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“Jealousy isn’t my thing” Zach Dempsey

Request: Zach x Reader where Zach gets jealous :) [fluff-cuteness] hope everyone likes it.

NOTE: I am so sorry this is late but I hope you guys like it x

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You and Zach had been going out for 9 months now. Nearly a year. God everything was perfect. At first you were hesitant to even become friends with him because he’s a Jock. it was a biology project that got both of you together. so from working on a project; to revising together; then the healthy flirting turning into a relationship.

Your best friend Clay was really happy for you. He was against it first because Zach was a “JOCK” but then he saw how caring, loving and affectionate Zach was towards you.

Zach didn’t mind yours and Clay’s friendship but he wasn’t a big fan of it either. Sometimes you would see Zach dropping him looks but you’d ignore it thinking he’s just being childish. 

You haven’t really seen Zach much because you and Clay have this History project coming up so you’ve been with Clay for a whole week working on it.

“God I miss him Clay” you said as Clay was stapling some papers.                      “I know (Y/N), but patience is a virtue” he said whilst laughing and you just gave him a little nudge.


(Zach’s POV)

I trust her. I really do. But recently she’s been spending all her time with the Jensen and i don’t like it. I know that she loves me but like why can’t she just take two minutes out to call me or something.

{Next Day}

There she is, walking arm in arm with Jensen. Am I her man or Jensen?            “What’s up bro?” said Justin.                                                                                 “Nothing bro” i said whilst glaring at Jensen. No, I don’t like this but she doesn’t care so fuck it. She’s looking at me, walking towards me with her arms open like nothing’s wrong. WOW.

((Y/N) POV)

He saw me right? Why did he just walk off like that?                                            “Is everything ok?” Clay said but I didn’t know what to say so i just nodded and walked with him.

3 days. 3 motherf**kin days and Zach Dempsey has not even looked to me, let alone spoken to me. He’s there with all his jock friends but do I care? No! So here it goes.

(Zach’s POV)

She just grabbed my arm and dragged me with her to the girl’s toilet. Thank God no one was there to see. Well…the teachers weren’t there so it’s fine…I guess.                                                                                                                  “What’s your problem?” she said as she had me against the wall. God i just wanted her for myself, that’s all. She looked so beautiful all the time but when she was angry, there was something about her.She looked HOT AS FUCK.        

“Nothing.” I said coldly, pushing her lightly to the side and trying to walk off “you should go to Jensen probably he won’t make you feel pissed” I said and all i heard was a little sniffle.

“OH..MY..GOD. I am so sorry babe…ok-don…don’t cry now” I said. I couldn’t see her upset. I was just pissed that you were spending time with Jensen and not me. I know better, I trust you and I shouldn’t have acted like a chil-”

 But to my unfortunate luck she was just pretending. Before i could finish (Y/N)  started giggling and it turned into  a fit of laughter. I must say I was relieved that I didn’t make her cry.     

                                                                                                                    “Jealousy’s not my thing” she said.                                                                       “What do you me-”, I was cut off by her tender lips placed in mine and let’s just say it was kiss filled with love, passion. lust and hunger of  not kissing each other for a week. The kiss turned in to a everlasting make out session. My hands all over her body, her leaving trails of kisses down my neck. Then those purple marks that only I could give her. My left hand resting on her but and my right hand on her thigh. She had her hands around my neck.                               She stopped to catch her breath. “When we started dating you told me Jealousy isn’t your thing, but look at you now. All jealous and that”

I was stuck for a moment. I’m not the jealous type but this time I was. “I..uh..ummm…I felt insecure” She looked at me confused as to why would I even feel that way. “It’s just he’s known you for years and all so I got a bit j..jea…jealous!”.

She cupped both of my cheeks and gave me a little peck. “ I love you, Dempsey” (Y/N) said, her eyes filled with love. “ It’s been 9 months since we’ve been together so that says a lot” she said with  a little giggle. 

I laughed, reassured that my baby is only my baby. 

“Who’s in there?” we heard Ms.Kimberly say.                                                        “We’re so dead” (Y/N) said. WE both came out and faced Ms. Kimberly who had a disappointed look on her face. (Y/N) lipstick was on my lips, her neck was covered with this purple bruises and so was mine. 

