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CHEATING|| Harry Styles Imagine

Cheating- Harry Styles 

 His P.O.V 

 I can’t even remember the first time I dated her or how I ended up kissing her. I don’t love her, at all. I only have one true love, my fiancée. 
Why am I doing this to her? She doesn’t deserve it. 
I don’t deserve her.
I vaguely remember all the times I skipped out dates for going to Maribel- the girl I was cheating her with. But she was so insistent all the time, she would call me, send my things, come to my studio, everywhere. 

 My fiancée was always more than enough, always caring, kind and loving. Her laugh used to make me feel in cloud 9, more powerful than Superman.
When did I stop acknowledging that?
 But it’s too late now.
Too late for regrets. 

She saw us, Maribel and I, making out on our very own bed. The one that had seen us making love several times, is now the witness of a simple fuck.
A mistake.
Her face showed pure horror and her eyes sadness. It was all my fault.
 I quickly separate myself from the girl I was fucking with. I’m such a coward, and an asshole.
I stand up as fast as my body lets me, feeling dirty and the adrenaline floating on my system, my head and heart pounding at what is going to happen.


She’s gonna leave me. I know that. She has always been very clear.
 No cheating, be loyal and honest.
And I failed it.
I failed her love.
My promise. My promise to always protect her from everyone- and I was the one who hurt her. What a fool. I try to take her hand in mine but she takes a step back, trying not to cry but her eyes let tears roll down like cascades. I only feel my heart breaking at the scene. She’s so hurt.
I hear the door shut downstairs and I know that Maribel is gone, but I couldn’t care less. 

 “Love…” I try to call her, more a whisper than anything but she shakes her head, as if my words would hurt her more, however, she hasn’t left yet, she wants an explication, I know. My heartbeat races when I see her playing with the engagement ring I gave her.
She can’t take it off now, she has never taken it off.
I take a step closer and this time she doesn’t move so I take her hand.
“Why, Harry? I trusted you.” Her voice was so broken, barely a whisper. She was looking at our laced hands.
I didn’t have an answer. I can’t even tell when this all started. For fucks sake, I love this girl so much I can’t even see her like this anymore. I feel so weak.
“I.. I don’t know. I love you, so much… don’t misunderstand this, please. I’m such an idiot… and please forgive me, I’ll do anything… babe please.”
All that I could hear back was silence.
 She wasn’t screaming at me, saying bad words, or fighting, anything and that just made me realize how serious this was.
 “Please… hit me, yell at me, make me feel like the worst man on earth, just… do something.” I beg, sounding so desperate. Tears are running down my face now, tears that can’t be stopped unless it’s by her touch.
But she’s not touching me.
I pull her closer and kiss her. At first she’s not responding it but then she kisses me back. And the kiss is full of love, the love that I thought I had lost, only feeling stronger, but there is something else here, something that makes me feel uneasy, and I try to push that feeling aside.
Slowly, we lay down on the floor, in front of the fireplace, never separating. The kiss only gets deeper and deeper as we both separate for brief seconds for air, as if we couldn’t take enough from each other. It was all so full of love, so beyond description that I felt my heart exploding with it. Her hands wandering all over my body, grabbing my hair, bitting my lips, her soft moans on my mouth. I break the kiss, asking for a silent permission to take her clothes off, and she nods. While undressing her, we never break the glance. Her face, her breathtaking beauty. She undresses me too with sluggishness as if she doesn’t want this moment to end. And don’t do either. I look at her body, her perfect figure. I feel desire, but more than desire, love.
How can I feel that much love for someone.
I look back at her and see that she was doing the same thing. When our glances meet I can see something in her eyes I can’t quite describe and that weird, kind of aching feeling comes back, one that makes me want to hold her.
And that’s what I do. I hug her while I make love to her.
Only breaking the hug for looking at her eyes while our moans fill the cold empty room. Stunning. I don’t want to forget her.
As we both hit the highest point I let her name out of my lips, accompanied with an “I love you” that doesn’t get an answer. But I let that slip. She’s still hurt, I know. 

In the morning I see her engagement ring in my hand and I quickly stand up. Calling her name without getting an answer.
Desperate I run to the kitchen.

All her things gone, and the necklace I gave her with the engagement ring is with a hand-made letter. 

 Dear Harry. 

