking monster by the time we’re done” he growled, his hazel eyes almost black with anger and lust a combination that I used to enjoy but now I only feared.  

“Please Zayn I’m sorry… Please” I begged hoping he’d stop only to feel dread when he gave me a wicked grin and attacked my neck with his tongue and teeth sucking at the sensitive skin. Relentlessly biting and licking every exposed area until he reached my now open coat revealing my slightly exposed bust. 

“Fuck the things I’m going to do to you, I’ll have you begging for me screaming my name” he mumbled against my skin, as he fumbled with the buttons of my blouse. While I tried to push him away,

“Zayn please stop listen to me I’ll do anything just please…” I grasped his hair trying to pull his face up to meet mine. Only to have him grab my wrists an place my hands above my head, 

“Y/N stop right now before i make this even more displeasure able” he said releasing my hands and using his to lift up my legs wrapping them around his waist. Hiking up my black pencil skirt I’d previously worn to work, “god your so damn sexy babe if I weren’t so mad maybe I’d be nice but, I can’t let you go unpunished.” his breath was hot on my neck as he ground our hips together creating a sweet friction I couldn’t deny turned me on. 

“Fuck..” I muttered hating myself for Enjoying his touch so much. He trailed his fingers down to my thighs piercing his nails into the sensitive skin most likely leaving marks. He pulled of my coat and my blouse leaving me in only a lace black bra an my skirt, letting his lips find their way to the valley of my breasts where he nipped at the peachy skin. I clenched my fingers in his hair, grinding myself slowly against his ever growing bulge. He let a string of curse words leave his lips, standing straight to look into my eyes, as he walked us to the bedroom. Once inside he flung me on the bed climbing on top of me spreading my legs, so my skirt was completely hiked up and my black lace underwear was on full display. 

“God damn it your so fucking sexy” he said admiring me as he pulled off my skirt leaving in just my undergarments. Unable to control my attraction to this side of him I sat up quickly pulling off his jacket and top, yanking at his belt in record time. 

“Are you gonna keep playing games or are you going to punish me?” I whispered to his ear nibbling sensually at his jaw line, no sooner had I finished my sentence he had me pinned to the bed my hands held once more above my head.

“You like when I punish you babe” he questioned with a smirk letting his nimble fingers play with my awaiting core. 

“Yes” I breathes out biting my lip as he applied much desired pressure to my clit. He smirked and flipped me over so I lay on my stomach, with my bum in the air. He yanked down my underwear practically ripping it off,

“You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you” he teased, slapping my backside with such force it made me jump up off the bed almost completely. 

“Zayn no…” I begged knowing full well he’d be continuing the torture, another slap came making me clench my eyes shut at the pain. 

“I want you to count got it and don’t cry or complain got it?” he asked I didn’t reply right away, causing him to slap me even harder.

“Do you understand!” his voice strained,

“Y-Yes” I stuttered shaking knowing anything could happen at this point, almost making me regret all the things I’d said about him even if I still believed them to be true. 

“Right then and don’t mess up or
I’ll add on to how many times I do it” he said thus it began, as his hand came down I called out the number until my bum was red and numb. 

“Fifty..” I waited for another hit to come but instead I felt him rubbing my backside soothing the skin, brining back the feeling to my bum.

“That’s good girl” he said into my ear flipping me over while placing my legs on his shoulders. He placed his attention to my still currently covered breasts, unclasping the material and throwing at behind him. His face lowered down level with my chest, his teeth playing with my now pert nipples. The pleasure and pain turning me on to no end, after he’d finished with my chest he trailed touch kisses down my abdomen. Leading a trail to my now wet core where he nipped at the skin of my inner thighs avoiding the area where I needed him most, his hands keeping mine from roaming around. I realized soon this was part of his punishment teasing me until
I couldn’t take it anymore which
He knew wouldn’t be long. Finally after what felt like ages, his tongue found its way to my clit licking at the bundle of nerves sucking in every once in a while. Building me up to my climax that was coming very quickly,