“Office. Now!” she yelled and started walking with us following behind.

“Jealousy still isn’t my thing, just saying” I said before pulling (Y/N) from her waist towards myself for a hug.

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the whole world is sleeping, but my world is you

Pairings: Niall/Harry

Rated: general

Word count: 6365 of chapter 1/?

Summary: “Say if I were to leave for forever, would it be okay?”
Niall reaches for Harry’s hand, intertwining their fingers as if the gaps between their fingers were made to be filled by each other, “Only if it makes you happy. ‘Sides, I’d probably follow you to ends of time. Can’t afford losing me best mate.” A slight blush decorates Niall’s cheeks and the dim lighting of the room makes the boy look – ethereal, Harry thinks. Harry is completely endeared by the sight before him.
Or; Harry lives his dreams and Niall helps him save them.

here kelvin caddying this is for you.

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Rozdział osiemnasty: W poszukiwaniu ducha.

Tytuł: Flower Twilight. (Kwiecisty Zmierzch.)

Autorki: FlyWithMe92 & Cirrown

Od autorek: Nawet nie wiecie, jak mnie uciszyło, to że tak czekacie na rozdziały. To naprawdę miłe dostać dzień przed publikacją aska z wiadomością, że cieszycie się na rozdział. To tak bardzo motywuje do dalszego pisania ^^ Jesteście kochani xxx ~ FlyWithMe92


            Niall przekręcił się z boku na bok, a jego twarz wykrzywił grymas strachu. Z każdą kolejną minutą mężczyzna poruszał się co raz niespokojniej, po jego policzkach płynęły łzy, a z ust wydzierały się krótkie okrzyki. W pewnym momencie usiadł gwałtownie, otwierając oczy szeroko ze strachu i krzyknął głośno, zaciskając palce na pościeli.

            Jego smukłe palce na moment zacisnęły się na krawędzi kołdry, a następnie odrzuciły ją na bok. Nie chcąc ponownie zapaść w sen, Horan zsunął się z materaca i stanął na zimnej podłodze. Zajął miejsce przy biurku, na nieco niewygodnym krześle, i oparł na nim łokcie, wsuwając dłonie w swoje krótkie włosy.

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"Frisky Business" - One Direction Preference


You held your cards tenderly, keeping them poised between your small fingers. Lips curling into a wicked grin, you kept your eyes trained on Harry’s face. His green eyes were dark in the dim light of the bedroom, as he studied the few red and black playing cards in his own grasp. You studied him as he sat in nothing but his black boxer shorts, brown curls falling over his forehead. His skin appeared smooth, and inviting in the glow of the bedside lamp. Leaning over the bed, you reached for your glass of red wine on the nightstand, taking one steadying swig, and resisted the nagging urge you felt, to climb on top of him, and press him firmly to the mattress. Finally, Harry looked back up at you, free hand pinching his lower lip between his thumb and forefinger, in mock concentration. Laying your cards down in front of you, the two of you exchanged a glance, and Harry’s pouty lips parted in a satisfied smile. “Well, go on then,” he teased, taking a sip from his half empty glass. You crawled to the edge of the bed, and stood with your eyes locked on his, biting your lip seductively. Moving painfully slow, you turned around, facing your back to Harry’s smiling face. You reached your arm around your back, fingers pinching the clasp of your red lace bra. Glancing over your shoulder, you watched, as his eyes grew wide. You slid the smooth fabric from your body, turning to face him head on, as you dropped the bra to the dark oak floors. He flicked his tongue over his bottom lip, running a hand roughly through his hair. He was unable to take another moment of torture. Within seconds he was at your side, long fingers gripping your bare back, as his lips desperately collided with yours.        


