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A masterlist of Arabic names for boys! Under the read more are #75 given names (can be used for surnames) as well as their meanings that are some of my personal favorites when playing Zayn Malik or any arab/Muslim character. Please like and reblog if you found this useful!

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I love this because they look so close. It’s like they’re taking care of each other. I love how Liam and Niall have such a tight grip on Harry because maybe Harry feels the saddest about Zayn leaving and was the most worried about whether the fans would stay or not. They all have each other’s back and they’re trying to be strong for us and each other. I love the way Liam has his arms around Louis and Harry. I love how tight Niall is holding onto Harry’s waist. This picture makes me happy even though it still feels so different. Our boys can make it, they’re strong. We just have to keep showing them how much we care.