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Frat Boy Pt. 8

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HELLO FRIENDS HE HAS RETURNED TO YOU. It’s shorter than most updates, but necessary things are happening to push the story along and one mystery is revealed! It’s always lovely to hear your thoughts or guesses about what’s happening. Your frat boy has missed you xx

It’d been an utter disaster.  You hadn’t eaten much at all last night and the dull throbbing in your head was a reminder that alcohol on an empty stomach wasn’t the best idea.  Especially when it’d been expensive enough to be smooth and light and what you think alcohol should taste like.  It had hit you even harder on the ride back to your dorm, the numbness in your hands not entirely due to the pricks of cool air against your skin, something you realized after you stumbled out of the passenger seat and Renny had to pick you up . Your whole body was completely numb at that point.  The reason for your numbness was the same reason you’d slept without a nightmare last night, and it was the reason you (almost) slept through your morning class and only had time to throw on a sweatshirt, jeans, and sunglasses before, quite literally, running to English.

You were late, making sure to close the door quietly behind you this time, but the pair of eyes you expected to see whipping around to follow you to your seat with a seductive glimmer weren’t there.

He’d ditched.

Only Niall was there to mutter a quick “Hey Y/N” as you passed him to reach your seat.  The teacher started talking about something having to do with how everyone’s analysis was sub-par on the last essay, but if you were being honest you didn’t care, you couldn’t even concentrate.  Though you were facing the front, your mind kept drifting behind you, to the image of the empty seat where you’d gotten used to seeing his long body confidently sprawled out and leant back, one elbow propped up on the arm chair and head cocked as if he were pretending to listen.  It was annoying how even though he wasn’t here he could still somehow take control of your thoughts.  It’d be easier to ignore him if he wasn’t so damn infuriating, just the thought of last night made your blood boil, but the words you’d said came back to you, slowly, bit by bit.

Go back to your fake girlfriend who clearly understands you so much better.

People have planes and go to Europe on a three day weekend…

Creepily small wrists!

Had you really ran your mouth that much? To him?!  You groaned a bit and the person beside you turned with a loaded look -Weirdo- before returning their attention back to the board.  No matter how true your words were, you wouldn’t have told him all that completely sober.  At all.  You had a mind that was quick to get indignant and when the alcohol came in, the filter went out and there was only the Lord to help the poor person caught in the crossfire.  A rush of embarrassment flooded you and you’d regretted saying one word to him.  You should’ve played it cool, acted like you didn’t care that he was with someone else, not made a fool out of yourself.  He probably thought you were someone easily charmed by money when he’d paid for your meal or some bitter charity case and your sad speech last night just proved it. 

You realized you were kicking yourself and tried to stop your mind from spiraling any further.  If there’s one thing you hated most about boys it was that they could make you feel absolutely stupid.

Yet here you were.

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I see a lot of people say that Zayn is gentle, but why do you think he's gentle?

Aww this is sweet. For me Zayn is so gentle in just his vibe you know? People always talk about how comfortable they are around him and just how warm he is you know? And I always notice how intrigued he looks when someone is talking to him. He makes eye contact and focuses his big Bambi eyes solely on the person talking and he nods and responds to them. Then you have his little gentle touches with people and how he hugs them and rubs their back and rests his hand on them or something. And he’s so so soft spoken and he’s forward and firm without being mean or harsh and he explains himself to let you know why he does what he does. And idk if I explained this well enough because like when it comes to Zayn he’s too wonderful for my words to do him justice but just know I love this gentle beautiful human with my whole entire being and I will literally give him everything I have to offer

You Attempt Suicide


The vibration of Harry’s phone made him instantly stop changing, hurrying to answer his call before going back on stage. Sliping his phone out of his back pocket, Harry didn’t have the time to check to see who was calling as he slipped his shirt over his head.
“Hello?” Harry answered, fixing his hair quickly. “It was my fault, Harry, wasn’t it?” his wife’s voice whispered on the other line.
Harry instantly knew what she was talking about, making him freeze completely. He can not make her think this, he could never. He knew exactly what she was thinking, and he knew he couldn’t stop it.
“Y/n, don’t you dare think—”
“It’s true. It is my fault. Everyone on twitter is telling me that I’m a murderer.”
Harry slowly walked away from the boys, not having a care in the world about the limited time they had. There was no way he could leave her like this, and there was no way he was going to let her do what she was planning to do.
“Y/n, I’m telling you right now to not even think that this is your fault. We can try again. We have another chance to have a family.”
Y/n shifted so that she could reach the bottle of anti-depression pills she is supposed to only take 3 of per day. She was planning to take all of them. Maybe she could feel a bit of happiness before she could leave the Earth.
“I only have twelve left, Harry.”
“Y/N STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” Harry screamed, running back to where the boys are now.
He couldn’t let her do this. He couldn’t let her continue any more actions she’s thinking about. It would kill him if he wasn’t able to stop her.
“I can’t live like this anymore. The pain and the guilt that I carry with me everyday has already killed me, so why does it matter? Why does it matter if i leave?!” she yelled, and Harry could have sworn he heard something being thrown against the wall.
“Baby, listen to me right now. Baby, you got to answer me. You can’t do this to us.”
“I’m doing this for you!” she weeped, struggling to keep her breath.
Harry quickly took the phone away from his ear, yelling for one of the boys to call the police and to send them to his and y/n’s house.
Zayn quickly fumbled with the phone in his hands as he dialed the police. He was the only one able to move, as for the other boys were pale white, watching intensivley at Harry’s actions.
“You aren’t doing anything besides ruin me if you fucking do this to yourself.” Harry growled, running his hand through his hair as he paced around the room.
“I’m so sorry, Harry, but I can’t live like this anymore. I love you so, so much. You are the most beautiful, perfect angel to step into this world. You have so much love, Harry, you can make this world such a better place. I love you more than I could ever love anything else in this world. You’re my Heaven, my life, my heart. You’re my everything, but I wish I could stop this drinking, stop my addiction for you. Harry, I wish that more than anything. You deserve someone strong enough, strong enough to make you happy, and no matter how much I try, I can never do that for you. I love you too much to do this to you, Harry, please understand that.”
“Y/n, don’t you dare—Y/n?! Y/n?!” Harry screamed, hearing the line go dead against his ear.
“No. No!” He screamed again, his shaking hands calling her phone again, only for it to go straight to voicemail.
Harry’s body began to shake all over, his stomach churning as sweat formed onto his skin. His breathing became harsh as he started to see blurry. Everything was going by too quickly, and all he could think about doing was running. Running to save her.
“Get me home! Get me home!” Harry yelled, running toward the venue exit, barely seeing at all where he was going.
“Harry you have to stop!” Liam yelled, pushing Harry back before he could run any further away.
Harry fought with all of his power to push him off. His loud sobs rocking his body as he fought off Liam, trying anything he could to save his wife.
“THAT’S Y/N PLEASE THIS IS MY WIFE LIAM LET ME GO! LET ME GO! I NEED TO SAVE HER PLEASE, LIAM!” Harry screamed, sobbing in the process that his entire body gave out, pulling Liam against him so that he could feel some sort of protection as he cried loudly into his chest.
“She’s going to die Liam. It’s over, she’s g—going to—”
“The police are on their way, they aren’t going to let her do this to herself.” Liam whispered, holding Harry as if he was a lost boy.
Liam had never seen him so desperate, so horrified in his entire life. Liam had never felt the horrified, either. Y/n was his best friend, someone he could call his little sister, and it was hitting everybody all at once that Y/n had a chance of leaving them.
“I don’t want her to go, Liam. I don’t want her to go. She can’t leave me here alone, right? She can’t do this to me. I already lost my daughter and I can’t lose her.” Harry whimpered.
“She won’t” all the boys said, but they wished the could have believed it.
Harry let out a scream in Liam’s chest, wishing to get the image of what his wife is currently doing to herself out of his head. He wishes he could save her, be there for her before it’s too late.
No matter where he is, he is determined to save her. He can’t give up on her, he can’t.
Letting out a growl, Harry pushed Liam off of him so that he could call Y/n again. He’s never felt such a rush before, and the only thing that was on his mind was saving her.
“Pick up, pick up. Please pick up” he whispered, pacing back and forth in the dressing room.
Her voice sounded so rough, so hoarse. It sounded like she had been screaming for hours, but even that was enough for Harry. It was more than enough.
“Baby? Y/n? Please don’t do this Y/n I am begging you pl—”
“I couldn’t Harry. I decided that I couldn’t do this to you. The ambulance came. I’m okay. I’m going to be put into a rehabiliation center for a couple of months. I’m going to be kept there until you come back. I’ve got a long way to go, but I hope this could fix us.”
Harry sighed, choking out a sob in the process, feeling the entire world being lifted up from his chest. He had never been so relieved in his entire life. He had felt so happy for it to end up this way.
“You scared the shit out of me” he breathed out.
“I’m sorry. I love you, and I won’t be able to contact you for a while, only through letters. But just know that I love you more than you will ever understand” she whispered.
Harry smiled, running his fingertips over their wedding ring as he closed his eyes gentley.
“I love you more, my angel.”

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39. "Don't cry"

Liam chuckles wetly, wiping Zayn’s tear with a warm thumb, “Don’t cry Z, because if you cry then I’m going to cry.” Zayn takes a shaky breath, opening his mouth but no sound leaves his lips.

Liam takes his delicate hand in his, squeezing it gently, “It’s ok love, I’ll go first” which earns Liam a watery smile.

“Zayn Javaad Malik, jaan, you are the light of my life but even more, you’re my best friend. You’ve been there for me when no one else was. Hell, you were the only one who showed up to my sixteen birthday party,” shaking his head slightly, Liam brings Zayn’s hand to his lips, kissing his bird tattoo gently. “I don’t know how I got so lucky, Z. What are the odds that I, an awkward, lanky boy who straightened his hair would become best friends with the most beautiful boy at school, who loved comic books and superheroes as much as I do? How was I so lucky that when I realized I was gay, you weren’t freaked out, you just kissed my nose and said, “me too”.

Liam takes a shaky breath, reaching his other hand up to cup Zayn’s face.

“Zayn, you have no idea how grateful I am to have you if my life, to love you and to have to love me back.”