Sitting with your knees bent, feet resting near Niall’s leg on the couch, you clutched the chilled beer bottle in your small grasp. Taking another smooth swig, you glanced at him over the rim of the brown bottle. The evening had started out as nothing more than an innocent drinking game between friends, but somehow it had morphed into a game of never have I ever - strip addition. The longer the two of you stared at each other, and the more alcohol you each consumed, the harder it became to resist the temptation you felt stirring inside of you. His blue eyes were the color of the summer’s sky, and he smelled strongly of cologne. It was enticing, and distracting in the best way possible. Every ounce of concentration you were able to muster was spent on fighting the urge to kiss his smooth pink lips. It became increasingly difficult to concentrate, while he sat beside you, wearing nothing but his tight boxer shorts. You watched the muscles in his arms flex, as he raised his own drink to his lips. Swallowing the amber liquid, he spoke, accent low and sultry. “Never have I ever, kissed a guy,” he chuckled, throwing you a wink. You pressed your lips into a tight line, trying not to laugh. “That’s not even fair,” you whined, shaking your head at him. You took another drink, standing to remove another article of clothing. Reaching a hand under your shirt, you released the hook on your bra, expertly slipping your arms from the satin straps. Niall’s eyes went wide in their sockets, as he watched in awe. Keeping your gaze trained on him, slowly you pulled the pink lace bra out from under your shirt, and tossed on the couch beside him. He drew in a breath, his jaw tightening as he tried to control his desires. “Okay, my turn. Never have I–” you hummed, as Niall jumped to his feet, locking his lips on yours. All other thoughts left your mind.


You shifted on his king-sized bed, reaching for your beer on the bedside table. Liam plopped down beside you, a freshly popped bowl of popcorn in his hands. “Okay, where were we?” he asked, fluffing the pillows behind his broad back. You’d spent the night laying on his bed together, watching his extensive collection of action movies. However, sometime in the last hour, during the third movie, the night had shifted into a game of truth or dare. It probably had something to do with the fact that this was your third beer, and the way Liam looked in his tight white t-shirt, that made you feel so attracted to him. Normally you could respect the fact that the two of you were best friends, and nothing more than that, but tonight something felt different. There was a shift in the air, as his warm brown eyes settled on you, his pouty pink lips parting to take a sip from his beer. “I think it’s your turn,” you murmured, occupying your attention by shoving a hand full of buttery popcorn in your mouth. He nodded, swallowing the cold liquid. “Alright then. Truth, or dare?” You chewed the popcorn and said, “Umm, I’ll go with dare.” Smiling mischievously, he said, “I dare you to kiss me.” Your eyes grew wide, and you choked on the piece of popcorn in your mouth. “Wha– what?” you breathed, clearing your throat. “You heard me,” he chuckled, inching closer to you on the large bed. You drew in a breath, and kept your eyes linked with his, until finally your lips met his. Within seconds his hands were roaming your body, and he had you pressed to the mattress with his tight body.


“Yes, yes…Goal!” Zayn shouted, raising his arms in the air, Xbox controller still in his hand. He swiveled his shirtless, tattooed body to face you, smooth lips curling into a satisfied smile. You rolled your eyes at him, letting out a frustrated sigh as you rose to your feet. Zayn leaned back on his elbows, brown eyes growing dark as he watched you strip another article of clothing. You weren’t sure exactly whose idea it had been to turn an afternoon of playing video games, into a sexy game of strip FIFA. But here you were, standing before your boyfriend, striping off your pair of faded skinny jeans. You locked your eyes on him, taking your sweet time to undo the button on your pants. You wiggled your hips, lowering the worn denim fabric past your lace underwear, and down over your thighs. Taking them between your fingers, you swung them over your head, before tossing them onto the communal pile of discarded clothing. Zayn let out a satisfied laugh, licking his lips at the sight of you in just your matching bra and underwear. Taking your place beside him on the floor, you scooped up the plastic control, and flashed him a shy smile. “Ready to continue, babe?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in your direction. “If I lose one more time, I’m gonna be naked,” you whined, and he let out a low chuckle. “We can only hope,” he breathed, pressing a heated kiss to your neck. You bit your bottom lip, eyelids fluttering closed with pleasure. “Or, we could call it a draw,” you hummed, tangling your fingers in his dark hair. “And take this to the bedroom.” His gaze fell on your smiling face, and within seconds he scooped you off the floor, and whisked you down the hall.          


