zayn just smiles and opens his arms at harry

i wonder if some nights zayn and harry would lie together, maybe a little tipsy, but they wouldn’t say anything. harry was so loud when he was younger, a little wild sometimes and he didn’t quite know how important it was to lie in silence and just be sometimes. but zayn, zayn carved out his space in the world just for him to rest in and relax and escape from everything. and some nights, there’d be a knock at the door and he’d open it to see harry smiling a little sheepishly. and zayn would let harry in and they’d lie on the bed (harry not taking too long to curl up against zayn’s chest) and zayn would let harry exist in the space he carved out with him; let harry in in a way he wouldn’t let anyone else. and harry would fall asleep, feeling at peace there in zayn’s arm and his space where the rest of the world had melted away.