I know I should not be explaining myself but here I am. I used to believe that we were inseparable, but time showed me wrong.
Forgiving is harder than you can expect and right now I don’t know if what I need is time or to be away from you, so I’m doing both.
I love you, I always will and that’s what’s bothering me if I’m honest.
I can’t be with you now. But you have such and amazing heart… yes, even after what you did, and you deserve someone that loves you as I do, but at the same time someone you can love too as much as I did, and I hope you can find that girl that makes you feel like you made me feel. 

All the love to you, (y/n).

I feel rage and pain. I love her. I truly do, I thought she felt that love yesterday. But then again, this is all my fault. I made her feel as if I didn’t love her.
I try to call her, but there’s no answer. 
I take my car keys and drive to her house. Nothing, her neighbors say she left earlier this morning with a suitcase. She’s not at her parents house, not at her best friend’s house. She’s gone. I lost her. I lost her love and I might never get her back. But I will fight, I will fight for her. I will look for her on everyplace, I won’t give up. I love her.

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Zayn arriving at the arena for your sound check and choosing a seat with a perfect view of the stage.

REQUEST Interviewer: And if we come over here you’ll see Zayn Malik, long-time partner of Y/N. Zayn, we’re filming for Y/N’s documentary, can we include you? Zayn: Of course, yeah, anything for my girl. Interviewer: How do you feel seeing her up there living her dreams. Zayn: *gif* I’m so proud of her, I can only hope that she’s even a quarter as proud of herself. I love her so much and to see her doing what she loves makes me the happiest boyfriend alive.

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**Zayn Malik Imagine**

Imagine being a Youtube vlogger and putting Zayn in some of your videos.

You: Everyone this is my boyfriend Zayn! Say Hi, babe!

Zayn: Hiiii!

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Another Lazy Day

Request: Ooh could you do a fluffy Zayn imagine. I’m in desperate need of fluffy Z😄 Nice to meet you btw

-Sure i can! Hope you like it! 

  Your eyes flutter open and you sigh in content at the familiar feeling of Zayn’s strong, inked up arms wrapped around your whole body, giving you the instant feeling of complete safeness and warmth. The large master bedroom could be described as nothing but peaceful with not a thing to be heard other than the soft exhales coming from your boyfriend who lay right behind you. You watched as beams of yellow sunlight began to spill in through the window soon brightening up the whole room, and also waking up your sleepy boyfriend in the process. 

  “Mornin’ darling,” His voice suddenly rasps out and his tight hold around your waist began to loosen as he sat up and stretched. He pressed his bare back against the cold headboard of the bed, leaving all of his tattoos in plane sight and on display for you to see as he stretched out his entire upper body. He let out a heavy sigh and rubbed the sleep out of his tired eyes, soon turning his gaze in your direction, “What do you wanna do today, hm?” He asks softly before leaning down to press a gentle kiss onto your lips.

  You smile into the kiss and soon break away after a few seconds triggering a little whine to come from between his parted lips at the loss of contact. 

  “Oh, stop it you,” You giggle and press another quick kiss onto his lips before he pulls you into his chest once more, “Why don’t we just have a lazy day today, i don’t really feel like doing anything active.” You confess letting out a slight yawn. 

He lets out a husky chuckle and nods his head in agreement. One thing was for sure, when it came to lazy days, Zayn was all for it. There was nothing he loved more than spending the day together with no one but you, so when that suggestion came out of your mouth you knew that he wouldn’t have any second thoughts about it.

  “I’ll be downstairs preparing breakfast for the both of us if you need me, love.” He reassures as he sat on the edge of the king sized bed. 

You watched carefully as he pulled on a pair of grey sweats he found off the floor, letting them hang loosely off his hips without a care in the world. That sight alone was enough to drive you insane. 

  “Okay, babe. Ill be down in a minute.” You smile softly at him before he exits the bedroom doorway. 

Once you find the energy to get up, you finally rise to your feet and walk over to Zayns closet to find something big to cover up in. You pull on one of his old oversized shirts and soon pad your way down the steps that led into the bright living room. 

  “Look who finally decided to get up,” He teases not even within three seconds of you walking into the kitchen. He stood at the stove with a clearly amused smile tugging on the corner of his mouth causing you to shoot him a playful glare.  

  “Says the one who literally sleeps in until 12pm every day.” You tease right back causing him to raise an eyebrow at you, “Im surprised you decided to wake up this early.”

