zayn is blonde

Bombshell Blond (Wired Up To Detonate)

Rating: Explicit
Ships: Zayn Malik/Niall Horan, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
“Correct me if I’m wrong,” Zayn starts, leaning forward and resting his chin on his hands. “But you look a little…nervous?”
Niall scoffs but Zayn can see the worry underneath the surface. “Consider yourself corrected.”
Zayn just raises an eyebrow at that, and eventually Niall groans, rubbing at his face. “Fuck. Okay, look, I’m not good at this whole–” he waves his hands around, “–wooing thing. I’m not someone who goes on dates and, like, does all that. I’ve never had the time to do that, even.”
“You’ve never been in a relationship?” Zayn asks, a bit surprised.
Niall blushes. “Never really cared about stuff like that, until I met you.”
[Or the one where Zayn’s a spy, Niall’s his target, and the whole world’s their playground]
Words: ~51k

A/N: Written for Round 5 of @1dbigbang​. Also featuring absolutely amazing art by @karelydraws (full-length version of art in the fic)! I’ve been working on the idea/snippets for this fic for probably four/five years now and I’m so happy to see it finally completed :) It’s by far the longest fic I’ve ever written and I really hope you all enjoy it!

Ask Me one! (One Direction Themed)

1. Favorite boy?
2. What is your ranking of the boys (including Zayn)?
3. When did you get into the fandom?
4. How did you first hear about one direction?
5. What was the first music video you ever saw?
6. Favorite music video?
7. Least favorite music video?
8. Favorite interview?
9. Favorite ship within the band?
10. Ever seen them live? When/Where?
11. If you could go back and see one show front row, which tour would you go to?
12. Favorite era (UAN, TMH, etc.)?
13. Ranking of the albums (favorite–>least favorite)?
14. Least favorite song on each album?
15. Most favorite song on each album?
16. Lottie or Gemma?
17. Danielle or Sophia?
18. Feelings on Perrie?
19. Feelings on Eleanor?
20. Feelings on Sophia?
21. Long or short hair Harry?
22. Buzzcut or curly hair Liam?
23. Cinnamon swirl or fringe Louis?
24. Blonde streak or shaved head Zayn?
25. Blonde or brunette Niall?
26.  Favorite 1d mom?
27. One song they should add to the setlist?
28. One song they should take off the setlist?
29. Favorite x-factor performance?
30. Favorite tour?
31. Where were you/what were you doing when you heard Zayn was leaving?
32. Favorite tweet?
33. Favorite rumor?
34. Song that you thought deserved to be a single?
35. Did you ever hear Just Can’t Let Her Go?
36. Did you see the 1d  movie in theaters?
37. Haylor: yay or nay?
38. Larry: yay or nay?
39. Lou Teasdale: yay or nay?
40. Simon Cowell: yay or nay?
41. Favorite lyric change
42. Harry getting his shirt ripped open or Liam getting his shirt ripped open?
43. Would you rather get a selfie with your favorite boy and have it be really bad or meet all of them but have no photos or evidence of it?
44. Would you rather watch Louis/Harry alone together or Niall/Harry alone together?
45. Would you rather have a tell-all book released about the x-factor days or about Zayn leaving?
46. Favorite inside joke within the fandom?
47. If you could choose any three people to go with to a 1d concert, who would they be?
48. Favorite moment from this tour?
49. Favorite fandom moment?
50. Favorite moment of pride for the boys?