“Fuxk yes Zayn oh fuck right there yeah” I moaned he stopped his work looking at me with dark eyes, 

“Keep quiet” he said “I don’t want to here anything from you. And don’t come until I say you can” he smirked at me before continuing with his pretty much magical tongue work. I clenched the sheets, biting my lip in attempt to suppress my moans. He looked up at me, a glint of mischievousness in his dark eyes. I wondered what it was about, only to find out when he took three fingers and thrust into my entrance unexpectedly. I was about to scream out in pleasure when his eyes, reminded me I wasn’t allowed to do so. His fingers and tongue built me up, and I was about ready to climax when he stopped.

“what the hell!” I exclaimed he shook his head and brought his lips to mine,

“Babe you taste damn good and I’d love to stay down there all night, but I want to feel you come all around me” he said kissing me roughly, I could taste myself on his sweet lips. The way our lips moved together making me dizzy, this time I decided to take control for I couldn’t handle anymore of his teasing and procrastinating. I finished unbuckling his belt yanking down his jeans and boxers all in one expert move. I straddled him trailing kisses down to his v line where I came to his hard member. Blowing on the tip I watched as he clenched his jaw his eyes burning with lust and desire. I licked the shaft twirling my tongue around his tip playfully knowing full well it drove him crazy. 

“Fuck Y/N please” he begged as I teased his tip without going any further, I smirked and delved down taking his full length into my mouth. His hands moved to my hair pulling on it roughly as I sped up my pace, in no time at all I felt him tense up signaling he was close to the end. I was ready to finish him off but, he lifted me up shaking his head.

“I wanna be inside you baby” he said hovering over me as he aligned our hips, rubbing his length against my clit. 

“Fuck Zayn just fuck me already” I replied he laughed a genuine laugh the anger and tension gone. 

“Damn Y/N someones inpatient,” he laughed once more.

“Well what can I do if your being an asshole?” I asked he said nothing, giving me no warning and he thrust into me his size always surprising me.

“Fuck yes!” I exclaimed

“and I’m an asshole who makes you feel damn good” he muttered  thrusting in and out speeding up as each second passed. 

“Zayn mmmm yeah right there oh god!” I moaned as he hit the spot where I received the most pleasure. He looked down at me a look of concentration and something else I could not identify shining in his features. His steady pace built me up faster as I felt a knot build up in my stomach an all too familiar ache beginning deep down inside of me.

“you like that babe?” he asked leaning forward to nibble on my lips as he lifted me up of the bed so I was now riding him. 

“yes oh my god yes!” I clenched his body scratching at his skin not caring if his fiancé saw them later on. In this moment he was mine even though after we were done I planned to leave and never return to his arms. 

“Shit you feel so good” he said kissing my lips softly, as we both began to unravel. 

“Zayn I’m gonna…” I mumbled cutting off my words as I felt my end coming,

“me too baby come on,” he whispered my name with what felt like love flowing through each syllable though I knew I couldn’t let myself hope for the impossible. we came at the same time repeating each others names like a mantra moving with each other riding out our highs. 
     When the last pulses of pleasure ran through me, he moved over lying on his back pulling me towards him so I lay with my head on his chest. For what felt like hours though really it was thirty minutes, we lay in silence breathing heavily in the aftermath of our late night activities. 

“Will you reconsider?” he asked it wasn’t surprising that he knew I planned on leaving him, sure he was a famous pop star who sometimes let the fame get to his head but he wasn’t an idiot. 

“I can’t, giving in tonight was already a mistake I can’t keep doing this when we won’t ever get anywhere.” I replied letting some of my true feelings come out through my words. 

“Do you love me?” he asked his tone expressing a slight fear, of what I couldn’t tell.

“Zayn I’ve always loved you and I always will… But it doesn’t mean anything.” I said looking up into his eyes where I saw a pain that mirrored what I felt in my heart. 

