zayn haters to the left

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Sasha I'm seeing all these people (aka larries) laughing at Zayn's shoe line and the Zigi shoes, calling him pathetic. But imagine the outrage if this was Harry releasing a line of clothing and called one of them Kendall or something? They recognize Zigi is a stunt but are still so nasty to Zayn.

What’s left to say about Zayn haters that hasn’t already been said? I recommend you stop paying attention. If they’re still salty 2 years later, they’re probably gonna stay salty.

As for the Zigi shoe, it is what it is. Fauxmances aren’t staged so nothing can happen, duh. This is clearly a fauxmance rooted in promo (just like Zerrie), so there you go. Consider that the Zigi shoe is a convenient means of stuntin’ that bypasses the need for Zayn to stunt in person with Zigi. So he’s had a quiet holiday living his real life while this shoe and social media keep Zigi alive. It’s pretty obvious, but this fandom actually takes pride in playing dumb. Go figure.

Why not focus on the shoe he named after his dad?

This, imo, tells you more about who Zayn is. He’s feisty as hell. He wasn’t gonna let the Zigi stunt shoe go unanswered, now was he? And this is a nice shout out to Yaser after 1DHQ downplayed his very existence for years.

And we all know Zayn is also Javaad.

But who is Taz?

Maybe that’s Zayn’s alter ego–as in the cartoon Tasmanian Devil. Maybe that’s who he became all those times he evidently went off and ended up with bandaged, bruised and swollen hands. Right Liam?

Yep, ya boy goes off!! Who knows who the Zigi shoe would’ve been named after if not for stunt demands? Maybe it would’ve been Alim. 😉