zayn loves his boys

This is it. This is the best headline yet. 

In honor of March 25 and the last few days of ot5, i’d like to remind everyone of how much nourriam loves Zayn. 

Leaving a space for Zayn and his mic set when singing 

Liam and Louis making sure nobody takes Zayn’s spot

Liam hinting at what’s to come or just missing Zayn…

Harry’s double ponytail resembling Zayn’s 

Liam making sure everyone knows that ot5 is fine, Liam taking a picture of a Zayn fan sign and Harry reacting to a picture of Zayn

Lilo discussing how much Liam loves his Yorkshire boys [Louis and Zayn]

Louis autograph to a fan regarding Zayn on March 22, 2015

Leaving a space for Zayn for their first music video without him

Finally, Zayn’s smile during otra…

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Yo when harry was talking about how he has no regrets being in a boyband and not pretending he hated it or talking shit (cough like zayn) really made a bitch emotional :')

i know :’) he loves his boys :’)

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Megan I feel like I've read every ziam fic and I need another do u have any obscure faves or know of lesser known high school or uni au thx love ur a gem

Here are some fics that I really enjoy and aren’t as well known, hopefully you like them too :)

You Make Me Strong by justyrae ( @1didntaskforthis​)

Liam’s a pro-boxer, Zayn is his trainer and it turns out Liam has a jealous streak.

When My Heart Is Lonely by Hannyski

19 year old Liam Payne is looking for a way to fund a University course in Behavioural Psychology when he finds the advert for a job playing au pair to three kids. The money sounds too good to be true but it’s worth a shot and that’s how Liam ends up standing on the doorstep of one of the biggest mansions in Bradford, wearing a suit two sizes too big for him and an earnest smile that refuses to falter.

Zayn Malik is 17. Zayn Malik does not need a babysitter. Zayn Malik resents being called a kid. Zayn Malik is spiralling out of control.

Zayn Malik is the oldest sibling placed in Liam’s charge.

Inevitably, they clash.

There’s a Bookmark Where I Met You  by  @romancemesomeziam

Zayn finds himself having to deal with a boy causing a commotion in the Library he works at.


When Zayn finds himself faced with Curly Liam and can’t help himself.

Lifeguard by Mintyshark

Liam works as a lifeguard in his grandparent’s neighborhood. But when being distracted on the job leads to a near fatal accident, he finds out how to forgive himself.

I Wanna Be The Best You’ve Ever Known

“You’ve been a bad, bad boy Li,” he mumbles, biting softly at Liam’s earlobe, “and do you know what happens to bad boys, love?”

Zayn can feel the warm breath on his neck hitch, picking up slightly as Liam nods lifting his head, his big brown eyes wide and glassy, “Bad boys get punished.”

crackle fizz pop by retts

liam tries to stifle his grin. ‘wrong. a barn owl did this to me. pecked at my neck and everything.’

the prompt: Zayn and Liam kiss. Everywhere. All the time. Two minutes while they wait for the elevator - kissing. Waiting in line at the supermarket - kissing. And yet Liam’s says that he hates PDA. Louis claims Zayn’s corrupted him. idk just an idea :)

Burnin’ Up  by hostagesfic

“My hero,” Zayn says, shoving Liam over to flop half on top of him on sofa.

“Oof,” Liam grunts. “Hot. No. Stop.”

“Yes,” Zayn counters, propping his chin on Liam’s shoulder. “Need cuddles.”


The Badboy and The Nerd, How Cliche by ZaynCentric ( @zayn-centric-duh )

High school au where Zayn is shy and quiet and likes to write stories and wear glasses.  Liam is his boyfriend that will rip the throat out of anyone that looks at him the wrong way.

Extrasensory by kbeto ( @overwhelmedbyfeels )

It’s Liam’s birthday, and Zayn has planned a surprise that will make Liam’s special night even more special. Or in which gentle dom!Zayn comes out to play. Ziam, a bit kinky, tonnes of sexual references and just a little bit of fluff.

