zayn is always looking good


All my favourite conversations
Always made in the A.M.

I was thinking too much about the emotions at Wembley and Zayn not being there but sort of being there in spirit, and well, this happened: 

Louis doesn’t mean to call him. 

Really, he doesn’t. He means to call his agent, or his manager, or maybe in a pinch Liam, because that’s who you call when things go to shit, and, well. He’s pretty sure this is the definition of things going to shit. At least it’s after it’s all over, he thinks, and laughs, because he has to laugh or the alcohol will catch up to him and he’ll start crying. It’ll be a great headline tomorrow: Louis Tomlinson, arrested and crying! They’re probably be pictures and they’ll talk about how it’s because Harry broke up with him and he’ll look like shit. 

And maybe he’s too busy thinking about things like that, because his fingers are dialing before he even gets a chance to stop the muscle memory. He almost throws the phone away as soon as he notices, as it starts to ring, but there’s a big guy sitting on the other side of the holding cell eying him in a way Louis doesn’t like, and a couple more huddled together talking about something Louis really hopes isn’t him, and for once in his life he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. If he’s lucky, no one will ever know this happened. No one will ever know how fucking stupid he is. Zayn’s probably won’t even pick up his phone, and then Louis gets another call, he’s pretty sure. That’s how it works in films. 

Yeah, it’s fine, Louis decides, as the phone rings. Zayn won’t pick up, and then Louis can call Liam, because it’s not like Zayn would do anything for him anyway. Louis doesn’t need Zayn to do shit for him. He’s just letting it ring for pride’s sake, because he’s not going to be the one to back down. He can’t be. 

Six rings. There can’t be more than that, can there? Louis doesn’t remember. He knew once. Knew exactly how many rings because the difference was the difference between Zayn forgetting to answer his phone and Zayn ignoring it because he’s busy. It’ll go to voicemail soon, and Louis will be able to call Liam and get out of here before anyone notices he was fucking arrested, and he’s still not happy about that either. Liam’ll be a drag about it, but it’s in his interest to keep it quiet too, so it’ll be fine. 


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A Habits of the Heart drabble I took out of my attempts to write a prequel –

Sweat trickles down Zayn’s neck, his heart pounding heavy in his chest. He wants to scream as the frustration builds, but he only presses his cheek to the tiny head against his shoulder. Bashar does the screaming for him, shrieks and sobs that make Zayn feel like he is slowly breaking.

“Shh, shh,” he coos, rubbing Bash’s tiny back as he rocks him back and forth, pacing across the kitchen. His little one is burning up, and the doctor said not to worry but he can’t not worry. Panic grips at his throat, making tears build in his eyes and he just wants Bashar calm. Nothing seems to work -

“Come on, please,” Zayn begs him, pressing his lips to his temple. “It’s okay, beta.”

Bashar obviously doesn’t think so as he wails out even louder, fingers gripping into Zayn’s neck. He has tried everything it feels like, but the boy just won’t calm down. 

A knock at his front door makes him wipe hastily at his eyes, guilt filling him because he is sure his neighbors have had enough of the noise. They are all young, uni kids without children and probably don’t want to hear one.

Zayn stills when he spots the familiar face from across the hall, worry making his thick brows push together. A white shirt stretches across his shoulders, drops of rain darkening the material and making his sandy brown hair cling to his forehead. 

His heart flips in his chest at the sight of Liam, and he rubs at his eyes once more in fear that Liam would notice he has been crying. He shouldn’t care, but he doesn’t want anyone other than himself thinking he can’t handle this. 

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#3 How You Tease Him [One Direction Preference]


You always love teasing him and get his attention when he’s watching TV on the bed.

“I’m having a shower” you’d kiss his jaw and head to the bathroom.
You’d purposely leave the door open, humming quietly as the hot water runs down your body.

You’d step out of the shower and wrap a towel around your body, before walking into the bedroom to take your underwear -what you wouldn’t grab it earlier on purpose.

You know that, by now, he’s staring at you with lust eyes.

You’d walk back into the bathroom and let the towel fall down, putting some oil on your legs.

You can see him watching you through the window, the football game long forgotten, and when you’d bend over to massage your feet with the oil, he wouldn’t take your show anymore and rush towards you with his prominent boner.

“You don’t need to do this to get my attention babe. You just need to say” he’d whisper against your neck with his strong arms around your waist and his crotch against your bare ass.


You love teasing him when he’s eating his dessert, because you know that he can’t wait to eat his other dessert but he doesn’t want to not eat the first one either.

“C’mon Niall, she’s waiting for you” you’d pout and look at him with fake-innocent eyes once you’d finish to wash the plates, knifes, forks and glasses.

“Just a minute here, love” he’d plea and rush a bit more, eating faster than ever.

“Maybe I should start alone and, if you take too long, I could finish alone too” you’d shurg, trying to sound the most serious possible.

He would groan in response “I hate you sometimes” he’d say and glance at up at you.

“I’m sure you won’t hate me later” you wouldn’t bother to hide your smirk now, walking behind his chair to massage his shoulders.

“Alright, that’s enough. You’re gonna pay for this so badly” he would stand up and throw you over his shoulders, earning a laugh from you.


You love teasing him while he’s doing interviews, because you know that he’d have to try to not show his hard on you gave him to the world.