#59 Tattoo Soulmate AU

Inspired by hemmohshitson: AU where everyone is born with their soulmate’s name on their wrist (I freaking love this idea omg)

Louis: “Where are you taking me, Zayn?” You grumbled as Zayn tugged you along through the crowd at the party. “There’s someone that I think you should meet, y/n. Don’t worry.” Finally, Zayn stopped when he approached a group filled with other boys. “Lads, this is my best friend, y/n,” For some reason he put extra emphasis on your name though you simply believed that it was your mind playing tricks on you. “Y/n?!” A short, blue-eyed, brunette said with wide eyes though he refused to take his eyes off of you. “Yeah. Y/n, this is Niall, Liam,” Zayn introduced you, going down the line, one by one. “Harry and, last but not least, Louis.” Louis. As soon as the words left Zayn’s mouth, your hand curled around your left wrist, tracing over the beautiful letters that have been there since you were born. It couldn’t be him, you thought. You’d been waiting to meet this man for so long but the chances of him actually having your name on his wrist, you knew, were very slim. The brunette then approached you, interrupting all of your worries. “God, Zayn’s been telling me so much about you, y/n.” Louis said, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear. “It’s just so different when you actually meet the girl whose name has been engraved in my skin since the day I was born. You’re so much more beautiful then Zayn described you as.” Louis fingers traced down your jaw before he moved to skim across his name engraved on your wrist in elegant letters. “Hi.” He declared, releasing your wrist as he held his hand out in front of him, waiting for you to shake it. “I’m Louis.” You giggled quietly before moving your hand to grasp onto his. “Y/n.”

Liam: “So, Liam,” The blonde interviewer said, “How long have you known your current girlfriend, y/n?” As soon as the interviewer mentioned you, a smile, that was capable of lighting up an entire room, appeared on his face. “I’ve actually known y/n all of my life. My mother and her mother have been best friends for so long and that’s why they were overjoyed when we were born with each other’s name on our wrists.” By the time Liam finished, there was a slight blush on his face when the other boys began to snicker. “But you’re older, right Liam?” The interviewer questioned and Liam nodded, waiting for her to continue. “So didn’t y/n’s mother know what name was on your wrist already and that could have been the reason she chose y/n’s name?” Liam, who was slightly offended that the women thought this way, shook his head. “My mother was in a different country at the time. Y/n and I didn’t actually meet until I was 3 and she was 2.” “Yeah,” Niall agreed, his arm resting on Liam’s shoulder as he spoke. “And they are absolutely perfect for each other.” “It’s almost sickening how cute they are together.” Louis added jokingly, causing Liam’s blush to darken.

Niall: “Now,” Your health teacher said, clapping her hands together to make sure she has the class’ attention. “Who here was already found the person who’s name is on your wrist and your name is engraved on theirs? Basically, who in this class has already found their soulmate?” Almost everyone, but you and about 4 other people, stood up. “Okay, for all of you who have already found your soulmate; Congratulations. Now, you 5, we have a program at this school where we can help you locate this special person. One by one, we’ll take you to my office and see if we can help you in any way.” The blonde boy, who was sitting in the back of the class room who rarely even talks, raised his hand, interrupting the teacher. “What if we already know who our soulmate is but they don’t?” “Well, Niall,” Niall? You quickly glanced down at your wrist to make sure that you weren’t going insane. Could he really be your soul mate? The boy who never, ever, talked in class. “Care to explain, Niall? I don’t quite understand what you mean.” The boy, Niall, sighed, running his hand through his dirty blonde hair. “I already know who my soul mate is but, the problem is, she doesn’t know that she is my soulmate.” “There’s not much we can do to help you then; you’ll just have to tell her on her own. I’m sorry.” The teacher sighed, feeling bad because she couldn’t help the shy boy. The bell rang and everyone grabbed their things and left; including Niall. You ran down the halls, trying to catch up to him. When you finally did, your hand wrapped around his forearm, causing him to stop walking and turn to face you. “You’re Niall? As in, the Niall I’ve been waiting practically my entire life to meet?” He nodded bashfully, focusing his attention on the floor rather then you. You felt your heart race when Niall turned his wrist for you to see that your name was indeed tattooed there. “And you’re y/n. The y/n I’ve been waiting all my life to notice me.” You heart dropped when you saw the sadness in his eyes. “Let me make it up to you then. Come to my house tonight. I’ll make us dinner and we can get to know each other…”

Zayn: He was the school bad ass and just knowing that his name was the one on your wrist, terrified you. No matter what, you always kept wrist covered with a bracelet and out of his sight. Zayn though, always pestered you, knowing very well that your name was on his wrist but not knowing if the name was directed towards you because no one ever say your wrist. Of course, Zayn knew, it could be someone else who had the same name as you that was his soulmate but that still wouldn’t explain why you always made sure that your wrist was concealed. “I’ll make you a deal.” Zayn said, pulling a chair next to your as you sat in the corner of a coffee shop with your laptop in front of you. “What do you want, Zayn? I’m trying to study and I don’t need you here pestering me when I’m attempting to focus.” “The deal is; if I help you study and you get an A, you have to show me whose name is marked on your wrist.” You gulped, Zayn may have been a complete asshole but, you had to admit, he was extremely intelligent. He barely even has to try yet he usually gets A’s on everything. Reluctantly, you agreed and spent almost the entire night at the coffee shop studying, finally leaving when the manager kicked you both out, claiming that “They closed half-an-hour ago.” The next day, you had the test which seemed to go pretty smoothly, though a certain part of you was silently praying that you would fail so that you didn’t have to tell Zayn the truth that you’d been hiding for so long. “How’d that test go, y/n?m” Zayn smirked, sitting next to you at the coffee shop once again. “Don’t know. Haven’t gotten it back yet.” “Check online then. Because once you actually decide to admit that you’re mine, I’m taking you on a date. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been planning this date for.” Your heart seemed to flutter at his words. Maybe he isn’t as much of a jerk as I believed he was, you thought as you went to check the school website for your grade. You seemed to hold your breath every moment as you waited for the page to load. With Zayn peering over your shoulder, a prideful grin on his face when he saw your grade; a 96–an A. Zayn pulled on your chair slightly to turn you to face him, tugging your bracelet off. “I knew it.” He mumbled when his suspicions were confirmed, a loving smirk on his face the entire time. “Now,” He declared, standing up and pulling you to stand with him. “We go on our first, official, date.“ 

Harry: You stumbled back into the bakery where you had been the entire morning, desperately looking for the necklace that you’d seem to have lost. You looked everywhere for it but you couldn’t find it. This bakery was your last hope at finding it as you looked for it everywhere. The necklace meant everything to you and everyone in the bakery seemed to give you a strange look as then noticed your frantic searching. "Miss,” A young man said, tapping on your shoulder gently, causing you to turn around. “May I ask what exactly you’re looking for?” You noticed just how tall this boy actually was when you turned around. “I was here earlier,” You began, slightly out of breath. “And I lost a necklace. I’ve searched absolutely everywhere for it but it’s not there. So, if it’s not here, they it’ll be gone forever and I’ll be heartbroken.” The boy, Harry–from what his name tag said, nodded in understanding. “Is it a locket on a silver chain?” You nodded your head. “It’s in the back room, sweetheart. I found it earlier and kept it safe unless something like this happened.” After thanking him, he went in back to retrieve it. “Thank you.” You said as he handed it back to you, holding your hand out to take it though he quickly grasped your wrist. “Is your–Is your name y/n?” You nodded your head, waiting to see how he knew this, him still gripping onto your wrist as he spoke. “Well then, Y/n, I’m Harry and I guess we’re soulmates…” He said awkwardly, holding out his wrist next to yours, allowing you to see that your names were actually on each other’s wrist. “If you’d let me, I’d love to take you out on a date after my shift ends.” You nodded your head, a genuine smile on your face, happy to finally meet the person that you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with.

Preference #53: Sugar Daddy

Liam: You were home in your room, waiting for Liam to come upstairs. He was doing business on his phone and you knew better than to disturb him when he was doing his work. You were starting to get really bored, so you got out your laptop and started looking at shoes. It didn’t really matter the price because you knew Liam would buy them for you. But, you didn’t like to be greedy and ask for too much.

You finally came across a gorgeous pair. You tried to scroll pass them, you really did but you couldn’t get them out your head. So, you got up and went downstairs, as knocked on Liam’s office door. He turned around and motioned you to come in, he muted his phone. “Yes, Sweetheart?”

You bit your lip, “I’m sorry to disturb you.”

“Not at all, what did you need?”

“Can I buy this pair of shoes I saw?”

He laughed, “Of course you can baby. Hell, buy twenty of them. I don’t care, whatever makes you happy.”

You smiled, “Thank you.”

He nodded, “Your welcome baby.”

Niall: You were out shopping with Niall, he told you earlier today to get dressed. You figured he was going to take you somewhere when he told you to get dressed. But, the mall was the last place you’d expect if your being honest. But, to say you didn’t enjoy it was a complete understatement.

He took you the mall and told you to basically go crazy. And so that’s exactly what you did, you started shopping. But, eventually you noticed Niall start to get a little restless, you were in the shoe isle trying on shoes.

You heard his phone go off and him talking, “You have to go?”

He came over to you, “Princess, you know I don’t mind you taking your time. Spend as long as you want. No rush, okay?”

You nodded, “Okay.”

He kissed your forehead, “Whatever you like in here. Don’t hesitate to get it.”

You smiled and nodded, “Okay, I won’t take long. So you can go to the office.”

“No rush baby, you enjoy yourself that’s why I took you here. If I’m late I’m late. As long as you have a smile on your face that’s all that matters to me.”

You smiled, “Okay, thank you.”

“No, need to thank me baby. It’s what I’m here for.”

Zayn: You were home alone, waiting on Zayn, again. You loved Zayn, you really did, but those long nights at the office were really starting to annoy you. But, you would never tell Zayn because you didn’t want to seem ungrateful for everything he’s done for you.

Which really is the reason why he’s working so much. You were honestly trying your best to stay up for Zayn to get home, but your sleep got the best of you. You were watching some movie, but you didn’t even realize you fell asleep until he woke you up.