Kneeling on the bed, Louis tore the plain t-shirt from his back, tossing it to the end of the bed. “How did I let you talk me into this?” he asked with a laugh, flopping back down beside you, making your body bounce on the mattress. You giggled, running your hand along the smooth surface of his now bare chest. Placing a quick kiss to his lips, you turned your attention back to the TV screen in front of you. “Because, you love me,” you retorted, watching as Giselle, from the Disney movie Enchanted, began singing on the bright screen. Belting out the lyrics along with her, you jumped from your place among the sheets, and twirled around the room, unzipping your pants. Yanking the dark jeans you wore, from your body, your eyes settled on Louis. He sat with his back against the headboard, hands laced behind his head, as his ice blue eyes watched your every move. “How does she know…?” you sang, laughter kissing your lips, as you flung your pants in his direction. You threw your arms in the air, spinning in a circle, dancing happily in your matching pair of blue lace underwear and pushup bra. Your gaze fell on Louis, as he ran a hand swiftly through his floppy brown hair, pushing it off of his forehead. He chewed on his lower lip, desperately longing to get his hands on your body. He ached to have his way with you, and he didn’t know how much more of this strip tease he could handle. He leaped off the bed, crossing the room in three short strides, and he looped his arms around your waist, pulling you tight against him. He swayed your bodies together to the chipper beat, grinding his hips into yours. His lips rested against your ear, breath hot on your skin as he whispered, “you make Disney movies so sexy.” You giggled and crashed a smiling kiss to his lips.       

#27: He helps you with your finals

Harry: “You’re making it worse!” You retorted, taking the pen out of Harry’s hand. “Well excuse me for trying to help,” he said, rolling his eyes. You inhaled a deep breath before releasing it. “Sorry Harry. I’m just so frustrated. What if I fail? What if I have to stay a year back?” Harry’s index finger immediately pressed itself against your lips. “Shh. You’re not going to fail, Y/N. You’re a very smart girl. You’re going to pass like you always do, yeah?” He nodded hesitantly, unsure of whether he was telling the truth or just trying to make you feel better. Cautiously, Harry removed his finger and gave you a reassuring smile. “Trust me.” You returned the smile, pondering how you had gotten so lucky to have him as your boyfriend. “I do.”

Liam: There was no way you could concentrate if Liam was going to be that close to you. You tried to stifle a giggle as his eyebrows knitted in together in confusion. “Liam, how did you think you could help me with calculus? You dropped out of high school ages ago,” you said lightheartedly. He shot you an exasperated look. “I got this,” he muttered as he tapped the pencil against the table in a rhythmic pattern  ━ you soon found that he tended to do that when he was in deep thought, or more likely unsure of what he was doing. In this case, calculus wasn’t what your boyfriend was too keen on.

Louis: “Hold on. When are your exams?” Louis repeated, his tone coming off as disbelief. “Two days from now,” you mumbled meekly. “Oh for God’s sake, Y/N,” he cried out, shaking his head. “Why would you wait until now to study? Isn’t this like your big exam? The one the determines your future?” The more he emphasized on how important your upcoming exam was, the more you shrunk back against the couch. You, Y/N, are a complete idiot, you thought. Louis seemed to realize your sudden transition because he dropped into the seat next to you and took your hand in his. “Sorry, babe. I didn’t mean to scare you like that.” You shook your head, glancing towards him. “No, you’re right. I should’ve started studying a while ago,” you admitted. Louis bit his lip, finally saying, “Okay, we can do this. Where are your books?”

Niall: Sighing, you glanced over your shoulder to stare at Niall lounging about on the couch, watching the football game between Derby County and another team. You tried to catch his eye, but he was completely engrossed on the game. You were exhausted from the decent amount of studying you’d taken out of your day and you just wanted to cuddle up in your boyfriend’s arms. You got up from your chair, walking over to the couch and subsided on Niall’s lap. “Hm, wha’s wrong?” He asked, diverting his attention from the game towards you. “Nothing, I’m just tired. Can’t a girl cuddle her a boyfriend?” You asked, smiling tiredly at him. He encased you in his arms and pulled your front towards his as you straddled Niall. “Of course she can, Y/N. C'mere, babe,” he said, rubbing your back soothingly.

