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Somebody to Love

Request: One where they breakup and then get back together?

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Hide and seek

You were in the living room, watching American horror story, a current show you were obsessing over, and hadn’t noticed that Louis managed to slip away from the couch and sneak up stairs. Little did you know he was planning on ruining your relaxing Saturday afternoon. You are snapped into reality, when you hear Louis yell for your name, however you ignore it for the first time, keeping you’re eye on the screen in front of you. However after numerous of times being called you get fed up and run up the stairs to your cheeky little boyfriend to pounce him for interrupting your binge watch session.

“Lou, what could be so much more important than Evan Peter’s killing … Lou where are you. ” you ask once you notice no sight of him. At first you questioned whether or not you actually heard him call for you. Great this show is making me delusional you thought. As you made your way back down to the living room, you heard a couple of chuckles coming from behind your bedroom door. You roll your eyes, “Lou you should have said you were in here” you said as you open the door to your shared bedroom but once again you were mistaken, there was no sight of Louis to be seen. Suddenly your phone buzzed as you peer down to the screen you notice it’s from the little sneak himself. It read, “come and find me Y/N.” You chuckle to yourself, Louis loves to play little games with you it’s one of the many things you love about him he always so goofy no matter how old he is.

“Okay Lou come out come out where ever you are.” You tease knowing you’ll hear some sort of chuckle from him. You smile to yourself once you hear mumbles of laughter coming from behind your closet door. You smirk to yourself in victory but decided with a devious plan to scare him.

“Oh lou is definitely not in here I might as well check another room then.” You lie as you pretend to open the door and close it behind you. You quietly tiptoe towards the closet door and wrap your hand around the door nob. This will teach him a lesson you thought. And with that you throw the door open while screaming boo, expecting lou to let out a girly screech, but once again you were mistaken. You furrow your eyebrows, you sure thought that Louis was in here. As you were about to go deeper into the closet thinking he was hiding behind clothes you feel someone grab on to you from behind. You let an ear piercing scream as you begin to flail around thinking some intruder had managed to come into the house.

“Hey calm down its only me Y/N. I was playing hide and seek and you never found me.” He laughed. You let out a sigh and turned around and slapped his arm. “Well that wasn’t funny you know I was watching that horror show.” You pouted.

“Awe come here. Sorry for scaring you, it was just a little game of hide and seek that’s all.” He cooed as he kissed your forehead easing you. “Now come on let’s go finish the show.” You nodded you headed happily. And with that, your day consisted of Louis remarks on how Evan Peters was not that fit compared to him and napping on the couch enjoying each other’s company on a classic Saturday afternoon.

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“The fans always tell me I’m beautiful, but I always tell them that no one will ever be as beautiful as them.”- Niall James Horan (13th September 1993)

Happy 21st Birthday Niall xxx

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i know not a lot of people get the chance to go see their favorite artist Zayn live

so here you go.

sorry xx cheer up butter cup

put earphones in i think it sounds better 

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found this on Twitter and yeah I agree but I don’t think anyone could keep their cool around Ronnie Wood tbh