I want you to know


This isn’t something scary I promise. I want you guys to know that you are beautiful. You are special in every single way, in every different way. Please, I beg of you…don’t let anyone let you think you are less than the best.

Don’t let rude comments bring you down.

If someone says “you are fat/skinny/annoying/weird/a dork/a faggot/ugly/worthless” you tell them that they are WRONG.

You are the most beautiful or handsome person there is. all of you are special,beautiful and amazing!

There will be days where you feel like you just aren’t good enough. That’s okay, we’re human. but don’t give up.

Surround yourself with people you love. Surround yourself with positivity. Because when there is nothing but love and positivity around you, there is nothing that can stop you.

I want you to know that you can talk to me when you feel down. That you have someone there to give you that push when you feel like you have no more energy left.

I want you to know that no matter what people say or what happens..I am here for you.

And most of all. I want you to know that you are precious.

Lots of love.. Rhianna xx

Call of Duty

A/N: This is pure smut and I am going straight to hell. A one shot in which Niall obsessively plays video games and is persuaded to stop. ;) Hope you enjoy! Would love any feedback! More to come xx

“Do you really want me to stop, Ni?” I batted my eyelashes at him, innocently as I started teasing him with my tongue. “Because I’ll stop… if you really want me to.” 

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*Requested* BSM Song Preference: Lay Me Down.

Requests: “1D bsm based on the song lay me down by Sam smith”

“Can you do a 1d bsm to the song LAY ME DOWN by Sam smith?”

The Song (the faster version)- Click Here


Told me not to cry when you were gone, but the feelings overwhelming, its much too strong.

You and Liam were inseparable since the day you first laid eyes on each other. That’s why it was so hard for you each time he went on tour and didn’t come home for months on end. Over time you did grow accustomed to it, but it still didn’t stop the pain you felt when he would leave after spending a long time with you.

“Don’t cry, Turtle.” He would say, wiping your tears as you weakly smiled at the use of your nickname.

And you wouldn’t while he was still home. But as soon as he left you would retreat to your room and cry at the thought of not being able to see your brother for months.

You had grown to attached to him, and no matter what happened that would never change


I’m reaching out to you, can you hear my call? (Who’s to say you wont hear me?). “

When Harry became famous, your relationship with him deteriorated into nothing. You had tried at first to mend it, constantly calling and texting him, but that soon changed once you realized the effort was only coming from your side.

Four years later and nothing had changed. Most of his time was spent in America, and if he did come home it was to spend time with your mother, or Gemma, but never you.

All you wanted was your brother back, the one who was there for you no matter what. The brother who would sit and listen to you complain about your crushes and potential boyfriends. But that brother was gone, and no matter how hard you tried to reach him, you never would until he was willing to reach back.


This hurt that I've been through, i’m missing you, missing you like crazy.

You had never missed someone as much as you missed your brother. Sure he was living his dreams, and sure he was doing what he had wanted to do ever since you were children…but that didn’t stop the aching in your chest from missing him.

You felt selfish for wanting him to give it all for you, but you couldn’t help but wish. He was all you had for the longest time. There for you through thick and then. And although he called and would Skype you, he wasn’t physically there for you anymore and that pained you more than anything else you had ever experienced.


Can I lay by your side, next to you, you, and make sure you’re alright.

You were Louis’ coping mechanism. He was yours.

With the pressure of the world, media, and his lifestyle weighing down on his shoulders, home was like a drug for him.

Just like any other time he came home, he would put on his signature smile during the day. But at night he would find you, and you both would cuddle, putting on your favorite movie. And as he told you about tour troubles you would listen to every word, making sure he had a clear conscience before he got some much needed sleep. This was your routine every time. Laying together just to make sure you were alright, helping each other cope with the world around you. 


And I don’t wanna be here if i can’t be with you tonight.

He didn’t want fame if you couldn’t be there with him to enjoy it. If you hadn’t have gave him the confidence he needed he wouldn’t even be where he was today.

His management and even some fans tried to keep you away but he refused. He needed you more than anyone knew. You were his reason to continue and reason to stay strong and brave through everything he was going through.

And after everyone listened, you sat with you on the tour bus after a show, his eyes droopy as he looked at you.

I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you, and have you here to support me.” 

The new struggle is using a romantic song to write a preference about a brother and a sister haha! But no I enjoyed this and I hope you guys do to! Thanks for requesting and for reading this! 

Later i’ll try to explain to you why I wont be posting a lot this week and probably till school ends in a month from now!


Omg this guy 😂

found this on Twitter and yeah I agree but I don’t think anyone could keep their cool around Ronnie Wood tbh