You felt him shaking you, “Wake up babygirl.”

You opened your eyes and looked at him, “Hmm?”

He smiled, “Wake up baby, I have something to show you.”

You sat up, wiped your eyes, and looked at Zayn tiredly. “Yes?”

He got a bag and handed it to you, “I have a surprise for you.”

You opened the bag and it was a box, you got out the box and opened it. You gasped, it was the most beautiful necklace you’ve ever seen. “Oh my god. Thank you.”

He smiled, “You like it?”

You smiled at him, “I love it, thank you so much.”

He smiled, “Your welcome babygirl.”

Harry: You got a call from Harry to visit him at his office, you weren’t really surprised because he’s asked this of you before. The only thing you were trying to figure out was why? It wasn’t really any type of occasion for you two. No birthday, anniversary, nothing special was coming up but of course you got dressed and went to see him.

You went up into the building and his office with no problem. Seeing as everyone knows who you are now. At first you couldn’t do that because nobody believed you were Harry Styles girlfriend. A lot of people tried to use that to get in, but now they know it’s you and only you so you can do as you please with no problem.

You opened his office door, “Hi babe.”

He smiled, “Hey there gorgeous.”

You smiled back, “What’s up?”

He patted his lap, “Come here, I want to talk to you.”

You walked over and sat on his lap, “Yaa?”

He smiled, “You know I’ve been thinking. We’ve gone to Paris, Italy, Rome, Greece, Hawaii, Jamaica.”

You nodded your head and smiled remembering the fun you both had. “Yaa.”

“I thought to myself where haven’t we been? Then it hit me.”


He smirked, “Fiji.”

Your eyes widen, “Fiji?”

He nodded, “Our flight leaves tomorrow at noon. Gives us time to pack and everything.”

“Omg, babe. Thank you.”

He laughed, “You’re welcome Sweetheart.”

Louis: You walked into the store with Louis, his hand on the small of your back. This used to kind of affect you, you being in the store with Louis and then people would stare. You knew Louis was popular here because the man was filthy rich, and everyone wanted to talk to him. Or either talk to you, to get to him.

But, today you weren’t focused on them. You’ve gotten used to the states, glares, whispers and gossip about you two. Your relationship was really the talk of the town. Everyone always had something to say and it was rather annoying. You walked up the counter with him. “Tell her what you want Babygirl.”

You looked at the clerk women, “I would like a Chanel necklace, the double C, but I want the diamonds to be my birthstone.”

She nodded, “Okay.”

Louis looked in the jewelry case she had, “And get her another Chanel necklace, the double C, but I want it in these black diamonds.”

The clerk nodded, “Those are the rarest kind.”

Louis looked at you, “You like that?”

You nodded, “Yaa, they’re gorgeous.”

He smiled, “Good, as long as you like it babygirl.”

Preference #15 House Hunters



When you and Liam figured out you were pregnant with your second child, you knew you both would have to move out his apartment. It was a nice place but you wanted more space for the kids to grow up. You wanted something larger and functional and Liam wanted something modern.

“Liam, we are never gonna find a home,” you sighed, laying your head down on your kitchen table. 

“Hey, we can find a home,” he soothed, rubbing your shoulders. The tension in your neck was obvious. “I actually found a home I want to take you and Layla to,” he smiled, pushing pile of papers toward you. 

You slowly raised your head to slid the papers to your view to read out, “Five bedrooms, four and half bathrooms, three stories, 4,739 square feet, and a pool. It actually sounds great.”

“And Layla is almost up from here nap, so I was wondering if you wanted to see it today. Maybe even put down an offer,” he said, collecting the papers from you.

You nodded, “I really want to see this one, babe.”

“Then be ready within the hour.”

“Daddy, I wanna see my room,” four year old Layla cried as you toured the house. 

“We will see the up stairs in a moment, I promise,” he reassured as you came near the stairs. “How do you like the house?” Liam asked, turning to you.

“I love it,” you gushed. “I love the kitchen, I love backyard, I love the living room, and I haven’t even seen up stairs.”

“Well lets go.”

Layla cheered before running up the steps ahead of you and Liam. You walked up the beautiful staircase and headed to the bedrooms.

“Mommy, Daddy! This is my room!” you both heard Layla cheered in a room down the hall.

You and Liam chuckled as  you both walked into very large bedroom. “Baby, I think this would be mommy and daddy’s bedroom,” Liam suggested. She crossed her arms and pouted. “But the next room we see is yours and your baby brother’s.” She smiled and ran off to find her own room.

“Liam, I really want this house,” you smiled, walking father into the room. “It’s everything we want and we both love and Layla loves it.”

“I know, I can see us growing our family here,” he smiled wrapping is arms around you. “I wanna call this place home.”

“You hear that, little guy,” you whispered, holding your growing stomach. “In four months, we’ll be bringing you here to your new home and I know you’ll love it.”


When you and Niall got married, you knew you would need to buy a new home and get out of Niall’s bachelor pad in London. You both wanted a family and you knew you couldn’t raise one there. Instead, Niall wanted to settle down in Ireland. You both stayed with Niall’s parents in his old room while you house hunted in Ireland.

“Niall, come on, wake up,” you said, shaking him. “I found another house.”

“Mmm, Y/N, it’ll be there all day,” he mumbled, rolling his body.

“Baby, please,” you complained. “I’m actually really excited to see to see this one. It has a lot of land and enough rooms for some kids in the future and we would only be twenty minutes from your family.”

He groaned, rolling to face you, “Fine,” he chuckled, wiping his face.”

“I’ll going to go help with breakfast with your mum, and I want you to get yourself ready to see this house,” you smiled, jumping out of bed and slipping on some pants. 

“I’ll be ready, don’t worry,” he sighed, rolling back to his last position.

After finished breakfast and going through other details of the home with Niall, you headed off to the house. The house was twenty minutes go and you were excited. You saw photos of inside the home, and you wanted to share it with Niall.

“Here we are,” you smiled as the car drove up the street. 

“Wow,” Niall said, astonished, “This is nice,” he said as you pulled up into the driveway.

“I know,” you smiled, running out the car. Niall came after you as you ran into the house. “Niall, hurry up!” you laughed as you entered the house.

“You’re like a child right now,” he chuckled as he finally made it inside.

“I really love this house though. It has six bedrooms and four and half bathrooms. It’s exactly what we are looking for,” you smiled. “Come on, let me show you.”

You both explored the house together. As you thought, Niall was a big fan of the kitchen and the basement since he saw he could play his guitar down there and it had a mini movie room. You loved upstairs more. It had all the rooms up there and the masters was farther out from the other room, giving you and Niall privacy. The backyard was very large for kids to run around in some day and it had a deck and built in barque. 

“Christ, Y/N, you weren’t lying. This house is perfect for us,” he smiled as you both walked back to the car. “I want to start our lives here with kids like four and maybe a dog. I don’t know but I want to do it here with you.”

You blush before responding, “Me too, Ni so lets put in an offer and maybe see if we can call this place ours.”

“Yeah, lets do it.”   


Every year, you and Zayn visited the Caribbean. You had convinced him to go there on your first vacation together, and he fell in love with the place, the weather, and the culture. After your third vacation there, you both decided you wanted to make a second home there. So, you both decided to take some time off to look for homes there.

“The house was okay, but you know I want one by the ocean,” you reminded him as you left your third house of the day.

“I know but I just wanted to at least see a home that wasn’t by the water so see if we are missing anything,” Zayn said as he pulled up the last home you both were going to see.

“Well I don’t think we’re missing much,” you chuckled. “What is the last house of the day then?”

“Well it’s a house by the beach, it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms,” he said, showing you the listing. “It’s actually a a short walk from here.”

You both walked a half a mile to the next home. Zayn was more excited about this home. He knew something you didn’t about this place.

“Why are you so excited about this house?” you asked.

“You’ll see. I have a good feeling about this house.”

You sighed as you finally were approaching what looked like the home on the listing. “Wow the water is beautiful here, Zayn.”

“I knew you would like the view, but the house is better,” he said, taking your smaller hand into his. He walked you into the home and you were speechless. “I saw home the other day while you were at the spa and the moment I walked inside, I knew you would love it.”

“Oh my god, look at this kitchen and this  living room,” you gushed. “This is everything I ever wanted in a vacation home.”

“Wait until you see up stairs,” he said, leading you up the mahogany wood steps. “All the bedrooms face the water so in the morning, we can wake up to the water.”

You stepped further in the master bedroom astonished by the view. “Zayn, this is beautiful.”

“And if you don’t mind, I already put in an offer because I knew you would like it and I was told this house was going quick,” he admitted.

“I don’t mind at all,” you said, hugging him. “I love this, and I love you.”  


It was no secret that Harry liked to go to L.A. On many occasions, you would come with him because you both enjoyed the weather and style of L.A. Since you both found yourselves there many times a year, you both thought a home there would be appropriate. You usually stayed in a hotel and he wanted somewhere to put his cars,

“Harry, how big does the garage needs to be?” you asked after leaving the fifth house Harry had turn down because the garage wasn’t big enough. “Maybe you should sell some of your cars,” you joked.

“It wasn’t only the garage. It only had two bedrooms,” Harry defended. “What if we have kids in the future. They might want their own rooms.”

You sighed, “Yeah, I guess.”

“But we have a couple more houses to look at anyway and I’m sure we will find the right one,” he reassured.

“Alright,” you sighed.

You and Harry drove to the next home and Harry automatically loved it for the large garage. 

“Wow this is nice,” you said, getting out the car. “It has four bedrooms and three and half bathrooms.”

“And a nice garage if you may add,” Harry smiled as you both walked into the house.

You both quickly fell in love with the modern look of the house and the view of L.A. from the backyard. It even had a pool and hot tub.

“Hey, Y/N,” Harry called for us while you were in a different room. You walked into the master bedroom. “Look,” Harry smirked, pointing upward above the bed.

You chuckled at yourself, “We can not leave a mirror on the ceiling, Harry.”

“Yeah we can. No one will come in our room,” he smiled, hugging you from behind. “And you know you would love it,” he whispered on your neck.

“Harry, stop. This isn’t our house.”