Zayn: “Stop it,” you muttered, feeling Zayn poke your shoulder once again. “But you’ve been studying for hours. Don’t you think you need a little break, Y/N?” He practically whined. “No,” you said, trying to reread the sentence in your book again. “You’re gonna do fine. Why won’t you just take a small break? Just a little, very little break.” You swatted away his hand pulling at your free hand. He intertwined your fingers together, watching you as you studied. After two minutes of rereading the sentence, you looked up from your book and glared at the boy in front of you. “I can’t study if you’re going to just stare at me, y'know?” He grinned at you. “That’s the point. C'mon, let’s just watch one movie and I promise I’ll help you study later on,” he said, smiling at you. Unfortunately for you in this case, Zayn was very convincing. “Promise?” You asked. “I promise,” he said, pressing a small kiss on your hand.

( I’m going to keep Zayn in my preferences because he will always be a part of One Direction to me. Also because due to popular demand, he will remain here. If you don’t like that, then that’s fine. Just don’t tell me to take him off. Thank you. )

Rozdział siedemnasty: Beltene. cz.2.

Tytuł: Flower Twilight. (Kwiecisty Zmierzch.)

Autorki: FlyWithMe92 & Cirrown

Od autorek: Nie ma co tu dużo mówić. Powiem tyle, że napisałyśmy już wszystkie rozdziały do Flower Twilight i tak jakby zaczęłyśmy pisać drugą część. No. To tyle. A teraz rozdział ^^ ~ FlyWithMe92


            Blondyn pokręcił głową i opadł bez sił na trawę, uśmiechając się szeroko. Przez ostatnie godziny Liam nie dawał mu spokoju, bezustannie prosząc o kolejne tańce czy towarzystwo przy innych zabawach. To wszystko, tak go wykończyło, że nie miał ochoty ruszyć choćby małym palcem u stopy.

            Zamknąwszy oczy, Irlandczyk westchnął cicho i wsłuchał się w otaczające go dźwięki. Gdzieś na prawo od niego rozbrzmiewały radosne tony muzyki, mieszające się z licznymi śmiechami. Natomiast od drugiej strony, mężczyznę dobiegały odgłosy szklanek stukających o siebie oraz podnieconych, głośnych rozmów.

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Rozdział szesnasty: Egzaminy śródsemestralne.

Tytuł: Flower Twilight. (Kwiecisty Zmierzch.)

Autorki: FlyWithMe92 & Cirrown

Od autorki: Hej, misie! Właściwie nie mam nic ciekawego do powiedzenia, ale pozwolę sobie życzyć powodzenia wszystkim osobom, które jutro piszą dalszą część egzaminów. Trzymam za was kciuki! ~ Cirrown

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Rozdział piętnasty: Granatowy segregator Liama.

Tytuł: Flower Twilight. (Kwiecisty Zmierzch.)

Autorki: FlyWithMe92 & Cirrown

Od autorek: Dzisiaj moja kolej na dodanie rozdziału, wybaczcie, że tak późno ale musiałam się trochę ogarnąć po powrocie do domu. Miłego czytania xx ~ Cirrown


            Donośny dźwięk dzwonka obwieścił koniec ostatnich zajęć tego dnia, a wszyscy adepci wysypali się na korytarze i bez zbędnych rozmów ruszyli do swoich pokoi lub biblioteki. Panowała napięta atmosfera, podsycana przypomnieniami profesorów o nadciągających egzaminach, dlatego nikt nie był skory do rozmowy.

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Rozdział trzynasty: Spotkanie u Simona.

Tytuł: Flower Twilight. (Kwiecisty Zmierzch.)

Autorki: FlyWithMe92 & Cirrown

Od Autorek: Booyah!! Dziś ja dodaje rozdział i powiem, że pamiętałam o nim. Pierwszą rzeczą jaka pojawiła się w mojej głowie, jak się obudziłam było: Dodać rozdział na Flower Twiligh xD ~ FlyWithMe92


            Słońce powoli chowało się za horyzontem, gdy wyszedł na korytarz. Poprawił mankiety swojej ciemnoszarej marynarki i dopiął guzik. Rzadko ubierał się tak elegancko. Nie przepadał za tym zbytnio, ale sytuacja tego wymagała. Może to nie była jakaś wystawna kolacja, ale bądź co bądź szli na rozmowę z Simonem.