You’d start with an ‘innocent’ picture of your outfit in front of the mirror -which would show your skinny legs. And he’d already know what this will lean to.

I know what you’re up to. Don’t go there, love, I’m begging you.

I’m doing anything wrong, I just wanted your opinion about what I’m wearing ;)

That face at the end tells me otherwise. I’m going to punish you so badly when I’ll get home.

After exchanging a few more texts, you’d start sending him pics hotter and hotter, until he’d turn off his phone and try to hide his boner, thinking about what he could do to punish you tonight.

And you’d be at home, wondering what his plans are to, knowing that he comes up with something different everytime you tease him like that.


You love teasing him when you two are having a fancy dinner with his parents, yours or with the lads.

You’d start with just putting an hand on his knee and he’d already knoew what are you up to.

He’d lean closer and growl “not know” in your ear before kissing it, making it seem like a cute gesture.

After he’d pull away your hand a few times, you’d win and start massaging his thigh slowly while he’d talk with his mates, pretending it isn’t effecting him.

Just after a while, you’d lay your hand on his boner, starting to rub it gently and earning a ‘I hate you’ glare from Louis.

You’d keep doing it until you’d hear him huffing, knowing what will come next.

“If you keep going like that. I won’t wait until we’re home” he’d whisper roughly and pull your hand away for the last time this evening.


You love teasing Zayn either right before or during a concert.

Before would mean he would have to go on stage hot and bothered with a boner, having no choice but to do his show then get back to you after he had finished.

Or you would do it during. From the VIP side lines of the stage, where Zayn would always look to check on you.

You would push your boobs out a little more, pull your shirt down a little further and jump around to their music whilst watching Zayn get flushed and awkwardly stood.

Perhaps you would pretend to drop something, turning around and bending over. Shorts, jeans, skirts, your ass always looked good to Zayn.

When you turned back around, you’d see him looking fierce, eyes glazed over with a dark look in them.

You’d mouth ‘What?’ at him and he would shake his head and mouth back ‘You know what’, jaw clenched as all his concentration focus’ on not letting a stadium full of teenage hormone enraged girls see his hard on.

He’d look back one last time and mouth ‘You’re gonna get it when I’m done here’ then he would turn away and jog to the other side of the stage, leaving you in anticipation of what’s to come.


i saw some ppls tags on this gifset about how they want zayn to draw liam’s tattoos on for him and then i wrote this WOOPS ???


Liam’s laying down in his comfy, larger-than-necessary hotel bed after another exhilarating yet painful show - he had accidentally tripped and fell DIRECTLY onto his already sprained arm. The pain was significant at first but then he jumped right back up and continued performing - a fall wasn’t enough to slow him down. He loved performing with every fiber of his being and seeing their fan’s faces in the crowd provided enough adrenaline to dull the pain. Plus, Zayn had been there instantly, providing a comforting hand on his back. He had mouthed out an “are you okay?” and Liam responded by smiling and nodding his head yes. He watched Zayn’s worried expression change to a delighted one and the show went on as normal. Zayn had saved him quite a few times this tour and thinking about each instance brought a big smile to Liam’s face. At that moment, he heard his door open and Zayn wandered in.

“What are you so smiley about?” Zayn asked.

“I was just thinking about all the times you’ve saved me. There’s a good chance I’d be in a full body cast if it weren’t for you.” Zayn just laughed in response and made his way over to the bed.

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anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who thinks Zayn looks like he's exhausted?

Looks good to me. Bright lights always wash him out and that could contribute to him looking tired. 

But it was Valentine’s Day weekend, tho. He was probably lovestoned. Just be happy he could walk. If you go by Liam’s Instagram, that dude hasn’t worn a stitch of clothing or left his bed for the past few days. ;D

anonymous asked:

I really wanna see a pic of zayn sneezing cause maybe he's human then but he always looks good even when sick and tired

I went into the vaults (Google) for you even though I knew it was an impossible task. Zayn Malik does not take a shit photo.

Even Zayn himself, normally extremely humble Bambi eyed penguin kitten, will tell you it as a matter of historical fact:

Full disclosure: I am not a photogenic person. I’m not hideous or anything, but  photos of me often look like I should be chained in a windowless shed so as not to upset nearby villagers, or at best missing Sasquatch footage. 

Zayn though, ZAYN THOUGH. Zayn’s smize game is unparalleled, and even translates into magic for photos or moments that would make us mere mortals look like lagoon creatures. 

Zayn caught in mid sneeze is modern art in motion:

Did you know there is a Twitter account just for photos of Sneezing Celebrities? I don’t know why that very thought makes me sad.

I’m literally the full spectrum of emotions displayed in this gif. I am Noll’s confusion, Louis’s anger and wonderment, Liam’s arousal, and ultimately Harold’s devastating exhaustion after witnessing it.  

Zayn is literally in mid-chew, mouth akimbo, and still more devastatingly beautiful then everyone and everything in a 3000 mile radius, including endangered marine life:

Zayn is making a face here that would make anyone else look like an asshole, yet he looks like he’s ready to be cast as an impossibly beautiful sparkling vampire king in the Twilight franchise. 

Somewhere, Zayn is disappointed and he doesn’t even know why.

In short, Zayn is more beautiful and awesome then pretty much everyone.

We know Niall, zayn, and Louis are gonna look good. It’s just always hard to tell if Harry and Liam are going to get brave with their outfits.