zayn looks so good in that beanie

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so mere days after we point out that one of Zayn's selfies (which as we all know are Ziam af) shows him wearing a hat that says "ILU", he RTs fanart of him wearing THE SAME HAT but it says "PaynoZquadFamily"?? AND THEN this motherfucker posts ANOTHER selfie smoking as if we didnt get ALL the other BLATANT Ziam references?? rEALLY SASHA WHO TF DO ZIAM THINK THEY ARE BEING SO IN LOVE this is my formal resignation from life cuz I can't handle how much I love their love anymore bye.😩#ziamisreal

The fan art thing was pretty blatant, imo.

Zoomed in:

Pretty sure he saw that. Natasha strikes again! Good looking out! I think he chose this fan art to retweet because yes, he was sending a message with his Instagram post…

…which came as he and Liam were on a posting spree. Both were showing off their coordinating hand tatts.

So yes, I do think the pose and the “ILU” on his beanie were a message to Liam. I believe he retweeted the pic because Natasha clearly got it. It’s a wink and a nod. Liam and Zayn are both so aware and clever. It kills me that it flies over most of the fandom’s head. Like, they’re making it pretty easy for people to pick up what they’re putting down and yet…people think THIS was Liam shade? Here comes the dreaded big D: DELUSIONAL.

But as long as some of us get it. At least Liam and Zayn know we’re out here.

Preference #02 How You Meet


It was an unusually cool summer day and you decided to go on a jog in the park. You put in your headphones and put on your favorite song. You were keeping to yourself and as you went to look down at your phone to change the song you ran right into someone. You immediately looked up to apologize to the stranger that you had hit. When he turned you were instantly lost in his deep blue eyes. “Im so sorry!!”, you had to have said this at least 5 times before the man smiled and responded: “It’s quite alright, I should’ve seen you coming”. You smiled and your eyes travelled down to the dog that was standing beside the blonde gentleman, “Well aren’t you a cutie!” you smiled and pet the golden retriever puppy. “His name is Scout…and can I ask for your name?” he said shyly. “Oh of course, how rude of me to not introduce myself! I’m Y/N” “I’m Niall, it’s nice to meet you, considering how we bumped into each other haha”. You returned a smile and could just not stop staring at the attractive man that was standing before you. When he started talking again it snapped you out of your trance, “I see you’re here alone, would you like to walk with me and Scout? Maybe we could get to know each other a little better” he was so polite how could you say no? Today was just the beginning of a wonderful relationship.


It was June and hotter than ever. You and your 2 best friends were making it a beach day. You all left early to get breakfast and a good spot in the sand. You were all enjoying yourselves and when your 2 friends left to get something at the snack shack, you decided to take a dip in the ocean. You lost all train of thought when you saw one of the most beautiful people you’d had ever seen. You caught yourself staring and quickly looked away. Before you knew it he was coming over towards you, surfboard in hand. “Couldn’t help but notice you watching me as I was surfing, was I alright love?” you couldn’t believe he was talking to you. “Yeah, yeah you were amazing out there!” “Well maybe if you’re not too busy I could teach you sometime..and the name is Liam by the way!” “My name’s Y/N…and I would love that” you said with a smile. You two spent the rest of the day walking on the beach getting to know more about each other. You planned a surfing lesson next week, and you just couldn’t wait until you could see him again. 


It was a cool November day in London and you decided to stop by your favorite little cafe for some coffee and breakfast. When you arrived you ordered a Spiced Caramel Latte and blueberry muffin, you took your breakfast to a small table in the corner. You loved sitting here by the window so you could watch as the people would bustle past to escape the cold. A little while into your meal you noticed that business really seemed to pick up, it was crowded with people trying to keep warm by ordering a hot drink. You didn’t notice someone standing in front of you until he made a small coughing noise. You looked up and the man smiled, “Mind if I sit here love? It’s quite crowded and I love a good seat by the window!”. You returned the smile and told him to sit, you extended your hand “Hi, Im Y/N! And I’m totally the same way, I love sitting near the window..” he returned the gesture and replied “The name’s Louis”. You both sat at the table for hours talking and getting to know each other, not caring about how many people were looking for a table. You guys actually had a lot in common, and you both made sure to exchange numbers so you could meet back up in the little cafe. You definitely wanted to see each other again.


It was around 11:30pm and you decided to make a late night market run. You were in sweatpants, a baggy hoodie, a messy-bun, and had no makeup on. You were hoping not to run into anyone you knew because you were just not up for a social confrontation at this hour. When your parked your car you headed in to grab a few things: milk, fruit, juice, and ice-cream. About 5 minutes later, there you stood in front of the mass array of ice-cream flavors..every time you were here you had trouble picking a flavor. You were scanning your eyes over each flavor until someone spoke up, “Can’t decide? … Me either. It seems like theres a new flavor every time i’m  here”. You looked over and instantly regretted going out in public dressed like you were. There was a very attractive man looking over at you. You laughed in response to what he said, trying to hide your face at the same time. “I know, it’s become quite overwhelming!” you said with a laugh. He laughed as well nodding in agreement. He was dressed in sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a beanie, but he still looked good. You thought he was going to pick something and leave but he continued to stand there. “Maybe we can help each other pick something out..” he said in a friendly tone. “Yeah, that sounds good” you said back. After you both decided on Chocolate Chunk, you browsed the store together, occasionally picking up a few necessities. You were glad you made this late night market run, and left with an attractive boy’s number.