            Stanął przed drzwiami pokoju Nialla skąd dochodziły chichoty. Uniósł rękę by zapukać, kiedy wstrzymał się w ostatniej chwili, wsłuchując w śmiech blondyna. Nie słyszał go nigdy odkąd go tu przywiózł. Nie śmiał się, jego usta rzadko wyginały się w uśmiechu. Oczy nie błyszczały, a policzki nie były od niego zarumienione.

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Rozdział dwunasty: Zegarek dziadka.

Tytuł: Flower Twilight. (Kwiecisty Zmierzch.)

Autorki: FlyWithMe92 & Cirrown

Od autorki: I znowu wyszło tak, że nie ogarnęłam, że dzisiaj środa. Brawo ja (ani słowa komentarza). Miłego czytania xx ~ Cirrown


            Blade obłoki przykryły częściowo wschodzące słońce, pozwalając jedynie cienkim promieniom przedrzeć się przez siebie i rozświetlić przyrodę, budzącą się do życia. W niemal wszystkich pokojach, uczniowie, ich opiekunowie oraz pupile spali spokojnie, ciesząc się wolnym dniem. Jedyną osobą, która zwlekła się z łóżka wraz z nadejściem poranka był Niall. Tę noc spędził w sypialni Liama, jednak wolał zniknąć stamtąd stosunkowo szybko.

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Rozdział jedenasty: Powrót opiekunów.

Tytuł: Flower Twilight. (Kwiecisty Zmierzch.)

Autorki: FlyWithMe92 & Cirrown

Od autorki: Przepraszam! Kompletnie wyleciało mi z głowy, że dzisiaj środa. Jak babcię kocham, przed chwilą była sobota - czas biegnie za szybko, żeby mogła się zorientować, kiedy przemija. Jeszcze raz przepraszam i zapraszam do czytania! ~ Cirrown


                Nie spał najlepiej dzisiejszej nocy. Przewracał się z boku na bok, a gdy już udało mu się zasnąć, to spał tak lekkim snem, że po godzinie znów się wybudzał. Poszedł nawet do kuchni coś zjeść, bo koło pierwszej zgłodniał. Jednak i najedzony nie zapadł choćby w drzemkę. Męczyły go nieprzyjemne przeczucia i z tego wszystkiego szyby w oknach jego pokoju, pokryły się finezyjnymi wzorami szronu.

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Rozdział dziesiąty: Kiedy Liam poznał Demi.

Tytuł: Flower Twilight. (Kwiecisty Zmierzch.)

Autorki: FlyWithMe92 & Cirrown

Od autorki: Hej! Życzę wam od razu miłego czytania, ponieważ sama zabieram się zaraz za naukę chemii. I *werbelki* prawdopodobnie od przyszłego tygodnia to Justyna będzie wstawiała kolejne rozdziały. Wraca do domu wcześniej niż ja, więc to logiczne. Żeby już nie przedłużać, enjoy misiaki xx ~ Cirrown


                Obserwował dziewczynę przez trzy dni. We wtorek pokręcił się koło jej mieszkania, ustalając gdzie dokładnie mieszka i z kim. Czy wychodzi popołudniami, czy pracuje? W środę czekał, aż wyjdzie z domu i poszedł za nią. Okazało się, że studiuje na Wydziale Chemicznym Uniwersytetu Londyńskiego, co Liam zanotował w jej aktach. Uznał ten fakt za ważny. Być może Simon, będzie chciał w jakiś sposób skorzystać z jej umiejętności. We czwartek starał się być nie widzialny, chcąc zobaczyć w jakim towarzystwie się obraca. Miała koleżankę, bo przyjaciółką by jej nie nazwał. Miała zbyt duży dystans do niej, podobnie jak do reszty swoich znajomych.

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