     Wash Away by Grand Buzz (quodpersortem) ( @nobetterbumthantomlinson )

Liam should be doing his homework. Instead he’s got Zayn in his bed–and even after three years, he can’t say no to that.


zaynsfreepalestinetweet recieved around 85 messages of love to Zayn (x). I read them all and traslated into key words and numbers. 

the other boy’s version: (x)

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I don't get why people who dislike Zayn should be racist? There's no correlation? I really love Zayn's music, my friend doesn't because she prefers the pop vibes of 1D but I don't think she's racist at all. She just doesn't like his music. She supports OT4 because, even if it pisses me off, that's how the current 1D situation is. Sadly, there'll always be someone who dislikes and try to tear down of the boys

Hiding on anon to make excuses means I hit a nerve. People shitting on and being racists towards Zaynie has been discussed AD NAUSEUM. Educate yourselves (you aren’t the only one) without hiding and defending fuckery. Perhaps you, being a privileged person, does not understand the overt and microaggression POC face, but don’t EVER tell me that shit isn’t a direct or indirect cause of people shitting on Zayn. Folks take at face value the narrative that Zayn is a drug loving bad boy who cheats on his partners, but deny any official narrative thing around their fave. And don’t even start me on the racist and Islamophobic bullshit both the media and this fandom spewed from day 1 about my precious brown boy. And whitewashing Zayn with the linkage to these blond chicks over and over again. If you don’t know about something, that’s YOUR job to figure it out, not mine to point this shit out every damn time.

Read some posts and go through this tag and read this: xx / x / x / x / x / x / x

Let me end with this:

Baby, You and Me.

Prompt:  Zayn is a famous singer, Niall is a teacher, Niall is pregnant and everyone knows about it and the paps start a rumor that Niall is possibly cheating on Zayn with Louis, Niall’s best friend, and they are saying that the baby is Louis’ and not Zayn’s. 

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Hi!! I was wondering if you could recommend any Ziam fics with single dad AU or any fake boyfriend ones!! Thanks!!

Here goes, here goes:

Single Dad

Run For The Woods Now series (149,370) by jmcats:
Zayn knows some of the best and worst moments start with one of Louis’ ideas. Still, it’s almost as if everyone knew where this, his life, was going when Harry and Liam moved into Wagner’s old flat, with that stupid plant sitting in the doorway, and too many cigarettes and Justin Timberlake for any of this to have been one of those classically clichéd love stories.
And Zayn doesn’t do clichés. Not until Liam, that is

We Lie Awake At Night
His life, the one with his friends, with his son, with Liam, still feels a little too incredible to be true. But if it is, he’ll never let himself become content with it. Nothing this amazing should ever become routine.

Home in the Stars
It’s the kind of love story that started with Louis’ insane plans, a ridiculous plant, new neighbors, and a boy with warm brown eyes, round cheeks and promises to be there when Zayn was ready. He doesn’t know how to explain it, but maybe he will be able to tell their son Safi one day how he decided to stop running and fell for Liam… One day, he will.

I’ve Waited for This
One day, he’ll thank Louis Tomlinson for this: Liam still loves the smell of cigarettes on Zayn’s skin, the sound of Justin Timberlake when their fingers touch, the way Safi finds his own spot on their bed, the way there’s always pieces of skin touching just to keep them connected.
The way all of this started with a stupid, completely mental idea from Louis Tomlinson.
(Or the one where Zayn and Liam get married and Zayn’s finally ready)

Be cruel to me (‘cause I’m a fool for you) (37,764) by paynegerous:
“Baba, can I get the same job as Leeyum when I grow up?”
“If you want, flower,” Zayn snorts, ruffling her hair fondly. “Liam here can teach you.”
“Oh, no, I can’t have someone who could potentially love penguins more than me threatening my job,” Liam says in a fake-serious tone. “I mean, Raani here even has a t-shirt and I don’t think I can compete with that.”
“No, no, Leeyum, I won’t steal your job,” Raani shakes her head hurriedly. “I’m only five, I don’t think I can steal your job until I’m old.”
Or the one where Zayn is a stressed out single dad, Liam might just be what he needs, Louis and Niall are always happy to babysit and Harry’s a loud snorer.