You had to pick up a few things from the store and do some shopping, so when you woke up you got dressed and headed for town. After you got the necessities, you found yourself browsing a flea market. You were looking through a box of vintage music tapes, occasionally picking out a few that you wanted to buy. As you continued to browse, you found yourself looking at different art pieces and canvases. You were infatuated with one piece in particular and were considering on buying it. “You like it?” you heard someone beside you say. “Yeah, it’s really lovely” you said smiling, “It took me a while to finish, but I’m quite happy with the turnout” the dark haired boy said. “You made this!?” you said in a more shocked manner than intended, “It’s unbelievable, you’re so talented, I wish I knew how to do art like this..”. “If you like it, you can have it. I always like making art for beautiful people” he smiled, and you blushed at his words. “I’m Zayn by the way, and if you would like, maybe I could teach you one day how to draw”. You couldn’t believe how nice this boy was, and the fact that he was attractive was even better. “That sounds lovely…would you like to grab coffee? Maybe talk more about art? I’ve always wanted to learn more about it.” you said. “Sounds great!” The both of you had a wonderful time discussing art over a nice cup of coffee. You couldn’t wait to see him again.

Harry Styles hair is worth more than your existence.

Harry Styles hair in any form has always and forever will always be amazing… and if you don’t agree after this post the exit is on your left.

1.Lets Start with Afro Harry 

I mean the higher the hair the closer to god right?

(not to mention those fucking dimples)

2.Here we have Harold with the hair that i personally think all adults/nonfans still think he has to this dayNot that i would complain if he did because seriously i wanna tuck him under my armpit and shelter him from life he’s so cute.

3.Here we see the curls are taking a turn towards heaven^^ along with my soul.

4.This is when i would like to believe Harry was growing tired of his baby doll curls framing his flawless faces and so decided he wanted to take a turn down swanky street.

And holy shit was this a hot fucking look for him

5. Now we move onto when Harry decides to throw a beanie on top of his thick locks

Don’t worry though love the curls surely shine through;)

Especially now that his hair is longer than the mane of a free running Gazelle.

6.Hats…no matter what hat what hair length it just fucking works for him.He could literally probably wear a fucking lampshade as a hat and make it work for himself.

Lets not ever never ever never no do not EVER forget that time his hat tried to escape him and his wild wet hair was released to the world. (Thank you jesus amen)

7. aww look at this cutie in a bandana 

Correction look as this fucking sex god in a bandana


LIke i want to have sex with you and then wrap your hair up in the bedsheets.

8.OH hello sir headband/ponytail welcome welcome

welcome to the fandom and please do not ever leave us

If i had to choose either

a. cut off Harrys ponytail


b. cut off my left tit…well

see ya tit


10. But nothing and i mean NOTHING will ever compare to when Harry has nothing on and lets his wild locks flow in the free wind whilst singing on a stage

i mean

Staring at his hair is more pleasurable than sex

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful….Harry





You are not alone /Zayn centric Zianourry

Prompt: Zayn get sicks just before Christmas and his boyfriends are not going to leave him, right?

Word Count: 3.2k

Snow was falling down decorating the cold streets of London with a snow blanket. It was a cold day in December and everyone was in a hurry. People were running from one shop to another buying Christmas presents for their loved ones. No one had time to slow down. No one had time to enjoy all the lights and Christmas decoration on the streets or in the shops. People were too busy to notice how beautiful London really was during that time of the year. The silent, quiet time of the year was actually the busiest.

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Permanent Masterpost !!

OK OK OK. So like Permanent is my all-time fave fic so I decided to try and make a masterpost kinda thing about it. Basically I just found gifs/pics that remind me of scenes from the story. I also found some songs. The breaks are sudden and not smooth at all bc I tried to minimize the amount of text and shorten the post overall so you should probably have read the fic already.

The lookalike porn gifs were a nightmare bc I was always way too picky so I gave up my search and added whatever I already collected. I mean it would’ve been easier if there was a ziam sextape ya feel? but like sometimes your heart’s just meant to be broken.

And sorry I got lazy towards the end and rushed through it because I just wanted to finish it. This was so much harder than I thought so please use a strong imagination. Like A LOT. BUT ALSO HAVE FUN BC I I SURE DID.

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i want to prompt you something could you write zarry and just them being really cute and in love and cuddling (maybe on the 15 hour long flight to Australia wink) it doesn't have to be long even just 2 paragraphs or whatever you want is enough for me if you want thank you

“You wore leather pants for a flight this long?” Zayn raises his eyebrows at Harry. Harry just grins, and lifts up the armrest between their seats. Harry had left his house while Zayn was still only just waking up and wasn’t really registering anything, so this is the first time Zayn’s seen him all day, and he’s enjoying the way Zayn’s gaze lingers.

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Just Around The Corner - Prologue

Summary: Ever since her father gave her her first board, Camila Cabello has lived to skate. Every day and night, it was just skateboarding. She has gotten almost everyone’s eyes in Miami, especially a certain emerald eyed girl. Always being dragged to Miami’s local skate park by her boyfriend, Keaton, Lauren has never been interested in the sport, well… That was until Camila entered the picture. What will happen?

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