  “Oh love, i just couldn’t wait to spend the day with you.” He charms with a slight grin on his face before handing you a steaming plate of food he had just prepared.

Once the both of you were done and all the dishes were cleaned up and put away, you walk into the living room to find Zayn playing on his playstation. Giggling at the sight in front of you, you walk over and take a seat next to him, soon leaning your body into his side. instinctively, he wraps his free arm around you and kisses the side of your head. 

  “Hey, what happened to us spending time together?” You tease resting your legs on top of his which were stretched out on the recliner of the chair. 

He chuckles in response to your comment before repositioning the both of you so that you were laying side by side with his stomach pressed against your back. His attention averts from the game going on in front of him to your eyes that were getting ready to flutter closed causing him to smile to himself at cute you looked pressed against him.

  “You sleepy?” He murmurs gently into your ear, soon brushing some hair out of your face.

You nod your head slightly not being able to deny it. The feeling of his warm body pressed against yours combined with the sound of his soft heartbeat thudding against his chest was enough to put you to sleep right at that moment, and pretty soon, it did.

-Hopefully you liked it, this is my first imagine and I’m hoping it’s not too bad. I really tried to make it as cute as possible. sorry if its a little short.

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Pedido: Pode fazer um do Zayn em que ele é um Criminoso e ela a filha de um inimigo dele só que ela não sabia que o pai dela é inimigo do namorado dela e ela descobre em uma festa que tem e o pai dela aparece e o Zayn a esconde só que ele ver a filha e começa um tiroteio no local e antes que o pai dela e o Zayn atirassem um do outro ela se mete e faz que eles se entendem.


               Há três meses eu conheci o homem que mudou que mudou minha vida por completo. Eu não estava à procura de um relacionamento queria focar os meus estudos e na minha faculdade, mas assim que o vi andando pelos os corredores com o seu jeito bad boy e o cigarro na boca sem se importa com nada, apaixonei-me completamente pó Zayn. Suas tatuagens e seu cabelo bagunçado é a minha fascinação, mas o problema é que o meu pai nunca reagiu bem aos meus relacionamentos na verdade ele quer que eu me case com uns dos seus amigos que o ajuda nos seus trabalhos sujos, ele é o maior traficante de todo o Reino Unido, mas ele só não foi preso por conta da sua parceria com o governo.  

           Assim que cheguei ao pátio da escola o vi sentado com alguns livros na mão, mas seu foco era o cigarro que ele tragava e jogava a fumaça para cima, eu não era a única apaixonada por ele na escola, várias outras garotas tinham olhos para ele, mas eu sabia que eu era a única que ele amava. Passei meus braços em torno da sua cintura ele se virou imediatamente em minha direção e jogou o cigarro fora e me tomou em seus braços fazendo-me ficar em cima do seu colo e o beijar, seu beijo era maravilhoso só ele conseguia me tocar dessa maneira, eu amava o seu gosto.

-Tenho uma surpresa. – Disse pausando o beijo e olhando para o seus olhos mel.

- Está usando lingerie preta? – Zayn olhou para mim com um sorriso divertido. - Acho que você está sem sutiã.

- Pode parar. – Ri. – Você sabe que eu não gosto de usar sutiã. – Zayn deu risada e voltou sua atenção para mim.  – Hoje à noite meu pai vai dá uma festa e esse é o momento perfeito para vocês dois se conhecerem.

           Zayn olhou para os lados como se procurasse uma resposta, eu sabia o quanto ele estava nervoso para conhecer meu pai especialmente porque venho de uma família muito rica e tradicional, e ele vem de uma pequena cidade da Inglaterra e não tem tanto dinheiro quanto eu, Zayn é muito inseguro por conta disso. – Tudo bem, se essa é sua vontade eu vou. – Zayn beijou-me delicadamente, assim seguimos para nossa primeira aula do dia.