“It can be,” he said, turning you around. “You love this place, I love this place. We should get it and make it home.”

You nodded, “Only if we get rid of the mirror on the ceiling,” you bargained.

“Try it with the mirror, and then we will take about it again.” You groaned and looked up at yourself in the mirror. “I just want you to see what I see. And you might like it so much, we could get one in London.”

You chuckled, “Okay. Let’s buy a home.”


Louis was very particular about getting a new home for you and your future children. He wanted something large but practical. He wanted to keep his kids grounded and live in a normal home. Six rooms was a must since you and Louis wanted a lot of kids. He wouldn’t settle for anything less. Even if you were eight months pregnant. 

“Okay this one has four bathrooms and five bedrooms and a lot of square footage,” you read off a listing while still in bed. “I know it only has five bedrooms but it’s still a good home. Having one less bedroom won’t kill us.”

“Okay, I guess. Is there an open house today?” he asked.

“Today at noon. I actually have a really good feeling about this house,” you smiled, handing him the listing. “It’s lovely and we have to get a home soon for our child,” you chuckled, rubbing your stomach.

“Well I know if you love, then I’ll love it,” he said before kissing your cheek. “I just want a home that isn’t too fancy. I want our kids to have a normal life like we did when we grew up and I think a practical looking home is the first step to that.”

“Me too, so lets go see this house and see if it’s for us.”

Two hours later, you and Louis went to go and check out the house. You knew this had to be the house considering you had only four weeks to move in to one. If Louis found flaws in the house, you knew you would have to convince him.

“I do like the look,” Louis mentioned, taking you out of your thought process as the car approached the home.

“I knew you would like it,” you smiled as he parked in the street.

You both walked into the home and you loved it. “Louis, look! It’s already childproof!” you smiled, pointing to the covered outlet. “Now we don’t have to do it at least.”

“Yeah and look at this kitchen,” Louis said, walking over to the kitchen with you. “I can imagine in a month me cooking you dinner-”

“Why am I not cooking?”

“Because I want you to rest after having our child,” he chuckled. “So I’m cooking dinner while you are in the living room over there with our little boy and-”


“This is my version, Y/N,” Louis mumbled in your neck. “Anyway, we eat over there as our first meal as a family and our child will probably start to cry because babies cry, always. After dinner, we’ll put our baby to bed in its cute nursery and then we’ll go to our room just down the hall and pass out on our bed.”

You chuckled, “If I can get that feeling up stairs, then I think I might be the house for us.”

He nodded before putting his hands on your swollen stomach, “Welcome to your new home then baby.”

Ziall Appreciation Post

(so as you may know, I used to make these appreciation posts, usually about one person in specific. But I thought I should start doing it for ships. So Why Not start with my otp!)

Ziall Appreciation Post:

1. As we all know, Ziall may be a little obsessed with hugging


Side Hugs count as hugs you know

He could have hugged a fan but he chose to hug his love.

This picture still hurts to this day. LOOK AT THEM

I can just feel the love, and it hurts

Their crotches are literally touching. They couldn’t get any closer.

Look how genuinely happy Niall is hugging Zayn. Bless him.

2. Now Ziall have shared a few kisses here and there..

I nice kiss to the temple never hurt anyone

Zayn…you alright there? You look a little too happy…

okay, technically this isn’t a kiss, but it’s pretty fucking close!

3. Heart eyes, Heart eyes Motherfucker! (aka these boys can’t stop staring at one another)

ok, idk why this isn’t working, But ZAYN you’re in the middle of a music video, calm.

Uhh boys, I hope you know you’re in a room with more than just each other.

Zayn is so in love with Niall, you can see it in his eyes and his smile. Bless him.


Way to be Subtle Niall.

In love from the start.

It’s Like Zayn is frozen in time. He is so in love.

4. These two are total goofs when around each other

Zayn never dances, unless he is with his boyfriend

5. Zayn and Niall really really love complimenting each other.

Yes Niall, We know.

Niall..I think we know what you’re into.

Them complimenting each other is everything I ever need in life.

6. I think we can all agree that Fetus Ziall was one of the best things to happen to  this world

They were so in love, and nothing has changed.

Zayn, You’re staring

Oh the cuteness of fetus Ziall is too much:)

7. Ziall have said some things, things that make my heart melt.

This was short, but it hurt that’s for sure.

8. This one is gonna hurt a lot, But Ziall seem to enjoy holding hands.

Niall wanted a high five but Zayn wasn’t having that

This hurts.. a lot

Holding hands in an interview..they think we cant see ;)

Such a gentle loving touch *happy sigh*

9. Let’s just say Ziall shippers are amazing at fanart and manips.


Well that was a journey filled with many many emotions. I hope you enjoyed the beauty that is Ziall’s love.

I made this with my best friend and fellow Ziall shipper in mind. This is for you : zialljhorlik

(none of the gifs, pictures ,edits or drawings belong to me. All credits go to the owners!)

   (If you want me to do any other ship or person, Just let me know and I will be happy to make one for you :) )

anonymous asked:

Hold up. Hang on. Are you saying Liam got the three roses I Love You tattoo on ZAYN'S BURTHDAY. IS THIS WHAT YOU'RE SAYING BECAUSE I DID NOT KNOW THIS I CANNOT BREATHE I AM IN PAYNE

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING. Technically he could have gotten it anytime between January 10*-13 but I am going to use boob instincts and my Olivia Pope Gut to  Benson & Stabler this shit and present the facts:

Both Liam and Zayn were in Los Angeles during Zayn’s birthday. 

Here we see Loam Pan’s Beautiful Abominable Snowman Sized Paw on January 9*- no roses tattoo (this really is like grainy Big Foot sighting quality guys, I am so sorry, video is here):

Loam Pan’s glorious yet red and freshly tatted fashionable lumberjack hand on January 13:

Tag yourself, I’m Paddy, glaring at Liam like “BRUH. WHY DID YOU DO ME LIKE THAT, BRUH.”

*I’m pretty sure he also didn’t have it on January 10, which brings us to January 11-13,  but I couldn’t find a photo of his hand in the three minutes I googled it, and Melly has real life work things to finish, so please feel free to hop on this and help a hoe out

He may be my teacher but.... Part 3






I sat up straight and jumped off his desk.“oh my god” I said realizing what I just did. “Y/n are you okay?” Mr.Malik said with concerned look. I didn’t answer his question. I was too busy, quickly, collecting my things. murmured multiple “oh my god”’s under yay breath. Guilt was set at the pit of my stomach. My teacher just fingered me and that was not okay. I knew he could get in serious trouble for this, and I probably would’ve got called a hoe, a slut, I would’ve been called so much names if anyone found out. Right now, I just wanted to get the fuck out of there. “Y/n?” Mr.Malik called my name as he touched my arm. “Don’t touch me” I pulled my arm away then put on my shirt. You were about to head to the door but Mr.Malik got in front of you. You went left to go around him. You left his class room and headed for your car and went home.

Mr.Malik’s POV.

“Shit” I said nude my breath as she left. I just fingered my student. What’s going through her mind right now? Does she feel violated? FUCK! what if she presses charges? I need to talk to her. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Think, Zayn, think.“ As those thoughts consumed my brain, I paced around the room. "What can I do?” I thought but then a light bulb came off. “I am her teacher. I can get her to Saturday school. Detention. I can talk to her then.” I went to my desk and sent an email to he mother. I wen to her file and got Her mother’s email and number. I began to right an email. “Good evening Mrs.Y/L/N,
I am writing to you to fill you in on your daughters behavior this afternoon. Your daughter, y/n, had elbowed me in the face and caused my nose to bleed. When she did it, she ran out of the room snickering, leading me to assume that she did it in purpose. That type of behavior is prohibited in this school. The fact that she didn’t cone back and apologized , showed me that she did it on purpose. She caused my nose to bleed and for it to bruise. For her consequence of this action, she will be attend Saturday Detention. Please tell her this and I would like an apology from her please. She used violence which is a bad thing at this school. Thank you for understanding. If you want to talk about her actions today you may email me or call me at (000) 000-0000. Thank you.

Zayn Malik.”

As soon as I finished I pressed send. I felt bad for lying on her, but it’s the only way I can talk to her. I can’t believe I let this happen. Seeing her everyday just adds more attraction towards her. She’s perfect. I know it’s wrong but damn, she’s just so beautiful. I gather my things and put back on my shirt. I walk out of my classroom, locking the door and having my phone in my hand, waiting for a reply.


“Y/N Y/Middle/N Y/last/N !” You heard your mother yell as you close the house door behind you. “Yes, mom” You say to her. “WHY IS YOUR TECAHER EMAILING TELLING ME THA YOU ELBOWED HIM IN HE NOSE, MADE IS NOSE BLEED AND RAN AWAY LAUGHING AT HIM?!?!” She yelled at me even louder. As soon as those words left her mouth, My heart dropped. “What? No, I didn’t laugh at him. I stayed back and helped him. I did apologize ” I stated back her. “Then why would he email me that you did the EXACT OPPOSITE!” She yelled once again. “I-I-I honestly don’t know ” I replied. “Seriously y/n, not only are you lying to me, but you HURT your teacher. Intentionally!”
“ No mom, I promise I didn’t ”
“Fine. Let’s call him and figure out what really happened.” My mom went to get her phone and then dialed his number. “What the hell is Mr. Malik planning? Wtf, is he mad that I left him?” You thought. You watched your mom as she put her phone to her ear. “Hello, I’m looking for Mr. Malik” she says then puts her phone on the table and on speaker. “ Yes, this is he. How may I help you?”

“I am y/n’s mother. You emailed me regarding to y/n intentionally hurting you. ”

“Yes I did, and you may know, I expect her at Saturday Detention.”

“Yes, see but the thing is that she is telling me that she didn’t hurt you, intentionally. In fact, she stayed behind and helped you. Can you please restate the situation to me please?”
You leaned in and listened intently.
“When the bell rung the class was leaving, she passed by me and brought her elbow back high enough to hit my nose and she did hit it hard. I knew she felt the contact because her arm bare . Also, she did not stay back and help me. She ran off, snickering. If she did stay back to help me, I would be extremely gracious and there would be no purpose for me to email you and assign her it go to Saturday Detention.”