the beauty of this mess (67,815) by jmcats:
He won’t admit how cold his sheets are when he’s alone or how his spine aches for Liam pressed to it or the way his fingers shove unforgivingly into his stack of pillows when he thinks about Jackson drowsy on his chest or Annabelle’s soft face under the moonlight or how that one-story bungalow was the closest he’s felt to home since leaving Bradford.
(Re: Zayn loves this city, loves his boys, loves the salty taste of the surf on his tongue even though he hates the ocean… but he’s not expecting to fall in love with Liam and all of his little secrets, too. Not enough to stick around in this sandy city of teenage dreams)

Can I Keep You (26,595) by scottmcniceass:
Liam is always trying to do what’s best for himself and his daughter, but raising a kid on his own at twenty-two, on top of juggling school work and a full-time job, isn’t easy. Zayn just wants a chance to show Liam that he’s not going to walk out on them. And Liam’s daughter, Emma? She just wants to keep Zayn.

You’re The Shining Distraction That Makes Me Fly (40,179) by romancemesomeziam:
Zayn is a recently new single father, falling into his role without ease until Liam, his son’s first grade teacher, helps him a little to adapt to the new lifestyle.

take this sinking boat and point it home (series) (43,878) by snuffleslove:
Liam’s on his way to get groceries when he hears the music. It’s low and beautiful, seeping through his skin and settling in his bones and Liam forgets about everything else, makes a sharp turn towards the source of it, nearly turning over his bike in his haste. He rounds two corners before he finds the boy, sitting on an overturned bucket with a guitar in his lap and a bike carelessly toppled by his feet.
Or, a Once the Musical AU but I write a happy ending instead because those are so much more enjoyable. For anyone who hasn’t seen the musical (you should), this is basically angsty zayn/li kidfic.

we’ve still got time
Zayn feels numb. There’s a low pulse of desperation in his fingertips, like he’s trying to catch smoke with his bare hands, keep it close to him. He tries to imagine a lifetime without tangling his hands in Mack’s curls or being held by Liam, strong hands wrapped around him from behind and can’t. Weeks have passed and Zayn can still remember perfectly the way Liam’s breath feels tickling his ear, the way his laugh shakes through his entire body, the way he flushes behind his neck when Zayn teases him.
Worth fighting for? he thinks. He’s never been more sure of anything in his life.
Or: it’s been about five years since zayn stumbled into liam and mack and the rest of his family, and a whole lot has changed since then.

This Love Left a Permanent Mark (25,991) by harrietelizabeth:
Liam’s memory of Zayn is a summer afternoon, scraping enough money together between them for ice creams and a pack of smokes, the window open in Liam’s room to entice a breeze inside. It’s midnight conversations and early morning kisses, still half asleep. It’s all the words Liam never knew how to say until he heard them from Zayn’s lips.
And Zayn’s memory of Liam is….well, that’s the problem. Liam has no idea.

You Never Give Up On Me (31,376) by sunshinexbomb:
Zayn doesn’t know if it’s funny or a little sad that they keep skirting around this thing they’ve gotten themselves into. Sometimes it hurts knowing that Liam never asks him to stay even though Zayn knows he wants him to. He wonders how long he can keep doing this, can keep waiting for Liam, and he doesn’t know if it scares him or not that he could possibly wait forever.

In which Zayn is an English teacher tempted to write awful poetry about the warm coffee color of Liam’s eyes, Liam is a primary ed teacher and single parent who thinks he’s too busy to be in a relationship, Niall and Harry are the sickeningly cute newlywed teachers in the school, and Louis is a drama teacher who is not-so-patiently waiting for the day of his own wedding.