        A noite chegou e tudo estava preparado convenci meu pai que Zayn é um ótimo garoto e está ansioso para conhecer ele, meu pai não gostou muito da ideia, mas acabou aceitando já que eu estava tão feliz com esse garoto ele poderia da uma chance pata nós dois. Assim que meu vestido chegou ao meu quarto o vesti, ele era longo e nem um tom vinho escuro, ele ficava susto ao meu corpo e deixava minhas curvas mais visíveis eu gostava disso, sentia-me sexy. Prendi meu cabelo ao coque e coloquei meus saltos e passei uma maquiagem leve, apenas para ressaltar os meus traços. Assim que a festa começou fui para a sala onde todas as pessoas estavam, minha cara é grande o suficiente para caber várias pessoas. Passou mais ou menos uma hora e pouco e ele não tinha chegado e eu estava ficando cada vez mais nervosa, ele não poderia furar comigo e me deixar aqui plantada, todos os amigos do meu pai já tinham chegado menos ele. Tentei ligar para Zayn algumas cinco vezes, mas ele não atendia.            

                       Quando pensei que ele não viria mais ele pareceu na porta com um terno que parecia ter feito sob medida para o seu corpo, seus cabelos estavam penteados para trás e ele parecia preocupado, parecia procurar algo. Corri em sua direção e o abracei. – Pensei que não viria mais.

- Demorei em achar um terno. – Ele passou as mãos pela a minha cintura e me beijou.

- Tudo bem o importe é que você está aqui comigo.

           Caminhei com o Zayn por todo o corredor abraçado com o ele por um momento tive a impressão que todos nós olhávamos, mas tirei a ideia da minha cabeça o mais rápido possível poderia ser apenas uma ideia maluca que surgiu na minha mente, assim que encontrei com o meu pai ele se virou e caminhou na minha direção, sua cara estava fechada assim que ele chegou perto do Zayn o pegou pelo o colarinho.

- O que você faz aqui seu moleque? – Meu pai falava baixo, mas alto o suficiente para todos escutarem.

- Pai, o que você está fazendo? – Gritei.

- Esse moleque é o meu inimigo numero um, ele está com você para se vingar de mim. – Meu pai gritava.

- Eu não sabia que ela era sua filha seu velho. – Zayn tirou as mãos do meu pai de cima dele.

           Meu pai se aproximou dele e disse em um tom baixo. – Vamos resolver isso lá fora. – Então ele saiu. Zayn foi atrás dele sem dizer uma só palavra e eu fui atrás dos dois eu não tinha ideia do que estava acontecendo estava com medo, eu sempre soube que o meu pai tinha muitos inimigos espalhados por todo o mundo, mas ele tinha que ser meu namorado?

- Você entra. – Meu pai se virou para mim.

- Não, eu não vou deixar você matar ele. – Disse chorando.

- Eu não vou, por sua causa, mas me escute vá para seu quarto e tudo ficara bem.

           Achei melhor obedecer ele tudo iria piorar ainda mais.

Zayn Vision


           Assim que chegamos ao lado de fora ele mandou a minha namorada voltar para dentro de casa, eu sabia que ele poderia me matar por ter chegado perto da sua filha, mas eu não tinha ideia que ele era sua filha e eu amava a s/n seria incapaz de fazer qualquer coisa para ela para se vingar esse velho babaca, apesar de tudo eu a amava mais do que minha própria vida.

- Escute moleque. Minha filha… É, tudo. Ela precisa de mim, tanto quanto preciso dela. Isso que dizer que um dia ela iria se casar, mas quando isso acontecer ela precisa está com um homem não com um garoto. E é isso o que você é. – Ele finalmente disse assoprando a fumaça do seu cigarro no meu rosto, eu poderia dá um tiro em seu rosto agora mesmo, mas eu provavelmente iria sair daqui morto e não era isso o que eu queria.

- Eu a amo. – Disse tentando manter o controle.

- Sim, com certeza ama. Eu sei o tipo de garoto que você é. Eu costumava ser do mesmo jeito que você. – Ele se voltou a mim. – E sabe o que isso significa? Significa que um dia você vai deixá-la e vai quebrar o coração dela e isso não pode acontecer.

- Você não me conhece, não a conhece não nos conhece. – Finalmente disse olhando para seus olhos.

- E nem quero isso. Não quero conhecer você, porque já conheço o suficiente. Você apenas tem que entrar no seu carro e nunca mais voltar, porque se voltar não será bom para você.

- O que você faria? – Não tinha medo dela, mas eu só queria ter certeza se ele realmente teria coragem de fazer algo comigo.

- Você sabe muito bem o que eu faria com você, Malik. – Ele fechou o portão da sua casa.