“What the hell?!? It was an accident and I did stay back and help you!”
You shouted without even thinking.
“Y/N!” Your mom said loudly for you to behave.
“If that was so, then why am I assigning you detention? If it WAS an accident , as you say.”
Mr.Malik questions you. Your mom looks at you, waiting for you to answer. “UGGGH” you grunt and run to your room. When you got in your room you fell straight on your bed, face first. “Why is this happening to me?” You said to yourself. “Why would he give me detention? I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong, and I doubt it has to do with what we did. ” you thought to yourself. You decided to just go to bed. Saturday Detention is held 8 in the morning. Its usually held in the library. At least Mr.Malik wasn’t going to be there. Hopefully.

You woke up at 7:30 to get ready for detention. Actually, your mother yelled at you to wake up. After you got dressed in khaki short shorts and a pullover, you put your hair into a pony tail and made your way downstairs to the kitchen. You grabbed a banana and apple juice box and walked outside your house. You entered your car and drove to your school. Once you arrived, you got down from your car and headed towards the school. You walked to the library and the entrance doors were locked. You raised an eyebrow, that was odd. “Oh y/n!” You heard a voice come form behind you. You turned around and saw Mr.Malik with a box in his hand. “I thought detention was held in the library?” You asked him. “ no, your detention is help in my class” he said. “ your detention, what did he mean by that” you thought to yourself. “Follow me” he instructed you. You followed him to his classroom, once you were inside. You just stood there by the door as Mr.Malik put his stuff on the desk. “Take a seat” he said. You did as you were instructed. “Now, you are probably wondering why I lied to your mom and why I assigned you detention.” He said in a low voice. You nodded at him. “I just needed to talk to you. I am also terribly sorry if I caused you to be in any trouble with your parents. ” he said. You scoffed at him. “You gave me detention because you need to talk to me… really? This couldn’t wait until school ” you said to him with a anger and a hint of disapproval in your voice. “Well, I didn’t know what you were gunna do after…after.. we did that…thing. I didn’t know if you were gunna tell, or if your were gunna-” you cut him off. “Mr.Malik. I was just apart of our…. altercation as you were. I wouldn’t have told on you.” You said to him reassuringly. “See… how was I supposed to know that?” He questioned. You nodded at him. You were beginning to understand his worry. You stayed silent. “ I was just really worried. I didn’t know what you would do, what action you would take. I didn’t even know how you felt…” Mr.Malik stood up and ran his fingers through his hair and started to slowly pace in the front of the room. “Goodness, I just didn’t know what to do.” He finished his statement. Mr.Malik was in a vulnerable state right now. You felt bad. You felt as if you shouldn’t have ran out like that. “I’m sorry Mr.Malik, I shouldn’t have ran out like that… I should have been calm about the situation instead of worrying you.” You told him. Mr.Malik sat down on the table near his desk. “How did you feel?”
“About what?”
“After… ya’ know. When you ran out.”
“I, um… Well, I felt regret and… wrong but a little right at the same time.”
Mr.Malik nodded then there was a long silence. You stood up and walked towards him then you sat right beside him in the table.
“How about you?” You asked
“What do you mean?” he replied
“Oh I was just worried and anxious.”
“Oh, yeah.” You realized he already told you. The room was once again silent. “Oh!” Mr.Malik said. “I have something for you.” He said as he rose and went to get his bag. You rose an eyebrow at him. “Well, more of something that belongs to you.” He said as he came back with it on his lap. He looked through it then he pulled out a black cloth with white lettering on them. “Shit!” You said once you realized it was your panties. You covered your face with your hands to hide from embarrassment. “I guess, you kinda forgot ‘em when you were rushing.” Mr.Malik said. You removed your hands and saw a smile on his face. He looked as if he was about to laugh. You grabbed them from his hands. “Not funny” you pouted. “ I’m not laughing” he said with a wide grin. You rolled your eyes at him. “Ya know, y/n. I know it’s wrong. Oh so, wrong but… I…” he trailed off. “Never mind, forget it. You can leave now, if you want.” He said. He suddenly became a little saddened. You knew what he was going to say but you brushed it off your shoulders because you knew it was wrong too. You went to go get your bag from your previous seat. As you were about to open the door to leave, Mr. Malik suddenly shut it with his hand. You turned to face him. He had one hand above your head on the door and the other on the wall beside the door. He was leaned towards you, his face was extremely close to yours. You heart beat quickened. You knew what was about to happen and you just couldn’t bring yourself to stop it. “I can’t just let you go not yet.” Here we go again.

You and Harry are Friends with Benefits (pt. III)

It’s filming time.

Your wardrobe only consists of revealing outfits and you are already hesitating at the doorstep of your dressing room. Zayn appears behind you and wraps his arms around your waist so smoothly that you were sure everyone thought you two were an item. “What’s wrong?”

“I just…” you try to stop yourself from stammering. “I don’t know whether I’m the one for this role. I mean, wouldn’t you rather have–”

“No one else,” Zayn smiles and presses a kiss to your cheek. You were stunned. So stunned that you didn’t even utter any other words and just watched him leave.

So stunned that you didn’t object when a hairstylist pushes you into a seat and immediately starts tying your hair up in a tight ponytail.

So stunned that it wasn’t until she whistled lucky girl to have a boy like that that you snapped out of your senses. “We’re not dating,” you blurt out. She raises an eyebrow. “We’re just…we’re just friends.”

“Better establish that soon, hon,” she continues to tease your hair. “That boy is head over heels for you.”

Head over heels?

Maybe the only way to get over Harry was to give Zayn a shot. After all, he was a nice guy and he was head over heels for you…

“Are you sure you’re comfortable with this?” Zayn asks you softly when the director pushes your body against his.

Deep down, you weren’t. But you had to give him a chance. You had to get over Harry and your godforsaken love. You nod up at him and pause, before planting a gentle kiss on his lips, “I’m fine, Zayn.”

He lets a full-stretched grin take over his features and a stab of guilt hits you. You’re quick to shake it off, though. Zayn not Harry. Zayn not Harry.

“Zayn, mouth the lyrics and tilt your head down towards her,” the director says and you make sure not to stiffen as his lips come near yours. “Y/N…smile a bit, yeah? You look as if you’re about to catch HIV.”

You force a laugh and you feel Zayn’s eyes on yours. You turn to him and whisper, “I’m just nervous.”

“Don’t be. Do you trust me?” Zayn wraps his arms around your waist and his forehead dips to rest on yours. You nod, speechless. “Then I believe that you can do this. Perfectly, if I may say. You look so beautiful right now. Please see that.”

Here was a guy perfect for you. He knew exactly what to say without meaning something else. He knew exactly what to do without pushing it to far. He was kind and gentle and forgiving and understanding.

So why was Harry still on your mind?

“Run your hands down her body, Zayn,” the director commands and this time, you have no hesitation and you even thrust your hips out to him. His eyes widen in surprise and in ecstasy. “I’ll…” Even the director seems to note the sexual tension. “Take it from here, guys.”

Zayn starts murmuring the lyrics and you feel his warm hands down your skin-tight outfit. Y/N, I want you. You dig your nails into your palms and try to block out Harry. Zayn turns your body around so that it faces the directors and starts kissing down your neck. Y/N I–

You turn around as quick as lighting and grab Zayn’s cheeks–smacking your lips against his and slip your tongue into his mouth. Harry’s words are blurred now. You let yourself smile.

the eleventh harry voicemail that you did not receive: Y/n…please talk to me. I don’t care if you don’t love me back but…I miss you. So much.

When the PILLOWTALK music video dropped, Zayn was in L.A., meeting with his producers. You were home alone, with everything (including your TV) switched off.

You didn’t know why but you just couldn’t watch it. Couldn’t watch your betrayal to Harry.

What would the boys think of you after they saw this? Would Niall ever call you his best friend again? Would Louis never let you visit Freddie? What about Liam? He liked to think you were his little sister but after….Zayn…would he ever look you in the eyes?

Would Harry ever love you after this?

A knock on your door.

You hesitated. If it was Zayn knocking, you didn’t think you could face him with these wet cheeks. If it was any of the boys…well…you wouldn’t be able to handle their disappointment.

Knock knock knock.

You walk up to your door, hand poised on the knob. “Who is it?” You call out.

No response.

You try and look through the peephole but someone was pressing their hand against it. It was probably Zayn playing a prank on you. You sigh in relief. But when you opened the door, you didn’t get a chance to get a good look at who it was before he pushed past you.

But you did see his curly hair.

And his wild green eyes.

“Harry, what are you–”

“Did you get any of my voicemails?” He picks up your phone and he gets angrier when he doesn’t see anything pop up on your lock screen. “You blocked me…of course.”

“Why are you here?” You cross your arms over your chest, letting hair fall into your face to hide your red eyes. “I–”

Harry runs a sloppy hand through his hair and tries to meet your eyes. You don’t let him. “You…the music video….you were….kissing Zayn.”

“So?” You wince at the venom in your voice. “He’s my friend too and…” but you didn’t get a chance to explain yourself to him because he’s combing all the hair out of your face with his long fingers and cupping your face in his hands.

His features immediately soften. “Why are you crying?”

You cry out, “Why do you care? You can’t fuck me anymore, Harry! I’m not yours to fuck so you can stop this act because you can’t control me anymore!”

You expect a retort, or an apology. You did not expect for his eyes to scan over your lips ever so slowly and him whispering, “But I love you, Y/N.”

“Love?” A tear falls from your chin and onto Harry’s thumb. “You call this love? Love is not an excuse for what you have put me through.”

“I know,” he’s getting jumpy now. His hands fall from your face and he starts pacing in front of you. “I was going to tell you that day you asked me to leave. The day you blocked my number. I was going to tell you and I did but you didn’t hear it and…I….I never wanted just your body, Y/N.

“I wanted you to hear those words I said during….sex. Those words I uttered when I was at my most vulnerable point. Those words for you and you only. I never meant to hurt you. Please believe me on that. I love you so much. So so much.”

You press your eyes shut. You felt dizzy. You could not wrap your head around the fact that Harry Styles was in front of you and confessing his love for you.

You could not believe it, and that was that.

Please believe me,” he begs.