History in the Making (45,229) by areyoutherelarry:
Liam, a soldier, and Zayn, an art therapist, meet at an art fair and immediately are attracted to each other, but Zayn has a kid and a dead fiancée and Liam has a career to think about.

Every Step (40,200) by writingsofamadchild:
Every step Liam takes, it’s for her, Lily. And every path he’s journeyed has somehow led him to Zayn.

Mess is Mine: A Lifetime (WIP) (22,180) by MidnightHighlights:
Zayn Malik is an aspiring artist that finds himself a published illustrator and single father of two all in one day. // Liam Payne is playing footie with his Army Special Forces ODA one minute and regaining consciousness three minutes later. Now on “honorable discharge”, his PTSD keeps him up at night.
(Or where Zayn futilely pushes people away because his mess is his own to clean up, and Liam is kept up at night, replaying horrors enough for a lifetime. + Eleanor is Niall’s fiancée and Harry & Louis are in denial over mutual feelings.)

until two and two is three (47,755) by jmcats:
But he spends the next morning sipping his tea, watching a sleepy Zayn make coffee while Lily crawls around their feet and pretends, for a few seconds, this is how it’s supposed to feel.
(Re: They’re perfect for her, Lily, even if she’s their best mates’ daughter — except they hate each other. But life plays out a little comically and a lot tragically sometimes. And Liam will never get over how much he loves Lily or how much he hates Zayn, but they’re all she has left now)

You freed my feet from the ground so we could both scape and fly for a while (15,811) by Anonymous:
Zayn and his twins are forced by a very stubborn Louis to join a baby boot camp and he ends up meeting Liam… who is not exactly who he says he is….

Love,Trust,&Coffee (13,010) by Anonymous:
Zayn is a 23 year old single father to a five year old little girl. He’s trying to handle working as a barista at The Coffee Corner, go to college, and take care of his child all at once. Suddenly CEO 26 year old Liam Payne is thrusted into his life and now he’s trying to figure out how he can fit trusting and loving someone into his hetic life as well.

Your Personal Superhero (11,459) by Anonymous:
Liam stumbles into Zayn and his daughter’s lives but a secret or two may end up not being worth the fight.

Clouds in a Bug Net (13,751) by Anonymous:
Holiday season approaches. After Zayn’s plans are suddenly changed due to an accident, he’s forced to face feelings that he thought he had long buried. He probably didn’t make a good job hiding those, as they’re clear to the one person willing to help him with his love predicament. Will Zayn follow the advice received and finally come clean to his best mate? Sometimes what you want the most seems too far away from your reach.


let’s pretend it’s love (68,465) by wafflehood:
Pretend!boyfriends fic in which Liam and Zayn get papped while hamming it up for Louis and Eleanor, and management decides the easiest way to deal with the resulting hysteria is to let it run its course.

and you take me the way I am (54,624) by jmcats:
It’s incredibly relaxing, even in this small space, the way they’ve always been. Such a distraction that he doesn’t think, not for once, about agreeing to lie to his family and Zayn pretending to be his date and how easy all of this might be.
(Liam needs a date to a wedding. His family loves to match him up with blind dates. He doesn’t want that. He needs a date… and, well, why not Zayn. Pretending to be boyfriends for a weekend isn’t the worst idea he supposes. Liam is horribly wrong.)

fooled around and fell in love (15,717) by tachycardia:
“I have a proposal - a proposition,” Liam corrects quickly. “For you.”
Liam and Zayn pretend to be engaged

Nobody Knows You Baby (The Way I Do) (13,300) by eroticziam:
Zayn and Liam accidentally get nominated for cutest couple at school and Louis makes a bet with them that they won’t win.
(AKA the one where everyone was betting and nothing is accidental)

where I belong (and long to be) <26,081) by rubycrowned:
Liam hasn’t quite been himself since his final split with Danielle; his family get worried and decide it’s about time they came to visit for the weekend. Liam calls Zayn in as back-up. Zayn can’t really ever say no to Liam.

