zayn malik from one direction

This is a genuine post on Ben Platt’s instagram from the day after Zayn Malik left One Direction, and I feel like everyone needs to know about it.

Liam Talking About Zayn

(Best Song Ever was the last song of the encore at Croke Park during WWA, the fall below happened right at the beginning of Best Song Ever)

(By saying that, Liam basically told everyone to go look it up)

(Louis is from Yorkshire, but Liam uses the plural and Zayn is the only other one from Yorkshire)

I don’t want to be the kind of person that people write stories about. I don’t want my name written on clouds or screamed from the tops of mountains and cliffs. I want to live a simple life with a peaceful mind. I want the roof above my head to be filled with tiny sparkling lights. I want to get all my sleep in your arms - if I could have it, I want my final resting place to be your arms too. I want to go through people unnoticed and unobserved, much like the wind. I want to be able to remain unassuming and unexpecting after meeting a new person. I want to bake cookies and eat them with you. I want to live life sticking to my principles through and through. I want to live life like I want to be after I die; without worry or judgement, drifting in the ocean all alone with you for company, and no end in sight.
—  oscarsins

blueeyedsoulme  asked:

Yes! I am so sorry, every time I see it!

You’ve seen the video where Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn are doing an interview and then in the background Niall comes running out but he slams his face into the sign? If not… I need to try and find it. I die laughing. 

But seriously… we must protect these boys! All of them!

They are a danger to others and themselves. 

Zayn and Harry are just a ton of notches above Niall and Liam. Pillowtalk and Sign of the Times were really great and you can tell that Z and H wanted to show their all on their first releases. This Town and Strip That Down are cute, but unremarkable. They’re generic and could’ve been given to anybody to sing.

La tristezza del dopo concerto, come la definiamo, è una sensazione bizzarra, è una specie di fischio che ti rimane nelle orecchie, dopo il rumore le urla, una musica a tutto volume, è come se il silenzio avesse un suono capisci? Come se non ci fosse silenzio, è davvero una strana sensazione.
—  Zayn Malik

“Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we find?”

If that doesn’t perfectly describe Harry & Louis’ relationship I don’t know what does