“I can’t,” you whimper and he sinks down to his knees.

Harry doesn’t lose a beat though. He’s up on his feet and in front of you in seconds. He grabs your hand and your heart jumps. And you hate it you hate it because you can’t believe him but you want to. So badly. Oh, you so badly want to believe him.

“Are you happy, Y/N? With Zayn?” Harry asks. And why, God, did he have to ask that because you can answer everything else but you cannot answer that.

“No,” you whisper honestly. “I miss you.”

Harry practically falls with relief. He squeezes your hands tightly. “Then let me make it right. Let me make you believe me. Let me make you happy.”

“You love me?” You are swaying back and forth on your feet and you feel light-headed.

Harry takes you into his arms and whispers, “I love you. I love you I love you I love you.”


part 4

#192 - Another Boy Makes You Cry In Front Of Him

Harry: Looking at the blonde boy, you couldn’t believe the words that just fell from his lips, and neither could Harry. “Niall, how dare you!” Harry boomed as the tears gathered in the corners of your eyes, your attempt to blink them away failing as they began to drip down your cheeks. “Harry I-” Niall tried to save himself, but your boyfriend was having none of it. “My girlfriend is not clingy and she is not a problem maker how could you even think to say those things! Apologize, now, or I’m going to break your nose,” Harry threatened in a low tone. “(Y/N) I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it…” he stammered out, backing away from Harry’s dangerous scowl. Your boyfriend turned to you, placing his hands on your cheeks and gently wiping the tears away. “Don’t pay any mind to him… He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Liam: Standing in the kitchen, you listened as Liam shouted at Zayn for the little incident that happened earlier. You still didn’t understand why Zayn had so much hatred for you. Out of nowhere, he had started lashing out on you, telling that you were no good for Liam and that he deserved much better. It was enough to send you to the kitchen in tears just as Liam had walked in and now you were just waiting for someone to come in. A few minutes later, your boyfriend came in, the distant doing of the front door shutting echoed through the house. “Liam..?” you whispered, wiping your cheeks and walking over to him. “You know what he says is bullshit right?” the older boy said softly, coming over to engulf you up in his arms. Your words were too muffled to properly answer but you nodded softly. “Good… Because no one will ever be as amazing as you.”

Niall: "Louis, what the hell did you do?!“ Niall shouted, having walking in on Louis and you standing a few feet apart, tears streaming down your face. "You made my girlfriend cry? What is your problem?” Louis rolled his eyes. “Tell her to stop playing victim I just told her that her jeans were a little too small!” Niall’s eyes widened. Your weight was a sensitive subject, especially after all the backlash you got about it in high school. “Louis of course I’m going to cry! You called me fat!” “I did not! I said your jeans were too small but you know what (Y/N), now that I look closer maybe you are a little chunky,” Louis hissed, everything spewing from anger. The tears fell more freely, but before you could reply, Niall had Louis out of the house. “Princess…” He frowned, coming back over to you. “Am I…?” you asked shyly. “No. No you are not you’re absolutely beautiful and I love every single inch.”

Zayn: “Does she really have to join us?” Harry groaned, watching you as you gathered up your things. Your eyes looked up at his before over to your boyfriend. “Harry…” Zayn replied in a warning tone, but Harry kept pushing. “I mean, yeah, she’s great, but she’s so clingy don’t you think?” Clingy? We’re you clingy? “I don’t have to go…” you cut in softly, setting your bag back down. “No, (Y/N), you’re coming,” Zayn said, nodding his head and taking your hand in his. “Harry, what is your problem?” Zayn hissed, gripping onto your hand. “My problem is that your little girlfriend over here feels the need to come along to every little thing we do.” “I invite her and she accepts because she supports me!” Harry laughed dryly. “Lies, she just wants all the fame and attention. She’s a fucking gold digger!” You looked at Harry quickly, tears gathering up in your eyes before looking down. “Leave Harry,” Zayn said in a dangerously low tone. “Fine, have fun with your little mind controller,” he grumbled, slamming the door. Your boyfriend turned to you, taking your other hand as well. “I love you,” is all he says, pressing his lips onto yours. He knew the truth and that was what mattered.

Louis: “Liam Payne,how dare you say such a thing!” you yelled, glaring at him. Liam opened up his mouth to say somthing but before he could, Louis ran into the room, standing in between the two of you. “Hey, hey! What on earth is going on here?!” You looked towards your boyfriend, feeling the tears start to swell up in your eyes. “Liam’s telling me that I cheated on you and I didn’t Louis, I swear. But he keeps telling me that it’s only a matter of time until I do and when it happens, you’ll be way better off!” you explained shakily, furiously wiping away the tears that were threatening to fall. “Liam,” he started, turning towards the younger boy. “How could you say such a dispicable thing?” Liam suddenly had a look of guilt on his face. “I just… Louis, she’s not good for you,” he said quietly. “And how do you know that?” your boyfriend snapped, crossing his arms over his chest. “I… I don’t…” “Exactly. So I suggest you leave before you cause anymore issues.” Liam nodded, turning to leave swiftly. “Awe baby don’t cry…” Louis frowned turning his attention to you. “I know you wouldn’t cheat on me baby…” “Never,” you sniffled looking up at him. He nodded, putting his arms around you. “I know baby… I know.”

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i was looking at your ziall compliments post and thinking about how often niall encourages zayn. i'm having so many ziall feelings. can you talk ziall to me? :3

ugh YES, it really is one of the most beautiful things and it works twofold bc on one hand niall really /is/ that impressed and awed by zayn and he can’t help tripping all over himself to make sure zayn knows it, like you know he’s a great listener already but when it’s quiet reserved zayn doing the talking, niall is on hyper alert attentive (super fond face) mode

the fact that zayn has said it himself!! like you know niall really /listens/ eats up every little aside always wants to encourage zayn to keep talking

and to share with everyone else

like from someone else it could come off condescending or obnoxious or just unnecessary? but niall makes it normal and easy and he’s just so enthusiastic and genuinely wants everyone else to get the pleasure of hearing zayn’s thoughts

it just seems like pure reflex. zayn actually engages and says/knows/IS something impressive and niall has to tell him on the spot, both out of sheer admiration but also probably to make sure zayn keeps /going/

he’s just this big ball of appreciation and positive reinforcement. no matter how good you might think you’ve done, niall will always think you’ve done better :’)) ZAYN HAS DONE BETTER

but seriously the way niall coaxes zayn out of his shell constantly giving him accolades just wanting him to feel less self-conscious more confident about himself and his skills in every area

whether it’s getting him to share his answers or feel more at ease with his dancing or helping him get into singing his favorite songs

niall encouraging zayn is EVERYTHING to me

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I know you have probably a million asks about this, but what do you think the chances are that there is only one Cartier love bracelet and Liam just gave it to Zayn to wear? It would explain why they're never wearing it at the same time...

It’s entirely possible? Zayn has more smol, delicate hands and wrists, and Liam has the hands and wrists of a beautiful Abominable Snowbeast Lumberjack, so let’s do some unofficial Hoe Science!

 The Cartier Love bracelets go by size, and Liam’s seems to be sized for a tighter fit closer to the top of his wrist. The one Zayn’s been sporting is looser on Zehn and falls further down his forearm:

Which. I mean. 


  *a bit long but worth it i swear ;)*

Zayn - Your Birthday

The sound of your ringing phone woke you up at midnight, who on earth would call you this late at night. You got out of bed and walked to the desk where you charged your phone, it was your corny boyfriend, Zayn. You took your brush and fix your hair so it looks like you woke up like that, “Hey!!!!” you smiled. “Hey beautiful! You look….. Sleepy?” “Yeah, just woke up.” you replied rubbing your eyes. “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay, I miss you a lot so this is totally worth it.” “I miss you more! By the way, what time is it there?” he asked giggling. “Ummm… 2 minutes to midnight, why?” “Ah okay! So how’s your day?” “Errr… It was okay, Math test results came out today.” “Really? How did you do?” “I…..” “It’s okay.” he smiled. “I……Got a B!!!!!” you shrieked making him giggle, “What? Shut up!!! That’s great!!” “Yeah thanks to you!!!!” “But the problems that I solved were all wrong and messed up!” “No it wasn’t! Well a few, but from the mistakes you did, made me realise where my mistake was!” “Oh right! Blame it on the boy who helped you through FaceTime!!” “Haha I’m not blaming you! I’m thanking you silly!” “Haha, adorable.” he replied doing his fake laugh when his watch beeped a couple times, “What’s wrong babe?” you asked as your eyebrows furrowed. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!!! IT’S MIDNIGHT AND YOU’RE FINALLY A YEAR OLDER THAN BEFORE! OBVIOUSLY! NO SHIT! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!” he shouted giving you air kisses as giggles escaped from his adorable grin. “What? Oh!!!!!!!!!! Yes! My birthday!” you said bursted out laughing. “You forgot your own birthday?” “No, it’s just that, I miss you so much and wanted to talk to you so bad which made me forgot all about it.” “Awh, you’re so adorable don’t you know that?” he smiled. “I CAN”T BELIEVE YOU REMEMBERED!!!” “That’s why I called.” “It’s starting to make sense now.” you giggled. “I want you to have the BEST birthday ever!!!!!” “You can start by being here with me, that would be great, that’s all I ask.” you smiled as your eyes get a little watery. “Wish granted.” he replied giggling. “What?! Are you serious? You’re not kidding with me right now?” “No, I miss you too, a lot, and I want to spend time with you.” “But how bout tour?” “Don’t you remember? We’re on a break! One month more ‘till the next leg starts!” he smiled. “Are you seriously coming here?!” you asked still in disbelief. “Yes! Now go to bed and get some sleep. I’ll see you first thing in the morning, okay bye!” he replied waving at you and hung up. 