           Saio em direção do meu carro, eu sabia que ele não só iria me machucar como acabaria machucando a s/n e não queria ser o motivo pelo o qual isso vai acontecer eu amava o suficiente para não a ver machucada. Antes que eu saísse tentei ligar para ela, mas seu celular só caia na caixa postal.

           Eu não conseguir parar de pensar nela então voltei para sua casa, à luz do seu quarto estava acesa, pulei o portão da sua casa e escalei até a janela do seu quarto bati três vezes e ela se levantou da cama.

- Zayn o que você faz aqui? – Ela disse.

- Pega suas coisas, vamos embora agora.

           Assim que ela pegou suas coisas a ajudei a descer do seu quarto e entramos no carro. Não demorou muito para que vários outros carros começassem a nos seguir, aumentei a velocidade do carro, mas eles estavam idos muito mais rápidos. Assim que um carro parou em nossa frente parei antes que ele batesse seu pai saiu de lá de dentro. Olhei para s/n que tinha um olhar assustado. – Você confia em mim? – Disse segurando seu rosto?

- Sim. – Assim que ela disse essas palavras abri a porta do carro, ele sacou uma arma do bolso e apertou o gatilho a ouvi chamando meu nome e o tiro acertou-me, conseguir vê seu rosto em lagrimas gritando, pedido por socorro, mas ele a puxava para trás, assim meus olhos foram de fechando cada vez mais.


AU Meme: The Zayn goodbye we hopefully get. Will miss you babe come back soon. Much love Directioners. 


#92 Zayn Malik – Public

You and Zayn are dating for a while now and you’ve gone to many occasions with him already but you always walked few steps behind him and never was publicly his girlfriend. Today, after Zayn finishes at the Studio, he takes your hand. “Zayn, there are fans outside.” You say to him.

“I know.” He just smiles and cups your cheek. “I think it’s time to make you my pubic girlfriend.” Zayn smirks and gives you a kiss on your forehead.

“Are you sure?” You ask.

“Never been surer about anything else before.” Your boyfriend smiles and takes your hand again. Zayn’s bodyguard opens the door for you and you step out. Screaming starts and you hold tighter onto Zayn’s hand. He gives you a kiss on the temple and then you hear the paparazzi snapping pictures of you. Zayn leads you to the side of the streets and greets a few fans as you follow him, blushing and not really knowing what to do. He lets go of your hand and starts to talk to the girls and to take pictures. You’re used to straight getting into the car and wait for Zayn to finish, so now you just watch him. Zayn takes a step back though and whispers “Just say Hello and smile.”

“and then?” You ask, blushing that he caught you being off guard.

“Talk.” He smiles, kisses your forehead again and goes back to the fans. You take a deep breath and say Hello to a few girls.

“You’re (Y/N) right?” One of them asks and you nod. She has black hair and glasses on, looking very cute. “It’s so nice to meet you. You’re such goals!” She smiles brightly at you as her friends nod agreeing.

“Thank you.” You smile. “That’s so kind of you to say.”

“Can we take a picture?” One of them asks. Your jaw drops to the floor, but you quickly nod and take a picture with the girls. When you stand across from them again, you hear another group of girls talking about you. But those girls aren’t nice. You look over to them and catch them starring at you.

“She doesn’t deserve it.” One of them says and can’t believe what she just said.

“Hey! What did you say!” The girl who asked you for a picture asks the rude one. She quickly shakes her head as if noting happened.

“Sorry about that.” The black haired girls says and rolls her eyes.

“It’s okay. I guess, I’ll have to get used to it.” You say when you feel Zayn’s arm around you. He kisses your cheek and you blush. “Is everything okay?” He asks.

“Everything’s alright.” You smile up at him. “And you, my love, should take pictures with each one of these girls.” You tell Zayn and point to the girls you were actually genuinely nice to you.

“Okay then.” Zayn smiles and starts to take pictures with them as you watch him, brightly smiling.

When Zayn’s done, you finally get into the car and drive off. “You did a great job.” Zayn smiles and kisses your cheek.

“Thank you for teaching me how to do it.” You smile and kiss his cheek.

“I just told you to say Hello, smile and talk. That was all.” Zayn chuckles. You shrug and give him another kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you anyways.” You mumble and rest your head on his shoulder.


**Zayn Malik Imagine**


Taking your daughter on tour with Zayn.