Practical Arrangement (WIP) (18,499) by MidnightHighlights:
After a war between the kingdoms of Bradford and Wolverhampton left Bradford the sole kingdom in England, a treaty was signed between the two nations vowing peace and alliance. In offering, Wolverhampton’s first-born male would be betrothed to the Royal Malik Family’s first-born male and sent to Bradford to live at the palace on the 21st birthday of the youngest. And neither man is keen to the whole ordeal.
(++So you have Prince Zayn and respectfully titled Liam hating each other, the two PAs Harry and Louis supplying inappropriate jokes whenever possible, and Niall always there to laugh at them.)

I AM SO SORRY THIS IS WEEKS LATE I COMPLETELY DID NOT EVEN SEE IT. I hope you still see this and that it’s helpful (‘:

one direction groupchat
  • *Niall added Louis Tomlinson*
  • *Niall added Harry Styles*
  • Harry: hi
  • Louis: what the fuck is this
  • Niall: calm down lewis
  • Harry: hi boo
  • Louis: hi honey <3
  • *Niall added Liam Payne*
  • *Niall added Zayn Malik*
  • Louis: who is this guy
  • Louis: i don't know him
  • Zayn: shut the fuck up louis
  • Louis: who are you??? are you that guy who left my band? because i don't recognise you
  • Liam: hi boys and zayn
  • Harry: all the love xx
  • Niall: bye i'm going golfing love and peace here
  • Louis: Harry you give me all your love everyday
  • Zayn: ugh you guys didn't stop either
  • Louis: shut up you fucking loser, thanks to you i will smoke weed all alone
  • Zayn: sorry xx
  • Louis: go with greasy boy
  • Louis: oops, naughty*
  • Harry: Louis calm down and come here i want to cuddle
  • Louis: going x
  • Liam: i'm hungry bye

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Megannnnnn How do you think Ziam stumbled upon the Daddy/Baby thing?

Mia omg ok so i feel like zayn was really overwhelmed by 1d and all the fans and interviews and hectic schedule and just became so restless. like his skin felt weirdly tight and his mind felt like it was constantly racing and liam took notice to this so he’d start to cuddle zayn after the shows or after they had a bad run in with the paps. zayn would get so pliant in liams arms and sometimes it was like he’d drift off into a different headspace. liam would be cuddling zayn and kissing the side of his head while telling him how good he was and how beautiful he was. zayn seemed to really like it, until it wasn’t enough.

one day they are cuddling in zayn’s bunk after a show and zayn has his face tucked in liams neck. He has the biggest boner but he doesn’t know what to do about it. liam shifts slightly in the tight space, rubbing up against zayn’s cock causing him to moan and liam to freeze. zayn can’t help it anymore, he’s a whimpering mess, he’s not even in his normal head space and he whimpers “daddy” into liam’s neck as he starts to gently grind against his thigh. liam is starting to get hard as well and seeing how desperate zayn is turns him on so much so he just kisses the side of his head, the tip of his nose then finally placing the gentlest kiss on his lips before whispering “let daddy take care of you baby, is that what you want princess?” Zayn’s whimpers get louder as he started to practically ride liam’s thigh as best he can in the cramped space. “Yes daddy please take care of me ill be such a good boy I promise”

And after they’ve both come- Zayn, with liam’s warm hand around his cock and liam from grinding against zayn’s ass- they’d kiss lightly before falling asleep in each others arms.

After that it just becomes a thing, like the cuddling had. Liam would dick into Zayn so slowly, with such power, he wouldn’t be able to move, or think, for hours. It was during these times “Daddy” was the only word Zayn could remember. Liam loved it. He loved being able to have this affect on Zayn. And Zayn loved being called his daddy’s perfect baby boy, the praise making his cock swell, hot and hard against his belly, dripping wet with precome. Zayn would beg for his Daddy to make him come, would be so so good for him and it made Liam’s heart swell, along with his cock, at how desperate and willing he was.