You were still shock, trying to sink everything in, but yeah, he hung up before you say anything further. You shrugged it off and went to bed like he said. Telling yourself to go to bed was easier than actually doing it, you moved and rolled from left to right, changed your position, thinking about your boyfriend that’s coming the next day. Finally, your eyes started to squint a little, and it got a bit heavier as you looked at the clock, 2:45 am, then you drifted to sleep. You were having a good dream, great actually, when someone, or something, jumped on you repeatedly, repeatedly, and it was pretty heavy too, “GOOD MORNING BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!!!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!!” a voice shouted, screaming at your ear while jumping on your bed. “What?! Get out!” you yelled. “WAKE UP!!!!! IT’S A GREAT DAY TODAY TO GO OUT WITH ME! COME ON!!!” “Jesus Chri…” you said as you opened your eyes, the light of the morning sun struck through the window, the shadow that was jumping on you became clearer as you rubbed your eyes, “ZAYNIEEEEE!!!!!” you shrieked hugging your boyfriend. “Is this real? Am I dreaming? Are you actually here right now?”  you said in disbelief. “Me? Not real?” he asked, cupping your face as he kissed you. That’s it, the kiss that you longed for, the kiss that could chance your day in a snap of a finger. “Still not sure if this is real.” you joked. He giggled and kiss you once more, “Nope, not sure if this is real.” “Still not real eh?” he asked, you thought he was going to kiss you again, but he attacked and tickled your ticklish spots instead, “ZAYN!! STOP!!!! I’M SERIOUS THIS IS NOT FUNNY! OMG HAHA!!!” you screamed. “If it’s not funny then why are you laughing?” he giggled still tickling you. “ZAYN STOP!!!!” “Trying to prove to you that this is real that’s all.” he continued. “OKAY OKAY IT’S REAL!! NOW STOP! HAHA OMG STOP!!!” “Hmm.. What’s real?” he asked holding your hand and kept tickling you, you couldn’t let go, not with his tight grip. “THIS! THIS IS REAL! YOU’RE HERE! I GET IT! STOP HAHA ZAYN! STOP!!!” you screamed as he stopped. “Don’t play with me babe.” he smirked kissing your cheek. “Now, go take a shower and I’ll wait for you downstairs, be quick!” he smiled as he let you go and went out. You rushed to the bathroom, turned the shower on took a shower. You picked the most casual outfit there was, which was a pair of shorts with an off shoulder boho top. You blow-dried your hair, messed it up a bit so it looks adorable, took a pair of sandals and went straight downstairs, finding your mom talking to your boyfriend. “Yeah! And she spilled her pasta all over her little brother’s head! She’s a very clumsy girl!” your mom said as your boyfriend giggled. “She is clumsy! She accidentally…” “Hmm…” you said clearing your throat, cutting Zayn’s mid sentence, “I accidentally what Zayn?” you asked squinting.

 “Umm accidentally …. Adorable! Yeah accidentally adorable!” he blushed. “That’s right Zayn!” your mom giggled. “Stop the act guys I heard everything.” you laughed as you walked down the stairs to your boyfriend. “So what are the plans for today?” you asked hugging his strong arm. “Like I said, go out, maybe a walk in the park? I just wanna spend time with you, so anything you want to do today is totally fine with me.” he smiled as you kissed his cheek. “Get going then!” your mom smiled. Ooh and Zayn.” “Yeah ma’am?” “Take care of my daughter!” “Will do!” he smiled shaking your mom’s hand as you both head out of the house. He opened the passenger door for you and smiled, “My lady.” “Why thank you sir.” you giggled. He ran to the driver’s side and went inside, “Sooooo where we going today?” he asked still smiling at you. “I have no idea.” “Park it is then!” “Why do you want to go to the park so bad?” “Because… I don’t know either, maybe ‘cuz it’s such a beautiful day?” he asked smirking. “Okay then, off we go!!!” you replied as he bursted out laughing, “What?” “Nothing, you’re just… You’re such a dork sometimes.” he laughed. “Haha….” you mumbled. He giggled as he drove the car. It took 20 minutes ‘till you get to the park, both of you were in the car in silence, just listening to the radio, enjoying your time together, his right and your left fingers intertwined as he kissed your knuckles every 5 minutes. “We have reached our destination.” he joked as he parked the car. “Yeay!” you said giggling. He got out of the car, ran to your side and opened the door for you, “Thank you.” you smiled as you bended in poise. He giggled and hold your hands. You walked hand in hand with him through the park. The air was great, you could feel the summer breeze, while the birds were singing and the sun was shining through the trees which made beautiful reflections and lights. “Y/N, what do you want for your birthday this year?” he asked breaking up the silence. “Hmmm… You.” you smirked. “Huh?” “You being here is the best birthday present ever, and now you’re here, so, yeah that’s about it.” “Really? Nothing else? No necklace, bracelets, anything?” “No, I just want you to be here enjoying this beautiful day with me, and my birthday.” you smiled. “I love you.” he smiled kissing your temple as both of you kept walking. “I love you too.” you replied. He never had a girlfriend like you before. His exes were all, needy, clingy, and want something from him, they’re not gold diggers, they just want crazy expensive things on their birthday, but you, you only want him to be there by your side, you’re different, which made him love you and treasure your heart carefully and try not to break it. You were walking when there was a small bridge in front of you that you could go under it. “Come on!” he said pulling your hand and run under the bridge. As you got there, there were cans of sprays and markers near the bushes with a sign “DO NOT TOUCH”. He took the cans and the markers as he faced a wall under the small bridge, “Zayn, it says do not touch, and you’re using it.” “So? They’re not here anyway, besides, they can but it again if they wanna do more street arts.” he smiled as he shared the can a couple times. “Zayn.” “What now babe?” he asked turning around, looking at you. “It’s illegal to spray or draw things on the wall, especially at the park.” you reminded, getting a bit nervous and scared. “Relax, we’re under a bridge, not many people knows this way and the police wouldn’t know either.” he shrugged and started spraying the wall, then took a marker out. “Zayn?” you asked again, he shut his mouth, and ignored you this time. “Zayn, what are you doing?” you asked again, still no answer, “Zayn?”

He took another can of spray and began spraying again. “Zayn?” you asked one more time, still no response. You let him doodle and sprayed the wall, it was hopeless to talk to him while he’s doing what he likes. “And……Done!” he finally spoke wiping the sweat on his head. “Zayn, what did you do?” you asked trying to see what he did. “Tadaaaaaa!!!” he said proudly showing you his masterpiece. You stood beside him and read what he wrote, “If you said you were cold, I would wrap my arms around you. If you said you were thirsty, I would give you the ocean blue. I would give you anything: the moon, the stars, the sunset too.” you paused for a second as tears started falling from your eyes, “Awhhh this is… This is beautiful Zaynie!!!!” you said hugging him. He pushed you slowly to the wall as you both kissed under the bridge. You smiled as you both continued walking through the park. You walked ‘till you got tired and couldn’t continue when he lead you to the small valley at the park. “What’s wrong babe?” he asked. “Just tired, I didn’t get enough sleep last night haha, my bad.” you shrugged. “Hop on.” he smiled as he bend in front of you gesturing you to jump on him. “You mean like now?” “No, tomorrow, yes now!” he giggled. “Okay, but if we fall, it’s your fault.” “How’s that my fault?” he laughed as you jumped. “Hey! I wasn’t ready!” he said as he held you up. He walked with you hanging behind him to the small valley and stopped under the tree. “Tired much?” you teased. “Well yeah!!” he groaned. “Sorry, I’ll work out and do diets later on.” you smiled brushing his hair. “No, you’re not heavy, I’m just tired, ya know, the flight and all.” he smiled as he sat against the tree. You followed him and rest your head on his lap. “What do you want to do next?” he asked playing with the strands of your hair. “Nothing, this is perfect.” you smiled. You stayed with him in that position for hours but it feels like seconds. Him being with you that day means a lot, and you didn’t want it to end. “Hey.” he said waking you up as you nearly drifted to sleep. “Yeah?” you asked. “How bout dinner tonight?” “Sure!” you smiled. He lifted you up and you both walked, hands intertwined, back to the car. He drove you back to your house. “I’ll pick you up at 8.” he said as he stopped the car. “Okay, see you later!” you smiled opening the door. You walked out when he held your hand, “Bye beautiful.” he smiled kissing your hand like your his princess and he’s your prince. “Hehe, bye.” you giggled. You walked by your kitchen when your mom called, “Hey honey, how’s your date?” “It was okay.” you lied going upstairs. You wanted to tell your mom everything but you next date starts in 4 hours so you have to get ready. “Liar.” your mom smirked continuing making dinner. You took a long bath and replayed the day with your boyfriend, especially the words on the wall. You’ve never felt like this before. You spent your birthdays mostly with your family, or maybe friends by parties and all. Doing lazy things with him felt different. You knew that you couldn’t let him go. You were enjoying your long bath when your phone buzzed. You got out of the shower and read the text that just came in, “It matches your smile.” you read a bit confused. You shrugged it off and walked out of the bathroom. You were even more confused when you saw your door opened. You walked in and saw a big box on the bed. You took the small card on it and read, “Matches your eyes too?” You opened the box and saw a beautiful bright yellow satin gown. A smile appeared on your face as you walked through your room with the flowing dress. You put it on, and it fits perfectly. You didn’t ask for this, but for the fact that he bought it for you just for the date tonight. You put your black heels on and a pair of matching diamond earrings, which were your moms. You waited and waited till your mom called you from downstairs, “Y/N!!! Driver’s here to pick you up!” “Coming!” you replied walking downstairs. You thought that he was the one that’s gonna pick you up, but he hired a driver instead. When you walked out of the house the driver opened the door of the white Bentley, “What? How?” you asked as you went it. “How on earth?” you asked. “Mr.Malik requested this car.” the driver smiled as the car left the driveway. You didn’t have a clue on where you’re going until the car stopped in front of a posh French restaurant, the restaurant that you wanted to eat but couldn’t make a reservation at because it’s expensive, fully booked, and not to mention, a 5 star dine in. The driver opened your door and lend you a hand, you walked out of the car and saw your boyfriend walked towards you out of nowhere! “Good evening beautiful.” he smiled. 

