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The way Liam doesn’t even flinch and just lets Zayn pull him closer, how he just lets his lips rest on his arm like it’s as easy and normal as breathing. I have to admit that I myself have done the exact same thing with past boyfriends. This just screams proof to me and the fact that right after this happens and they pull away, Liam looks off camera to what you would expect to be management to see how they reacted makes Ziam seem even more real. x

** Harry Styles Imagine**


You and Harry had just moved in together.You had finished moving in all the furniture and the last thing to do was hang up pictures. You especially needed help with this and Harry’s tallness would come in handy.  As you started to the get the pictures ready to be hung you saw Harry just standing there watching you.

You: A little help here! What are you looking at?

Harry: The beautiful artwork..

You: What artwork? I haven’t even hung anything up yet.

Harry:  I was talking about you.