“Y/N I lo…” I cut him off not wanting to hear it not sure if he’d mean it or if he would just say it to keep me attached around his fingers. 

“Don’t…it won’t change anything,” I replied “your engaged and I need to focus on me without having doubts I can’t stay and I won’t let anything you say keep me here.” his eyes closed a single tear running down his cheek as I stood from the bed, deciding now was the time to leave of I didn’t I never would. I slowly pulled on my clothes grabbing my bag, and walking over to the closet where unknown to him I’d come and packed my things one of the days he’d been out of the country the past week. 

“you already planned this?” he asked his voice right behind me, I nodded unable to say anything or look at him afraid to show the tears that I now let flow freely down my cheeks. He moved his arms around my waist squeezing me gently as if afraid to break me, though I was already completely shattered. 

“Please” he begged his voice shaking with emotion,

“No Zayn… We knew this day would come, this is where it ends.” I said “don’t look for me don’t call just stay away and I’ll try to do the same. Go be happy with Perrie she’s truly an amazing girl and you deserve that.” he placed a kiss to my shoulder, 

“If that’s what you want I’ll do it just for you.” he said turning me to face him “but look me in the eye and tell me." 

"I want you to move on…” I cried looking him straight in the eye my gaze never faltering. He nodded and pulled away, 

“Do you need a ride?” I shook my head,

“I brought my car I’ll be fine” I said walking toward the bedroom door. He didn’t follow, remaining where he stood near the closet where only his clothes remained. As I walked down the hallway down to the door, I let myself break down letting small sobs and gasps escape my lips. 

“Y/N” I heard his shaky voice cry out I turned to see him running towards me, when he reach me he leaned forward capturing my lips into a heated passionate kiss,

“please don’t leave” he whispered his forehead against mine, I shook my head closing my eyes.

“Goodbye Zayn” I whispered kissing him once more before walking out the door, leaving the man I loved with everything in me. 
     I walked down the drive way, and across the street to the simple dark blue car that awaited my arrival. As I climbed in setting my bags in the back seat, I clenched the steering wheel tears and loud sobs leaving my throat. I looked to the dashboard where I’d set the black and white picture, 

“it’s just me and you now baby” I said looking at the blurry picture of the 3 month old baby I’d learned was inside me. I looked back at the flat seeing Zayns figure at the window, as I drove off into the night set on never going back.

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‘It’s like trying to touch the stars’ she whispered.
‘What is?’ He asked, not sure of what she was talking about. And her eyes met his;
‘Reaching you’…
—  thehiddenwriternd
I just want to be me.

‪My highschool teachers asked me earlier if I was crushing on someone. (u know normal catching up questions) They even made a little a joke if it’s a boy or a girl. When I answered them with “both”, they gave me a little slap on the arm and they just laughed (idk maybe they thought it was a joke), then one teacher tried to cover her daughter’s ears. They kept saying “oh don’t be like that, it’s only a joke”. ‬

‪but fuck u it wasn’t a fucking joke. I can like whoever I want to like and you can’t tell me otherwise. You covered your daughter’s ears?? I mean really?? Did I say something bad or inappropriate? You act like said something like “I murdered someone last night.” Are you scared that I might influence your daughter? Don’t worry it doesn’t work that way. Being straight or being a part of the LGBT is not something that can be taught to someone. All of us, we don’t get to choose who we like, we just feel it. It’s who we are. No matter what gay things life throws your way, if you’re straight that’s not gonna change. But I just really wanted to say you hurt my fucking feelings. JUST LET ME BE FUCKING HAPPY. JUST LET ME BE ME. ‬

‘I am a sky and the sky isn’t your limit. You can reach loads of galaxies.’ He cooed, trying to decipher her emotions. But she knew better. She knew those were lies and those were words only to make her feel well.
‘I want my limit to be the sky.’ She whispered.
‘That’s impossible.’ He said, giving her one last tight hug before eluding…
—  thehiddenwriternd