“Omg Zayn you shouldn’t have.” you smiled receiving the flowers from him. “You look amazing.” he said kissing you. “Thanks to the best boyfriend in the world who bought me this amazingly beautiful dress!” you said as he giggled and lead you to the restaurant, holding your waist. “Good evening.” the waitress said as she led you to the seat near the giant window. Zayn took the sit out and gestured you to sit down, “After you.” he smiled. “Thanks.” you smiled back. “Zayn, how did you get a reservation here?” you asked while looking at the menu. “I have my ways.” he teased. The waitress came again and placed a bucket of ice at the end of your table, “The finest wine please.” your boyfriend requested. She smiled and went to the cellar at the cellar near the kitchen and took out a wine, “Best in the house.” she replied. “What would you like to order?” she asked. You were still trying to figure out on what to eat when Zayn spoke, “Chef’s choice.” You looked up and nodded. “So, how’s tour?” you asked as he held your hand. “It was great, but not the same without you.” he smiled. “This is your night, let’s talk about you.” he continued. Your cheeks went red as he giggled kissing your knuckles. “This is the best birthday I’ve ever had. You’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and I don’t feel like I deserve all this.” you smiled. “That’s wrong, I’m the one who don’t deserve a beautiful, smart, amazing, clumsy, adorable girl like you.” he giggled. “I love you.” “I love you too.” he smiled looking at you. “So, how’s school?”

“It’s okay this far….” you replied. You told him stories about your brothers, your parents, friends, school, everything. You could open up to him literally everything. He just sat there, gazing into your eyes, listening, and smile. Best birthday ever.





*Louis’ tomorrow*


He prepares for the new baby - Zayn

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You got out of the car and sighed in relief. Today was a good day but you were just exhausted. For the whole day you had been at antenatal and lamaze classes, preparing yourself for your first-born child, who would be arriving in no more than four months. Since Zayn had to do some recording at the studio, you went with your best friend who was also pregnant.

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Baby Bump

Harry: He might have gone a little bit over board with the whole ‘pre-natal vitamins’ thing. But he just couldn’t help himself. He was going to be a daddy. He was obsessed with running his hands over your baby bump, learning the curve of your skin and how quickly his little peanut grew. His favorite thing to do was take pictures with you, his hand over yours proudly saying; “heck yes this gorgeous woman and baby are mine!” He’s so excited he can’t stand it. He spends most of his day texting you baby names for boy or girl, wondering which works best or what the middle name should be. He even wondered if he should name the baby after your dad, you know, just cause Harry thought he was a great man and he wanted his son-if that’s what the baby was- to be great like he was. He had the nursery planned, with cream colored walls and warm wooden floors. He wanted it to be safe and cozy so that way his little peanut could relax and dream sweet dreams. But still, each night as he curled into bed and ran his fingers over your bump he grinned. “I love my little peanut already,” he sighed, earning a grin from you. The baby wasn’t even born yet and Harry was already the worlds greatest dad. “I’m sure she loves you too,” you said, your hand tangling in his curls as he pressed a kiss to your belly. “She, huh?” He asked thinking it was just a term you used instead of saying ‘it’. “Yes, she,” slowly he brought his eyes to yours. You found the sex of the baby. “It’s a girl?” He immediately had tears in his eyes as he pressed his lips to yours. “Yes, we’re having a girl.” He was thinking of pink dresses and frills and tea parties, something he was more happy to take part in. He dropped his lips back to your baby bump and kissed it all over. “Daddy’s little girl,” he murmured, his eyes closing.

Niall: When his son or daughter came out, they’d come out kicking if he had anything to say about it. “That’s what you call a goal and that’s the craic,” he said to your stomach as he pointed to the screen. “Derby got one and that’s good and it makes daddy happy.” You scoffed, batting his hand away. “Stop corrupting our child,” you said playfully. “Give him a chance to fend for himself.” He just stuck his tongue out at you and kept watching, yelling when one of the derby players got a penalty. “That’s not what we want,” he said back to the bump like you weren’t even there. He couldn’t wait to share his love of football with his kid. He wanted to take him/her to games and kick a ball in the back yard. He wanted to buy him his first set of cleats and a ball for Christmas. He couldn’t wait to be a footie dad and take his kid to their games. And of course if he had a daughter ( and if she didn’t like footie) he’d be the first one on the floor to play dolls with her and let her put makeup on his face. He wouldn’t complain and all he imagined was a blonde headed child with your eyes and smile and his heart just stopped in his chest. If he had a son he’d raise him on pints and derby, showing him how to treat a girl properly. Niall was a huge believer in treating women right so if he had a son he would be raised to be a gentleman and that was the end of that. And if he had a daughter, god help the poor bloke that came calling for her. Niall was toying with the idea of maybe never letting her date because what boy could be good enough for his little princess? He day dreamed constantly of what it would be like to have a child and he was so excited. You had names picked and the nursery ready, you just had to wait for the due date and Niall was impatient. “Whoa!” He jumped, his hand on your belly. The baby was kicking. “Babe I think it likes soccer!” He exclaimed, the little feet going a mile a minute in your belly. “Oh wonderful,” you groaned, the pressure in your stomach uncomfortable. “Yeah!” Derby scored again and the baby kicked. Niall would have his football player and his beautiful wife. He had everything.

Zayn: He didn’t think there was anything sweeter than coming to bed and finding you asleep, one hand protectively wrapped in front of the little bump protruding from your belly. He heard you singing to the bump, talking to the bump. It was ridiculously tender to see how much love you had for your unborn child and Zayn fell further in love with you because of it. You had talked about maternity pictures, but Zayn had a better idea in mind. In charcoal he drew you, smiling in the kitchen and asleep with your arms wrapped around yourself. He didn’t think a photographer could capture the essence of who you were in a field. He could though, he knew you. He knew the way your eyes crinkled in the light and how you had to have four sugars in your tea or else you wouldn’t drink it. And he saw how you took care of yourself, staying strong and healthy for your baby. He loved you for it, adored you for it. So he’d spent the last few weeks sketching you at random moments when you weren’t looking, doing something motherly. “You’re gunna be such a good mom,” he whispered as he slid into bed beside you. You smiled, curling into his chest. “And you’re going to be the best dad.” It gave him a boost of confidence knowing that you had faith in him that he’d be a good dad. He thought he would too, but Zayn had always needed your approval. “The best parents of the year,” he teased giving you Eskimo kisses. “This baby is going to be so loved they’ll never want for nothing,” you said quietly. Zayn nodded, his hand gently curving to the bump. “It’s already more loved than it could ever know.” And it was true. Zayn couldn’t imagine loving him more, but he knew that somehow it would happen when that little nugget was placed in his arms and his little fingers curled around his own.And Zayn knew that he would have an obsession drawing his kid, their eyes and smile and the way they laughed. The child already obsessed him and it hadn’t even arrived yet, but that was okay. Zayn’s life seemed fuller somehow, and he was impatiently awaiting the day he’d get to hold his kid in his arms.

Liam: He tended to sing to it when you weren’t conscious. It was kind of like a bonding he had with the baby. He couldn’t fall asleep without telling him/her about his day and how he couldn’t wait to meet it( he normally said him because ‘it’ reminded him of the clown and that freaked him out.) He had read that the baby likes the sound of their parents voice and it comforts them so Liam thought what better time to soothe his baby than right before he fell asleep? It wasn’t like a secret or anything, he didn’t purposely keep it from you. He just kind of liked that he already had a bond with his bab and that it was becoming their thing. Something he wanted to keep going when the child was born and couldn’t fall asleep at night. Liam dreamed of just leaning beside the bed, his hand stroking his child’s head as he helped him relax. He would sing whatever song he wanted, Barney, Disney, Liam didn’t care he would learn them all.  And Liam knew that when his kid got older, they wouldn’t nee him to sing anymore, so he figured he should do it as much as he could now before his kid got to old and too cool for him. “How was your day, bud?” He whispered, his hand caressing your skin. “Was it good?” Maybe it was stupid, but he felt closer to the little heart beat in your tummy like this. “I can’t wait to meet you,” you had heard him talking and you opened your eyes careful not to move your body as you listened to Liam talk to your baby. “I’m gunna teach you how to throw a ball or I’ll play dress up with you and when Mommy’s mad I’ll show you the kinds of flowers just like,” you laughed before you could stop yourself and he flicked his eyes to yours. “Want kind of flowers do I like?” You teased, your fingers running through his hair. “Lilly’s of course,” he said breezily, kissing your belly button. “I’m gunna teach this little guy- or girl- everything I know,” he curled up beside you, his arm wrapping around you. “God help us all then,” you joked earning a growl from him. “Gods gunna need to help you when I’m done with you,” he said grabbing your ass and nipping your neck. 

Louis: There was nothing more he liked than making you laugh, because when you laughed, the baby kicked. And that, he thought, was the most amazing thing of all. It was like he wanted to be apart of the action too, and wanted to remind his mommy and daddy that hey, he wants to laugh and be apart of their conversations. Louis was glad that his child already had a sense of humor. When he found out the baby was a boy, he’d immediately went out and ordered a Rovers jersey in toddler size. Louis demanded that the baby wear nothing else for a year and you had just shook your head, telling him not to be ridiculous. He didn’t think he was being ridiculous at all. In fact, he thought it would be adorable for him to take his son to the field and teach him to kick a ball around, both of them proudly wearing their Doncaster jerseys. You had to agree, it did paint a lovely picture. “He’s really kicking,” you said holding onto your stomach. “That’s because he thinks daddy is funny,” he cooed, his finger tickling the bump until you laughed again. Louis had other dreams too. Family movie nights and letting his son curl into bed between you both when he had a nightmare. Louis might have his immature moments, but damn was he ready to be a dad. And you, wow, he couldn’t wait to see how you would be with him. You were already wonderful enough but Louis couldn’t wait to start his family. Another kick broke him from his thoughts and he pressed his lips to your skin. “He’s already fighting for Mommy’s attention,” he said to the bump. “She’s pretty great, I like having her attention too. I hope you don’t steal all of it,” he muttered as an after though. “Never,” you admonished softly, kissing his lips softly. “Both my boys will get equal attention.” He laughed, pulling you into his arms. Louis had everything and he couldn’t have been happier. 

Noapte Caldă

Yes I know, I have too much spare time, but this will change when my laboratory exams will begin. Yes, I also know I said I won’t write again… I suppose everyone changes their mind? Anyway… enjoy it, I guess Xx

(Noapte caldă = Warm Night; it’s the name of a song and I couldn’t help but write something based on it)

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