Whenever they were in a hotel room together, liam would make them take a bath together afterwards where he would get zayn to sit in between his legs so liam could pepper kisses along his shoulders, licking at each one of his tattoos. liam would wash zayn’s body and scrub away all the tension in his muscles. then he would carefully massage shampoo into zayn’s hair as zayn hums absentmindedly, drawing shapes on liams legs with his finger tips. Liam would kiss zayns shoulders and the fantail tattoo at the top of his spine. they would sit in the bath until it got cold then would take a shower together to rinse off the bubbles.

In the shower they would hold each other close and whisper sweet nothings into each others mouths as the hot water pounds on liams back, having turned them to protect zayn, his baby boy, from the harsh stream of water. they would sway slightly and hum to each other until zayn more or less comes back to himself. Liam would dry zayn lightly with a fluffy towel before wrapping it around his waist gently. he’d then dry himself and take zayns hand to lead him to bed. they’d cuddle, with zayn’s back flush against liams strong chest. their legs and feet intertwined as liam brushes his feet lightly up and down zayn’s calf. their arms would in front of zayn, hands clasped, resting on his heart where he could lean down and press gentle kisses on each of liam’s knuckles. liam would burry his head in zayn’s neck leaving gentle kisses and nosing his hairline before they would both fall asleep wrapped up in each other completely.

Every morning, without a doubt, zayn will have turned around to face liam so when he wakes up, the first thing he sees is zayn’s peaceful face. he’s able to press feather light kisses on each of his eyelids and the apples of his cheeks as he watches zayn’s eyes flutter open.  a smile would crawl onto his lips as he catches liams lips in a sweet kiss. “Love you li.” “Love you more princess”

Why i love Zayn<3

anonymous said:

Hi! :))))) write please reasons why you love 1D boys, but in different posts :) and who you love most?


I love Zayn because he taught me that it’s okay to be insecure and shy, but it doesn’t and shouldn’t be the reason to hold you back from doing what you love <3

i love how creative and artistic he is

i love how it’s said that he is a ‘bad boy’ and how he has loads of tattoo’s

yet he is the most gentle and loving boy/man i’ve ever seen

he’s so f*cking adorable!

i love how he thinks a bit and has this shy image whenever he is in an interview/talking

i mean sure he seems shy when you first see him but there more than that 

i love his love for his family and how close he is to them

he’s just so beautiful <3 :'3

and he is playful/fun! Not super quiet and ignorant =-=

he also makes a sexy girl~ (don’t lie to yourself *smirks*)

and he has amazing dance moves *bites my lip*


let me tell y’all something. and i know I mentioned this in my fic (lmao) but i’ll say it here again bc it’s true. harry, liam, louis, and niall all auditioned for xfactor bc they wanted to be famous. they wanted to be performers, they wanted the spotlight, they wanted screaming fans, all that jazz. zayn auditioned bc he just wanted confirmation of his talent. he’s never been super adjusted to the level of fame he has. you can see this on every interview, his attitude whenever he’s feeling shitty during an interview. all the other boys never show how tired they are or how bad they feel, but zayn doesn’t give a shit how he may come across. on his free time he goes incognito. he’s ducked out of several shows bc he was feeling sick but none of the other boys have done that bc THEY ARE PERFORMERS THEY LOVE TO PERFORM. harry fucking LOST HIS VOICE, the ONE thing he needs to perform, and he didn’t duck out of those shows. zayn does this FOR his boys, he enjoys the band, but he doesn’t chase fame. he’s quiet about what he does and he’s the only one who’s stayed silent as a celebrity. it’s no surprise that he’s ducking out bc he can’t handle this. i’m not saying that he doesn’t want this as much as any of the other boys–i’m sure that’s untrue and i can’t speak like i know that at all. but the reasons behind him being in this boyband and performing daily are not because it’s his dream, per se, but more because he’s made a commitment to it and he loves his friends and it helps him do things like explore his other more apparent interests and support his family. 

Watch on

when naughty tells zayn they are expected to sell 5,000 albums

I firmly believe that Zayn refuses to get married until Harry and Louis can because he loves them so much.