zayn in shorts

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.
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liam is already sort of in love with whoever makes the beautiful graffiti art around the city and he has no idea who they are. louis gets played with by the legendary dragonfly graffiti artist.

anonymous asked:

Melly do you have any good zarry moments? Even when ot5 was all good I never felt like Harry and zayn got on very well. Please show me

You sleeping on Zarry is one of the great tragedies of our time. Get ready for a fuckton of images and gifs, its about to get lit in here

The original

The sequel

“And then the guy said to meh ‘do yew wahnt off thah rack?’ Can yew fuckin’ believe thaht Harreh?”

they fist bump

they both enjoy terrible dad dancing

they tenderly bruh touch

or the time Zayn, like the tiny mother hen he is, saved Harry from getting his hair singed off

Or defended Harry when an interviewer called him a womanizer:

Two tender hyena children

i don’t even know what’s happening here, but thanks Google:

they giggle

in short, zayn and harry love each other

 this has been an important public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Melly

**Harry Styles Imagine**


You decided to have a girls day out and left Harry at home. When you returned Harry was sitting in the bath tub with bubbles on his face.  You giggled and he smiled then waved.

“ Harold what are you doing..?” you asked

“ Having a spa day. Duh!” He joked

“ Oh I see. Rubber duckie and all.” You pointed to the small duck on the side of the tub

“ Yes, would you like to to join us?” he wiggled his eyebrows

You smirked “ Don’t mind if I do.”